Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Like To Move It, Move It

I like to go to school. Despite the studying, whenever there's nothing to do or just the usual boring times yknow
With people like those A-hole clowns in class, it is exactly like eating BR's World Class Chocolate, get me ? Hahahaha
I mean, it feels good or maybe, great, going to school and laugh your arses off, til your stomach feels like it's gonna burst anytime
Now, I'm not gonna start babbling about what happened in school. Just that..
  • Izreen and I poured ice water and threw ice at Harisah in class. The continuation of the lack-of-fun pogo yesterday. The ice we used, actually I was using it as an ice pack for my right hips. Thanks to Fareez, he dropped it and the plastic tore open I think.
  • Pinched Danial's stomach after only God knows how long :D That was my hobby last year hahaha. Sekarang rasa puas and macam lepaskan geram sampai perut dia merah (Y)
  • We planned to ask Ustazah Ruha questions about marriage during Amali. But then, datang ilham kot ( HAHA ), there were lots of questions in our mind. Just to waste our time yknow :p
*Hariz pegang kaki Fareez and macam raba raba. Ustazah tengah cakap, tetiba stop*
Ustazah : Awak tengah buat apa Hariz ?
Hariz : Huh ? Oh tgh sikat bulu kaki dia

I hate waking up from a nap and start to sneeze. It makes my nose itch and red like a clown's nose :(
Then my dad will think that I have a flu, which leads to.. Medicine !
I won't rant about it anymore but &^%$#
Okay, I'm done

Oh and, I'll be going to the cheer competition this Sunday. I can't wait cause I heard, a lot of people are going on Sunday
Sah nampak banyak muka familiar hahaha
As a good friend, I'll be supporting Sri Aman's D'Starz ( Betul ke ? ). I'll even wear that orange shirt just to support that school
Bak kata Cikgu Nik : I like it ahak ahak hahahaha



Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hurry, I'm Falling

You know that it'll be hard to decide between something you don't ever want to happen and something you hope it will happen by not giving up.
You hope that you will be given a second chance but just by how that person treats you, you know you don't even have the slightest chance.
But sometimes, just by knowing that that person laughs to something you said that you don't have the intention to make him laugh, you started to have that smile that sorta lightens up your face.
By the way he talks to you, his words, his sentence, they can make your frown turn upside down.
That's when you started saying to yourself, "I think I have a chance. He seems to be the one I've been missing all along. He seems to be the one I had a fling last time. He seems to be the person I like."
And albeit you had a bad day, when you're talking to him, you'll say to yourself that your day wasn't that bad. As a matter of fact, it was great. It was great just because you talked to him, just because you're happy that you talked to him.
Do you get the picture ?

I made my decision which I don't know if he even realizes it. When I made that decision, I was thinking of the consequences. And you have no idea how hard it was to make that small move for a beginner.
My first move of this process called 'moving on' was taking him off that pretty little top friends. I know you guys might say, "Laa tu je. Apa yang susah ? -.-"
My first thought was deleting him off my myspace. My choice was either to delete him off my myspace or just remove him off my top friends. Now tell me that I'm bold enough to even think of deleting him off my myspace.
But my friends said, just remove him off top friends first and that's what I did.

His messages are still in my inbox and I don't know why I can't delete this one message that never fails to make me cry. His explanation of the misunderstanding that led us to an argument that I regret, til now.
I kept asking myself, is it worth it to keep all those things after what I've gone through ? After how he has been treating me ?
My answer to myself is no. But I still can't press that delete button.

You can call me pathetic, whatever you want. I know I'm pathetic, I admit I'm pathetic, I've been calling myself pathetic.
But what can I do now ? I think everyone agrees that moving on is the thing that hurts the most, right ? It symbolizes that you have to forget the fling you guys had, forget everything that happened and then, you're left with.. Nothing, I suppose ?
Delete everything you have that reminds you of him. And when you've moved on, maybe you will still be in contact with that person you loved or maybe not.
In my situation where I've been the only one who said the hellos, I won't be putting any high hopes of him breaking the ice first yknow.

I want to know, when will I shrug this feeling off of me. When will I forget everything. When will I have the guts to just live and forget and delete everything that will bring me back to the past.
When can I forget the guy that used to be by my side, through thick and thin ?

You're the one who turned my frown upside down. You're the who convinced me that everything will eventually be alright. You're the one with the charm. You're the one I cared so much. You're the first person that I gave my art that I did when I was bored to.
Conclusion is, you're the first of everything that has never ever happened to me. You're the first person that I've met, that never fails to lighten up my day . And what more can I say ?
You're the best of the best !

Everything gets harder when sometimes, my mom and sister ask me about you
My sister likes you. She said, you look like a gentleman, you look like someone who can make me happy, who can be trusted. Among all the guys I liked, she said she's happy that I've met you. But I feel like I have to disagree.
Whilst my mom, sometimes she ask me, what's up with me and you. If I'm online, she'll ask, am I talking to you. If I'm texting, she'll ask, am I texting with you. My answers will be "I don't know", "No" and "No". Hmm

I care for you so much, I like or maybe love you so much, that right now it hurts.
Because of this miserable feeling, I'm blaming myself for knowing you, for getting ourselves into that argument, for everything.
If you didn't say hello to me on MSN, none of this will happen though.
It was just a wrong move, that's all.

Yes, I'm that miserable emotional bitch here.

Quote : cozz *insertname* xde rase intrest kt u dh pon

Yours truly x

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Big Bad World

Did God create human being to torture other living things or should I say, animals ?

Browsing through Youtube, watching music videos and search for random things are just the usual things I do when I'm bored
I didn't even hope or want to come across a few videos of tortured animal. It makes me wonder, why don't those people who torture those animals, imagine they're in the animals' situation ? I bet they will feel the pain. I bet the animals feel like, they rather die right at that moment than being tortured
If you have the guts, if you feel like it's a stupid thing, try watching this :


That video is even categorized under the "This video may not be suitable for minors". That proves it's cruel
You tell me, why shouldn't I be furious about it ?! I bet you are too, if you watch that effing video !
I feel like I wanna do those things they do to those animals, to them back. Biar diorang tahu apa rasa dia !


Right now, I think I'm addicted to CS. Albeit I still suck at it or maybe like Izreen always say, "Noob", I'm getting the hang of it (Y)
Mom will be SO upset if she knows that I'm addicted to that game !
She warned me about it, about getting addicted to it. Oh shit

Friday, June 26, 2009

Drops Of Jupiter

Almost every radio stations have been contributing M. Jackson's songs. Yes, if you read the papers or watch the news or listen to the radio, you'll know this
Since almost everyone knows about this, I won't elaborate anything else
Just that, I don't get it why are the radio stations are playing M. Jackson's songs over and over again ?

I'm still in KL, as you can see. No, I didn't follow my parents to Arau, Perlis to send my brother cause well, the main reason of me following was that, I didn't wanna stay alone with my maids
But then, after I've taken my bath, wanted to put in my bags into the trunk of the car, my sister said that she's staying home. It was so last minute -.-
I wanted to stay home cause I knew, what's there in Perlis, hmm ? But at the same time, I thought that maybe it'll be dull, staying at home yknow. Last last, I chose to stay home cause my sis said, my mom left $$$ at home *grins*
I made a deal with mom and dad, not to go out with friends and all. I don't think I will, but I will go out with my sister, her boyfriend and my cousin

Open Day went well. I got 5th place in class and in the whole Form 2
For the first time in the year 2009, my mom said congratulations :)

Yesterday, went to watch Transformers 2 with Asif, Jalil, Harris, Kakak and her boyfriend
I have to say, that movie.. SUMPAH BEST GILA ! (Y)(Y)(Y)
It's a must-watch movie. I wanna watch it again. I don't think I'll feel even a tad bit bored with that movie. It's just superb, awesome !

Last but not least, I've been pretty emotional recently. A few breakdowns here and there. Right now, I'm just waiting for the right time to burst into tears
I think and hope that'll make me feel better. Way better :(

PS : Tak sampai sehari pun lagi, tapi dah rindu Mama !

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm just making a pit stop here, before I continue doing my KH notes and then Seni Folio
My running nose in not helping me on making things better, at all !
My eyes are a bit swollen which made my mom thought that I cried. At the same time, I feel sleepy. That happens when I'm having a flu - Swollen eyes and feeling sleepy
Coughing makes Ventolin as my best friend for now
Those are just the right reasons for me to be lazy. Now, I hate it when I feel lazy !
Whilst, I hope I don't get that H1N1 thingy. I don't think I do pun.

Trip to GSC to watch Transformers 2 was canceled cause my cousins were in an accident
A few minor cuts and both came to my house with bruised up head hahaha. Nasib dua dua tak botak
Since my sis and her boyfriend helped them to report at the police station and all, yeah the plan was canceled
Nevermind, we plan to go tomorrow
You wonder why can't we just go on Saturday or next week ? Well it's because my brother's going to UiTM this Saturday, so we just want him to have a good time before going back to 'SCHOOL'

School was normal. Only that Izreen wrote on Harisah's hand, using a permanent marker. He scribbled and wrote 'Cibai'. Just typical Izreen yknow

I think that's all about my day. Nothing great or whatsoever

PS : Gee, I wonder why we had that fling hmm ? If we didn't have anything last year, none of this heartache moments would have happened.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rebel Yell

*Akon's song was on the radio*
Jalil : Haa, ni la Britney Spears
Me : Kudos -.-'

Hi !
So Jalil is my cousin and I always have arguments with him. They day will never end without and arguement

Whatever, this post is not about him
What happened for the past 2 days ?
Yesterday, as the first day of the week, which also known as, the first day of school for the week, was okay
Nothing much happened. Came up that we'll be having our report card day this Friday. I was all jolly molly cause I'll be off to Perlis on Friday. But hey, it's impossible if my mom or dad is gonna miss the report card day
So either one of them is going, fosho !

Today, I got my English paper and it was a freaking 70 -.- A freaking B ! That's like, shitzo. I mean, a B for English. Pretty shocking and sad
But it's a good news that I got number 5 in class (Y)
To me, 5th is still good cause that class is not lack of smarty pants students. My mom told me yesterday that on the report card day, she'll ask the teacher what number do I get. If it's 10 and above, she'll just leave -.- Bagus betul
Heck, I got number 5 :D

Did I tell you that I love school ? It's impossible if I don't laugh when I'm in school hahaha
With Izreen as the most annoying, dirty talker and .. Well, just fun. With Seng Yung who laughs til his face turns red. With Hariz who never stop talking craps
Gang belakang kelas kita paling cool dalam 2 Edison lah !

And now, about the Swine Flu

Jalil : Aku pelik, kenapa diorang nak susah susah panggil H1N1 ? Kan lagi senang and sopan kalau cakap je, selesema BABI

It strikes like a mad cow ! Nearest to TTDI is DU. I heard that SMKDU's student got that flu
Sumpah tengah cam takut with that thing. It's like a serial killer
Dah la I'm going to Bangkok on the 16th of July. I hope I won't get that babi flu :( I'll make sure I wear a mask !

And oh, I'm not sure if I'm going to dinner or not. I feel so lazy after knowing that Carlos is handling the performances and he said that we're singing. You have no idea what songs he chose. Semua macam tah pape and nak nyanyi pun cam susah. For example ; Katy Perry - Waking Up In Vegas. Boleh mati kalau nak bagi kitorang nyanyi okay -.-
Whatever, my mom said that if we don't find the dress in Bangkok, most probably I shouldn't go
At the same time, I'll think about it. It can be a great night and I'll regret it if I miss it, no ?
So yeah, I'll think about it

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day !

Taiko di kiri ! Hahahaha

Me : Eee babah lembik la
Babah : Eh, babah Power Rangers okay

I won't say my dad is actually a dad. He's a grandfather cause he's old ! Hahahaha
So I don't really know what to say cause I rarely do these things
Where do I start, hmm
Okay, although he's not my real father, he is a good father. Responsible, strict ( I'm not okay with that sometimes haha ), has a sense of humor ( only when he's in the mood ) and a few others lah
He's anti-social, yes. I rarely see him having tea with friends or just anything that includes friends. It's just obvious he's anti-social
He loves Chelsea, which I always argue with him. I just hate Chelsea, that's all. I always yell, saying Chelsea sucks, Chelsea will not win. When I was young, I bet with him, if Chelsea loses, he has to give me 5 ringgit. I know how to make money 8) Hahaha
And again, when I was small, he said that he's as strong as Power Rangers, Popeye, Darth Vader (!), Superman and I think there's more. Ayah saya maju jugak okay hahaha
He's the one with hope as high as a mountain, on me getting straight A's. Mhmm, he's the one who has been pressuring me around - To study, to not waste my time and whatnot
Yeah yeah it's for my own good and yes, it's worth it (Y)

Anyway, I don't want to elaborate more cause well, everyone has a great dad although they don't have a tight bond with their dad
So Babah, thanks for all those lectures and hitting cause I know, you have your reasons, I think haha. Thanks for granting my wish on having a new phone or some other things. Thanks for giving me money when I need 'em. Thanks for the education you've been giving me all along. Thanks for working hard and earn money. Thanks for giving me your study room and change it into my own room ( Although it's 50% yours, 50% mine -.- ). Long story short, thanks for everything <3 You know I love you ! Hahahaha xoxo

Wani a.k.a Dennis The Menace

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Warning : Don't read this post if you're the kind of person who's lazy to read to other people's self-disappointment.

I think you guys know that I've been tad bit emo or not in the mood for the past few days. Wait, not just that. I've been quite anti-social too, right ?
Yeah sorry for that
I can sense the difference in me. If any one of you says that I'm different, I totally agree on that statement
If some of you don't sense that I'm different, maybe because I've been pretending that everything's alright in front of you. And, I'm so sorry for that too

At home, I rarely talk to my parents cause recently, they've been giving me lectures that I can't stand listening to them anymore. If my sister is here, I'll talk to her a bit. Same goes to my brother. That means, most of the time in a day, I spend in my room or just anywhere in this house that's away from people
If there's nowhere I can run away from people, I'll just sit outside in the garden and listen to music
I've been so lazy to text, to pick up any calls, to even video call through MSN. About the video call, sorry Sabrina. I have my reason why, yeah
Like I said, I'm just utterly lazy, I don't know why
It's like I'm running away from everyone. It's like I feel way better on my own, without no one near me or whatsoever. Maybe for some of you, you guys like it better if you're not alone. But right now, I just need some time alone I think ?

Since I'm being all anti-social, and not really communicating with people, I feel like I should clean my room or study. Yknow, just do something good. Other than wasting my time in front of this laptop, online, playing Counter-Strike
But when I wanna start cleaning the room, there comes the lazy mood. Pretty irritating, I know. Speaking of the laziness that strikes whenever I wanna clean my room, can you imagine whenever I wanna study ?
That laziness mood falls on me like a nuclear bomb, mhmm

Because of that, because of 184957236 things circling my mind, I feel stupider each day, lazier each day, lifeless each day. Conclusion is, I feel like I'm getting worse every single day
I've realized that I'm getting ruder towards my parents. Everytime they tell me something, or just lecture me, anything, I'll either close my ears or just distract myself from listening to what they're talking about

I feel like I'm carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders ! Truckloads of family problems, a fact that I never wish to face and it needs a lot of strength and courage to face. I admit, I'm not a strong girl to face that friggin' fact. It hurts, as if your heart breaks into millions of pieces
Albeit I feel so lazy to pray and do what a Muslim should do, Izzud told me to pray and read Al-Quran to put my chins up on facing my problems and to turn my frown upside down
Thanks but I feel like.. Kena hasut gila gila. Maybe I do have to fight it and be strong, huh ?

Dammit, after writing all of that, I feel like I'm totally a spoiled girl. What a bummer. Just because of the dramas I've been going through recently, a lot of things have changed in me, in my life, everything
I've made and lost a few friends too and that, brought difference too. Yes, I don't care that I've lost a few friends. I care when it changes me into someone that I never wish I would be. For example, the few arguements I had, made me be someone who curses like nobody's business. No, I don't like to curse but it has been a habit
About hot-tempered, I don't know if I still am or not. Luen said, I've been pretty calm for the past few days cause I didn't hit anyone other than Harisah.

I want my old self back. I want to be calm. I want to be free from problems. I want to have a free mind
I don't want my mind to be filled with problems. I don't want to be a girl who does things that she shouldn't do. I just want to be normal and have a good life, that's all.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Question : Hi Hazwani, how are you ? :)
Answer : Oh I'm fine. Totally fine (Y)

If you believe that I'm fine, if you believe my 'haha'(s), if you believe on how I act which is all goofy, feel free to call yourself stupid, idiot, a moron.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bang Bang Shoot 'Em Up, Yeah

After watching Championship Gaming Series last Sunday, I started to get my interest on Counter-Strike again hahaha
Funny, I know
But watching those professional gamers played that game was like "Damn, best gila !"
Now I know why Izreen and his brother love to play that game and how they can bear playing that game for maybe hours ? I'd call that as their hobby

Since my brother's going to university next Friday, he's lazy to buy the game. So I ( dengansemangat jiwa dan raga ) downloaded CS Source using Ares, hoping that luck will be at my side and I can play it
Well, I'm lucky after all. I can play the game ! But the game's not really perfect, of course, since it's downloaded
Ciplak punya lah hahaha
My mom saw me playing it and she started scolding me. She doesn't want me to be 'kaki main game' like my brother. She said that playing those kinds of games can make you stick in front of the laptop for hours, not even feeling tiny bit of boredom. And yes, it's a waste of time
What the hell, I still play it hahaha. What ? It has been ages since the last time I played Counter-Strike and it has been waaaayyy too long since the last time I played computer games
My talent and kehebatan of playing CS dah fade dah :p

Wait, why the hell am I talking about CS ? This. Is. Weird !

Just now I drove around my neighborhood with Harris, using kakak's Kelisa. It was great and Harris said, I drove quite well. Now, gimme a round of applause 8)
School was boring cause Harisah ( Fattysah HAHA, no hard feelings eh ) didn't come so there wasn't anyone to bully. I was sleepy but couldn't really fall asleep
I was too lifeless that I kept throwing a ball ( Our very own ball made from newspaper. Its name is Boon Ball ! ) onto the wall. Izreen asked me "Masalah eyh ?" and then I laughed
Macam orang gila pun ada (Y)
The best was during Science subject. Izreen sat at my table, in the lab. Then Hariz came, and Luen too. Yes, I was the only girl, ada masalah ? Hahaha
I have no idea how they wrote the notes so fast. I finished the notes like, 15 minutes before the class ended. Maybe because I wasted my time talking to Izreen and the other haha
Anyway, after that Seng Yung, Boon and Fareez came to my table too and Miss Anniza was funny !
She's cool cause Hariz sticked a laminated paper on his pants, above his &^%# ( I think ). The paper was written "Caution ! Gas pipe" HAHA
And Miss Anniza said something like, if the boys touch each other, they become second hand. Faham tak ? Kalau tak faham, tak apa hahaha

Whilst KH was all about exam paper. I think my marks for KH is 78%. I would love to kill Carlos cause I got a perfect 80%, after a few marking mistakes but then he detected a mistake at a question that I got correct
So of course, tolak la markah
But I felt sorry for Fareez. From 72%, which was a B, he went up to 75% which was an A. But because of what Carlos did, Fareez will meet B again hahaha

Now, I want to bully my little cousin
Byeeeee !

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I'm not the kind of girl who will call up one of my best friends and just tell him or her what's disturbing me
No, I'll do that when I seriously need someone to talk to. When I feel like I'm losing my mind or I'm going to lose my mind, I'll let it out to anyone I trust

Right now, I have gazillion thoughts in my head from just one problem. I don't think I can solve it. I have to live with it actually
Til when, I don't know either but I just wish someone or something, maybe a solution, will put a fullstop to it

Starting with appreciation
Due to my hideous Geography and History marks, yes I got what I think, I deserve. Or maybe my parents think I deserve
A few mocks and insults here and there. Yeah, maybe I am stupid after all
People say that whatever our parents say, it will come true or it's sorta like a pray
They kept on saying I'm stupid and all sorts of 'good' response and now I'm being just like what they've been saying
Who said I didn't try my best ? I did ! If I don't give a damn about the exam, if I don't care about getting bad grades, I won't be studying, I won't swallow 2 to 4 Panadols a day, I won't sacrifice my time on studying when I can just use the laptop all day long
What else do you want from me ?
Yeah, they kept saying " Wani straight A's student so tak patut dapat B pun "
They think I'm a robot ? They think I'm a one of a kind human being, who doesn't have her own ups and downs ?
Stop comparing to other people, will you ? I can't be exactly like Boon Kheng or just whoever you hope I'm exactly like him or her
Yes, I said I don't care what my parents think cause to me, I've done my best
My parents expect me to get straight A's all the time. I should not get a B. Even a 75 doesn't make them proud
I rarely get a " Wow, congratulations ! ". Their response when I told them I got 100 for my Maths was " Alaa tu Maths. What about other subjects ? "
Don't you think like your hard work on getting such good marks for certain papers is just a waste ? As if you can just throw all your hard work away like a stinky trash
I was so hyped up to tell my parents my marks for Science which was 88 and then I told them my History's and Geography's marks
They forget about the Science marks and jumped to my weakness, my failure
I've never, I repeat, never ever felt appreciated on getting good marks. Instead, they keep telling me how stupid am I cause I can't get straight A's, I can't be like those people who are extremely smart. Not to forget, my parents always come up with a few names
They have high expectations on me, yes. But they expect me to get marks like 90 above. Sometimes, I think that's just absurd and impossible
Sometimes I feel like saying, " Why don't you guys adopt another child or maybe those people you've been comparing me to, just to make you guys satisfied ? "
I give up ! I've tried my best, I've been working quite hard, but what do I get in return ?
A few beatings here and there, a few mocks and insults. I'll take all that as nothing.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hey Nightmare, Where Did You Get Them Teeth ?

First day of school was alright
Received my Agama and Maths results which were okay I think ?
Whilst today as the second day of school was boring and f-ed up
I had a few mood swings just now. Maybe because I've been thinking about my problems and how the time can't just stop ticking
My results for Geography and History was disappointing. 70 for Geography and 60 ( Actually it's 58 but teacher added 2 bonus marks ) for History are just good reasons for me to get a lecture that will make my ears bleed or just a few slaps here and there

Oh, how I wish I'm problem-proof :/

Izreen, come back to school !
You've been missing in action for two days now
Yeah yeah, it's such a bore not having you in class
Hahaha :p

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fake That Ugly Smile

I had dentist appointment just now, at 1200
I thought it was a normal check-up, scaling and yada yada
But the doctor had something to say about my teeth. Something about my teeth are short (?) because I bite on ices often. It's just a habit
And there was something about my jaw too I think

So I have to wear a trainer - An hour in the day and overnight
I'm wearing it now and heck, sakit !
Baru trainer, nasib bukan braces. I could be crying on my knees now haha

Tomorrow's Sunday which means tomorrow's the last day of holidays
Tonight I have to force my ass to finish up Komsas notes which I'm so so so lazy to do

And I hope Eeqa buys my bag pack already
My mom's beginning to be restless and keeps asking me about it

Toodledoo !


Suka gila Agyness Deyn ! :D

Friday, June 12, 2009

This House Is A Circus

Holidays will end, school will start again in another three days
Masa berlalu dengan cepat :(
Last week I was bragging about the time cause it pasted so slow
But now, I see it's fast enough mhmm

I haven't finished my BM homework whilst I bet, Izreen has done the work
My wish to have a peaceful holiday, without any problems didn't come true cause it has been pretty hectic

Somehow, I can't wait to go to school but I'm trying to make myself hate that school's starting again
Izreen and Luen was like "What ? Orang semua malas nak pegi sekolah lagi", something like that
Hahahaha fine lah, I will miss this holiday
But the thing that I can wait for school to start is the exam results that are waiting to slap me in the face
Okay, that's scary !

Thursday, June 11, 2009

From OK To KO

KL is hazy and hot !
Tak suka tak suka tak suka, grrrr

I have to admit, again, the second week of holidays is better (Y)
Yesterday, went to Sofia's house around 4.30 pm, just to have fun
And met Rafieqa too (Y)

Went to the playground and took pictures
Usha skaters hehehe. Eye candy !
Decided to walk around the housing area which was pretty tiring and not forgetting, hot

Went into the house and played with the water
It helped, after sweating plus the hot weather, memang best haha
It was great, really
And yes, for the whole time, we took photos
Hey, we must take photos yknow haha

Today, I was suppose to meet Azrul
Unfortunately he couldn't make it cause of transportation problem
Thank God I ajak my friends lepak too
So Izreen, Luen, Sarah and Intan were there and we watched Drag Me To Hell
We were scared if we couldn't pass the person who tears the tickets, so Izreen, Luen and I bought 5 Hannah Montana tickets and 5 Drag Me To Hell tickets
We showed the Hannah Montana tickets but we went to Drag Me To Hell
It was a smart idea okay hahaha. Although it was a waste of money
Not forgetting, it was scary but cool
I screamed but then I laughed hahaha. There were parts which scared the crap out of me
At the same time, the story was quite absurd
Think about it, kepala kena himpap with this huge, metal thing and mata je yang terkeluar ? Kepala and all tak penyek pulak hahahaha

Went to play bowling. They whooped my ass man !
I sucked. I think my score was only 22 ? Whilst Izreen, Sarah and Luen were like 50-70 points or maybe more
Pfftt, I just didn't show my true talent, that's all hahaha
Then we went to play foosball and then pool which Izreen and I didn't play
Our last stop was Starbucks and we met Qallif, Danial, Adri, Andy and Zack there
Goofed around and I went home at 6.30 pm

And just now, I went to Rasta. I thought Danial was there already but no, he wasn't
So decided to follow kakak to Mosin and on the way there, saw Danial
From the shop lots, I walked with Danial, Zack and Qallif to Rasta
Did the usual things and around 9, my sis joined cause, well I don't know
Surprisingly, she fitted in with the guys :)
Talked and stuff, went home with kakak at around 9.45

- Toot, I'm done !

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


A week of holidays has gone with the wind
Pretty fast, no ? :(
I think the first wasn't really something
This week is something hahaha (Y)

Yesterday was tiring !
Woke up at 9.30 a.m cause mom forced me to wake up ( I ain't a morning person )
Planned to follow her and brother shopping for things he has to bring to college
We went to Giant in Kota Damansara. Bought a lot of things, really
And my mom kept saying,

"Today is not your day. Hari ni Harris je boleh beli barang"

What the hell, I bought a few things too hahaha
Did I tell you guys, that the day before, when my mom, brother and I went to Home's Harmony, I bought a huge pillow ? Animal-printed ! :D
I thought Kimi would like it but he didn't show any interest at all

Finished shopping around 1 o'clock and I was starving, my stomach started to be a bitch hahaha
We ate at Chicken Rice Shop since we haven't been going there for quite awhile
Went home around 3 something. The kittens and puppies and Pets Wonderland were so the very cute
Rasa macam nak cekik cekik je hahaha
There was this one kitten, Burmain Persian. It was sleeping and my mom was belai-ing ( I don't know what 'membelai' in English, screw you haha ) it but it didn't respond at all

I bought Confessions of a Shopaholic and He's Just Not That Into You
Didn't get to watch them yet cause I haven't finished 90210 Season 1 and we went out again after Asar
Yes, to OU pulak
Went into Jusco to buy my brother's pants and all. Formal things
I bought 2 long but not THAT long frames
I plan to fill up one frame with family pictures and the other one with friends :)
I hope they turn out pretty hehehe

Went home at 7.45 pm, had to rush and all since I had tuition at Sabrina's at 8
I was 10 minutes late I guess cause my brother took a bath first -.-
And on the way there, we had an oh-so-called accident. Bodoh punya driver depan
Muka macam nak cari gaduh je. Padahal langgar his spare tyre at the back, hmph !
Whatever, then off to tuition

Technically that was my day haha
Tiring, yes
And now I'm at home and I didn't follow my mom and brother to KL
What, I have a lot of things to do !

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bitter Heart

Adam Lambert is gay
Megan Fox the hottie bomb ( the guys say so ) is actually a guy
What else after this, I wonder ?

Zee Azi is the new hit singer now, on Myspace
Cause I see that a lot of my friends put Zee Azi in their playlist
She deserves it cause she's good !

However I.. Am in a good mood today (Y)
Woke up at 9 a.m cause mom was going back to kampung with dad so I asked her to on the laptop
I watched 90210 without bothering to take my breakfast AND to even take a bathe ( Now, that's cool hahaha )
Watched til 1230 and Harris told me that we're having lunch at OU, we would be meeting our parents there
I took a bathe, of course

Harris : Kau belum mandi lagi ?!

Mom gave the wrong information. She said The Gardens restaurant was at the Ground floor
Actually it's at Lower Ground floor
I gave her a lecture when I met her. Don't underestimate me, I can be the boss sometimes hahaha
It was delicious and the service was good. I would love to give two thumbs up to that restaurant

I think they put some kind of drug in my food or drink cause seriously I was so hyper after that !
I followed my mom and brother to buy his things
Oh yeah, my brother's going to UiTM in Arau on the 27th of June I think ? Okay whatever
So I messed around at Home's Harmony ( I think that's the place )
I laughed since I stepped into the place til I exit
That made me feel full, somehow hahaha

Before I sign out,
I wanna post a sketch I did last night
Hey I didn't wanna sleep at 12 a.m so I made myself busy
Here goes ...

That's a sketch of Sabrina hahaha
Similar tak ? :s

Toodledoo !

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Whistle For The Choir

I've been downloading Gossip Girl season 1 using Ares
And now, I'm stuck at episode 18 -.-
I have no idea where is the episode 19. Or maybe episode 19 doesn't exist ?
Whatever lah
I couldn't find the CD at Sabrina's house. Only God knows where the hell is that CD hahaha
So I think I'll just buy the CD myself, mhmm
Semangat jiwa dan raga ni !

I borrowed 90210 season 1 instead
I'll be watching it after this

What happens to Hazwani who's not really into these kinds of movies huh ?

Pretty unpredictable

(050609) HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAZIF PIGGY ! - I wished him yesterday already okay

Azrul's wish was cool hahaha. I was texting him and talking about Razif's birthday
And he said "Oh kata kat dia - Happy birthday bodo ! Cpt la tinggi :D"
Hahahaha memang best

Yesterday wasn't really how I thought it would be
It was suppose to be a girls day out but Sarah had to go to Curve
She had her reasons :)
I didn't really mind cause I could still have fun, with Sabrina, Eeqa and Sofia
Oh yesterday was Razif's birthday
Of course, Razif was there and his friends too

Eeqa and Sofia joined those dudes so Sabrina and I didn't really know how to interact with them
It was pretty boring too cause we were at GSC for I don't know how long it was
Apparently we split up. I mean, Sabrina and I didn't join Sofia and the others
I wasn't really in the mood to sing til my voice box drops into my stomach
I was bragging the whole way, how much I regret going out. Sorry but seriously, it was boring and wasn't really worth it
Sorta like, wasting an opportunity of going out yesterday

We walked to Burger King and texted Qallif but he didn't show up -.-
Went to Sabrina's house and just calmed ourselves by talking, talking and just talking hahaha

Tuition with Mr. Nathan was normal, which means best (Y)
And I just realized, sometimes he combs his hair which is barely there hahahaha
He doesn't have that much hair to comb yknow
Sorry Mr. Nathan ! *still laughing*

Today has been quite f-ed up
Everyone's ( My stupid brother, my dad and a lil bit of my mom ) being just a pain, I don't know why
My dad has always been that recently

What the hell, I have to live with this situation
Yes, the situation which I don't wanna see my dad nor talk to him
If I talk to him, the next thing you'll know is that, I'm covered with bruises

I'm going to watch 90210
That will calm me down..
I guess, I hope (?)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Misery Signals

Mama : Wani, jangan buat rambut camtu. Nampak macam mechen kat luar sana

My plan was to cut my hair at the saloon with Sabrina tomorrow
I want to cut my fringe into bangs but not that short cause I want my fringe to be pretty when it's longer
My mom actually disagreed cause she said "Why waste money, around 40 ringgit just to cut your hair ? Padahal ada kedai gunting rambut yang kena bayar 12 ringgit je"
I'm just being me, the stubborn one, so I said that I still want to go to the saloon

Around 1530, mom dragged me to Jusco to help her shop for groceries
So yeah, I followed. And what a coincidence, she made a pit stop at the Quick Cut place -.-
I had to cut. She threatened me okay, grrr
I cut my fringe into bangs and layered my hair just a bit
It turned out to be okay but I have no idea what to do hahaha
It looks weird !
I've been touching my hair since after I cut it. How weird huh ?

And just now, kakak let me drive around TTDI ! Hoorah :D
At first it was scary cause it was her Kelisa. Before this, I drove Harris' part-time car - Naza Bestari
Rasa pelik la kan
But it went alright (Y)
A few mistakes of course such as, I was looking at the cats in the alley til I forgot that I was behind the wheels hahaha
And turning into a junction, I was in the opposite lane. Ya Allah cuak gila !
Nasib baik tak ada kereta yang tengah lalu. Kalau tak, memang dah kaboom kabaam :s

And our ( kakak, her boyfie - Jeff, Harris and me ) journey to Ampang was cancelled cause Jeff has to go see the doctor

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Moon trailer !

I'm still a #1 fan of Edward Cullen, no need to say that over and over again
But Jacob looks hot in here (Y) No hard feelings eh hahaha
I mean, he looks way better in New Moon than Twilight - With the long hair, eee
But here in New Moon, you guys better agree that he's hot okay hahaha

Haih, gila tak sabar nak tengok New Moon ! :D

And oh, did I mention that Robert P. and Kristen S. won Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards !

And Twilight won other categories too, which I forgot what they were. Kudos to Twilight !
Hey, I have my fanatic moments ;)
Oh shitzo, I'm drooling over Robert P. again and I can't stop watching the trailer
Jacob is just .. Teeheeeeee *drools*

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Recycled Air

I've deleted a few old posts
I don't really know why but I have my reasons

And I'm starting to watch and like Gossip Girl
Yes, I feel weird too when I started watching it but best jugak cerita tu ? Haha
I rarely watch those kinds of stories yknow
I did watch 90210 but I'm not a fan. I don't watch it weekly and all
But I think I'll continue watching Gossip Girl til the end :D
Ni yang nak pinjam Gossip Girl Season 1 from Sabrina ni !


It can be more hectic, really
Wanna bet on that ?

Monday, June 1, 2009

June ?!

Sooo it's June huh ?
I'm not surprised but cepat sangat la ! :(
Another 6 months of having extreme freedom because, starting January 2010, most probably goodbye freedom
And I don't think next year's school days are going to be that great yknow
What the hell..

I hate time for passing by at the speed of light

Guess what,
I started this 'lovely' June by going out to OU cause Sabrina said she was going nuts staying at home all day long
Whilst, I wished I could find a cool backpack for school but OU was too stupid for not having any shops that had purdy backpacks

Moving on,
Wandered around, went for karaoke which was a lot of fun, really
Tengok video Womanizer sambil karaoke cam boleh buat lelaki turn on siot -.-'
Other than Eeqa, Sarah and Sabrina, there were Hakim and Qallif too. We sat with them before karaoke and all

But 30 minutes before Sabrina, Eeqa and I went home, we sat at Burger King with Andy, Qallif, Adri and Hakim
Surprisingly, Sabrina said hanging out with them were quite fun
Hahaha it was surprising cause she was the one who disliked hanging out with those kinds of guys yknow

And the best part of this 'lovely' 1st of June is that..
I'm broke. Seriously
I don't have even 1 ringgit in my purse and in my piggy bank, there's only the old 2 ringgit which I won't spend and coins
How am I going to go out with no money ? You tell me -.-

June ( the month, not a human being okay ), you suck so much that it hurts my eyes whenever I see your stupid name !
I shall curse now