Thursday, May 28, 2009

Smells Like Freedom Spirit !

Right now, right here,
I would love to declare that I won't be on hiatus anymore ( Although I've failed miserably on being so ) !
Yes, I would love to declare that I'm enjoying the freedom, the end of stressful days just studying and ...


I have a few plans in mind, such as ..
  1. Meet Azrul :)
  2. Spend my time with the buddums
  3. Clean my room. Hahahahaha
  4. Lepak
  5. Relax my mind and just prevent myself from going through anything hectic. Hey, I seriously need a relaxing, peaceful break ;)

Yeay, Mid-Term is over ! ( Baru je Mid-Term haha )
Eee gila tak sabar esok, as the last day of the first semester hehehe


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm Not The Jaded Kind

Hazwani's reporting for duty *salute*

My immune system is so weak, so I'm vulnerable
I hate sneezing cause it's superbly uncomfortable
Haisho *cursing*

T-t-t-t-today's papers are okay kot ?
For arts, I did question number 1 which was..

Lukiskan setangkai bunga raya. Gunakan garisan yang sesuai untuk memberi ilusi bentuk.

Mama drew an example yesterday and it was nice :)
While I practiced on drawing it, Video Called with Fahmi to see his drawing
Yes his drawings are unbeatable ( Jangan kembang bontot 100m Fahmi ! )
Anyway, my drawing turned out okay I think
And somehow, Izreen's bunga raya looked a bit similar to mine but mine's nicer la. Hehehe

Finished a bit early so had time to revise on Science
But it turned out we didn't really study. Wasted a bit of time on talking things that obviously, didn't have anything about Science
And I've just realized that Shar is easily fascinated with stationaries and she said, she had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder !

Oh wait ! During Arts exam, Miss Aniza was in the class
So fosho, we had the 'freedom' to walk around, talk and just act like it's not even exam ! Hahaha

*Luen was asking me questions on Science while I was drawing*
Miss Aniza : Luen, jangan tanya Hazwani. Tanya Harisah, dia tak tahu apa apa
Me : Hahahaha

Harisah : Eh I dah pernah try minum susu lembu. Tak sedap
Me : Oh kambing ?
Harisah : Tak, lembu
Miss Aniza : Oh Harisah minum susu lembu, padan la sekarang dia macam ni [Insert : Yknow, agak berisi. Sorry Harisot ]
Harisah : Ye la, tak kan la susu ayam kot

That made me think - Ayam ada susu ke ? :s
Remains a mystery hahahaha

Had around an hour after recess, before Science paper 2 started
So studied with Izreen and Fareez and Harisah joined us for only awhile

[ Insert : Guess what ! Yesterday, I tried to feel the hole from the nose that connects to the throat. So I tried feeling it with my finger and I felt it a bit ! Cool haha ]

Science paper 2 was so-so. There were a few questions that left me hanging but I survived, I survived (Y)
It made me smile with a twisted mind though :B
And now, only 2 papers to go. 2 PAPERS ONLY !
By the meaning of that, 1.10 p.m tomorrow will be the last time you bastards will see me in school :D
Pfftt unless we bump into each other out there, somewhere, which I hope not hahaha
And I'll be seeing your 'purdy' faces after 2 weeks
Don't worry, I won't forget who the hell are you and all
I'll give you a cardiac arrest when you see this face, Hazwani's face (!) in school after the holidays
Muahaha >:)

When the clock strikes 1.10 p.m, let's party like there's no tomorrow !

Roger and out xx

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Self Titled


Really, I am
I can just tell you that I'm fine, I can just laugh like I'm having the time of my life but actually, I'm not
Cun kan, ada bakat hahaha (Y)

And oh, lagi 4 papers then boleh la melaungkan kemerdekaan !
Wtf, but yeah :D
English paper 1 was a bit hard. Hey, it made me scratch my head okay hahaha
Geography was so-so. A question on jarak, it was something like "Berapa jarak benteng di dalam peta ?"
Since it was curved a bit and I couldn't just use a ruler and estimate the length right ?
So I pulled out my hair ( Satu je okay ) ! Sacrifice betul hahaha
Then, I don't know why but I was feeling all hyped up and full of enthusiasm on answering English Paper 2
Rasa condifent ( confident hahaha ) sikit masa buat essay !
I think there were a few crappy statements but well, I had to write an article on Save The Earth
Siapa je yang tak bersemangat ? :D

So, about 10 minutes ago, I was looking at myself through the mirror
No, I'm not being ungrateful or something, but I just wish I had thin legs, good figure and all yknow
I mean, a few girls wish they have the perfect figure right ? And a girl can dream, no ? Haha
I'm not gonna brag about this but I just WISH, that's all hehe.


Suka gila gila gila gila punya gila :D

Monday, May 25, 2009

I Want A Robotic Hand

I think that nose minty thingy made me high cause I was laughing the whole day in school

Izreen : Sihat tak ? Waras tak ?
Me : Hehehe HAHAHA *grins*

Imagine je lah hahaha
So, BM paper 1 was a bit hard but well, I've tried my best
Cikgu Nik, don't kill me ! :x
Sivik was well, sivik. Absurd but the marks count so I had to try my best. Kena score jugak
I told Harisah about a part from the Russell Peter racist yet funny ass jokes (Y)
At the canteen, we talked about those assholes and bitches around us hahaha
Out of nowhere,

Izreen : Ni ha dia ni, macam orang gila. Dalam kelas, tengok orang then gelak sorang sorang

That's right ! Hahahaha
It's just a way for me to, I don't know, think ?
BM paper 2 was sorta hard too. I hate thinking of ideas. It gives me headache
I thought 2 hours was enough cause I finished Ringkasan and Komsas in 30 minutes
But I was wrong -.- I finished the paper at 1.00 p.m ( 5 minutes before the time was up ! )
Didn't have time to even check anything
My hand was like stinky vegetable :( Penat gila okay, I didn't stop writing for 2 agonizing hours. I mean, stop for a few seconds je !
And dah la Izreen distracted me cause he kept on borrowing my correction tape
I had to pass him the correction tape for a gazillion times
Hopefully, my hard work was worth it
Hello, it was quite uncomfortable when I was answering the paper
With the horribly hot and humid weather, I was sweating bullets
Thank God Izreen opened the back door since he was sweating too
It's nice seeing you sweat, Kambing, cause you barely sweat in school -.- Hahaha

Hip hip hooray when the paper finished
So tomorrow I have to go through English essay pulak, haih

Off to English tuition with an empty-head !
I have to squeeze gazillion trillion facts on Geography by tonight :(

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pish Posh

This is my second post and let's just say, I'm bored okay
I want to spice things up ! And I was reading my old posts and they were pretty boring
Considering they were only filled with words which were quite nonsensical sometimes hahaha
To cheer up my stupid blog right here, I'll just insert pictures, sometimes
That will make it a bit colourful right ? Rather than just the colour of my header and fonts

So, what should I talk about here ?
Oh oh ! I love to randomly search for pictures at Flickr
You know, I can just look at the pictures which are taken by photographers who are very talented, of course
And that makes me go all dreamy and wish that I have the talent to take purdy pictures
But then, I'll just snap out of it and think, " Ala, camera DSLR or SLR pun tak ade, nak berangan ambik gambar lawa lawa "
Hahahaha it's true though

Next topic,
What's wrong with people nowadays ?
Is it me or them who has issues ?
I think I have problems with them cause they're just.. F-ed up I guess ?
Before this, I had enormous issues with people with gigantic size of ego, hypocrites and backstabbers and a few other stupid attitudes
And now, I just don't understand why, out of a sudden, you bitches have a problem with us not being honest during the exam ?
Last year, I don't think that you guys had any problem with cheating cause you guys were sorta cheating too, a bit
And suddenly, you guys have a grudge towards my friends and I because we cheat
You started talking about it and whenever my friend approach you guys, you shut your chatter or just change the topic ?
Hey, we may be stupid during the exam which makes us cheat but we're not stupid on getting fooled
And it's not like we're the only people who are cheating. One of you guys' boyfriend is cheating too and I don't hear that you have a problem with that !
C'mon, be mature, think wisely. If you hate us, if you have something that you're not satisfied with, say it in front of our face la
Pussy -.-
Nasib baik aku memang tak suka korang sangat (Y)
So take it this way - I'm like a time bomb and you guys were pretty close on making me blow up

I love school. I love talking to Izreen, who's most probably a semi-sex maniac harhar. I love listening to Luen mumbling away with his lame jokes. I love hitting Harisah as if she's a punching bag. I love and hate seeing Boon being a geek
Just a lot of things that can make me smile in school
When I cried in school last week, they were the one who cheered me up. Izreen was the one who asked me, why did I cry ? Supportive much ? Haha
And so, I agree with the term " Sekolah ialah rumah nombor dua kita "
Thinking of it, it is true not just because of the reason above. It's also because we spend around 7 hours in school, for 5 days
That's long ! But sometimes it doesn't feel long at all, really

Finishing this post ( which is most probably a waste of time kot ? ) with a few conversations -

Me : Ergh, I feel like I want to *showing hand gestures of crushing a head*
Luen : Crushing her head ? Haha chill. Think of something else. Maybe about beating Boon in every subjects, HAH ! Erm, think.. Think.. Oh, think about getting laid *grins + horny face*
Me and Harisah : HAHAHAHA

Izreen : Harisah, anak gugur kau macam mana ?
Hazwani : Heh, anak gugur ?
Izreen : Kan semalam tumbuk kat perut
Hazwani : Oh ! Hahahaha
Harisah : Eh Hazwani, I dah tak period 2 months
Hazwani : Serious shit ?! Izreen Izreen, Harisah dah tak period 2 months. Dia mengandung !
Izreen : Kan dah cakap, dia mengandung. But dah gugur hahahaha

*I was half-asleep at my desk, then I heard someone pulled a chair and sat in front of me. It was Izreen and his eyes looked like it was going to pop out and he was smiling*

Me : What is wrong with you ?
Izreen : *popping out eyes and smiling*
Me : Apehal you ni ?! Haha -.- Tau la I mata sepet, tak payah la hina !

xx Hello Komsas books !

Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts

Presenting ; Qaseh Zulfa, the step sister and Kak Ina, my real mom :)


I planned to study Komsas throughout the evening but I failed miserably
Hey, Pasir Salak is boring. I was reading the synopsis ( Baru synopsis, belum lagi buku cerita betul ) and after a few minutes, I was in dreamland hahahaha
Cikgu Nik told me to read the sinopsis if I'm too lazy to read the whole book
And by the way, I can't finish the book in 2 days. It's too boring and after a few minutes or an hour top, I'll just doze off
So synopsis is just good enough for me

But, since I slept for 1 and a half hours, I haven't start anything on Pasir Salak
Mhmm I seriously need and have to study !

Oh and, Mama is barely at home cause she has been coming back and forth from the hospital
So it's pretty quiet at home and need to say, BORING ):
This house needs something to make it less boring, really

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Pretty stressed up !

I must say, so much for declaring I'm on hiatus, no ? Hardeeharhar
The second day of semi-doomsday is over
Yesterday was Agama paper and although I've (sorta) studied my ass off, I did have a hard time on answering a few questions
Hey, it's not as easy as you think it is. I mean, answering questions with a worried plus disturbed mind is just.. Disturbing yknow
Of course, I haven't been honest in this exam though so yeah. BUT that doesn't mean that I'll still get good marks with good grades okay
I won't be putting high hopes on that
Thank God the paper was after recess cause it did make me have more time to actually cram as much information for Agama

As for today, it was a total disaster, really !
Started off with Maths paper 1 which was not bad at all
And I looooovvveee using the calculator, I felt so much like a Sekolah Menengah student hahahaha
I bet you don't get me but yeah. Rasa macam tulis sms jugak somehow
Okay whatever, moving on ..

Finished my Maths paper in erm, 45 minutes I guess ?
And straight away opened my History book cause sadly, my brain was absofreakinglutely blank !
Really, I can't remember a shit for History
But I mean, I can't read back 4 chapters in less than 30 minutes
I just hate hate hate History. Last night, I was bragging to mom how stressed up I was cause I felt like it was such a waste of time to read History when I can't squeeze anything into my brain
Hello, I was positive that I couldn't get A for History and I bet you would be scared if your dad threatened you, if you don't get 8A's, you'll be punished
I told that to mom cause I felt like I was stressing my ass off, just to save myself from the punishment
And she said, my dad wasn't serious about it -.- Mhmm, I don't buy that
So the paper was from 9 til 10.15
After 30 minutes, my paper was still blank and unfortunately, Pn. Haniza came into the class and sat at the back of the class
I would love to murder whoever who put those chairs at the back :@
I didn't have any easy way and SOMEONE DIDN'T REALLY HELP ME AS WELL
I was struggling on answering those shitty questions and failed miserably on remembering anything from what I read from my reference book
Tembak most of the questions, of course. And I started to blackened the answers on the OMR paper when teacher said, "You have 3 minutes more..."
I felt like my heart rate was extremely fast. Won't you panic if you were my situation ?
I didn't even have the time to go through my answers, and just check
Izreen, best dengar I membebel kat you after the paper ? Hahaha
I babbled almost to everyone how hard History was and how I failed to answer the questions
Hmph, I feel like I wanna cry. I can just imagine what will my marks be and what will I get from my dad :'(

As for Maths paper 2, it wasn't bad too
Just a few questions which were a bit tricky and hard
There's nothing much to say about paper 2 actually
I hope I didn't make any careless mistakes

Mmm, I still hate History. 101% pure hatred !

Daddyo, get well soon ! I think you're too stressed up that's why you're now in the hospital cause of a heart problem
Just now, the doctor checked the arteries at his heart and well, that was his third time man !
And they discovered an artery was almost blocked by calcium (?)
I don't know but something like that la, haha
The doctor did what he had to do and now, daddy has to stay in the hospital for another few days
What the heck, Babah kan power rangers. Kuat punya ;)

Tomorrow, I'll sit for PJK and Seni papers
Hoorah, I can relax ! :D
So now, I better hit the showers ( I know, it's already 5.13 p.m hehe ) and I want to start practicing the song A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton on the piano (Y)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Thousand Miles

Currently addicted to ; The Devil Wears Prada - Louder Than Thunder

Yes yes, courtesy to Harisah the Invisible Woman (Y)

I've changed my url cause I think it's old and sucks ?
So I just took the idea from "The Devil Wears Prada" and changed it to The Cuckoo Head Wears Prada ( I searched in the dictionary for some cool words but cuckoo head caught my eyes though hahaha )

o hai says:
*cuckoo head?
Hazwani AZ says:
*haha yeah
o hai says:
*haha weird


Oh and guess what, I'll be going to Prefect's Dinner ! :D
Azi, you should be happy, bitch hahaha
Considering the dinner has been postponed to erm, I forgot the date but it's not on the 18th July
Hoorah (Y)
For that, I'll be going to Bangkok on the 18th ( I hope swine flu season will be over and well, it woud just be an awesome time there ) and will be attending the dinner, perhaps ? ;)

Anyway, I'm sorta taking a break after studying since 4.30 just now
But I mean hey, do you think that I can stick my ass on this chair and just concentrate ?
*Beep* Wrong !
It's hard to concentrate, it's hard to just suck all the facts like a vacuum sucking all the dust yknow
Especially with 12 babs to read and Agama is not THE subject which you should be hyped up reading 12 babs of it
You have got to agree on me, seriously -.-
I feel like I wanna rip off all my hair but I can't cause I love my hair hahaha
I feel like I wanna scream my lungs out but that will lead to soar throat or will just make my throat swell (?) or will just make me get a fist or a slap from anyone in my house
So I better keep that urge to scream, shout, etc..

I hope I can just memorize a bit or more and tomorrow, I'll memorize the rest of the leftover babs
It's pretty confusing okay
And I've been hesitating, either to listen to music while studying or not
Cause I can't really concentrate while listening to music and also the other way round
Uhh I feel like I wanna give up ! I feel like I'll fail but Hazwani won't give up ! (Y)
Hah, semangat je lebih but tak productive langsung
So I better get back to what I was doing just now - Reading Agama notes, over and over and over again !
Mhmm wish me luck, handsome bastards ):

Sunday, May 17, 2009

He is a poser (Y) -->

I can't seem to squeeze those gazillion facts of Agama and Sejarah into my brain
So technically, I'm blank. You can hear crickets singing in my brain !
Agama paper is on Wednesday. What a great start of exam day huh ?
And History is on the next day, with Maths paper 1 and 2
How stressed up can Mid-Term be ?
But that's tad bit of nothing, yet. Adrenaline rush will overrule my mind, body and spirit on the next week
That's just because I'm not ready for the papers. Like I said, I'm totally, extremely BLANK !
How can I suck all those facts in a week ?
Shoot me !

Wednesday ; 20th May

Thursday ; 21st May

Friday ; 22nd May

Monday ; 25th May

Tuesday ; 26th May

Wednesday ; 27th May

Thursday ; 28th May

Ni baru je Mid-Term, belum lagi PMR
Hahaha, sah stress menonggeng and there will be loads of complaining maybe ? :O

I've just realized that I do have a few friends who are hypocrites
Total hypocrites, I must say
And yes, I practically loathe hypocrites, backstabbers and people with gigantic size of ego
Damn it, I should stop thinking about this ! Yes, I should

So, tonight I'll be having my dinner at Muhibbah (Y)
How I miss the food there *drool*
To look like a nerd ( not that it's a good thing nor a bad thing ) and not wasting any time, I think I'll bring my Agama book with me :D
Hahahaha, productive siot !

Saturday, May 16, 2009

We're In Like Sin

This person, right here, doesn't care if she loses you as a friend
Please, don't think that I even care if you're not gonna say sorry and don't ever think that I'll walk right up to you and say "Dude, I'm sorry"
Think again, you're the one who made that mistake, not me
Yes, I did yell and made everyone looked at us but heck, who made me do that ?
Ego is not my best friend. Ego is one of my worst enemy. And the word "EGO" is written all over your face. That burns a hole through my eyes
Your I'm-so-tough-and-everyone-is-scared-of-me attitude makes everyone actually think you're a total immature and actually a wimp
*inhale , exhale*
I better shrug this feeling off of me and take a breather
I rather think of something that's worth my time, important and just will effect my life if I don't take it seriously
And from my point of view, about you and you girlfriend who has the same attitude as you is out of the chapter. As a matter of fact, you're nowhere near the chapter of my life *nods*
So whattheF, go to hell bastard ! :D


School had been alright, good, awesome, all wrapped up yknow
That's why I lalalove going to school *geek !* Hahaha
Friday was tad bit quiet cause Harisah wasn't there. But it was good too cause no one annoyed me and Aidil wasn't in class too (Y)
Luen got bullied by me the whole day. Once, I was looking outside while sitting on the desk, and I wanted to tap his shoulder actually. But dari mana entah datang the strength, so I slapped his shoulder. He went " What the F ? What was that for ?! "
You should have seen his face, mhmm. Memang boleh buat anda terasa seperti melihat muka bayi baru lepas kena pukul, hahahaha
Izreen was a bit moron-ish ( Hahaha no hard feeling eh Nigga )
He was near Hariz's place and I was closing the back door cause it was hot ( The disadvantage of sitting right beside the door )
Thank God I didn't sit straight away cause he was sitting at my place
He went ..

Izreen : Alaa ingatkan nak terus duduk tadi, hahahaha
Me : My God, what the hell are you doing ?! Bukan ke tadi you kat sana *pointing at the chari near Hariz's place*
Izreen : Hahaha, tak rasa my leg ke ? Your leg kena my leg kot tadi ?
Me : *Geleng kepala* -.-"

He is pretty unpredictable sometimes
Tak apa, ada kawan yang unpredictable pun best jugak :)

Whilst today, most of the day I spent away from home
I woke up at 11 a.m, after fallen asleep several times hahaha. Really, I think Mama woke me up around 9 but I fell asleep after that. Woke up, turned to the other side and fell asleep again. It went on till 11 (Y)
Sticked my ass on the chair, looked at the papers I photostated from Izreen's Agama book which contains not other than his ugly-written notes and started studying Agama
After a while, Sabrina called me and asked if I could go to the library
Went to the library around 12.30 til 4.30 p.m
And I studied a bit, trying to figure out what notes were missing in Izreen's book ( My agama book is nowhere to be found ) for only God knows how long, talked sorta most of the time ( I seriously regret it ), went to the cafe to eat since my stomach started to sing Margarita hahaha
If you do the Maths, I think I studies for an hour ? Grrr
I don't have much time considering I have million facts to squeeze before next week comes *nods*

And I think the fact that I've been declaring I'll be on hiatus and all are just bollocks ?
I mean, I just can't stay away from this b-e-a-utiful laptop yknow :')


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Can't Stop, Gotta Date With Hate

My English is getting worse each day
I mean, seriously, my English is like someone who just learnt English yesterday
This is frustrating !

And I've been trying to improve it by not doing Miss Leena's tuition work at the 11th hour, by concentrating on those grammars, prevent myself from doing stupid mistakes on grammars *nods*
It has become a habit of me referring to the dictionary. Sometimes I do feel geeky hahaha
But what the heck, it's for my own good (Y)

I would kill myself for haven't start studying yet
Agama is on the first day of the exam and that's just the reason why I would kill myself !
Whilst the other subjects, homg, banyak gila topics nak keluar okay
Add up with form 1 topics

So, I'm declaring that I'm on hiatus, officially
I have dates with a lot of books
But, if there's anything interesting, you might see new post(s)


Monday, May 11, 2009


Hakim and I have a handshake ! :D It's lame but well, it's something like that knuckle sep sep thingy and then we do the Rock On hand gesture while saying "Weng weng !". HAHAHA
Faham tak ? Okay whatever, but yeah
I think we're so in love with rempits ? Mechen gila ah kitorang (N)

For now, I'm not craving for Molten Chocolate Cake anymore becauseee... *drum roll*
I ate at Chilli's yesterday ! Haha
Harisah owed Izreen and I Chilli's cause it was her fault that we didn't get to do our Folio last week

Take note : Izreen, Harisah and I always make bets and all. And most of the time, Harisah yang selalu kena buli ngan I and Izreen, muahaha

But, I'm waiting for my World Class Choc ice cream :(

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hazwani AZ says:
*hmm, buat folio
*then pegi ou jap
hakim says:
*ohs serious shit?
*dgn sape sape sape sape sape sape sape ?
Hazwani AZ says:
*izreen and harisah lah
hakim says:
*awakz tak naak ajarkz kiter kew ?
Hazwani AZ says:
hakim says:
*takpe la
*kite bagitau mummy kite
*nanti daddy kite marah awak
*baru awak tau
*hahahaha !
Hazwani AZ says:
*do i look like i care ?! @:
hakim says:
*awak jahat
*x nak kawan satu minit
Hazwani AZ says:
hakim says:
*dah 1 minit
*kite kawan balik ye?
Hazwani AZ says:
*HAHAHA okay okay (Y)
hakim says:
*nanti kite bagitau mummy kite
*kite ade kawan baik
*mcm awakz
*nanti kita suruh mummy kita beli moto kapcai
*saya rempit sejati
Hazwani AZ says:
hakim says:

Rempits are our idol ! :D

Friday, May 8, 2009

Toy Soldiers

Again, we didn't learn anything in school
Technically since it's the last day of the Academic Week, I think teacher just had to finish all the performances today
I don't know why but it was HOT ! I didn't really sweat but yeah, memang panas
And dah la I didn't have the mood. So I was with my shit face, watching the performances. I didn't laugh to anything. Sorry, not really worth it lah tengok performances tu :s
Anyway, we didn't really do anything in class. Just talk about stuff yknow
After recess, relief teacher came into our class but she was sorta like invisible to us, hahaha

As usual, I sat at the back of the class, with Izreen, Hariz, Aidil budak takde life yang nosy gila, Nasser and Luen ( It was actually Agama period but he didn't go to the library for Moral )
We were talking about ghosts in school which actually do exist. Scary
There's a ghost, Izreen's Perdagangan teacher told her Perdagangan class. The ghost is Jin Islam, not kafir. And if we're at the KH block, we can't make a lot of noise cause if we do, we're actually disturbing its children. If we disturb them, they will disturb us
Get me ? And that teacher saw the ghost past by in front of her
Gosh, if I was her, I bet I would faint. Mhmm, memang lemah semangat, hahaha

Hazeem had a few ghost stories ( bukan sekadar rekaan ) but he stopped half way cause Aidil was there
Gosh, rasa cm nak campak kasut kat budak tu. Tak aman tau tak ?!
Izreen and I je pindah pegi tempat Hazeem to listen to his story, and dia pun ikut @#$^#@#%

Danial R. and Andy came into our class and buat ajaran sesat haha -.-
They brought their handphones and started showing us porn videos. Geli tau tak ?!
There's this one video titled "Shuffle" and at the beginning, there's Bass Hunter logo so I thought it was a shuffle video. But .. Video lain pulak, grrrr
We wasted 3 periods doing nothing. Eh no, we did something which was, talk talk and talk until our saliva was dry ! :D Okay, not really but yeah hahaha
Pn. Sha was cool cause she asked us, "You want to learn or sit at your place and do your own work ?"

Attention, we may be in 2 Edison, the first class, but we're just as lazy as those mechens ( Nak jugak bagi example mechens ! ) Hahaha

Izreen, Harisah, Seng Yung and I were sitting at our places which formed a group actually. And again, Aidil sibuk
He is getting on my nerves, really :@
And I think Izreen felt that way too cause he told Aidil that Aidil wasn't in our group, macam tu je (Y) He even lied, saying that we've almost finished our folio, padahal tak start satu benda pun lagi
Hahaha I salute you Izreen :)
I was controlling myself. Actually I was going to burst into laughters. So did Harisah
She went in front of the class and took a deep breathe hahaha

Heck, I love it when we're not learning anything. It feels like we have a loong time to talk about a loott of things


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good Morning Revival !

It's evening now, actually hahaha

So technically,
  1. My room is messy
  2. Procrastinating my homework(s) is a bad habit, really
  3. I'm fatTER, mhmm
  4. I'm in serious need of that study mood, grrr
  5. Kena jog lagi kerap ( woah oh ! )
  6. A lot of people's different now
  7. I need to change myself. It means by my personality
I think that's all
For number 6. , yeah, I think I'm extremely loud
I need to turn down my volume, I need to stop cursing like some rempit
I need to reset myself, that's all
So, I'll just snap out of it whenever I'm being loud. I'll slap myself when I curse ( Exceptional : Babi, sial and whenever I'm extremely pissed off, teehee ) and I'll try to stop touching people's boobs, especially Azi's hahaha
Yeaahh, wish me luck ! :D

Head Automatica and Boy Kill Boy are turning on my mood man !
I mean, the songs are just good. The beat and all (Y)


Again, I planned to study, don't waste my time but I failed miserably as my mind was somewhere else grrrr !

School's pretty tiring for me. It is the Academic Week so every morning there are performances or quizes
Just now's activity ended around 8.50 a.m. Izzud was a pain in the ass

Nurul : Sape yang tak pakai baju kemeja cause malas ?
Izzud : Ni haa, budak depan ni

He said that to Burhan, referring to me -.- Rasa cam nak campak kasut kat muka dia okay

We had class photo session just now. And actually I was on duty from 9 til recess time to handle the students at the hall, with a few other prefects
I just lalalalove the photo session. I tortured Harisah :D
During the freestyle, at first I was with my rockstar hand gesture and look hahaha. For the second time, I bent down onto Harisah and striked a pose. Yknow thewhaddup-shiznit-dawg hand gesture and look 8)
Aaahh it was great. And Harisah was like "Screw you ! Muka I gerenti priceless gila and tudung cacat :@". Hehehehe
During recess, I was walking back and forth for well, nothing I guess ? Heck, I was just too darn lazy to be on duty at the stairs in front of the Teacher's Room. Shut up :x
Science was Science but I was doing my KH notes instead. Ye lah, Boon and Hariz said that Pn. Rukkumani was going to check our note books
Whatever it is, Carlos smelled like shit hahaha. No, seriously o.o

I planned to skip KH ( I don't know why, but I always feel like I wanna ponteng Geo, Sejarah and KH )
It was a waste of time doing the KH notes cause Pn. Rukkumani didn't come to class -.-
I knew it was going to be boring if I sit outside the Bilik Jahitan so I walked around, again
Persuaded Izreen and the others to follow me too hehehe
But then we were separated I guess ? Met Azrie along the way, blablablaaa
Around 12.40, I sat at the hall to see the form 5s class photo hahaha. It was hillarious seeing a few priceless faces yknow :)
After that was the prefects' photo session. So I had to change to the formal uniform
Dah la terlupa nak bawak anak tudung so rambut pun terkeluar-keluar, annoying gila
And I think, my tudung was retarded just now :( Gosh, I hope the picture was good
My freestyle pose was the Rawr theme hahaha. Azi and I planned that just a few seconds before that Chinese dude took our pictures
Hey, that photographer was funny. Cause whenever it's the freestyle time, he told us to do either peace or thumbs up
Hahahaha he's old and his face expression was just.. Funny but comel la kan hahaha :|
After it ended, terus cabut lari. Malas la nak lambat lambat haha

Oh ya, when we were in line before the photo session, Azi kept poking my ass, touching my boobs
Dah la barisan sebelah barisan form 1. Haih, I was like "Oh, jangan ikut dia ni. Memang tak betul". Hahahaha

Afieqa : Eh tengok, cikgu cikgu hipermedia semua rambut blonde cause pakai tudung kuning
Me : Tak rock sangat. Tengok I ngan Azi, rambut biru, badan biru, otak pun biru ! :D
Azi : Haaa, tu yg I nak dengar tu. Sep sep sep !

Ending this boring post with..

Happy birthday Khidhir !
You're not 17, you're actually 70 ye kerepot ;p


Happy birthday Fareez !
Hahaha you're like one of the guys I'm close with in class, other than Izreen *nods*
Anyhoo, welcome to the 14-years-old life :D

I might be on hiatus mode. So, sorry for the lack of posts later on ( which I don't think you even care hahaha )


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Medric Droid

Currently listening to ; The Fray - Never Say Never

I'm in love with The Fray <3 Hehehe
So, I deleted my Cbox cause well, I couldn't see any use of it
And btw, what will be the difference if there's even an existence of Cbox here, no ? :)

For your information, I didn't online yesterday (Y)
I'm proud, yes. Haha

I'm dissappointed that I planned to study ( Plan since kat sekolah lagi ), but I wasted my time watching the tv til 4 o'clock with my uniforms still on. After getting a yell from my dad, I rushed upstairs and locked myself in the room
I was at home with my maid only so, for sure I'll be wasting my time right
I watched the tv in my room, then played the guitar

Felt a bit disturbed due to a few problems that had and will be haunting me for awhile, I called Sabrina and just let it all out
Felt stinky and uncomfortable, so I took a bathe hahaha
Then called Dayang and let it all out, again. Felt a bit better and off to hospital.
At night, I had BM tuition with Cikgu Nik All good (Y)

Maybe you guys are asking yourselves "What the hell was Hazwani doing at the hospital ?"
Well, my mom had Dengue. But thank God, now she's well ( Alhamdulillah ) but still in ward and will be there for a few days

Lastly, I am actually feeling uncomfortable, speechless, disturbed, everything
Why does she have to tell me a few days ago ? Around 2 weeks before my mid-term exams ?!
I can't concentrate on doing things, really
I'm sorry but I can't keep my promise cause, it's just hard. I can be insane if I keep it to myself
After letting it out to 3 of my friends, I do feel a bit better. 3 of 'em gave me a few advices and just calmed me down
I just don't know if it's enough to make me get it out of my mind for awhile, get me ?

God, I bet you guys don't understand what the hell am I talking about -.-
Whatever, I'm just trying to express myself

...Study time !

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hello Morale

Okay, the title is lying, of course
I'm not feeling morale at all. I mean, how can I feel confident and satisfied when it's already May
Gosh, how time passes by in a speed of light, no ?


This will be a busy month for me I guess, cause I have to concentrate on my studies *nods*
Mid-term's in around 2 weeks. So practically, 3 weeks of studies and a week of hoorah here and there in school
Then, hello holidays :D
Now that's what I'm waiting for !

Agree or die, that for the past few days, it had been hot. No no, extremely hot
I took around 4 times of bath yesterday. And at the 4th time, I was thinking "Membuang masa je mandi. Lebih baik tak payah mandi, cause nanti berpeluh jugak balik"
You see what I mean ? Gosh, global warming is starting to get on my nerves and it is kicking things up ! Grrr
On the other hand, there's another topic to talk about ; Swine Flu
It's on stage 5, pretty much like a red alert huh ?

All of these are making me worry. Aren't you starting to think about the end of the world or something ?
I have but I haven't started on praying 5 times a day. Don't need to say 5 times a day
I haven't started praying yet. Guilt is just written all over my body and the heavyweight of guilt is on my shoulders

I better stop talking about it. I don't wanna spoil my mood haha :)
Just a short 'summary' about today ;
Sabrina came around 10.45 a.m since she wanted to use my laptop for her work
Ate pizza for lunch, yum yum. Around 4, off to her house since mama gave me the permission
Didn't do that much at her house, just sat around and talked
Went to Sulei at 5.15 I guess, and met Azrie on the way there. Fadhli joined us later
Yada yadaaa, Sabrina was with Khidhir and Fadhli was talking on the phone
Azrie and I were just talking and I was scolding Azrie for teaching a 7-years-old boy things that he wasn't suppose to teach him haha
Walked back to Sabrina's house at 7 o'clock
I took Azrie's 100 ringgit but I didn't give him til we arrived Sabrina's house hahaha
I kept on telling him that I didn't have his money and he kept on begging me
We jogged, ran, everything lah hahaha. Sampai berpeluh gila (Y) Exercise !

Okay, that was sorta my day
And oh, Mama's having a fever. So, get well soon ! :D