Saturday, June 12, 2010


Who took the bomp from the bompalompalomp?
Who took the ram from the ramalamadingdong?

Pfft who has the time and mood to blog on holidays ? Well, not me, that's for sure. This is just one of those moments where my mojo stops by, you know ? Okay, I'm talking nonsense.

Are you enjoying your holidays ? I.. am sorta enjoying it. Things are starting to get back into place, thank God for that. I tend not to take every single thing my mom says seriously and on the bright side, my parents haven't been troublesome for the past few days. So, things are cool. All of the problems I had are settled, albeit I still have doubts and all. Mhmm it's okay.

My bitch, Dydy was back on the 2nd of June, Wednesday. Of course I was ecstatic ! I thought I would not see her for 10 months, since she'll be back after PMR. Thanks to her mom for having some work to do here :B
On the day she arrived, I met her straight away. After tuition, I walked to her house and hung out there til 8. The next day, I picked her up right after school hahaha. Spent our time taking pictures and all before going to Rasta and met up with Luen. Izreen came late.
On Friday, we had a sleepover at Sabrina's with Sofia, Dydy, Hanna and of course, Sabrina. It was the shiz ! We had Science class so Dydy came after the class. Thanks to her camera kit, we took a lot of kick-ass pictures :D Burst into fits of laughter playing Human Hamburger, where all of us had to lie on each other. Pity to whomever that had to be the last person (the one who was on the bed) cause when everyone was on top of each other, oh God, so heavy okay ! But we still had time to laugh our asses off. I have no idea why. It was such a great laughing session, I swear. We slept around 4am. The 5 of us, on a queen-sized bed. Imagine that ! Macam ikan sardin HAHA. Woke up at 7.30am since Sabrina's dad wanted to treat us breakfast. Unfortunately, Dydy had a jogging date with her sister and Hanna had to go early. So there were only me, Sofia, Sabrina and her dad. Nasi Lemak at Village Park was aahh, mouth-watering ! I'll drag my parents there someday.

I love you, bitch

Human hamburger !
*more pictures on Facebook*

Now, I'm dire need of an outing. I gotta spend my time with Sabrina Sofia Sarah and the others, Miera Harisah Shar Azi and the guys, and oh, Erin Safwat Faiq and Azim.
Get well soon Erin's grandmother ! :)
Went out with twins, Harisah, Luen and Izreen last Wednesday. Met Dani and Sofea too ! It was our first meet and oh I was glad to meet them :)
Stopped by Farhan's birthday for less than 10 minutes. I have my reasons. Spent time with my favorite bunch, met up with Dani and Sofea once in awhile. Went home around 7 then off to Rasta around 8 with my two favorite people. Settled a few things there, my brother picked me up at 10. Joined him at Chidas with his friends. I just realized that his friends are awesome. Crazy yet friendly. Well that wasn't their first time meeting me or something but they didn't put me aside you know. So it was alright. Watched them play UNO. It wasn't like any other normal games okay, hahaha. Funny ! We decided to head home at 11.30 and I was exhausted.

Books aren't my best friend this holidays. I do feel guilty but hey, I need a time out. Everyone needs a time out. Stop creeping me out with the "OMG you're gonna sit for PMR in another 4 months or less !". Imma cut you *Bonquiqui style*

Geez louise, this post is such a waste of time and inappropriate !

On repeat ;
i) Le Tigre - Deceptacon
ii) David Ryan Harris - Get Used To This
iii) Jesse Barrera - Tangled Up
iv) Mayday Parade - The Memory
v) Colbie Caillat - I Never Told You

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Here We Go Again

"And I'm on my way to believing"
; Paramore - The Only Exception

May said goodbye, June greeted us without a warning. I wasn't armed and ready for June to come and I bet you weren't too. To hell with it, it's already here and let's wish for June to be much better than May.
Albeit I'm trying to throw this habit of wishing for a particular month to be better than the previous month, I shall just keep my fingers crossed for things to be better.

It's weird that I always have the mood to update my blog whenever I'm not in the mood, you know what I mean ? No wonder my blog is flooded with emotional posts, mhmm. And just for an early warning, this might be another emo post too. About the usual things y'know. So, beware people, beware !

My Diagnostic result is such a huge bummer. Haven't really gotten all of the papers back but so far, I got 4As and 1B. Screw Science, another 5 more marks, I would get an A :( S'okay, careless mistakes. Imma study harder next time. I kept on saying "Mr. Nathan is going to make me bald if he sees my result !" to Luen and Izreen haha. Even though I got 4As, I'm not satisfied cause well, the marks can drop anytime. They're at the border, danger zone. Mhmm the reason why I received a tirade from mom. Such a perfect way to start off my June.

Mom is worrying the hell out of me. So you have no idea how am I coping with this. It's like there's a burden on my shoulders that has the weight of the world. I can't brag about anything nor can I tell you what's bothering me. I'm out of words about this and I don't think anything can describe how worried I am.

I can't even ask you to convince me that you want to settle this cause from the way I see it, you look like you don't even care. Don't think that I'm assuming this, cause I definitely am not. This is me thinking what I should think from the way I see how things are going. At first you would look like you're trying your best to settle it but after awhile, you give up. Are you pretending to care ? Are you forced to care ? I don't know and I don't think I want to even know. I'm out of ideas cause I've said it numerous times, I am not and will not get any benefits from this. You are. And that's what I want. I never put myself ahead cause I don't know, maybe I care about you more than I care about myself ? Might be such a bollock but I'm not lying.
You can't force me to do what you want me to do cause I've made up my mind. But tell me, do you want things to be the way it used to be cause you actually want to or you just act like you want to fix things just for your own sake, just so that you won't feel messed up anymore ?

Keep in mind : Sometimes goodbye is the only way.