Thursday, April 30, 2009

Make Up The Breakdown

Approximately 2 weeks and a few more days, I'll be saying hello to those ugly, brain-squeezing papers. Aaahh nice -.-
If it's not mid-term, I won't really give a flying tuck but no, this is mid-term. Yes, I bold it so that you guys would understand the stress I'll be going through
You can say " Alaa baru je mid-term, bukannya intensive cam form 3s and form 5s "
You idiots don't know my parents okay
They'll be getting ready with a cane, microphone, and tough ass hands when I get my marks
If my marks don't impress them, my ears will be half deaf from the overload plus loud lectures and maybe a few punishments
Y'see exam marks, because of YOU, I'm the one who'll be getting the not-nice-at-all spankings and all

So, to prevent all those, I have to be nerdified and bury my head in note books and text books
I have to study form 1 chapters of Maths cause I am very very weak on those angles and all
Then, since Pn. Ooi always finish a chapter of Geography in a day ( which leaves me without understanding anything ), I have to concentrate on that too
Same goes to Sejarah. Honestly, my head is blank. I know nothing about Sejarah right now. Ask me questions, my answers will be a few "Ermm"(s), "Errr"(s) and "Hmm"(s) *nods*
I can polish myself on Science and I have to make myself understand and memorize Agama
I'm blank on KH too yknow hehehe

Conclusion is, I have a lot of catching up to do. I have to concentrate in class. I can't do something else during a different subject's period. I have to do a lot of notes and most important is..


Yeap, that's the study spirit (Y)

Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Bodycount

My leg hurts, really. Tu la, tak selalu lari. Kan dah sakit kaki, grrr -.-

Anyway, today was SMKTTDI's Sport's Day. It went well
Woke up at 6 A.M, took a bath and all, off to school at 6.45. How I wished I slept early cause I was sleepy !
Moving on..
It was extremely hot. Belum pape lagi dah berpeluh haha
It was getting boring cause well, I wasn't sitting with the ones that I'm closed to. So I went for a walk and sat with Hakim at Yellow House's turf
Technically, I walked from Red House's turf, to the sort-of-cafeteria place and just any houses' turf until it was 4x100 m event
Rasa nak terkencing tau tak ? ;(
I was the 2nd runner cause, I think I'm slow so yeah, 2nd runner was the right choice (Y) Hahaha
I thought the event was gonna start later, as in later. So, went to Azi and lepak jap

This dude, he's the KP of the KRS. He was like disturbing people. Whenever people passed by, he'll be like "Oi oi" then when that person turns around, he'll pretend like he's talking to us
Hahahahaha if you were there, I think you'll have a stomachache

I went to the Red House's turf few minutes later and bumped into Asiyah on the way there. She said that we had to go register our names. I was like "Oh shit !"
Rasa nak terkencing, perut rasa tak sedap haha, grrr
The track was warm so Asiyah and I decided not to wear spike shoes or even wear socks with our tapak kaki kene stick dgn cellophentape
And actually, my tapak kaki was sticked with cellophentape already but hey, I'm used to running barefooted
So yeah, we took the opportunity of the warm track to not wear spike shoes
When we were at our spot, rupa rupanya, ade performance -.- Haisho
Silat and sketsa. After the performance, 4x50 m event for the teachers
Ya Allah, baik bagi kitorang duduk dekat tempat pendaftaran tu sekejap or something, because it was hot ! How unfortunate right ?
And bila nak dekat event 4x100 m la, track nak panas, weather pun panas :@
Since I knew my sole and all will get injured if I ran on that hot track barefooted, I ran to teacher and up to the Red House turf just to find a spike shoes. Penat kot !
Thank God, Fareez had spike shoes, although tak muat sangat hahaha
Anywaayy, I was scared + anxious. When Asiyah started running, ohmyGod, memang cuak gila sial hahaha
But yeah whatever, at least I got third place
BUT, the third runner and fourth runner made us got fourth place. I am not gonna blame or anything cause we did try our best :)
Then, my job was to support Red House, so I did. Sakit tekak jerit nama orang and jerit "GO MERAH !" hahaha

Eh guess what, I'm actually lazy to blog but well, I have to update on my Sport's Day hahaha ;p
Unfortunately, Merah last. Last year, most athletes were form 5s so yeah, this year tak banyak sangat athlete

1st : Blue
2nd : Yellow
3rd : Green
4th : Red

It doesn't really matter that Red got last place. The thing that really make me feel so annoyed is that, when people who don't participate anything, macam belagak gila, perli rumah sukan lain
Hello, sedar sikit, kau tak masuk pape pun. Kau duduk kat stand tu, support je. At least, orang yang kau perli tu, masuk events and contribute something to the house
Manusia sekarang, semua tak guna otak and fikir. Semua fikir diri diorang bagus sangat -.-'

Now, I want to take a rest hehe.


Monday, April 27, 2009

I Can Be Your Sugar Duppling, Muffin Baby, Pumpkin Pie
Racist yet funny hahaha :@


Baca blog orang yang ada banyak 'fuck', buat saya rasa tak suci hahaha

Anyway hello !
Mhmm, I love to post on my blog. Deal with it, grrr
I'm just wasting my time and I hope after I click "PUBLISH POST", I'll have the mood to start doing my homework (:0

So unfortunately, Prefects Duty Roster haven't changed yet. I had to sunbathe at the 3rd floor of the form 2 block AGAIN. Jom lah saman sape yang buat jadual perhimpunan >:)
Couldn't really watch the Choir performance but who cares ? They made me fall asleep haha. Bosan kot
And before recess, there was raptai perbarisan since our Sport's Day is this Thursday ( HOORAH ! )
Our class had only a few people. Erm I think, around 15 people ? Mhmm, 2 Edison is rarely full
And guess what, I spent the whole 4 periods before recess doing KH notes. I even skipped the time for me to have my recess ( Tak minum dari pukul 7 sampai pukul 11, tak makan dari dinner semalam sampai lunch kat rumah )
I was thirsty and very very hungry ;(
Thank God, Shyahirah had water hehe
So after recess, again I did my KH notes, during Agama. After 2 periods of Agama, was KH
Thank God, I finished the notes right on time
It pissed me off when Naim told us that Pn. Rukkumani was absent :@
Imagine, I spent almost the whole day ( KH was the 2nd last period ) doing that stupid notes, til I couldn't even join Izreen and the others to have a laugh. And teacher didn't come @#%$&#$
Oh oh, when I was doing my notes, Danial called me for red house thingy. So I had to go to the Arts Room. When I was on my way back to class, I have no idea how but my right thumb hit the stairs rail thingy and the skin peeled off. SAKIT GILA BABI ! Yes, it bleeds
I was sooo unlucky, haisho

Shasha, Shyahirah, Carlos and I were talking about Pn. Ooi. Hahaha lawak la cikgu tu :')
They said, once, someone said hello to Pn. Ooi and she was like "Haisho". Hahaha what a response, 'cher ;p
Oh, I thought my bag was boring cause it only had 'Billabong' written and it's black. So I told Izreen and Harisah to write things on it. They did and beg dah jadi cam sakai hahaha

Me : Eh sape tulis 'I LIKE MAT REMPIT' ni ?! IZREEN !
Izreen : Hehehe
Me : Eeee dah la kat tempat orang boleh nampak. Cuba kalau mat rempit or mechen mana tah tengok, gerenti diorang cam "Weh, minah rempit doh !". Hahaha suka je sorang sorang hahaha
Izreen : HAHAHA okay la tu
Fareez : Haha I like minah rempit
Izreen : Uish ye ? HAHA

Harisah and I weren't paying attention, of course. Hey, we were not the only one. If you looked at the whole class, some of 'em were sleeping, some of 'em were just bluffing on paying attention I guess hahaha
Harisah and I talked about some disgusting stuff. I told her about Brokencyde - Too Drunk To Drive lyric. Satu hari, sampai balik, we repeated ' lick my penis up and down, back and forth' part hahahaha
Harisah even changed the lyric to lick my boobies, lick my armpits, ape lagi tah haha. Bangang
During ICTL, we played CS. I sucked cause the mouse wasn't smooth. Nak gerak lembab je
And since I rarely kill any of 'em ( I was the one who always get killed ), pokai terus hahaha. Tinggal $15 je. Guna pistol ciplak je (Y)

Da da dum, I'm out of words, and that was sorta my day haha
Tak best and boring, no ?
So now, I better start doing my work
Chow sin chi ! :D


Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yesterday, I slept at 5 A.M. Tak aman nak tidur, banyak benda dalam otak :/

Procrastinate is my best friend, other than Oxford English Dictionary, really hahaha
I have to finish up KH notes, which I remembered just now when Harisah, Izreen and I were talking about Pn. Rukkumani
I have to finish it up since Pn. Rukkumani blew up my eardrums last week
Other than that, I have BM essay which I have to send in tomorrow. Guess what, I'm video calling with Dayang and we're discussing on my homework while I'm helping her on her English oral script or something
Now, I don't know where is my Agama notebook. I hope someone borrowed it last Friday. If luck's not at my side, that means, I've lost my Agama notebook
Neah, I'll keep my fingers crossed

So, Prefects' Duty Roster will change tomorrow I guess. Yeay (Y)
It's hot if you duty at the form 2 block. And I got the 3rd floor -.- It's because, in the morning, the Sun is right in front of you grrrr
Memang panas la *sweats*

I can't believe tomorrow's school. I don't feel like dragging my ass to school haha
And just now, Harisah, Izreen and I were suppose to discuss on Civic Folio
But I think, our brains were jammed ? Cause we did only a bit and then, we were off to OU around 4 something hehe
Walked around and hangout for awhile with Qallif, Syakir, Fadhli, Najib, Andy and Adri
Sent Izreen home at 6 o'clock and Harisah walked back home right after we arrived my house, since she had to take her bag

Yes, I don't wanna make this post long cause as you can see, I'm quite busy right now on finishing up my homework
Surprisingly it's already 10.43 pm
So much for my plan on sleeping early -.-


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Too Drunk To Drive

Today was pretty fun, I must say. It wasn't planned but it was still great !
Woke up around 11 a.m cause it has been quite awhile since the last time I slept late and woke up late :D
Actually, we ( Sofia and I ) planned to go to the library and Eeqa's gonna join
But something came up - Sofia's sister didn't believe her that she was going to the library
Okay whatever, so around 1 something, Sofia and Eeqa came to my house
Going to OU was our plan cause obviously, sitting at my house doing nothing was going to be a bore, no ?
We were thinking on what to say to my mom and we came up with an idea teehee. And yeah, we could go to OU
We had a lil' problem - We didn't know who to hangout with. I mean, it won't be that fun only 3 of us
Called a few people. And we were so stupid to call Izreen. It was so obvious he'll say "Malas ah"
Lastly, we called Danial and he said he was at OU with Syakir and the others. So we went to OU around 2.45 pm

Met Syakir, Danial, Qallif, Najib and Andy in front of Burger King. Off to Jetty cause someone was hungry *pointing to Sofia* hahaha
Sana sini la kawan kawan saya merokok *nods* Pretty dissapointing haha
Anyhoo, Danial, Sofia and I were talking about that cheap girl and all. Sumpah shocking gila -.-
And Syakir likes Eeqa, of course. And technically, almost everyone usha Eeqa, which is not surprising at all haha
We had our own Windows Live Messenger but on tissue hahaha. And Qallif had pens in his beg !

Me : You dari mane doh ? Tuition ke ? Hahahaha
Qallif : Tak lah, ni beg pencil box. Yang pencil box betul lagi besar
Me : Hookay o.O Hahahaha

I thought he had that semangat belajar or something hahaha
So yeah, it was pretty stupid that we wrote our conversation on tissue. And Andy threw Qallif's pen into the river. Muka Qallif sumpah priceless gila !

Went to Daytona and watching Sofia played Daytona was amusing hahaha. Macam.. Macam.. Hahahaha I'm speechless
Off to the rooftop just to sit around and talk. It was so hot !
But then, the guys and Sofia were sitting outside, but in front the door to the batting cage. It was windy outside but hot. I think that was why they sat outside but in front the door ( Tak kena cahaya matahari la kan )
So, Eeqa opened the door and sat at the door and I did that too. Picture it, the door was open since Eeqa and I blocked it, okay ? Alright.
We talked and laughed cause it was a must to laugh since Andy was there hahahaha
They were talking about "Lady Gugu" and Qallif said he got Beyonce hahaha
When Sofia put on Brokencyde's song, Andy was like "Ni macam lagu dangdut Jepun je". They started switching on a few screamo songs
And Andy put on Love Story's song -.-

Okay, the security guards were some party poopers cause they told us, we couldn't let the door open
Sat at the stairs for awhile and I couldn't stand the heat. Went to Burger King to eat, again mhmm
When I was eating, suddenly my mom texted me. She said something like, she knew I lied to her. I wasn't going to a party. I was panicking cause she said, I would be grounded for a year ! But in the end, after replying her messages, she said it was actually a trick. But I, somehow, sense sarcasm
My heart was pounding the whole time, and my mind was pretty disturbed
Sofia was too. She was like "Make sure your mom takde number phone my mom, my house phone. Kalau my mom tau I keluar OU ni, memang mati la !"
I was in the middle of panicking, when suddenly this group of mechens came to our table. At first I thought "Okay lah, ni sah kawan Andy and Najib, stop by jap ke ape"
But then, I realized that this pink-shirted dude sat at Andy's chair I guess and his friends were like sorta around him. And this other dude from a few tables in front of us were called to see that pink-shirted dude
When I heard the pink-shirted dude said to the dude who was sitting a few tables in front us, "Weh, asal bahasa kau kasar sangat ah ?". Yknow, with the samseng kind of tone. And Sofia heard the pink-shirted dude said, " Kau langsi sangat ni asal ? "
At that time, I realized it was gonna be an arguement coming up. I saw Sofia wrote on a tissue (I think that MSN conversation on the tissue at Jetty came in handy and Qallif's bag pencilbox was useful too hahaha), "Kenapa ni ?" to Qallif. And Qallif said to don't look at them
Then, one dude took Sofia's drink, looked at it and asked Qallif "Ni air sape ni ?". Then he threw that drink on the tray. Macam sial gila
And Sofia told me, she actually wanted to take the drink but Qallif stopped her. Qallif told that guy that he could take the drink
Qallif then wrote on the tissue "Bla skarang". I felt like I wanted to get out of there too but I was scared if they said we couldn't go anywhere
Sofia stood up so I stood up too
The dude didn't let Qallif leave the place so Eeqa, Sofia and I were brought out by Danial
Thanks Danial, cause you said , "Oh I tak nak korang ada kat situ, tak nak korang termasuk dalam hal tu. So now I kena jaga korang". Awww, thanks man :) I knew you wanted to go back to Burger King, rather than staying there with us, in front of the toilet hahaha
But yeah, then Qallif came. So, for the whole time, Danial and Qallif were our guardian angel ? Okay, gila tak boleh bla punye ayat but yeah hahahaha
Went to FourSkin for awhile and I bought a Robot necklace :D And a hippy band
Around 5.40 pm, I received another I-sense-sarcasm message replied from my mom. That was when Sofia said that we should get back to my house
Walked to the taxi stand, after calling my brother. We talked for awhile, about moshing and all
Hahaha Qallif told us about a dude at Flyniversarry, who made a taekwando stunt kind of shit when he joined the crowd to mosh hahahaha. Qallif even did a demo. Dah la masa tu kat entrance yang dekat taxi stand tu. Sah orang tengok la kan hahaha
Before going home, salam and knuckled Danial and Qallif. My heart felt like it was going to fall into my stomach cause I had no idea what was waiting at home. My mom with a furious face and cane ? Woah
But no, she was out with my dad. She called me, asking where was I. And she just arrived OU. I sigh of relief la ! Hahaha kalau tak balik lagi masa tu, memang sah kantoi :O

Okay, this is a long post hahaha
Oh and just now, in the car, when I was waiting for my brother to buy food at Penang Mari, I was crazy !
My sister was at the back. And we listened to songs on the radio, while I pressed the brake, following the rhythm of the music hahahaha
I bet orang tengok je. And when my brother wanted to enter the car, the door was locked. So I sticked my lips at the window and all. Rupa rupanya, orang yang kat Penang Mari tu tengok tau HAHA
Malu gila. Jatuh maruah :p

Okay lah, it's 1.53 a.m . I better go to bed
Oh shit, esok buat project Civic with Izreen and Harisah :x


Friday, April 24, 2009

When Silence Is Broken, The Night Is Torn

Thanksthanksthanks to Izreen, Harisah and the others for somehow, made me feel better ( spontan gila hahaha )
Are you guys wondering, what the hell am I talking about by 'made me feel better' ?
Well, I wasn't in the mood, due to the yesterday's shitty shit shit that happened. So, in Science class, I didn't really talk to Harisah ( Sorry ! ), I walked to the class alone and when I arrived in class, I tried to finish my homework straight away
I think right, it'll be great if I'm not in the mood most of the time. So that I'll do my work and be quiet in class :D Hehehe okay not cool

It was pretty boring before recess
During the students were having their recess, I was starting to get pissed off looking at this 2 people. Seriously, rasa cam nak campak kasut kat dua dua orang tu
Well, at least I gave them the stare hahaha >:)

Then Harisah told me this racist joke Luen told her

Harisah : How does the Indians communicate ?
Me : Cmne ?
Harisah : Infrared *tunjuk kat tempat nandek*
Me : HAHAHAHA bodoh sial !

We ( gang belakang class ) were playing shooting bottle cap
Cara-cara : Isi botol kosong dengan udara. Then, tutup botol tu and twistkan the bottom of the bottle so that nanti pressure kat atas tu. Then bukak penutup botol. It'll be like bukak wine bottle yknow ?
So yeah, we were shooting tha to each other

Me : Eh alaaa, tak kene Harisah !
Them : Hahahaha
Tau tak, macam tgh main game CS je hahaha. But but but, ni CS Botol :D

I think that's all I can remember about my screwed up day
So now, I'm sorta sleepy and Ilman ditched me cause he wanted to sleep ahahaha -.-
Yeah, tataaaa !

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Get Crunk !

Izreen : Eh, ade anything bulat tak ?
Me : Nope. *few minutes later* Eh Harisah, camne nak buat bulat for the pie chart ? Takdebenda bulat la
Harisah : I don't know. I pun takde benda bulat
Me : Guna boobs ah hahahaha
Harisah : Jom ah try *standing and putting her boobs on her book*
Me : Bodoh, tak yah ah hahaha
Izreen : *turns around* Haa, try lah hehehe
Me : Dia dengar doh hahaha !

Me : Eh Izreen, tengok buku. I nak tengok camne you buat the erm.. Boob chart :D
Harisah : HAHA bodoh sial

I think it's a habit, of just being dirty-minded ? Well, maybe hahaha
During Science, Harisah kept on pointing to the word "reproduction"
I think she'll be excited when it comes to the Reproduction topic, next year hahaha
Same goes to Izreen, of course

During Seni, I sat in a group with Aainaa, Shyahirah, Shasha and Azwin
We were learning "Penegasan"
It's about the titik perhatian thingy lah
And as for your info, my Arts teacher is quite dark and has the characteristics of a mechen ( Seriously, he lets the mechen guys who play truant to join our arts class. He even calls the mechens "Gang ! " -.- )
So, he was giving an example of himself

Teacher : Okay, tengok saya. Hmm, tengok baju saya yang warna putih ni..
Me : Eh eh, ntah ntah dia nak kaitkan dengan warna kulit dia
Group : Hahahahaha
Teacher : Dan tengok tie hitam saya
Me : Laaaa, ingatkan dia nak ckp "Tengok kulit saya yang hitam"
Shasha : Hahaha agak la, it'll be so much better if he bandingkan with his skin

That teacher is a laugh, seriously
Almost each thing he does makes us laugh hahaha

We, the 2 Edisons, have the habit of insulting people as jokes. Yes, no hard feelings
So, they insult me as - Shorty, Pendek, Keling ( Izreen memang sial (: ), Sepet, Cina ( Hazeem pun sama )
Harisah - Polar Bear, bubur, hidung (!)
Hazeem - Pop pop, jerawat, Cina, Sepet ( I insult the same thing )
Shafiq - Penguin HAHAHA

Eleh, Ustaz pun ada dark side jugak okay
He calls his KRS people who are in Kawad names too. Shafiq is penguin, Zul is capang ( due to his ears hahaha ). And there are others by the name of animals, such as katak, and banyak lagi
Memang sekolah tu boleh jadi zoo lah. Tapir dah ada seekor HAHAHAHA

Conclusion is, thank God today is better than yesterday :D
I mean, despite KH time. I would love to scream and shout at Pn. Rukkumani's ears
That will make my day perfectly fine, for sure


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I hate having this monthly PMS
I hate it when emotions start to piling up
I hate homework (!)
I hate myself

I feel like I wanna punch the wall and hopes that I won't feel the pain at all
Though, the pain will give satisfaction, I must say
I feel like I wanna stand on my roof and shout til the whole Taman Tun could hear me !

I hope that I've finished my homework earlier
I hope that I could stick my butt on the chair and my mind on the homework
Which of course, is impossible

After watching just an itsy bitsy part of the 11th Hour on HBO, it's pretty aggravating
I mean, how greedy can human being be ?
They take things more than they need 'em. Why ?
Cause they're greedy
Geez, Earth is starting to get weaker each day. The ozone is thinner. The weather is horribly humid and hot. And is it comfortable ? No, not at all
And when the weather's like that, people will tend to on the air-conditioners
All of thaaattt, human beings do it. So, start blaming yourself. Don't blame God or just anyone. Blame yourself
I am blaming myself cause I'm one of those who on their air-conditioner when the weather's hot. Sometimes, when the weather's only warm, I tend to on the air-conditioner too. How unpredictable
I am speechless right now
Now you know why I'm all cranky ? Yes, most probably it's because I'm dissapointed
Dissapointed of myself and human beings
C'mon, let's screw ourselves for killing this used-to-be beautiful, green Earth


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not Your Everyday Circumstances

Currently listening to ; Kill Paradise - Fall From A Star

Currently, I'm really into music with Electronica genres sorta thing yknow
For example - Breathe Carolina, Brokencyde, Kill Paradise and Attack Attack
And I think there's more. And some of em, are part screamos
Other than that, I'm also into relaxing music
Likeeeee, A Fine Frenzy, Estrella, etc..
Pretty relaxing, I likeeee hehehe

Anywaayy, today and yesterday have been great
I was a laughing machine ! Hahahaha
And it was also a nasty day cause Izreen kept on talking about sex -.-

Me : Eh bab ape kene buat ?
Izreen : Bab sex
Me : -_____________-"

And guess what, Harisah and I are sitting behind him and Seng Yung now
Great right ? Hoorah hahaha -.-

Oh God, I can't really remember what other things he said but almost the whole day, he kept on saying the word "sex"
Whatever it is, school was great ! Memang tak bad mood langsung and best lah (Y)
After school, I was still laughing my sis hahaha
Of course, I kept on talking craps about stuff
Once, she was wearing my shirt and a pants that seriously looked like the taekwando pants

Sister : Okay tak kakak pakai cmni ?
Me : Seluar ape tu ?!
Sister : Seluar la. Cepat la, okay ke tak ?
Me : Macam seluar taekwando doh hahahaha

Going into the car

Me : Oh erm, orang pakai seluar taekwando duduk belakang ye hahaha
Sister : Babi -.-

Later that night, I think Sofia was crazy ? Heck, I was crazy too though hahaha

Sofia : Eh gula gula ni kan, kalau letak dalam mulut, lama lama die jadi lembut la. Macam bontot Hazwani
Me : HA-HA lawak gila sial -.- Macam mana kau tau bontot aku rasa macam mane ?
Sofia : Tau laaaa ish. Seriously, dia jadi lembut, cm your ass
Me : Bodoh sial hahaha. Dah la cikgu ada kat depan

Ysee what I mean ?!
Memang polluted otak hahaha

Today was another great day too
Before recess was just normal. I skipped a period of English by going from class to class, to collect money for Red House, with Izreen and Hariz
And oh guess what, I scared the crap out off Izreen :D Okay not till the crap out of him but still, I scared him, right ? Hahahaha
I think he was talking about ghost stories with Harisah and Seng Yung
I went to where they were at and hit him with my Geo book while saying "BISH !"
And he melatah-ed something. Hehehehe I likeeeee

Had a ghost story-telling time at the library during BM ( Yes, we weren't doing our work )
I went out off class again during Sejarah ( Saja je nak ponteng hehe ), to see the Form 2 athletes of Red House
After coming back from that sorta tiring running-up-and-down-the-stairs 'exercise', of course I went to class
Cause I saw Pn. Haniza yelling to the budak budak ponteng at the dewan terbuka
I was walking real fast so that she won't call me or something
In class, Harisah handed me a piece of paper and I recognized a writing, which was Izreen's

Izreen : Do you love sex ? :)
Someone : Yes. Especially with girls yang ade bulu ketiak ikat dgn janggut and tak basuh for 6 bulan
Izreen : *wrote something, I forgot*
Someone : Yeah sure, pegi rumah Boon Kheng lah. Hariz is going to sleepover his house tonight

Gay kan ? Hahahahahaha
I was laughing my ass off when I read about bulu ketiak ikat dgn janggut and tak basuh for 6 months HAHAHA
But macam tu jugak la dialog kat atas kertas tu. Tak ingat sangat but yeah hahaha
Well, now you know, it's imposibble if I don't laugh at all in school. Especially with Izreen and the gang around

During Amali, Harisah kena kacau hahaha
Like I said before this, Harisah means bubur, from the Kamus Dewan
So Hariz and Izreen kept on calling him Bubur, in front of Ustazah ( Ustazah Ruha rocks okay ! )

Hariz and Izreen : Bubur bubur ( sounds like Bobo )
Ustazah : Bukan ke 'Bobo' tu nama anjing ?
Me : Huh, nama anjing ?
Hariz : Tak, nama Harisah dalam Kamus Dewan maksud dia bubur
Ustazah : Ye la, 'Bobo' kan nama anjing
Me : Hahaha bubur la Ustazah, bubur
Ustazah : Ohhhh haha

Ustazah : Explaining the meaning of Khalisha's name
Harisah : Ustazah, nama saya makna apa ?
Ustazah : Harisah.. Penjaga.. Penjaga kubur hahahaha
Me : HAHAHA penjaga kubur !
Harisah : Huh ? Penjaga bubur ?
Me : -______________-

Ustazah : Lafazkan doa selepas Azan
Harisah : *Baca doa Iftitah*
Me : HAHAHA tu doa Iftitah la ngong !

Kat Surau pun boleh jadi gila. Depan Ustazah pulak tu
Well, Ustazah joined us too, so, what the hell right ? :D

Guess what, I love this Intervensi week
Hehehe especially masa rehat :p Guess why !

I've just realized, this post is colourful hahaha

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Foshizle ?

Woke up around 10 a.m, felt so damn weak but I can't just lay in bed right ?
Then drank Milo and onlined for a few minutes
Took a bath in a flash and off to OU with Mama, Babah and Harris
Had lunch at Delifrance and went window shopping for awhile
Izreen, I bought your plain black t-shirt already, from Topman. Grr, be thankful man haha :p
Mom, brother and I were in Marks & Spencer and mom received a message. Atok masuk hospital cause tak makan and minum for 3 days

Around 1.15, balik rumah
Rest for awhile and balik kampung around 3 o'clock
Arrived at the hospital around 5 I guess
It was sad to see the condition of Atuk. He looked so weak. His left side of body is paralyzed
And if he talks, he'll be mumbling. I don't have the strength or maybe guts to even hold his hands :/
Haish. Some of my uncles and aunts were there too
Yada yadaaa, around 6.30, we were on the road again, going back to KL

As you all know, I'm a bit car sick so I was feeling like I was gonna puke so baring la kan :p
I was bored so I asked my mom and dad to ask any questions
So they asked about Geography and History. Surprise surprise hahaha
It was fun though. We had a few laughs here and there, crap talks too :)
As usual, dad was speeding through the highway haha. I couldn't forget, he got his ticket for speeding hahaha
Anyway, it was dusk when we were going back to KL. So the sunset was awesome !
Of course, we took a few pictures of them. Jakun la tu kan hahaha
It didn't look normal to me. Cause it was like red-ish, pink-ish coloured sunset. Not orangy yknow ?
Okay whatever, I took a nap and we had dinner at Uptown. Satay restaurant
Arrived home around 9 o'clock. Took a bath, prayed and watched Norbit while onlining just now
And now, hello people ! :D

Conversation during the 'quiz' in the car

Me : Bah, soalan Sejarah. Babah kan pandai. So, SHTI stands for what ?
Babah : Ape tu ?
Me : Aiyo, it stands for Syarikat Hindia Timur Inggeris
Babah : Oh in English, it stands for yang dalam Pirates of The Caribbean tu eh ?
Harris : Ha ah
Babah : Oh la, mana Babah tau in malay ape. So, to me masa Wani cakap SHTI, I was thinking of S-H-I-T
Mama : Mama dah agak dah gerenti babah cakap tu hahahaa
Us : HAHAHA ape ah babah

Today was a good day I guess. Sorta a good day, til just now -.-'
Okay whatever, I'm out !

Alaaa manusia, reply la message. I need someone to talk to
I'm bored to death :x
Taaaa xx

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"I am often bothered by pessimistic thoughts. Not that we should be too confident, but I really think everything in life is worth a try. Though things might not work out later on, I believe that at that point of time, everything would feel different. You cannot forecast the level of happiness or sadness in the future. And you don't need to. Humans are meant to try their best and simply stay positive. God decides."

Quote by ; Diana Rikasari :)


Thanks to the germs, I'm sorta sick now
And thanks to Izreen for passing down HIS germs -.-
Yes, Izreen sneezed and passed it to Harisah. So Harisah was sick and Luen had a flu
It was a stupid thing to sit beside Harisah and behind Luen yknow ?
Cause after taking a nap that evening, I was sneezing and sneezing. My nose was red, mhmm
And I wasn't that hyped up so my face looked very very T.T hahahaha
At tuition, Ms. Leena asked me why the hell did I go to tuition

Me : *entered the house with that T.T face*
Ms. Leena : Are you sick ?
Me : *inhale, so of course she could hear the mucous shits ( Science, much ? ) in my blocked nose*
Ms. Leena : What the hell are you doing here then ?!
Me : I don't know hahaha
Ms. Leena : If I get a flu tomorrow, you're gonna get it
Me : Okay okay. I'll sit far far sikit
Ms. Leena : -.- We're still in the same surrounding so we'll be inhaling the same air, you monkey
Me : OHHHH, okay then :D

Y'see what I mean ? And btw, it's as if she didn't want me to be in that class that day :p

So now, I'm having a blocked nose and a sore throat. A really really bad sore throat ):
I know that Izreen and his brother have a really really weak immune system cause they always get sick. I thought I wasn't gonna get any effect from Izreen's sickness yknow. Grrr

Then, I'm utterly lazy to do my homework, seriously
I haven't finished my Agama and Sejarah notes, plus with other subjects' notes and exercises
Oh shoot me !
It's okay, it's okay, I have a few works to do in school for red house. Such as, collect money from the students and all
Soooooo hehehe, I'll get out of class and see Cikgu Azlin whenever it's a boring period in class
Hoyeahhh, good one Hazwani :D

Surprisingly, I'm having the mood to write
I better start on my thick Science notes
Taaaaa !

Monday, April 13, 2009

Let It Enfold You

Currently listening to ; Ladyhawke - My Delirium

Mhmm, I post almost everyday. Ah whatever lah

Prefects' jadual bertugas changed today and I got block Form 2. Hoorah -.-'
It was boring ! But I went to the 3rd floor to get a clear view of the assembly
But no, I could only see people's head. Macam semut je hahaha
The marching people were at the bola takraw court
Since I was at the third floor, of course I could see almost everyone there right
So yeah, tetibe la nampak Zul a.k.a Budu cam tunjuk jari dia O.O
Then Harisah, Azi and Nazeera I think, lambai tangan. Tau tak macam orang gila ? Hahaha

Oh ya, I think, Cikgu Azhar has problems on pronouncing people's names
He pronounce Ainina's name as Ainaina -.- Tufah became Tuah ( HAHA ) and Azilatul became Izilatul
Khalisha told me, Tufah was like laughing out loud when teacher announced Ainina's name as Ainaina but then Tufah's name was announced as Tuah
Haih tu la, buat lagi dosa hahaha

Azilatul : Kau tau, Senok panggil nama aku Izilatul. Bengang je aku
Me : Hahaha kau tau tak, selalunya, orang yg orang lain panggil cm pronouncation dia Izi ( or Izzy yada yadaaa ) , nama betul dia Izzuddin ? HAHA
Azilatul : Eeeeeeeeeee, lagi geli aku !
Me : And somehow, aku tengah tunggu masa je untuk gigi palsu dia jatuh on stage depan semua orang. Tak rock ah kalau pernah jatuh depan some people je. Hahahaha

Azi, Azi *geleng kepala*

Izreen changed my "nickname" -.-
He knows that I can't grow any taller
So he called me shorty and pendek. And he said he's allowed to call me shorty and pendek cause in primary school, I called him pendek

People people, guess what ?!

Wani means berani ! :D

Hehehoho I'm flattered
I'm serious hahaha. Kalau anda tidak percaya, rujuklah Kamus Dewan :)
Whilst Harisah means Bubur. HAHA
If you refer to Kamus Dewan ;

Harisah ; bubur ~ sj bubur drpd biji gandum yg dicampur dgn daging...

Imagine, Izreen read it and he bold the word 'daging' hahahaha. Jahat ke tak ? -.-
So, the whole day, Izreen and Hazeem called Harisah, Bubur
Kesian kau hahaha

After recess, everything was as normal. Yknow, laughing laughing, talking talking

And here started 3 things that didn't really brighten up my day ;
Mondays, 2 Edison has ICTL. I decided to go a bit late
I went down with Izreen since he wanted to see Azrel for awhile. Then met Harisah on the way to the canteen
I persuaded Harisah to follow me to the bus stop
At the stairs to the bus stop, I realized that the letter that I gave to Mr. A ( a copy of the letter actually ) wasn't in my purse. You have no idea how restless I was !
I was walking back and forth at the bus stop, like a lunatic
I was babbling to Harisah. And I told Shasha too. So then, I asked Tufah and Aqilah, if they saw a piece of paper. Yeah, I described the paper
They said they saw it at the canteen ! And they saw a prefect picked it up
That prefect was Hariz form 3. Oh-em-gee :(
What a coincidence, he was at the bus stop, sorta in front of me so I asked Harisah to ask him
And I was facing Nasser, talking to Nasser and Zaid

Harisah : Hariz, you ade lagi tak paper yg you kutip kat canteen tu ?
Hariz : Oh tak, dah buang
Harisah : You baca ke ?
Hariz : Ha ah, I baca setengah je cause masa kat tengah tengah tu, baru sedar tu cm love letter. So tak nak la baca. Then buang. Jap, cmne korang tau ?
( I intruded )
Me : Oh tak, kawan kitorang cm mengadu kat kitorang yang surat dia hilang so yeah

Cover baik punyaa ! Well, you know me 8) Hahahaha
But damn, dah la in that letter ada nama minah form 3 tu and his name pun ada. Thank God my name takde
I'm sad about it though :(

I think right, minah tu tak puas hati lagi doh hahaha
Harisah bagitau yang dia pandang I slack je when I was talking to Shasha. Mhmm, minah tu kat belakang kitorang je
Minah, aku tak faham ah ape masalah kau, seriously. Tak puas hati lagi ? Haih, padahal kau ckp aku takde life
From my friggin' point of view here, kau yang takde life
Kalau kau pandai and 'ade' life, sah kau akan fikir cam "Alaa biar ah, budak ni form 2 je baru "
Tapi taakkk, kau cam nak cari gaduh lagi. Aku sumpah sedih tengok kau ye, babitch :)

It was a HUGE mistake to hangout with Hakim, Zaid and Nasser just now
I mean seriously, it was disgusting !
It made my body weak, and I felt so sick
Uhh, menyesal !

So yeah, that was my day
Oh lastly, my dad called me stupid just now
Mhmm "thanks"


Sunday, April 12, 2009

What Do You Know, Hm ?

Hello arse,
Well actually, I'm not in the mood right now but I just feel like I wanna blog
It seems like I have a lot of homework to do. Yet, I haven't started on anything
I'll try my best to get to the homework later

So just now,
I was looking through my blog
As for your information, this will be my 158th post. A lot huh ?
And my first post was on the 6th August 2008. Dah berkurun lama la jugak kan
Anyway yeah, I was reading the posts
Lots of ups and downs, seriously
I mean, there were posts about how happy I was in school, last year. All the laughs and craps with Fahmi, Danial and Fadhli
But then, there were posts on how miserable I was. Of course and obviously, it was about him
I was a bit screwed up and pathetic huh ?
Reading all about it, made me remember every moment that happened. Every ups and every downs
I was thinking, I don't think that at the time I wrote the posts and right now, right this second, there's any difference. Nope, no difference at all
Just another pathetic, bummed, screwed up feeling I had and I'm having

I wonder, til when will this be going on ?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Motion City

Not-at-all-bright side :

  1. Today was sorta boring, I must say
  2. I'll be having Maths tuition with Ms. Revathy tomorrow in the morning -.-
  3. I'm getting fatter each day, thanks to the non-stop eating habit. Yes, curse you stupid habit
  4. I am short and I'll be this short for the rest of my life, since I'm not growing anymore. Mhmm, my bones are mature, said Dr. Nick Boden. Imagine that, I'm not growing anymore. I won't be tall. Dammit
  5. I have a never-ending homeworks that are always chasing my ass around. Most parts of my homeworks are NOTES. Very very longg notes. Especially Sejarah. It's like copy and paste everything from the textbook cause from what I read, almost everything in the textbook is important
  7. I haven't studied a shit
  8. I got 14th place in class and no, I'm not gonna tell my parents. If I do, I'll be writing my death letter by now
  9. I'm not going for prefect's dinner, although I've paid. A big fat "THANKS" to a trip to Bangkok from 16th til 19th July which will and is ruining my plan of going to that dinner. Fyi, I've paid for that dinner already okay !
You wanna bet, Not-at-all-bright side's list is way longer than the bright side
*drum roll*

Bright side :

  1. My backbone is not gonna curve more :D *sound of fireworks* Since, I'm not growing, my backbone will not grow too. Hip hip hooray !
  2. I'll be going to Bangkok from 16th til 19th July. Hehehe, shopping D:

I win the bet, bish *shows tongue* Hahaha

So, enjoy reading how unlucky I am :/


Friday, April 10, 2009

So Wrong, It's Right

Currently listening to ; Four Year Strong - Love Song

Thanks to Ilman, I'm in love with covered songs
For example, up there. That's the cover for Sara Barreiles - Love Song
And well, ade banyak lagi lagu cover
Thanks Ilman Dumbo ! :D

You spin my kepala right round, right round, when you go down, when you go down down

Buat lyrics sendiri, dengan Harisah hahaha

Yesterday in school, the form 2s had senamrobik with the pengetua and some other teachers
Best gila ! It was because Azi, Harisah and I made everything fun. Get me, get me ? Hahaha
The senamrobik was sorta like Pocho Pocho. So, instead of just stand straight and move to the left and right and all, we made it like a dance hahahaha
And the girls were counting the steps like

Kanan, kanan, kiri, kiri, belakang, belakang, 1, 2, 1, pusiiiiinnnggggg !

Hahahaha it was seriously, a laugh !
And the 1, 2, 1 part, we actually had to ke depan, belakang and ke depan then pusing
Nasser, masa ke depan, dia buat cam menari yg goyang dada tu. HAHAHAHA

Then we (pengawas) tanam cactus. Unfortunately, us form 2 buat sendiri je, with Syafiq
Cause when we were doing the senamrobik, the prefects went and plant the cactus and took pictures
When we finished senamrobik, the prefects finished the 'ceremony' already
So we weren't in the picture ):

Technically, school yesterday wasn't that fun cause Izreen didn't go to school
So, nothing fun actually happened
But the good thing was, for the whole day, I wore my pj attires only. Hehe yeah, I didn't change my clothes :D

What about todaaayyy ?
Nothing fun either, I guess
Oh yeah, Pn. Haniza chose me and some other prefects to collect the funds for Kanak Kanak Cacat Akal
I thought I wanted to run away from collecting the funds cause it would be my second time collecting 'em
Not that I don't love to hold the $$$. It's just tiring, to go through the students. Dah la kena collect from the guys jugak. And teacher assigned me to collect the form 4s'
Bugger -.- Semua banyak songeh
Dikir Barat performance was quite good, I should say. It was sorta funny though
Especially the part where anak Ustazah Norlida started to sing (in Kelantan) and the other Dikir Barat people were like ' Ewaaahhhhh '. Hahahahaha

Oh and, Izreen found a tupperware under Hazeem's desk few days ago. Inside, there was sausages. Dah berkulat !

Izreen : Eh tgk ni, kote kulat
Me : Are you serious ?!
Izreen : Tak la, sausage kulat la -______-"

It wasn't really a good idea to go jogging yesterday. In the morning, already had senamrobik right ? But that was nothing
Then, after reccess, I chased Azi from the canteen to the 2nd floor of our block
That was when my back started to ache
After taking a nap in the evening, I straight away went out to jog
And now, my back and hips hurt
Guh-reat ! -.-'

Esok sekolah
And there'll be a few competitions that will be held in school
Guess what, prefects have duties. I mean, only a duty
But I have 2 duties -.-'
Since teacher told me to help her on giving directions to the students from other schools
Then my second duty is the one that Ruiz told us to do just now
I get the 3rd shift. Shitty shit shit ! Grrrr

xx Grrrr

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beware !

Start it off with,

*I dont have any new photos of just him or something. And that's just the best picture somehow. It's sorta candid and the best part is, I was the photographer ! *


Yes, that dude up there, he's fourteen
Even my mom said he acts and sorta look like standard 5. If you know him pretty well, I bet YOU won't even believe he's fourteen haha
Anyhoo, hari ni birthday dia, hari ni jugak dia tak datang sekolah. Best ke tak best ? Memang tak best haha

You've been a great ( plus, annoying ) friend :) Heck, most friends are annoying right ? Haha
I've known you sinceeeeeeee standard 3 but we've got close when we were standard 5. And it's still going on pretty good right ?
Geez, I don't know what to say here !
Okay, thanks for cheering me up with all your silly and by the meaning of silly is, EXTREMELY silly jokes and face expressions hahaha
You never fail to make me burst into laughs until tears come out
And whenever I'm just quiet and look a bit tense in class, you'll be asking me .. No, not the typical " Are you okay ?! ". Instead, you ask " Asal nangis ? "
And your laugh sometimes makes me laugh too. You tend to laugh on high peech -.-
Dah la you're the computer geek and game freak ( macam abang dia gak )
... Okay I'm speechless already
To make it short, you're just one of a kind, the best friend
And I bet I'm your best friend tu, kan kan kan ? :D Hahahaha cause, I was the third person to wish you. Wheeeeee ! Kudos to me (Y)

Your present, insyaAllah, you'll get it from me
Tengok, I baik je nak bagi you present. You pulak, susah betul nak bagi I present kan ? Hahaha ):
Because I'm a good (!) friend, I'll try my best to get you something. And no, not a trip to Chilli's haha
Too bad, oh-so-gonna-be-professional-gamer. Bluekkk :p


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Kudos to Scouts, Girl Guides, KRS Putera and Kadet Polis Wanita for conquering the marching competition ;)
While KRS Puteri, turn your frowns upside down. Second place is good, although this is the first time you guys lost in Zon Bangsar, after showing to everyone that you guys are awesome for 9 years. Yes, 9 years *nods*
Big fat smack on the ass to all ! (Y)


Mengaji time ;

Me : Wani tak nak kahwin dengan orang Cina and India, that's for sure
Ustazah : Kenapa pulak ?
Me : *tunjuk action korek hidung*
Ustazah : HAHAHA
Mama : Orang cina kan suka simpan kuku jari yang kelima ni panjang. Tu untuk korek hidung la. Hahahaha
Ustazah : India pulak ?
Me : *tunjuk ketiak* Bau memang kalah semua orang
Mama : Alaaa Wani cakap banyak. Dalam darah Wani tu ada darah Cina and Keling
Me : -_________________-

Sooo, school was a laugh !
As usual, class was half empty. 4 people went for marching competition while the others went to choir practice from 2nd period til only God knows when
Technically, the class was left with only 14 students. Bravo bravo hahaha
Didn't really pay attention in Maths class since it was cold, breezy and I was doing my Sejarah notes instead
I've just realized, combination of doing Sejarah notes, listening to Maths teacher's explaination and good weather, equals to Hello dreamland !

After Ms. Law's great Maths period was over, there wasn't any relief teacher but 2 Edison was quiet though. It was so quite that you can hear a hair fall ! ( I think I'm getting lamer each day -.- )
First laugh-out-loud scene was when I wanted to read Shasha's "long lost" book hahaha
I saw the date, it was from the year 2005. Pretty much history no ?
It looked interesting though so I took a look. Somehow, she didn't want me to read but oh well, I don't care hehehe
We had a 'fight' on getting the book. I put it under my tudung and said " I bubuh dalam baju I kang, nanti you kena pegang. Eeeee "
So then, we were like on the floor, trying to get the book. With our clothes covered with the dust and Shasha's hair wasn't tied up
And she was like lying on the floor when I was trying to take the book. So yeah, her hair was a part-time broom hahaha
Then it went outside. I mean, I had the book ( aku kuat *tunjuk muscle* ) , and from God knows where, Andy was there
Sempat la cakap dengan dia. Then he called Danial. When I was talking to Danial, suddenly the backdoor was like BOOM! and there was Shasha. CABUT LARIIIIII !
Went in and out again of class for a couple of times and suddenly I remembered the day when Ruiz scolded us

Ruiz : I can see all of you. Don't you ever think that I can't see form 2 classes, form 3 classes, even form 4 classes

I started to say, "Eh tak main luar kelas dah ! Takut Ruiz nampak !". Hahaha cuak punye pasal
But then, Shasha raised her very own white flag. I got to read the book. Sumpah skema hahaha
Sorry but I forgot the sentences

Outside our class, there were Danial, Andy, Syakir and Bob
And Syakir kept on calling me Gemok, thank you very much -.-
Once, I was talking to Danial at the front door of my class, then he came asking Danial "Eh, kau ada tengok iklan yg ade cakap ' Saya gemok ' hahaha"
Syakir babi !
And how could I concentrate on doing my Sejarah notes when he was sitting in front of me, babbling about extremely 'random' stuff, looking through my pencilbox
He even took my sticker that has my name on it, and sticked it on his tie. Annoying sial haha -.-

BM period, Shasha, Shyahirah and I disturbed Izreen :D
I took his glasses and Shyahirah took his pencilbox
We wanted to know what's the meaning of sohai and mahai
He 'tought' me a lot of bad words yknow -.-
Example : hansap, cibai mahai sohai and ade lagi

Me : Cepat, ape maksud sohai and mahai. Ni ada kaitan ngan boyfie Shyahirah kot !
Izreen : Sohai maksude , sooo hi ! Mahai pulak, mama is so high. Hehehehe

That's Izreen the Freak

Amali time, haha don't ask
I wanted to pray at home while Shyahirah was lazy to pray in school. Shasha ABC haha
So we went to the public phone in school cause Shasha wanted to call her mom but the stupid phone didn't work properly -.-
Went back to the Surau and sudeenly there was this Ustazah asking, ' Tak boleh sembahyang eyh ? '. And Shasha said no
Cuak gila, I went to the toilet and Shyahirah and Shasha just waited at the stairs. After seeing some people were coming out, I ran to the Surau and took my bag. Dengan sepantas kilat, lari jauh dari surau
Met Shasha and Shyahirah at the car park and we were laughing our asses off hahahaha
Okay whatever -.-

Guess what, I'm sorta allergic to insects bites
I have this 2 red spots on my right cheek. Curse you mosquitoes :@


Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Classy Not Classic

Currently listening to ; Elliot Minor - Jessica


Me : Bik, esok tgh hari makan ape ?
Bibik : Ikan keling

First : Yes, belum pape lagi dah tanye esok tengah hari makan ape
Second : Ikan keli jadi ikan keling. Hmmm, let's remain it as a mystery, shall we ? Hahahahaha


School was boring
I didn't realize that Azrel was on duty for the Doa just now for the assembly
Padan la rase semacam je bila Azzaim, as the emcee, said like ' Dipersilakan Azrel untuk membaca doa ' -__________-
And the dude who was reading the doa was sorta mumbling so I remembered last year, Azrel said, he read the doa with a mumbling and trembling voice
Kudos to you, gila (Y)

Spent 3 periods before recess, talking and just calm myself down by talking to Izreen
What should I do ? He suddenly asked

Izreen : Asal cam nak nangis ni ?

Yet again -.-

And guess what, Hariz, Seng Yung and Boon Kheng did an 'experiment'
They put a pen ( the ink part thingyy ) inside a bottle that had water
And Hariz went

Eh, air blackcurrant

Hahahahaha that was stupid but funny

OhmyGod, Pn. Ooi is teaching our class Geography, AGAIN
Joy to the world, the "Why-So-Noisy ?" teacher is back

Oh oh, did I tell you that my mom just came back from Jakarta ?
And she bought me a gladiators :D
Yeay yeay !


Tomorrow's marching competition
So goodluck to all the pasukan badan beruniform, especially Girl Guides :)
I know you guys can do it lah. Dah mantap kan ?
Sorry cause I won't be going tomorrow, to watch you guys. Cause nanti ade je orang yg kecoh gila, ckp "Sebok je Hazwani" , yknow ?
So yeah, goodluck !
And I want to hear later that day, that you guys make it to the next round
Kick the other teams' ass ! :D


Friday, April 3, 2009

Play, Pause, Rewind


So, pasukan beruniform performed their marchings in school
Overall, it was okay. Boleh mantapkan lagi :) You've got time *cm iklan Astro !* ( Shit, since when do I get so lame ? )
Okay back to the topic,
Oh I was sweating bullets, seriously
Watched the performance from the 2nd floor stairs of the form 5 block. Then walked around for nothing hahaha
Pegi sini, sana. I think that was why I was sweating. Okay whatever la
Kadet Polis Wanita paling mantap ah (Y)

Us prefects got lectured by Pn. Haniza a bit and Ruiz lectured us more
It was 100% scary !
At first, he called the prefects who didn't come on Wednesday and Thursday, for Sukantara
Ruiz started asking them why and that was when he started to lecture us
Sumpah lecture dia cam mendalam gila :|


Technically, we didn't really learn any subject yesterday cause most of them were off to choir
Belajar Agama je

Planned to just get out of the house and crash people's house
But then, Fadhli couldn't go out cause his mom said, it was going to rain and there'll be thunder
10 minutes later, hujan and petir O.O
Sixth sense much ? Hahaha

So I watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snoggings for the third time
Tak muak langsung. And Aaron Johnson, wuish, trully is a sex god :p
And, he does look like Azrie. Seriously !
Around 6, off to Sulei. Called Azrie, and he was there already. Sabrina was going too, with Alyssa
Since I was with Azrie only, we planned to crash Fadhli's house for awhile. Unfortunately, his door bell was broken -.- Broken bukan rosak tau, but pecah. Yes, pecah ! Bangang
He off-ed his handphone ( bangang lagi ) and no one picked up his house phone

Azrie : Cite la semua org tgh tido

Tired of waiting, I wanted to crash Anis' house. But I knew, she was in school, marching her ass off so when we were walking, I looked back, nampak batang hidung Alyssa and Sabrina
Hehehe Azrie and I duduk atas jalan. Sumpah jobless
Yada yadaaaa, suddenly it rained. Alyssa and Sabrina brought an umbrella along, and they went off before it rained
Azrie, Ilman and I duduk situ. Menyesal okay cause we took shelter under the roof at the slide place. It was friggin' cold, and we were soaking wet ! Cool ke tak tu ? -.-
Then, went to Anis' house cause I saw her car passed by
Azrie and I went to her house
Shitty, her mom was not in the good mood so she did lecture us a bit
I didn't know she was in a bad mood so when she lectured us a bit, I was smiling and laughing a bit with Anis
Masuk, mandi and all. And oh oh ! Cousin Anis, Adam, was there ! :D Dah lama tak jumpa dia, since he lives in London -.-
Anyway, balik around 7.45 pm, changed clothes, took my books and off to Sabrina's for Science with Mr. Nathan

Today, went to school around 8 for Prefect's convention
I started to feel nauseous and a bit dizzy so I was in and out from the hall, to go to the toilet
I wanted to vomit. It felt like there was something stucked at my throat but I can't spit it out yknow ?
Mual la. So Aimi told me to force myself and all
Dah la I was sweating gila cause I wore the Monday's uniform ( long sleeves, tudung masuk dalam, kain labuh )
The most stupid part was that, when the form 4s told me to call anyone who could pick me up, I called my brother

Me : Weyh, amik aku awal sikit.
Harris : Asal ? Awal lagi kot
Me : Aku dah muntah la. Amik je la
Harris : Alaa nanti ah. Awal lagi kot

BODOH GILA BABI ! Aku dah muntah, dia boleh lagi suruh aku tunggu. Babi gila sial -.-

Yada yadaaa, blablablaaaa
Evening, went to Sulei. Sabrina nak jumpa Khidhir la kan :p

OH OH ! Last Thursday, there was Sukantara and I did lontar peluru right. Kan lepas :D
Then, masa rehat, Khidhir and Flap was like " Eh Hazwani, angkat sikit sleeve, nak tgk tangan "
I said " No way ! Buat ape ?! "
Then they went away
I thought diorang nak perli I, lengan besar or something ): So buat bodoh je la

Then tadi, I asked Khidhir,

Me : Eh, ape you ngan Flap mean mase waktu rehat tu ? Yg suruh i angkat sleeve tu ?
Khidhir : Oh your hand tough ah kot
Me : Perli eyh ? -.-
Khidhir : Tak, seriously. Your hand cm tough gila. Masa you duduk kat across the Lontar Peluru place, I ngan Danial cm compare compare ngan your arms. Dah la you lontar peluru, jauh smcm. Cm almost reach the guys punya jarak

Kembang siot hidung :D
I'm tough *keningkening* Hahahahaha, cm ironwoman hohoho
Okay whatever hahaha


Thursday, April 2, 2009

*Insert Title Here*

Currently listening to ; The Fray - You Found Me

:D :) :| :/ :(

Mixed emotions yknow ?
Damn, March passed by so fast !
And no, I'm not ready to say Hello to April yet, actually. I don't want time to pass by at the speed of light
Actually, tgh sabar je nak end of the year. Sumpah tak nak this year to end, seriously :(

Imbas balik bulan March ;

I think, it was a good month :)
Ups and downs are a must yknow but well.. The best thing was my birthday and that surprise pogo thing
I think this year's birthday was the best ? My family made a surprise for me, my friends did a 'great' flour fight at Sulei + hangout at OU

Of course, there are some other great times too ; in school for example
Gelak macam org gila, lepak dengan gang belakang class, jadi samseng sometimes. Hahahaha

To make everything short, March was the bomb

Thanks God, no one starts my April month with their April Fools
Alhamdulillah :) Hahaha


Went to school today (A) and it was the last day of Sukantara
Red house had 400m run and lontar peluru
I didn't participate for 400m run due to my backbone and asthma -.-'
I seriously wanted to run okay. I want to see if I can past it just like last year or not
But neah, I can't. I didn't bring my inhaler and if I did, I still can't participate
Bummer right ?
And you know what, I think Tapir ( Haziqah ) was faking the fainting scene
Wanna know why ? Oh hohoho, I'll tell you why
When the PBSM people ( they are her friends tau ) ANGKAT her, she wasn't having that tired and almost-fainting face. Instead, she was smiling and sorta laughing when the PBSM people couldn't relaly lift her properly
Fake gila sial -.-

I can't forget a conversation between me and erm, who eyh ? Lupa ah :s Hahaha

Me : Eh eh, tapir ah
Someone : Sekolah ni cm zoo la. Ade tapir lah, and dalam platun KRS ade banyak gila nicknames haiwan

Hahaha one example : Katak. HAHA
And ustaz calls Zultsaqib as Capang. That's because of his ears. Free free je hahaha

Anywaayy, after 400m run, off for lontar peluru
I did 2 attempts. The first attempt, I actually passed but I wasn't stabil so when I threw that heavy thingymajiggy, I stepped on the brick that I wasn't suppose to pass it
I was trying the hell out to balance and thank God, dapat balance *wipes sweat*
Or else, I think I would be kissing the grass with a flat face hahahaha
2nd attempt, lepas ah *bangga*
Like Azrel said to me last time

Hazwani : =8D

That's a smiley we 'invented' which means : kembang hidung
Hahahaha he was laughing his ass off when I used that emoticon for the first time

Mengapakah saya selalu terpesong ke topik lain ? -_______________________-"

After recess, I was being a good girl so I didn't walked around the school compound
Just sat in class and had a chat with Fadhli, Shasha and Danial
Wait ! Mostly, I talked with Danial
We had our one-to-one chat. Best gila dapat luahkan perasaan and Danial pun luahkan perasaan :)
Dah la both of us were sitting on the desk beside the window that was facing the field

Oh I think it was the first time Pn. Rukkumani let us go home early
And by the meaning of early is right after the bell rings which was 1.10
Most of the time, she let us out around 1.20. That's annoying -.-

My mom's in Surabaya, Indonesia now
So, whenever my dad goes to the office, I'll be home alone with my maid
Just now, I took the opportunity to watch Twilight (Y)
After school, I told my brother to drive me to 7-Eleven and I bought Potato Chips and a drink to camp in my room and watch Twilight
After I took my bathe, I on the aircond, closed the curtains and watched Twilight :D
Heehee best best best (Y) I was drooling !

So, that was my day. It wasn't really a mistake to go to school just now, somehow :)


Kakak : Omg, mamat dalam Twilight tu handsome gila !
Me : Wani dah cakap dah -.-
Kakak : Kakak terus tak boleh makan. Mase tgk tu, kakak tgh makan. Tetiba dia masuk kat cafeteria tu, kakak dah cam tak boleh gerak. Ann pun same
Me : Hahahaha okaayy, at least that didn't happen to me

Really enthusiatic, no ?

And OMG (!), I think prefect's dinner falls on the 18th of July :(
I hope not cause if it does ( I haven't check the board about it ), I can't go
Cause I'll be in Bangkok
God, this is frustrating :/