Saturday, August 9, 2008


By fahmi ; A wise man once told me that speeches should be like a girl's skirt: Long enough to cover the subject but short enough to keep it interesting.

Song by Danial ; Oh *name orang* , kau lah cintaku. badanku tak berbulu. sebelahku ade lembu. mooooo . - Haha, tak msuk akal kan ? :P

Haha, best tau duduk belakang diorang dlm class. tak sah klau tak gelak satu hari. Haha xD

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Typical day in school ,

It was BM class and there was Pn. Sabariah o.o We were learning karangan and we have to do an essay on something bout "menunjukkan semangat cinta akan negara kita Malaysia" . Oh and as usual, I'll be talking with Fahmi, Danial and Fadhli. I dont ALWAYS talk to Aainaa, Shasha and the others cause ... there are reasons okaay. So anyway, since im in Fahmi, Danial and Fadhli's group ( they had only 3 people so they asked me to join ) , we were sitting as a group, DUH. Hahaha, i was trying my best to discuss with them for the isi and all but Fahmi and Danial keeps insulting each other's dad's names. When teacher wanted to discuss, baru la nak gelabah, discuss smue -_- Boyss, ahaha. So we contributed ideas. Then, i saw the word, mat skuter. I talked crap bout it and laugh all by myself. Yea , i felt like a retard. Agaga. Then, there it goes ;

Pn. Sabariah: Ape lagi yg tak patut kita buat utk menunjukkan semangat cinta akan negara kita Malaysia ?

Unknown : Jangan menagih dadah

Fadhli: Jangan merokok

Fahmi : Camne kau tau, Fadhli ?!

Danial : JANGAN MEREMPIT (!), ngan skuter

Fadhli, Fahmi, Danial and me: HAHAHAHAHAHA ! XD

Haha, i think Danial actually heard my crap talk :|

Hahaha :D

Haha, i think this is my third blogspot account thingymajiggy or whatever shit. Hahaha, well i always, always, always 'throw' my password or the email deeeeep into my brain, somehow. Yerp, that's me. Forget things easily So now, I better write it down somewhere, right ? Lol :P So, isn't there any "welcome back to blogspot, Hazwani" ? No ? Feck -.- hahaha