Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Just to occupy my time while waiting for my mojo to study to come back.
Oh God, my hair is a mess. I shall take a shower later for the fourth time, haha. My wardrobe is a mess too. It looks like it was hit by a freaking tornado ! Crazy shit please hahaha.

School has been quite mundane yet unproductive. Everyone is busy with the preparation of Sports Day, including myself. I haven't gone through a day without sweating in school and coming back from school feeling exhausted. Why ? Imagine running to and fro, up and down, class to class, everywhere (!), settling the payments of the house and so. Why am I the AJK Form 3 ? *weep*
BUT yesterday was fun. Spent the whole day bursting into fits of laughter, I might have abs now ! I just love yesterday. For the first time, I'm expressing my love towards Monday. A round of applause please ? Okay, thanks.
Starting off with Izreen who messed with exactly everyone yesterday, especially Harisah ( I feel sorry for you, Po ). Tak habis habis macam tak puas hati, even if we weren't even talking to him, he would just be a busybody and join the freaking conversation *&^%#
Daily school routine : Messing around with Luen. Of course, we came up with a few lame ass jokes and all. I think he has the brain of a comedian or something ? Once, he asked me "If Chicken Little was 6'4'', what is his dad's height ?". I laughed so hard til I cried okay. Hahahaha because I don't know. It crossed my mind that Chicken Little was named Chicken Little for a reason right ? So, why would he be THAT tall ? Okay maybe you people don't understand me, but I understand myself and I cracked myself up. I think Luen thought I was on weed *rubs chin*.
And oh ! Our new hobby : Sing :D Every day, baby, every day ! From Escape The Fate to Avenged Sevenfold to Alicia Keys to Justin Bieber. Yes, Justin Bieber. Go shriek at a corner okay ? Justin Bieber's Baby is our favorite, especially the part where Ludacris raps. We can never get the rapping.


HAHAHAHA. Haih, started off the week with a huge dose of laughter ? Hoho, it's a full supply for the whole week :')

Yea yea, speaking off Sports Day, I'm feeling so nervous, anxious, you name it. I injured my leg when I was jogging so now, whenever I jog or run, it hurts like ^%$#@ Haaa get the freaking picture ? I hope it gets better just in time for me to run on Sports Day. Dah la lembab gila sekarang, ugh -.- Now, why the hell shouldn't I be scared ? Heck yeah I'm scared shitless. Okay, I shall inhale and exhale now.

Dad's surgery is postponed to next week. He should be going through the surgery for his prostate tomorrow but the doctor ran a test for cancer. So my dad will be going through surgery next week. Mom decided to see the doctor to find out what's wrong with her hips or something. Oh it's about time ! I feel sad seeing her going through all the pain. So her penetrating pain is cause by a slipped disk. She'll be going through therapy now. Whilst my grandma is doing good, Alhamdulillah :) Everyone's showing better results so it's a good thing.

May will be saying hello to everyone and April will be saying goodbye this Saturday. In other words, it also means that PMR is just around the corner. 5 months, 5 months ! Hence, I shall set my goals now and my priorities straight. 8A's 8A's !

Meshuga !
Haiyo, I shall knock my head against the wall now.

I am hungry. No, I am starving, there's a party in my stomach.
So I will drag my ass downstairs now. Au revoir !

Now Playing : The Fray - Syndicate

Too cute, too cute !

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Let Me Be Real

Do you know what it's like to wonder ?
-Keep On Hoping by Raul Midon & Jason Mraz

Waterworks just stopped, thank God. I just washed my face so that no one will realize what happened just now.

I'm supposed to be at that PMR Seminar at Universiti Malaya but then, I don't find it worth attending. The lecturers will only be talking about each subjects for an hour and a half. You definitely can't cover things in an hour and a half. Okay they might be giving you tips and all but neah, I rather stay home and study on my own than being at a place with hundreds of people and I can't even ask any question if I don't understand what the lecture is talking about.

You can say that I'm in a horrible state right now. I can feel that I'm tearing up on the inside. Geez, just when I thought things would be fine, when I thought things were falling back into place, they would just find a way to fall apart again.

A few days ago, you asked "Are we going to be like this forever ?". It seems like we are going to be like this forever. But now, no more solutions, no more wasting time on settling every arguments, no more. This is not something that we've gone through before, this is not some normal arguments that we've had recently. This is where things are not like how they used to be. It's like, I don't know you anymore, I don't know this oh-so-called friendship anymore.
We can't change, we can't do anything. Solutions will be the last thing we can find.
After a few days of negotiations, our answers remained the same ; "I don't know".
Imma stop bragging. After fathoming this issue over and over again, I'm putting my ego aside and decide to let it be the way it is. Let it be different, let us contact each other rarely, aite ? I don't give a flying tuck about myself, I don't give a damn if I'm going to be bummed or sad or whatsoever. As long as it will save you from this mess, from the headaches you've gone through throughout the arguments and all, just from wasting your time. It's just for your own good. No more arguments, no more bad ass dramas, no more effed up moments. I doubt that you'll be or feel any different if we're not close anymore.

Things were so great til 1st January '10. Then, things started to be on the rocks. Hence, I am not enjoying 2010. Isn't there any rewind button that I can press ? I would love to travel back to '09, when things were much better.

Oh dear,
Here comes.. the waterworks.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Silly Girl, Pretty Girl

"You know what they say, if you kill a cow, make a hamburger."
Okay, it's either Lady Gaga is trying to be funny or she's on crack. I mean, that doesn't make sense, don't you think so ?

Here comes a long post *thumps*

Starting this post with a round of applause to yours truly, for studying yesterday night til 3 in the morning. Oh please, it was worth it ! And I just realized, my mood to study is much better when I'm not in the mood. Cause well, when I'm not in the mood, I won't have the mood (of course) to do anything so I'll end up studying. Mhmm, I shall make myself mood-less more often then *rubs chin*
Regarding my studies, I made a deal with mom. The deal is, if I start to motivate myself and study more, she'll give me the green light to go out on weekends. It probably is the best deal I've ever made with mom since she always comes up with ridiculous deals, no kid.
I told mom that it's a good deal. I mean, I do want to go out and have a tad of freedom. While doing that, I will definitely motivate myself, right ? Plus, I've set a goal. This upcoming Diagnostic, I shall bring it and hit it with my best shot ! Yezzaaaaa.
Ok, out of a sudden, I feel so alive o.o

Moving on...

A few days ago, I had a conversation with Harisah. It was about EGO. C'mon, if you know me so well, you'll know that Ego runs in my blood, I admit, hands down. On the contrary, being ego doesn't mean that I don't have self-awareness. I'm not that stupid to not realize my mistakes. Seeing a person who's obviously wrong and just did a mistake but still being so self-righteous, is just so annoying. Don't waste your time proving you're right when it's TOO obvious that you're wrong, true true ? Okay.
Sorry, back to the topic.
Harisah has the calculation of -1% egoism. She said she'll back down when it comes to arguments, no matter what. Yes, no matter what ! It doesn't matter if she's right. Honestly, I can never be like that hahaha. I will fight for my rights no matter what. When someone tells me to wave the white flag, even if I'm innocent, oh go fly a kite please k thanks.
That's just one of my characteristic. You don't know my other characteristics ; Sensitive, stubborn, etc. The dark side of me might not be pretty but well, I might have a bright side too you know ;)

I seriously think that I get this firing-back attitude from my sister. Hoho, don't mess with her. She might just bash your face with a baseball bat. You might want to close your ears when she starts cursing and fire back. Mhmm the reason why I hate the fact that she was a tomboy. Old habits die hard right ? Yes, this old habit of hers most probably is the hardest habit to get rid of.
But then, come to think of it, I can't brag about it cause I've been following her footsteps since I was.. 7 ? Yes, I was a clone of her haha. You can say that I was a tomboy but if you say that I still am, go run around naked please. I am not. I don't wear baggy jeans with t-shirt anymore, I don't dress like a boy anymore. I might have that attitude where I curse and talk unlike a girl, but that doesn't mean anything okay ? I have my moments.
I still remember when I was 12, there was this dude. He disturbed the crap out of Dydy and it pissed me off like hell ! He didn't have the freaking rights to tell her what to do and what not to do. Pantang gila orang yang kacau best friend sendiri -.- So there you go, kena maki kat tepi dewan hahahaha. Imma reminisce about it later with Dydy. Old times :')

Woah, so 'inspirational' la up here hahaha.

I skipped school for two days ; On Friday and today.
On Friday, just because I felt like it. And I wanted to help mom running the errands. So tiring okay. We went to the supermarket then we went back and forth from the hospital and back home. I pity mom :/ She had been running to and fro every morning. With her weak knees and weak hips, it must have been exhausting. But it's okay, now my dad and my grandma are back home. So I have to be dad's part-time worker, getting this and that.
Today, I skipped school cause I knew there wouldn't be a lot of people going. Plus mom dragged me to the hospital around 4am. It was a huge annoyance cause i) I was already fast asleep for an hour ii) I was having my period cramps. As you guys might be imagining right now, yes I went to the hospital with sepet eyes (lagi sepet daripada normal eyes and mata masa senyum k), hair all messed up and my hands on the lower part of my stomach &^%$#

Haihh, I'm exhausted, lack of sleep and I am walking around, carrying a huge amount of problems that have the weight of the world on my shoulders. I've never ever felt this fucked up before. With dad and grandma being sick, with mom having aches everywhere, with my grades that are slacking, with the drastic change between me and him, I can't wait to get over April. I definitely will and am hoping for a miracle in May *fingers crossed*

New addictions : i) Jason Castro - Let's Just Fall In Love Again
ii) Joshua Radin feat. Ingrid Michaelson - Sky
iii) David Ryan Harris - Pretty Girl
iv) Paolo Nutini - Candy
v) Black Eyed Peas - Rock That Body
TUNE IN ! Sway to the first four songs and do the jig to the last song, just like I do :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nobody Has It Easy

Let's hold hands like the young romance
-Heaven by John Legend

Hi, how's everyone doing ?
Sorry for the short disappearance, I was on hiatus for awhile. My mojo to blog was gone with the wind. Here's a few updates on what has been revolving around me :

Daddy Cool and Wan (my grandma) were admitted to hospital. First it was Wan, then dad. Mom said Wan has this lung infection or Pneumonia. But thank God, she's doing fine now. Whilst dad has bladder problem or something called Prostate. I don't know when is he going through surgery but it will be soon, of course. Poor mama, she has to take care both of them. She looks so exhausted, running back and forth from the hospital and back home, up and down from dad's ward to Wan's ward. So due to her exhaustion, I might be skipping school, just to help her out y'know :)


I did badly on my Intervensi II, like seriously I can cry. I have got to motivate myself, throw away my laziness into the Pacific Ocean and plant the word "STUDY" into my system. Seems impossible, I know but it's not a crime to try right ? Ugh, I feel like hitting my head real hard. PMR is just around the corner, another 5 months which of course, seems so long but you know how time flies right ? At the speed of light please okay, thanks. Okay, I shouldn't have reminded myself that PMR is in 5 months. Now I feel restless and a bit disturbed. Wowzers !

School is cool. Everyone's starting to be busy with the upcoming Sports Day. I've been wandering around school to search for athletes and people who haven't paid the house fee. Ain't easy okay, ain't easy. Ada je orang tak mengaku rumah sukan, ish ! Bonding time with my favorite bunch in school as always (y) Teachers are getting annoyed by the fact that the guys are always at the back, around mine, Azi and Harisah's desks, mhmm.

Hmmm *rubs chins*
What else, what else ? I think that's all for now. I gotta take a shower, dinner and off to the hospital.
Aaahh the smell of hospital, I love ♥

ICSA Autism Walk

Such a purple day, really :)
I had lotsa fun, met my Sri Aman friends. It had been ages since the last time I met them.
Despite the extremely hot weather which made me sweat bullets, the 2km walk was fun. Burst into fits of laughter with my girls, felt healthy but tired right after the walk, the performances were the true definition of entertainment. Yes, pretty much made my day worth it.
I decided to go at the very last minute, around 10pm on Friday night, thanks to Sabrina and Sofia's persuasion. I was so lazy to go just because of the walk but then I told myself, "I'll be wasting my time on a Saturday, so why not ?". Yezza, I rather go to an event than wasting my time at home, laze around, etc.
After the event, got a ride from Farid to Sabrina's house. Had lunch at her house and dozed off on her comfortable bed in her cold room (y)
Then, I went home around 6pm. Spent my time babysitting baby Danish the whole night.
I was so exhausted ! Dah la the night before, I slept at 3am and woke up at 7am to get ready for this event. Aiyo *slap myself*

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meet, Danish Iskandar. My sister's little boy and my current favorite boy ♥
You can look at the other pictures of him on my Facebook.

This is Kimi, my fat lazy ass cat :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We Can Make Them Look Like Bozos

"Life is such a fcking roller coaster then it drops,
but what should I scream for, this is my theme park."

Will blogging save me from dying of boredom ? I hope so. I've been asking myself "Where the hell is everyone ?!". It seems like they're actually digesting facts on History and Geography ( for Harisah ) and Maths ( for Miera ), while the others are just.. missing in action I suppose ?

I am just distracting myself from studying actually. But I will study, after this, pinky promise !

Hello world and all whom inhabit it !
After getting a day off from school yesterday, I said hello to school this morning which wasn't really the highlight of my day. But surprisingly, Tuesday went easy on me *wipes sweat*
Speaking of sweat (!), it was freaking hot like serious foshizzle ma nizzle. I thought by changing into my PJ clothes would save me from all the sweat but I was wrong. It made no difference. Nope, not even the slightest bit.
Despite not studying at all, I came home with a tired body and mind. I had no idea why was I so tired when I didn't even do anything in school !
What happened in school ? We had this ceremony on Minggu Anti-Dadah, retook BM paper cause we did badly, PJ which wasn't really PJ since we talked all the way through the lesson, received our Science paper back ( I vowed to study since my paper turned out bad even though I got an A. Mr. Nathan will kill me or maybe, turn me bald like him *gulp* ), discussed about the Geography folio and Amali.
Okay *rubs chin*, spent most of the time updating each other on things that happened on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
OH OH, it was my first time eating claypot in school :B It wasn't that bad you know. Yummy.

Luen was missing in action, again. I think he was busy with basketball. Haih, I need to burst into fits of laughter with that Irish lad ! We haven't been doing our routines lately.

What else ?
Oh right, mom doesn't give me the green light to get another pair of piercings. Why ? Because...
Mom : When you're married, you'll have two pairs of piercings. That is not nice.
Marriage has to be the reason ? PMR pun tak lepas lagi okay mama. Hahaha.

Dad listened to Pitbull instead of Michael Buble. This made me look dumb like Patrick Star for a moment.
Every time I'm in the car with my dad, he'll turn on his kinds of songs. Oh you know, jazz and all. Then he'll ask me, what's the genre of that current song on the radio and he'll tell me what's the difference between slow rock and blues or whatsoever. So, to avoid the I'm-Listening-To-That-Song-So-Change-It-Back conversation with dad, I let Michael Buble played his I Haven't Met You Yet and excused myself from listening to Shut It Down by Pitbull. Shock of my morning : Dad changed the radio station and he rather listened to Pitbull than Michael Buble. He even moved to the freaking beat !
Hmmm I think my dad wants to know how does it feel like to be young again hahahaha.

Zzz I am utterly tired !

Okay I have to babysit kakak's son. Gosh, he's just so cute, playing with his napkin ! Kesian mama kena jaga dia. So Imma be good auntie and entertain him hohoho.
Ciao bella

Now playing : Eyes Set To Kill - Reach.
Oh I miss Eyes Set To Kill :')

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm Just A Human, Not A Super Human

But yesterday, I felt like a superhuman ! *wears cape*

Yesterday was the day that I've been feeling giddy about this whole week. Why ? Cause it was a day with the retards. Who wouldn't be excited ?!

It turned out well, according to plan.
I didn't really sleep well, told my alarm clock to wake me up at 1oam but I woke up at 8.30am on my own. To make it worse, I woke up with my head throbbing. Massive headache, I felt like someone was playing a drum inside my head. Thanks to Panadol and my bed, it went away right after.
Po came to my house and we went to OU after I got myself ready. We arrived there at 11.30 which made us rush our way to the rooftop since Amy said, we had to be there before 11.30. Thank God, we were safe hahaha. Our job was to show the players where to register and all but of course, we knew that everyone knows where's the futsal court and where to register since Carlos was the one holding a huge sign which was written "REGISTRATION !" hahahaha.
Throughout the event, most of the time there were only Miera, Mia and Po with me. Azi went off with whoever. So we watched the games, quite interesting to see them play futsal.
In the end, we didn't really stay there 'til the end. The girls ditched me while I settled my own things. Met up with the girls at Fourskin but their attempt to find Izreen the shirt he has been longing for, failed miserably. There weren't any size. Izreen, you have got to fatten up yourself like seriously. Even certain tops from Topman which are XS do not fit you, aiyoyoo.
We went back to the futsal place to get their bags. Hung out with Luen for awhile and watched the final match. I was parched and hungry so us girls and Luen went to Burger King for a drink. Yes, I skipped lunch :B
Met up with him and talked about things. I thought it was going to be like a short meet but I was wrong. The next thing I knew, it was time for the twins to go home, then Izreen. So Po was left with me.
Around 5.30, I decided to head home.

Took a breather after driving to 7-Eleven to buy credit. Call me stupid for not buying credit at OU -.- Haha.
Sabrina came to my house at 7.30 and we updated each other. She was so happy, only God knows why okay haha. Oh right, she just came back from a date, of course *whistles.
Razif and Sofia picked us up at 8 and off we went to Rasta. Waited for everyone to come was like waiting for Izreen to gain weight (which actually takes him ages to succeed on that goal). People started to come by 8.30pm. We talked, laughed, yeah, the normal things la. But, I didn't really eat though. Shared fried rice with Sabrina which wasn't really enough since I skipped lunch. But I survived :')
It was so sweet of Iman and Issac for running to Secret Recipe from Rasta to buy a whole cake for Shar and Izreen as the birthday cake.

Like seriously, they were definitely sweating bullets right after. Sang the birthday song and they blew off the candles.
I was the next person to sweat like a pig cause I had to find the plates and forks to eat the cake.
Watched the others ate the cake. Oh, it was heaven ! Even though I only took two bites.
Chilled a bit and decided to go home with Izreen. Around 10.30pm, his mom came. Said goodbye to everyone.

I definitely had a tremendous time yesterday. A day with my favorite people will always be the best
Thanks to Sabrina, Izreen, Shar, Hanna, Sofia, Razif, Miera, Mia, Fafa, Ila (Faa's cousin), Harisah and Iqbal for coming to Rasta and made the birthday celebration great for Shar and Izreen ;)
Unfortunately, Luen, Alyssa and Izreen's friend, Zaf, couldn't make it.

Pictures ? Facebook please ;)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Brotha From Anotha Motha ?

Hi Izreen, this is not the worst okay. Kiss my feet and say thank you cause I was thinking of uploading the picture of you and the panties HAHA.

So, it's officially the 9th of April and this dude up here ( base on the second picture, he's on the right ), didn't come to school. To save his butt from getting whooped ? I also don't know lah k, haha. But it's okay, he got a free bath at the bus stop yesterday :) He was lucky it was just mineral water. Unlike me, I took a bath with Mirinda Strawberry + Coke -.- But whatever, this is about him.

Muhammad Izreen bin Rahiman. He was that new kid who just came into SK1 when we were standard 3, right ? But we started to know each other when we were standard 5. Grew closer in standard 6. 'Til now, still close :') Haha, 5 years of friendship and still counting !
Last time, he was such a bore. The kind that, if you text him, he'll reply one word in a text -.- I was so annoyed whenever I text him, seriously. But now, surprisingly he's different. Fun to talk to, sometimes.

He's the good friend, y'know ? He actually knows when I'm not okay. By the way I reply his text, he knows. There aren't many guys who can sense a girl's mood like that okay. And he cares, listens and gives advices. Hoho his advices ah, incredible one. He says whatever he wants to say, he tells you his honest opinions, no matter how much it hurts. Shitty yet brave.

He has that dirty mind, just like any other boys hahaha. So whenever he starts his dirty conversation, I'll definitely give him the stare. Or maybe, I'll hit him :B Just for the sake of it hahaha.

Ah crap, I don't know what to say anymore. When it comes to Izreen, I don't know what to say. He doesn't really deserve any compliments but today, he deserves it. Mhmm.
Okay whatever,

I'm still older than you though, HEHE

Hazwani Pendek yet Awesome :B

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Truth is, everyone's going to hurt you. You just have to find the ones worth suffering for."
- Bob Marley

"A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, Listens but doesn't believe, And leaves before she is left."
- Marilyn Monroe

I'm browsing through Marilyn Monroe's and Bob Marley's quotes. They probably have the most amazing quotes ever.

"I had a boyfriend who told me I'd never succeed, never be nominated for a Grammy, never have a hit song & that he hoped I'd fail. I said to him, "Someday when we're not together, you won't be able to order a cup of coffee at the fucking deli without hearing or seeing me." "
- Stefani Germanotta ( Lady Gaga )

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My Intervensi 2 result is a bummer, even though I just got my Islamic Studies and Geography papers. 82% for Islamic Studies and 70% for Geography.
Are you motivated now, Hazwani ? A bit but to throw away my laziness is hard, I'm sure. There's a lot of distractions in my room : Laptop, handphone, TV, BED. Aiyoyooo !
But but but, that won't stop me from trying, right ? So I am going to try my best to study for 2 hours max for now :) Then I'll increase the time, InsyaAllah.

Hahahaha I just realized it cause I'm using the headphones and Panic Switch by Silversun Pickups is blasting at full volume. Ah, minor bliss hahaha.

Right at this moment, being called onto the stage is the last thing I want to happen at school. Hey, I didn't skip class or anything. I heard that someone said, ustazah wasn't around so we had to stay at the library. Sure there were some of us there. I didn't know that there was a relief teacher at the surau. Now, my name and the others' were written on the borang pergerakan as ponteng. I don't really mind getting called or whatsoever cause I'm innocent. It wasn't my intention to skip Amali. But I don't wanna go through the whole Name Being Called And Then Have To Go In Front Of The Stage phase -.- As if they can't just call us after assembly.

Okay Hazwani, stop ranting, stop ranting *inhale, exhale*

Might be skipping school though tomorrow. Looked at the timetable and I was totally turned off HAHA. Like seriously, BM Maths KH English and Civic ? I rather stay home and study. Plus, teachers are busy with the Hari Anugerah Cemerlang and all, yezza !

I wanna start playing the piano again. I miss banging on the piano, doing theory works and getting scolded by teacher for playing that song badly HEHE. I want to play new songs on the piano ! I've been playing the same old songs over and over again, printing out a few songs like Watch Me Bleed by Scary Kids Scaring Kids but attempt to play those songs that I printed out fail :( I just miss playing classic piano sheets, y'know ?

I miss tennis. Which makes me miss Pn. Darwina too. She inspired me, but ever since she moved to London (?), when I was 11, I haven't been playing tennis. Wait, no, the last time I played tennis was in 2007. The practices at Jalan Duta or Pusat Komuniti. Aahhh, healthy moments hahaha.

Old days huh ? But now, I'm not really living in the healthy life. No interest in one particular sport or whatsoever. I can literally die of collecting fats hahaha, like seriously.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cruel Yet Sympathetic

"Contrary to popular belief, Forgive and Forget is not as easy as ABC. Forgive might be easy for those who don't have EGO running through their veins but Forget ? Heck, go build a machine that can erase your memory."

Hi, how are you doing ?
I have this sudden urge to blog and I think I'm starting to get back my mojo to babble away on my plain blog. Oh blogger, I miss you :')

School was fine, just like others school days. Spent my Islamic Studies time updating my girls on what happened when we were apart for 2 days and half. I could write a novel ! My saliva almost dried up due to the non-stop talking for the entire time. Thanks to them and their opinions, I think I can decide on what to do now ♥

After recess, spent some quality time with the boys at the back of the class, our turf baby, our turf HAHA. Luen was being extra retarded somehow. He kept on faking a laugh but ended up bursting into fits of laughter, for no reason. He had gone cuckoo I think ? And he kept on saying, "I smoke padi". Now now, I know that Padi means Weed (Right ?), but it just doesn't make sense and it's as lame as.. Ok, nothing and no one is as lame as Luen so I can't really put any comparisons there.
We had a History lecture at the hall. I thought it was going to be a bore so I brought along my pillows and blanket. I was wrong ! It was interesting and productive too. Unfortunately, I didn't write down anything. Too busy concentrating + leaning against Shar + laughing, yeaahh :(
But hey, at least they're doing this seminar and maybe, just maybe, I'm going to go. Bak kata Mr. Nathan, "Think of your future". Hahaha that's what he says whenever I complain about things. Sayang Mr. Nathan, I'm gonna buy you a wig for your birthday so that you don't need to be jealous of me and my friends' hair :')

Okay, I'm starting to talk crap. So bored, no one to accompany me and my craziness tonight.
I have to make myself busy so that I won't think of that human being. No, not just one. I mean, those human beings. YEZZA !
And now, my bed is calling me *yawns*

Don't you just love B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars - Nothing On You ? I know I do :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Are You Trying To Drive Me Up The Wall ?

Honestly, since your name was added into my life, bad things have been happening to me. Arguments, misunderstandings, etc. Who likes to go through this shitty thing ?! No one okay. Not gonna blame you for this, since you're pretty much innocent. I mean, who knows what's coming right ? But I just don't get it, why does this have to happen ? I don't hate you but to prevent myself from disliking you is as hard as doing add maths. Not that I know how to do it, yet, but yeah, just try and get that message.

I'm sorry but I am the kind of person who's hard to forget things. People usually say, "Forgive and Forget". It takes time for me to forgive and it takes a longer time for me to forget.

How annoying it is that a mess was made and I just had to take care of it since I'm involved ? For no bloody reason, I'm involved ! For no bloody reason, my name just had to come out from your mouth ? It's fun isn't it, to spread some bloody rumors and shit ? Hoho, hope you had fun. Are you bored, that you decided to spend your time spreading rumors ? C'mon, everyone knows that if you spread a rumor, eventually you will get busted.

You see, from only a name that gives me a headache and the mood swings, now it becomes two ! And you think I can be cool about it ? Heck no.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace

I have Didaskaleinophobia. The fear of going to school :B

Seriously, when you start reading the list of phobia diseases, you'll get addicted to it and you'll want to read everything ! They are as absurd as the most absurd person in the world ( Exist ah ? ) ! There's a fear of bicycles, opinions and even sitting down. Now now, if you're scared of sitting down, don't tell me that you rather stand ? Pelik ke tak pelik tu hahaha. And bicycles ? Gosh, you have got to read the list. You'll definitely ask yourself, "Is there such thing ?". I believe there is such thing of the fear of bicycles or whatsoever. Lets laugh ! Hahahahaha.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Honey, I'm Gonna Make It Out Alive

Gravity is working against me. And gravity wants to bring me down.
- John Mayer.

Hello snots !
Sorry for my disappearance, I was abducted by aliens..
Okay my bad. Actually zaman blogging is gone, long gone. Most people are not in the mood to tell their stories here, they're more to Twitter or Facebook. Yes, MySpace is dead, R.I.P, the funeral was like months ago.
My last post was like a month ago, right ? Woah, a round of applause please okay thanks.

Okay okay enough craps. What should I update you people about ?
Oh, it's the first of April, a new month, again. 6 more months to PMR a.k.a Pimp My Ride (bak kata Dani). Don't ask me if I'm prepared or not, OR have I started studying ? Those questions will get absurd answers from me, I tell you.
So dear dear dear April, your friends, January, February and March were being bitchy to me. I believe that you're different from them, oh I hope you are. So please be good to me and treat me better, will you ? You do want cookies, don't you ? If you do, that will be your present if you be an angel, with a halo :)

March was dope. The usual arguments with the boy, parents and yeah just that. But my birthday celebration was the bomb diggity yo :D Celebrated it on the 20th, since the 23rd was on Tuesday and exam started on the 29th. So, cannot maa.
Won't be elaborating on the celebration but I seriously had a great time. Thanks to my sister, Sabrina, Sofia, Sarah, Shar, Luen, Izreen, Harisah, Hanna, Alyssa, Miera, Mia. It was a dinner at TGIF and of course, they set me up with the birthday celebration thingymajig. I had to stand on the chair, did the chicken dance which I dragged Sabrina into it too :B And I had to blow the candle on a slice of cake from a distance. Hahaha I was like, "What the hell, sapa punya idea ni ?!" but in the end, love them to bits ♥
Chicken dance was a public humiliation !

Just a picture. Of course I've uploaded all of the pictures on Facebook ;)

On Tuesday, 23rd March '10, probably the second best day in the month of March although it ended up being a bad night.
Of course I went to school, couldn't skip :( My lads and bitches sang the birthday song in class twice I think, thanks to Po -.- During recess, the Super Dupers ( Awesome form 2 girls ) sang the birthday song at the canteen and the others followed which made it sound like everyone at the canteen was singing the freaking birthday song okay ! Did I blush ? Did I blush ? I was so happy actually. Gosh, sayang semua orang hari tu :'))
After school, got splashed with mineral water + Coke + Mirinda Strawberry. I smelt like strawberry. That smell, beat the crap out of Chanel's perfume k please hahahaha. Thank God I was wearing my sports shirt. If I was wearing my baju kurung... Oh you know what I'm trying to say here -.-

THAT was the good part. The downfall of March.. Not gonna talk about it, aite ? :)
Soooooo, I seriously hope that April will be a good good month. It is good a bit, since I survived from getting fooled EHEK EHEK.