Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You stink, You suck

Yes, school was great :D
I mean, other than my Agama marks which made me think about my family problems ( damn you ! )
And also, my marks are like shit, if you know what I mean
Although it's an A
Annnyyywaaaaaaayyyyyy, yes it was fine
Talked with Fahmi about waves and all. Yes, geeky, HAHA
But it was okay though
Then, Pn. Zuwaida was like, ' if you want your marks for English, you have to buy coupons '
HAHA, I didn't know Pn. Zuwaida knows how to negotiate with us :P
So I bought 2 coupons which cost RM 10
Then , lepak balik kat belakang kelas
Shasha was with Fadhli, like always, 24/7 terkepit
Cam kene gam dengan gam gajah -_____________________-"
First first, talk with Fahmi, HAHAH
Then, story mory ngan Aneesa and Azwin
Gossip gossip, you knoww :D hahaha

We were talking , talking and talking but then, something caught my eyes
Something written at the back of the desk that I was sitting at
It wrote , " Jangan tiru. Sape tiru nanti bile besar badan jadi mcm babi "
And on top of it, someone replied , " Bodohnye ! Badan manusia mane boleh jadi babi, bongok !!! Manusia tak ade ekor and hidung mcm babi, babi !!! "
HAHAHAHAHA, when I read that, I wasn't really laughing out loud
But when I knew who wrote it, I laughed like hell man !
Ayat dah la cam bangang gile pulak tu :'D

Gosh, I just love school. Whenever I tell my friends about my problems, they'll try to cheer me up or they just don't wanna see me moody and all
Most important is, they'll just make me laugh like I'm the happiest person in the world (:


Tick tick boom

I miss you bloggie :')
Internet masalah gile for the past few days
Phone line pun rosak so yeahh, dah lama gile tak gayut phone ngan orang tersayang <3 ;D
Stories huh ? Not much but ade je laa
Final exam is OVER ! I repeat, OVER ! :D
I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeee, like a bird. hahaha
But my parents, ERGH ! I can't tell you here cause it'll be very very long, sorrayh
I can't wait to go to school cause to me, being in school is way better than staying at home :/
Mhmm, friends are just everything
Oopss, tak katai okay :P Haha

For the past few days, I've been taking pictures of the flowers in the garden with my dad's phone ; N73
I don't have a camera okay. Ye laa, rosak je :@
So anyway, I took pictures of the orchids, roses and others
What can I say, my mom loves gardening
But but but, I'm sorry, I can't post the pictures cause I'm not done editting them
And I don't feel like posting those pictures
But Fahmi, I'll show you when you online

For now, I'm going off
I wanna get ready for school
AAAAAAHHHH, I can't wait to go to school :DD

Hazwani Bunny

Friday, October 24, 2008


What can I say ? Thanks to Sabrina and Azrel, I'm okay now (:
Azrel told me to DON'T think about my problems, concentrate on the tomorrow's exam
Well, he cheered me up though
Sabrina, -__-" no comment
Haha, I'm trying to forget my problems, concentrate on KH and Geography
Yeah, it's great that tomorrow's the last day of final exams <3

Oh gosh, I've been staring at the laptop screen for hours and I'm still reading KH text book
And guess what, I'm currently at page 11 :O
I hate youu, laptop, grr ! Haha

p/s : Thanks Sabrina and Azrel ;)

Hazwani tak sabar habis finals

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pathetic, Ordinary

My hatred towards final exam is higher than Mount Everest, seriously !
2 more days till it's over and God knows how I can't wait for that
I can't wait for teacher to say, " Time's up, put your pens down, stop writing "
I'll scream my lungs out, throw my papers and shout
Well, teacher can pick up my paper, muahaha
Then then then, I'll kiss final exam goodbye and run as fast as I can down the stairs and shout AGAIN
Well, it's just a plan. I'm not like gonna do it for real, pfft
Papers papers. Friggin' hard maannn ! My brain felt like it was going to burst anytime, into million pieces
Maths Paper 1, surprisingly, it's hard
Especially that ermm, Polygons, Angles. And to be honest, I was quite blank when I read the questions
But I answered all the questions. Fuhhh
Today, Maths Paper 2, OHMEEGOD
That, I felt like my brain was attacked by nuclear bombs
And again, I went blank for those Polygons, Angles questions
I left about 3 questions blank and 2 questions I answered without thinking
What was in my mind, I wrote it down. Har har :s
Civic, I have no idea what I answered. I can't even remember the questions
So aaaannnyyywwwaaayyyyy , Science Paper 1, that's another torture
I forgot Amoeba is in what category. Is it plant or animal thingymajiggy :s
I'm hopeless. I feel like I'm gonna fail this term
Or maybe I won't get top 3 and if that happens, I'll get grounded till form 3
You don't know my parents so shut up, grrr

Tomorrow, there's Science Paper 2, Arts Theory and Sejarah
For God's sake, why must killer subjects be in the end ?
Last papers are Geography and KH :@
Sheesh, tak boleh teruk lagi ke ?

xx Hazwani ;

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm still flyy

I'm not gonna post long long craps. HAHA, I'm just not in the mood for blogging, again
So, Prefects Convention went well. The Base-To-Base thingymajiggy was fun
Went around with clues which are just killing our brains. Haha
Oh, Majid, Azrel and Izzud's base was just wrong ! Haha I want them to wash my shoes maann
It's muddy, grr !
That Base-To-Base game was like ermm .. The Amazing Race ? Har har
I just think so okay
Whatever it is , it was fun though
Oh and Asyraf, IF you read this, I wanna say, I don't owe you anything. Haha, next time je la

- I would love to talk waaaayyyy longer and with more details but I'm just not in the mood. And btw, I'm sms-ing maannn :O

Hazwani Jolly

Friday, October 17, 2008

Call me a heroine, I'll say you're right

It's final term , yes oh yes. Study til my head feels like it's going to explode.
Finished PJK, BM Paper 1 and Pendidikan Islam
PJK was okay. And it's because I studied :D Pendidikan Islam too. That, I studied like .. like .. hm , very hard T_T haha

So today, went to school at 11 a.m cause had to help the seniors in the hall
I thought we had to arrange the chairs or something. Tengok tengok, gunting this thingymajiggy
Oh , I HATE YOU HAZEEM ! Gosh, if you called him, mase die lalu dewan tu , I'll shove my shoes down your throat oh
But thank God, you tak buat kan :)
Pape pun, Hazeem still the sepet guy and perangai cam pain in the ass

Me ; Ah you tak payah pinjam buku Harisah. Harisah, jangan bagi die. Muahaha
Hazeem ; Aku panggil sorang daripada mamat kat padang tu kang. Haa haa


Anywayyyyyy , I saved you Shashaaa :D
Haha nasib baik I ade baju koko and seluar
Kalau tak, I have no idea how you're gonna survive
NOOO , convention is tomorrow. I'm gonna miss SKTTDI 1's Canteen Day ):
I just hope the convention is gonna be fun
For now, I have a date with some extraordinary and hot school books

Hazwani :|

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Still fly for someone who's full of hatred

Does it always have to be me ? The one who gets all these misery, problems that are just unbearable to even be inside my head
I just wish that I can take it all out and throw it at the Pacific Ocean ?
Erm, I dont know where the hell it is actually but whatever

Tomorrow is just PJ so , tak kisah la kan :P but but but , I still study that subject though
Soo, since I have all these problems, I'm feeling less confident in getting straight A's
Maybe I'll get distracted ? Hmm
My sis said that I can tell my friends but it's better to only tell two people
I think I'll make Dayang, Sabrina, Sofia and him maybe , as my tempat mengadu

Dayang, it'll be so much better if I can tell you face to face babe :/


Sunday, October 12, 2008

My face says "I'm unlucky"

Wow, what a weekend. It was busy and I hung out with the same people which are ; Sofia, Sabrina, Rafieqa, Sarah, Intan and Azie :)
On saturday, we went to Rafieqa's open house, Sarah's house and Eizaz's open house. Mhmm, semua best. Rafieqa's house, in Wangsa Maju. So I went to Sabrina's house at about 10 something but we went to Rafieqa's house about 12 something.
We ate, took photos and all. You know, the usual thang. Oh, her father is so cool. Sofia, gigi kambeng. Haha Sofia was the victim, ngohoho. Overall, it was fun :D
We arrived at Sarah's house about 4 something. Yeah, jalan jam la. Haha. We relaxed for a while. Oh oh , siot Sofia, made love ngan aku atas katil Sarah. HAHA, bodoh !
After Farid, Eizaz and the others arrived at Eizaz's house already, we went there. And erm, I think we were like the loudest :s SORRY EIZAZ ! Whatever it is, his brother is so cute ! Hahaha
I tumpang Sabrina. We went home about 6.15 and then we went to KL for dinner. The kampung fried rice was tasty oh :9
Went home at 8.45
I started studying at 9.40. Yeah since I went out the whole day and I promised my parents already. And because I wanted to go to Sabrina's open house ;D
But I was tired and my eyes were like half open -.- I looked awful, HAHA. So I drank about 7 glasses of coffee to keep me awak
And yeah it did, till 4.30 a.m. I studied till 4a.m
Fadhli called at 2.40 a.m until 3.30 a.m . Haha, he had super savers , wanted to call Shasha but she was asleep already. So he called me
And since he has two phones, he used the other phone to call Fahmi and put it on loudspeaker
But Fahmi hung up early , I think because his mom went into his room ? I dont know :s
OH and Fahmi, buku Fred Factor agak best ah :D

Today , went to Sabrina's house. Best la jugak :) There were the girls, just like on Saturday. But there were some guys too ; Izzud, Majid, Ilman, Qallif ? , and Khairul. Yeahh , haha
Bapak stress ah ): pfft , long story
My toe hurts. Sofia pushed me and then my toe cm koyak sikit but darah banyak and tulang sakit ): I HATE YOU SOFIA ! :@ And Mr. Il , tgk je -_-" Bongok, hahahaha
We watched Love Guru for a while, HAHAHAHA, mcm bangang je :P
Blablabla , went home at 6. And my real mom and my step dad and my step sister were at my house. OMG, Qaseh comel gile :) mata bulaat and all. Awww, haha

So, I think that's all ? I'm not really in the mood for blogging but that's my weekend :)

Hazwani yg sakit jari kaki :@

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Smile of the day

Hello people :)
Today , I'm not that moody , seriously. I've been smiling since I woke up. Wow, it was so unexpected. Haha
In school, of course I laughed. Tak habis habis ulang pasal Russell Peters - " !xobile " HAHAHA. Memang best :') Kenekan Fadhli and Shasha pun best. I think die dah cam bengang ngan Aneesa, I smue. Hehh :|
Blablabla. Soooo , tonight, I'm kinda hyper. I have no idea why. I played truth or truth with Luen. Hahaha, best gile ! Fahmi was hyper too cause he ate kit kat -_-" And oh, I chatted ngan him oh. He makes me feel happy, and you know what, I didn't even remember or thinking about any of my problems when I was chatting with him. Yeah. Ya Allah, but rindu la mase dulu ngan die, seriously. It reminds me of us, dulu dulu. AH RINDU GILE (:

So people, I have to study. Maybe I'll edit and make this story more interesting, tomorrow

Hazwani :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Your brain is bigger, Einstein

Okay, first, I'm kinda exhausted. Just now in school, I felt like I wanted to faint, seriously. But after I drank and ate, I think I got my energy back ? Haha. Yeah, yesterday I slept at 5 a.m okay. What do u think ? ;/


Final term is just next week on the 16th , yeahh, 16TH ! I'm sure time will past so fast, it'll feel like a few seconds and it's the big day already. I have to force myself to study , and i mean, study veryveryveryveryvery hard. IT'S FINAL TERM EXAM FOR GOD'S SAKE !
And my dad said, if i get top three, he'll get me SLR / DSLR camera. Second hand of course. But still, bersyukur la kan :)
I have to be a nerd, part time ( haha ) , read books, study and all. But gosh, I'm so stubborn and lazy. I haven't study yet. Wait, I havent's study at all ! ):
Ya Allah, help me !

Hazwani yg pemalas gile babii

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This one's a cheap shot

Hello suckers ,
Haha today, school was okay. I mean, I wasn't really in a good mood at some times but it was just okay. Haha. Maths, we didn't learn. Went to the computer lab and some of them played CS, while I was doing this thing for convention with Hazeem -_-" Science, yeah that new teacher told us to read the book. Just that ! Hahaha, ape lagi, bersembang ah :P Well, as for your information, Pn. Farhana beranak i guess. Fahmi said, Pn. Farhana is his wife, and that's his child -_-" HAHAHA. Anyway, hmm Fadhli, Danial, Shasha and I talked about virginity. HAHA, what ? Danial was talking about it. He asked, sape pernah make out ? Haha, I TAK PERNAH OKAY :D So, blablabla. OH OHH, I SAVED A FISH ! Hahaha, I mean, Ikin was the one who held the fish and brought it to the pond but it was my idea to see if the fish is alive :D Haha. We found it in front of the stairs at the form 3's block, on the way to the canteen. Fuish, the fish was lucky :) I was the heroin too, other than Ikin. Hahaha. Geo and BM was normal. Oh Sejarah. Hahaha, I was a good student (:0 I didn't talk a lot. But Danial bongok ahh. He's weird cause, if he writes things that he hears. Like yesterday, Fadhli said, " heads yess ", then he wrote on the table, " heads yess ". Get me ? So just now, when he was writing Sejarah notes, I guess he was singing Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You. Becausee, look at this .. :

1. Pendidikan
- pendidikan tonight will be the night format menumpukan could it be that we kemahiran bertukang another day menyumpit i swear it's true.

Hahahahaha, yess. Fahmi, Fadhli and I laughed like hell :'D Then, I told Fahmi that my friend listens to a song, ding dong song (you touch my tra la la). Hahahaha Fahmi knows that song ! And I'm not surpised cause he knows another song that's worse I guess. HAHA. Fahmi and Danial sang that song in class. Ye la, Fahmi ajar Danial nyanyi lagu tu. Danial nyanyi mmg tak boleh bla gile ! Dgn muke die yg layan gile and suara die. HAHA, you have got to see him singing that song :D
Oh, mase balik, tah pape ah IzreenKambeng -.-" Bahasa keling tu cm bangang gile ! HAHAHAHA

Lastly, oh oh , ade orang tu kan, mase die tgh ckp tadi, air liur die terpancut keluar. EEEE, HAHAHA ! :P

Hazwani yg tgh gelak, melupakan semue masalah >.<

Happy birthday, Dear Kerepot

Oh, it's 7th October already. And it's Azrel's birthday. So,


Sorry for all the wrong things I did and all. I hope you'll have a great life. Gosh, sweet sixteen oh :D Best gilelele. Haha :)


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kids in modern days

Hahaha, I am so lucky to have her as my cousin :') yeah, I think I'm being sarcastic at some point.
It happened just now and as you guys know, I'm online. She saw my top friends' pictures. And she thought all of them are my hmm, like she said, ' aweks '. HAHAHAHA

About her :
Name- Aisha
Nick- Chacha ( i think that's how to speel it o.o )
Age- 6 years old

Haha, tu je yg i tau :P

Chacha : Eh kak wani, tu smue awek kak wani laa *giggles*
Me : *in my mind, i said "DO I LOOK LIKE A GAY ?! " *. mane ade tu awek kak wani. hehh
*i opened my glasses*
Chacha : kak wani lawa la kalau bukak cermin mata. kalau pakai tak lawa, buruk.
Me : tak lawa ? haha chacha pandai ckp kan ?
Chacha : jadi, kan kak wani lawa, tak kan tak ade boyfriend ?
Me : umm, tak adee. chacha ade kan ? kak wani tauu. haha
Chacha: oh chacha ade. banyaaaakkkk !
Me : o.O *dayyum*

Yes, she's very the very cute. But, damn annoying and she loves me :DDD HAHAHA
She's six but the way she talks, makes me feel as if she's the same age as me maaannnn :O


Friday, October 3, 2008

That exciting moment

Blogger, I miss you :D hahaha. Yes, I've been busy since it was raya. Went here and there, did house chores and all. Oh gosh, you have no idea how it was

300908 ;

Yes, it was the last day of Ramadhan and I had plans with my sister already. We planned to make cookies but lastly, we made cornflakes something something. Haha, I can't remember okay. We went to Ikano, my brother followed. Bought few things and my sister's friend gave us free ice-cream from New Zealand something something. HAHA, I can't remember the name of that too :P We reached home and my aunt was there. She was the one who made us changed our minds about the cookies. So, we had to buy few things again at ou. But when we reached there, we were too busy in the Parkson, shopping :P Bukak puasa at Coffee Bean and later, we had to finish our 'mission' which are - buy Wan's sandals and buy the ingredients. Mission accomplished, went to Parkson again cause my aunt was interested in this handbag. Haha, we were there until it closed. I mean by closed is, the lights went off and the escalators are turned off too O.O HAHAHA
Oh oh, and that night, after me, my sis and my brother went to Zharif's house to take my guitar, my sis let me drive :DDDD Well, driving tak handsome lagi but still can practise right ? heee :D

010908 ;

The first day of raya wasn't that great. It was quite boring. But that night, my aunt brought my sis and I to pavilion :) Haha mmg best. Imagine, the night before, we went shopping at ou and that night, we went shopping at pavilion. We went home about 12 a.m. Before that we ate at La Bodega, Pavilion. Ahhh, sedap :) I drank Lovey Dovey, the mocktail. OMG, SEDAP GILE :9 and fyi, mocktail doesn't have alcohol

020908 ;

Balik kampung :) KAMBENG, I MISS YOU ! Um Izreen, I dont mean YOU, okay ? Hahaha. Left home at 8.15, went to uncle's house first. About 8.45 we left Pak Lang's house and on a journey to Negeri Sembilan. Ish, since Asif was at the back with me, and yeah, he's big ( haha ), I got to sleep at my own sit while he took two sits -.-" Nasib baik tak sakit pinggang or anything. PFFT, GRRR ! Oh and u know what, sesat ow mase nak pegi Tengkek. Haha, kakak forgot the way to Tengkek. I still remember, he asked this guy. She said " Bang, mane jalan nak pegi tengkek ? " . That guy said " erm, saya tak tahu, saya bukan orang sini " . -_____________-" Haha, mmg best. Oh oh, I 'watched' a lot of kambengs and lembus melepaskan 'bahan buangan' di tepi jalan :s HAHAHA. So anyway, mase balik, jam -.-" Lama gile. Reached home about 8.15. I was in a rush cause I had to get ready for Sabrina's open house. I took a shower, wear this and that, and woosh, went to her house. Gosh, I was exhausted x_x

030908 ;

Today, I went to Melaka with my mom, aunt, aunt's maid, grandma, and my cousin ( 3 years old ) . We went there for a day trip.We went to the zoo. Damn, my cousin, Aidi, terlebih hyper -.-" Lari sini, sana. Pfft. Haha. We ate at this resort, I forgot the name. Ngeehee xD Then we went to town there, ate ABC, shop for a while and went home. HAHAHA, whatever it is, I'm still tired.

Loves ,
Hazwani yg Exhausted