Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Night Becomes Daytime

Most of my friends are at Curve, enjoying their night since it's New Year's Eve
And I'm here in my air-conditioned room, on my bed, currently listening to Ludo-Love Me Dead, having "extraordinary" conversation with Izreen and Fadhli ( 2 in 1 )
I'm sure, Sabrina and the others are enjoying themselves at RedBox and Sabrina can fulfill her 'dream' of singing that Spice Girls song. Lyric dier yang " move to the left, move to the right..."
Something like that. And I'm sure she's so happy cause she's spending her night with her own "Edward Cullen". Same goes to Sofia, spending time with her boyfieeee

And I think when the time strikes 12, when there are fireworks, I'll just climb any of the cars to get a clear view. Cause I'm sure my parents don't wanna drive to neither Sulei nor Jalan Damansara to get a clear view

Oh, this is just guh-reat -.-
A great beginning of 2009


Oh no, scratch the above craps. IT WAS AWESOME
Kudos to OU. It's fireworks are awesome. Better than last year and geez, it did have a GRAND finale alright :D
It was loud, boom boom and it was, GREAT ! Great as in, it made my neighbour's alarm went on, yeah
Kudos to Curve too. It was better than last year to be honest. There are a few new types of fireworks, I guess. But I think OU was the best *a round of applause*

I didn't even snap OU's grand finale fireworks

It was sorta a turn off when my parents didn't even come out to watch it ( they watched Pirates of The Caribbean -.- )
And the REAL turn off is, I didn't join my friends at Curve. I bet, happening gila !
I could hear the crowd from Curve, counting the countdown, screaming and shouting and that made me full of envy to those who went and celebrate there ;(
Teringat la pulak masa celebrate New Year kat Curve with Sabrina and Sofia (2007). With the crowd, the foam, that omg-we-have-to-get-through-the-huge-crowd feeling, if you know what I mean. And then, stayed at Royale Bintang :')
But well, at least it was a great view from my house (Y)

Goodbye 2008, hello 2009 !
That doesn't mean 2008's memories are going into the drain or something, no ? <3

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Until The End of Time

In around 24 hours, goodbye 2008, hello 2009. No, I'm not ready to say hello to 2009 dammit
2008 is a year that doesn't accept goodbyes. Haha :s
A great year which is full with ups and downs
January - Still a newbie and lost in form 1. Bangang bangang sikit, and baru nak kenal students lain. Fahmi was a pain in the ass, kept bugging me, insulting me and my face will turn red. One time, he called me Hazwan. So heck, naik darah lah. Marah dier and dier boleh lagi buat lawak kat Danial :@
February til August ( kot ) - Met a guy, and I was happy throughout the scandal relationship ( I know, baru je scandal ) But well, he made me happy, really really happy - thanks. - Of course, there were downs but well, happy gak ngan dier :)
After August, pasrah mmg pasrah :( But well, school was great. Friends mmg ramai :D And see, dah rapat ngan Fahmi lagii. Haha, even Fadhli and Danial thought Fahmi and I were together or something
The last day of school (!!!) - The class, well.. You can say it was quite "empty" cause a few people came. Or they're just out of class o.o So yeah, the form 2(s) trashed the class. Everything was upside down - the chairs, even DESKS ! But well, we left them just like that. Since there were just me, Fadhli, Fadhli, Danial, Aneesa ( dtg lambat. mcm bapak dier punye skola je -.- ), Aainaa, Azwin, Shasha, Azim, Hakim, and Naim ( we ruled the class man ! ), we were like jobless people. On Danial's phone's music player, sat on the table and sang along. Fahmi, Hakim and Azim were doing Science thingy, HAHA. Tu laa tak buat keje ;p Sumpah cm samseng cause I sat on the desk, baring baring, jerit jerit :D Damial was singing Chicken Little's song, weird. Hahaha. Ustazah came so I jumped down from the desk *lap peluh kat dahi*. So we had to bersihkan class ( damn you form 2 peeps ). But well, I told the others that I'll be doing the same thing when I'm form 2, hehehe. So yeah, we were the part time DBKL. I took the big dustbin and panjat dustbin tu, haha. Best kot. Bukti ? I'll insert the picture later. After recess, I chased Fahmi and Danial around the school, sweating like shittyyy. Oh ya, I chased them with a shovel ( kayu dier je lah ). Hahaha. Yada yadaaaa, after the announcement of classes, we were hanging out and the teacher's car park. I have no idea who started the Water War but yea, that happened. I was evil knievel so I took a bottle, took some of the water from the fish pond and pipe :) When Fadhli and Izreen knew about it, aku jugak yg kene belasah ngan air -.- Basah kuyup! So yea, that was the last day of school :'(
Bukti panjat tong sampah :D

Okay anyway , next year, I'll be in different class. Diasingkan dari Danial, Fahmi, Fadhli :(
No more calling Fadhli pops, making fun of him, hitting him at the back, disturbs him with Shasha. No more pinching Danial on the stomach, make him go hyper and laugh like a maniac while saying ' woohoo ' *high and low pitch*, listen to his advices about love. No more of Fahmi's jokes that can make you roll on the floor, his face expression when he makes his silly faces, his laugh (!). Yeah, all of them ( tu je yg i boleh ingat )
Omg, I'm gonna miss 2008 and I sorta looking forward to 2009. Y'know, back to school ( morning -.- ) , refresh my brain with boring subjects, yeah
Okay, I'm out of words, seriously. Just so sad *emo taik, HAHA*

To be honest, I'm sick of blue uniform. I've been wearing em since std.4. Dayyum.

The Next Ashton Kutcher

(10:06 PM) Izreen ? Really:weyh weyh korang ! big news !!!
(10:06 PM) Izreen ? Really:muhahahhaa
(10:06 PM) Hazwani !:APE APE ?!
(10:06 PM) Izreen ? Really:i ade gfssssss
(10:06 PM) Izreen ? Really:^^
(10:06 PM) Izreen ? Really:haha
(10:06 PM) Hazwani !:gile babiiiii,
(10:06 PM) Hazwani !:cite arh !
(10:07 PM) Izreen ? Really:3 gf
(10:07 PM) Izreen ? Really:=DDDD
(10:07 PM) Hazwani !:SAPE ?
(10:14 PM) Dydy:hahaha
(10:14 PM) Dydy:ye ke ?
(10:14 PM) Dydy:SAPE SAPE ?
(10:14 PM)Dydy has changed his/her status to Online
(10:15 PM)Dydy has removed his/her personal message
(10:17 PM)Dydy just sent you a nudge.
(10:18 PM) Izreen ? Really:ade laa
(10:18 PM) Izreen ? Really:^^
(10:18 PM) Dydy:alaaaa :(
(10:18 PM) Hazwani !:masalah en @:
(10:18 PM) Dydy:agak ahh
(10:18 PM) Dydy:hazwanii, jom ah cucok bontot die !
(10:18 PM) Dydy:hahaa
(10:19 PM) Dydy:masalah gle
(10:19 PM) Hazwani !:ee tak nak lah :S
(10:19 PM) Hazwani !:haha
(10:19 PM) Dydy:hahhahaa
(10:20 PM) Dydy:maen2 jee
(10:20 PM) Hazwani !:IZREEN, SAPE OW !
(10:20 PM) Hazwani !:dah la smpai 3
(10:20 PM) Hazwani !:lupe kawan, tak nak bagitau ;(
(10:20 PM) Izreen ? Really:this time its no joke
(10:20 PM) Izreen ? Really:<:
(10:20 PM) Dydy:tu laaa :(
(10:20 PM) Hazwani !:no joke pun
(10:20 PM) Hazwani !:bagitau lahhhh :(
(10:20 PM) Hazwani !:gile lupe kawan !
(10:21 PM) Izreen ? Really:haha
(10:21 PM) Izreen ? Really:tunggu fadhli la?
(10:21 PM) Hazwani !:mane fadhli ?!
(10:21 PM) Dydy:tnga jln
(10:21 PM) Dydy:hahahaha
(10:21 PM) Dydy:biar ah dieee
(10:22 PM) Izreen ? Really:anyway takyah tunggu dia kot
(10:22 PM) Izreen ? Really:haha
(10:22 PM) Izreen ? Really:so tanye la pape
(10:22 PM) Dydy:hahahaaaa
(10:22 PM) Izreen ? Really:<:
(10:22 PM) Hazwani !:pffttt,
(10:22 PM) Hazwani !:hahahaha
(10:22 PM) Hazwani !:alaaa umur brape ?
(10:22 PM) Hazwani !:jgn muda sudeh :(
(10:23 PM) Izreen ? Really:anyway i tgh lag
(10:23 PM) Izreen ? Really:so maybe i restart internet
(10:23 PM) Dydy:eee
(10:23 PM) Dydy:alasan T___T
(10:23 PM) Hazwani !:tu laa pasal !
(10:23 PM) Izreen ? Really:betul ni
(10:23 PM) Izreen ? Really:i dpt korang nye msg lmbt
(10:23 PM) Izreen ? Really:jap jap
(10:24 PM) Hazwani !:hmm pegi lah restart !
(10:24 PM) Hazwani !:but you better on balik :@
(10:24 PM) Dydy:hahahhahahahaa
(10:24 PM) Izreen ? Really:tak yah kot
(10:24 PM) Izreen ? Really:azrel tgh guna
(10:24 PM) Izreen ? Really:dia tgh download
(10:24 PM) Izreen ? Really:wtf
(10:24 PM) Dydy:ish -.-
(10:24 PM) Hazwani !:azrel tgh guna ape ?
(10:24 PM) Izreen ? Really:so tanye la
(10:24 PM) Hazwani !:potong line betul
(10:25 PM) Dydy:tanye ape nye
(10:25 PM) Hazwani !:orang tgh tanye, sape ?!
(10:25 PM) Hazwani !:sape the girls
(10:25 PM) Dydy:ntah
(10:25 PM) Dydy:ngek ngok lah
(10:25 PM) Izreen ? Really:my ex
(10:25 PM) Izreen ? Really:pelik gila
(10:25 PM) Izreen ? Really:semua orang mintak yesterday
(10:25 PM) Izreen ? Really:at midnight
(10:25 PM) Izreen ? Really:wow
(10:25 PM) Izreen ? Really:macam plan je
(10:25 PM) Izreen ? Really:-.-p
(10:26 PM) Dydy:u accept smue ?
(10:26 PM) Hazwani !:i think semue nak balas dendam
(10:26 PM) Izreen ? Really:of course
(10:26 PM) Izreen ? Really:why not?
(10:26 PM) Dydy:hahahah
(10:26 PM) Izreen ? Really:no la
(10:26 PM) Izreen ? Really:balas dendam kat me?
(10:26 PM) Izreen ? Really:u think i ni ape?
(10:26 PM) Izreen ? Really:john tucker?
(10:26 PM) Dydy:haahahaaaa
(10:26 PM) Hazwani !:ye la, balas dendam cause playboy sgt !
(10:26 PM) Izreen ? Really:anyway smalam malam diaorang cam horny, tanye i tgh fikir bout u
(10:27 PM) Izreen ? Really:bla bla bla
(10:27 PM) fadhli:weyh kimak
(10:27 PM) fadhli:sape?!:O
(10:27 PM) Izreen ? Really:haha
(10:27 PM)fadhli has changed his/her status to Online
(10:27 PM) Izreen ? Really:haha
(10:27 PM) Izreen ? Really:ex aku la
(10:27 PM)fadhli has changed his/her personal message to "palat-.-'"
(10:27 PM) Izreen ? Really:esok ade date
(10:27 PM) Izreen ? Really:nak makeout
(10:27 PM) Izreen ? Really:fuuu
(10:27 PM) fadhli:ko ade ramai ex cibai
(10:27 PM) Izreen ? Really:dah lame tak makeout
(10:27 PM) Dydy:eeww
(10:28 PM) fadhli:tu aa:D
(10:28 PM) Izreen ? Really:alaa
(10:28 PM) Izreen ? Really:macam u tak
(10:28 PM) Izreen ? Really:ala
(10:28 PM) fadhli:tu aa-.-'
(10:28 PM) Hazwani !:i tak ;d
(10:28 PM) Izreen ? Really:nak tau name ke?
(10:28 PM) fadhli:makeout bukan ngan balak plak tu
(10:28 PM) fadhli:nak
(10:28 PM) fadhli:tiga2 sklai
(10:28 PM) Izreen ? Really:hmm
(10:28 PM) Izreen ? Really:i give u one name
(10:28 PM) Izreen ? Really:aleeza
(10:28 PM) fadhli:FORM 2 tu?!:S
(10:29 PM) Izreen ? Really:mane ade !
(10:29 PM) Izreen ? Really:man i have a taste okay
(10:29 PM) Izreen ? Really:budak bu
(10:29 PM) Izreen ? Really:kawan hariz nawfal
(10:29 PM) Izreen ? Really:lawa beb
(10:29 PM)Dydy has changed his/her personal message to "jgn kacau boleh tak ?!"
(10:29 PM) Hazwani !:pfftt
(10:29 PM) fadhli: owh
(10:29 PM) fadhli:myspace ade?:D
(10:29 PM) Hazwani !:lagi 2 orang ?
(10:30 PM) Izreen ? Really:llagi dua orang ade ar
(10:30 PM) Izreen ? Really:weyh
(10:30 PM) fadhli:-.-'
(10:30 PM) Izreen ? Really:nak tau the breaking news
(10:30 PM) Izreen ? Really:baru smpai beb
(10:30 PM) Izreen ? Really:fuuuu
(10:30 PM) Izreen ? Really:nak tau tak?
(10:30 PM) fadhli:camnie aa best fren
(10:30 PM) fadhli:aku btau semua secret aku
(10:30 PM) fadhli:bitch aa-.-'
(10:30 PM) fadhli:kimak anjing tol=.=
(10:30 PM) Izreen ? Really:dayang nak tau tak?
(10:30 PM) Hazwani !:tu ah pasal !
(10:30 PM) Izreen ? Really:fadhli nak tau tak?
(10:30 PM) Hazwani !:NAK TAU !
(10:30 PM) Izreen ? Really:jap la
(10:30 PM) fadhli:nk la babun
(10:31 PM) Izreen ? Really:nak tau tak ni? dayang tak answer
(10:31 PM) Izreen ? Really:suruh dia answer dulu
(10:31 PM) Izreen ? Really:baru best
(10:31 PM) Izreen ? Really:baru happening
(10:31 PM) Dydy:ape ape ?
(10:31 PM) Izreen ? Really:haha u guys just got punk man !!!!!
(10:31 PM) Izreen ? Really:wooooooo
(10:31 PM) Izreen ? Really:yeah yeah
(10:31 PM) Izreen ? Really:punk !
(10:31 PM) Izreen ? Really:hahahahahahahahaha
(10:31 PM) Izreen ? Really:kena tipu baik punye
(10:31 PM) Izreen ? Really:hahahahahahahhaha !
(10:31 PM) Dydy:=.=
(10:31 PM) Dydy:FUCK AA
(10:32 PM) Izreen ? Really:haha
(10:32 PM) Izreen ? Really:chill la
(10:32 PM) Izreen ? Really:i nak tgk reaction korang je
(10:32 PM) fadhli:=.='
(10:32 PM) fadhli:fuck aa-.-'
(10:32 PM) Izreen ? Really:hehe
(10:32 PM) Izreen ? Really:sorry
(10:32 PM) Izreen ? Really:^^
(10:32 PM) Izreen ? Really:<:
(10:32 PM) Izreen ? Really:haha
(10:32 PM) Hazwani !:bajet ashton kutcher
(10:32 PM) Hazwani !:HAHAHA
(10:32 PM) Izreen ? Really:sorry man
(10:32 PM) Izreen ? Really:i will bagitau la kalau i ade
(10:32 PM) Izreen ? Really:hazwani letak kat blog haha takde la
(10:33 PM) Hazwani !:hahahahaha boleh boleh !
(10:33 PM) Izreen ? Really:lukena beb
(10:33 PM) Izreen ? Really:haha
(10:33 PM) Izreen ? Really:sorry guys

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Do The Panic

25th December 2008
Chill, take a chill pill - Ayat tu laa yg Sabrina tak habis habis ckp -.-
So yea, had something going on at her house. A surprise party for her dad


We were enjoying ourselves while eating though. Talked about Sabrina's future children
Damn, she wants 7 children. And nama anak anak dier semue panjaaanggg -.- Hahaha. And lawak
I made their names worse though, hehehe

26th December 2008
I was home alone for God's sake and I hate being home ALONE. It's scary
So yeah, I brought a long steel along. Hahaha safety first maaannn :|

That night we had a bbq which is sort of like a family reunion
The food, yummy ! Seriously,
Everyone was there, except for my dad ( in Mekah ) and my uncle's family ( in U.S )
But it went on well
Had an imaginary "campfire" outside -- me, 2 of my cousins, my brother, sister and her boyfiee
My cousin played the guitar, we sang, we talked about old times and we laughed like nobody's business. It was just great lah
It really really felt like a true reunion, get together

27th December 2008
Another reunion - Class of 2007 ; 6 Baiduri + 6 Delima
And there were Dwayne and Azrie , they joined somehow
The guys had a great time I'm sure cause they were the one who started the water balloon and well, I was the first one to get wet. Yeay -.-
We took some pictures but there are few pictures of the guys. Or maybe, no pictures of the guys. Right, whatever

I really really think that the guys had a great time disturbing us girls. Especially pushing some of us into the pool ?
Anis dirasmikan dulu, hahaha. At least she was wearing her swimming suit, and she brought her towel along into the pool
I was wearing my V-Neck shirt and shorts with my phone in my hand but the guys just had to do it
So yeah, they threw me into the pool and damn it, when I wanted to get out of the pool, they pull me back in
When I got out of the pool ( success ! ) , I felt so heavy ! Seriously, hahaha
They swing me into the pool and yada yadaaaaa. Kene lah buli kan, sekali sekala, hahaha
Yeah we did a lot of noise. Us girls, have the ability to scream and shout and them boys, have the ability to make us girls scream and shout
Hanna was wearing a white shirt so yeah, boleh npk her bra *schmexy, pheewitt* HAHAHA
So when we were gathering around the "jacuzzi" , a guard came and told us that a resident went to the guard house and complained. Our time in the pool was up :@
I changed my clothes and the others started a truth or dare game

Went home around 10.45 pm, tumpang Izreen :s
It was great. We had our laughs, met friends yg mmg dah lamaaaa tak jumpa, so yeah :)

Daddy's coming back ! Yeay yeayyyyy !
Maa, please let me celebrate New Year's Eve at Curve with D and S, pretty please ? :(

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just Like Energizer Bunnies

There goes the dragging -
I had to follow my mom and aunt to Negeri Sembilan a.k.a Kampung. There were me, grandma, mom, aunt, baby cousin and maid
Left home at 9.30 with my half-opened eyes. Take note : If you know that your mom's going somewhere far the next day, and you know that she'll drag you, sleep early ! Sleep for only 3 or 4 hours, and gonna have a loooonnnnggg journey, NOT GOOD !
Anywayy , yada yadaaa, arrived at Ulu Bendul around 11.30. MANDI SUNGAI ! :D
It was sorta fun, the water was clear, cold and yeah, nice. Nature is gooooodddd, haha

Lunch and off to Tengkek, arrived at 3.00 pm
The fun part : Kejar ayam and itik :D Hahaha. Yeah, I know, it's not raya but I was like raya-ing right ? It goes like this ; Raya time, there'll be a lot of people, relatives lah kan. And my brother, sister and I are not close to them so of course, tak secocok. Hahaha so we'll be sitting, lepak tu je lah. So yeah, spent my time, chasing the ducks and chickens :)
Bibik, dia tangkap anak itik, in return, mak anak itik tu dah bukak sayap dia and cam, nak start patuk
I was screaming and running with this galah. HAHA, shut up -.-
Kejar lagi, kejar lagi with my baby cousin until we were sweating, jyeah

Okay , mandi then langgar bucu katil. So yeah, my knee ade bengkak , blueblack, ERGH !
Yada yadaaa, eat eat, then off to Sri Menanti
The old people talk talk, and I changed my pants in the car. Hahaha, I'm too lazy to go to any rooms so yeah
After Maghrib, back to KL
THE END ! Hahaha

Oh oh, my mom fell at Ulu Bendul so like, her tumit swollen :( Right tumit okay. So she can't drive
I'll take care of her. HAZWANI TO THE RESCUE. Woo ! Hahaha

He looks annoying right ? Just say yes :) Hahaha
He made my mom fell. Sapa suruh die lari kan -.-
He said : Adik buat mak long ADUIHH

Loves ,
Hazwani tgh sakit kaki :s

Monday, December 22, 2008



Blame the pms .

The real thing started at 6 pm and guess what I did before 6 ..
Watched tv, eat, sleep, play piano, annoyed my brother, mom and maid. Yeah, jobless shit kan ? Tau takpa
Anywaaaayyyy, my uncle told my mom about this Ikan Bakar restaurant place in Melaka. Yes, MELAKA
So my mom was interested, somehow. She agreed on going there for dinner
I didn't wanna go but heck, she's good at dragging people -.-
Went to my uncle's house first to pray and his children wanted to bathe. We were off after Maghrib, around 7.30
Alooonnngggg the way there, it was raining, my cousins were asleep so I distracted my mind by listening to music. Thanks to Asyraf, cause he texted me. At least there was something to do, right ?

Arrived at that place around 9.10 pm. Oh well, the food was yummy, seriously
Although the place wasn't really how I think it was, I still left the place with a full tummy :)
OH OH, I went to the toilet with my grandma and mom after eating
When we left the toilet, I passes by the other side of the restaurant, and I realized a guy was like looking. And when I looked again, I think he called his friends or something ? Right whatever. But sumpah scary gila babi okay !
I was walking, then I heard someone like calling. My mom and I looked back
The guy that was looking at me just now said, " Erm, abang kat sana tu nak bagi ni ". He was talking about his friend tu ah kan.
He was holding a freaking heart-shaped paper, and I saw, it was written like a number on it !
So I said, " Uh tak ape arh " . Then terus bla. YA ALLAH, SUMPAH SCARY GILA SIAL !
But guess what my mom did ? She just laughed. Same goes to my aunty
Pfft I hoped my mom was gonna like say something to that guy, but no -.-

Then, round round Melaka for awhile. And yeah, I was texting a few people to keep me busy and all
After we went around town, we were off back to KL. And it was 12.15 am
So, I texted, texted, and texted. Everyone was sorta asleep already so it was quite
When I realized my phone's battery was red, and left only around 10% , I turned off the music and tried to sleep. If I kept replying the msgs, the battery will soon be dead, so yeah
After a short nap, I replied messages and somehow, I can't sleep anymore and it was 1.30 am. I can't wait to get home actually
By 2 am, oh home sweet home :)
I'm sorry but I was tired, exhausted so balik rumah, charged phone then terus terjun tilam

Think about it. Went for an 2 hours drive, to Melaka just to eat ?
My mom's brother and sis ( uncle and aunt la tu kan ) , kinda like to go for a day trip to somewhere far
Last time I went to Melaka with my aunt just to bring her son ( my baby cousin ) to the zoo
And each time, my mom will drag me. Yeay :s

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Demon Days

YESTERDAY - 171208

Vibration of my phone woke me up at 5 A.M . Yes, from Mr. 007 ( Haha, guess who )
He was lucky cause I wasn't asleep like the dead AND when I talked to him, my eyes weren't heavy. Cool kan ? Tak ngantuk :s Hahahaaaa
Anyway , spent the evening with Fadhli, Luen, Jon, Izreen and Dayaanggggg
Haha, Dayang and I said to Fadhli that we were going to OU at 11.30 but well, we arrived there at 1.30
Blame Dayang's sister okay ? Alright :)
Ate at Sushi King with Dayang. Fadhli and the others caught up with us after they bought the tickets. Eh no, Fadhli came first. and the others were late cause they went erm .. lost ?

Fad, where are you ?
Sushi King
Huh, shisha ?

Luen's blurness :)
Chilled at Sushi King for awhile and the dudes were J-A-K-U-N with Dayang's sidekick, so yeahh
Especially JON ! Hahaha

Ey ey, look at this *flipping the phone* WOAHHH ! Hahahaha. Ey ey, got camera !
And it goes on and on

Okay give me back that phone

Those are the dudes. Pain in the arses dudes <3
Okay guess what, they bought tickets for Transporter 3. I told Fadhli that it's 18, but he doesnt care. I'm short for God's sake ! No no, correct that, I'm the shortest among all -______- (!) AND, I watched it with my mom and brother
I was restless cause I was sure we won't pass. Especially me -.-
And yeah, mmg tak lepas, haha -.- So Izreen belanja another ticket - Bolt
The movie was .. cute but not awesome

Weyh weyh, mamat tu *showing to the character in the movie*, npk cm mamat yg tak bagi kitorang masuk transporter
Hahahahahah agak arh !
Uish, muke cm mintak kaki doh

Headed to Burger King after the movie. And while Fadhli was ordering our food, Dydy and I went somewhere else
And guess what, they put chilli inside my coke and Dydy's coke :@
At first, it doesn't taste wrong but they were laughing and giggling. Jon was like, ' Ugh, I'm thirsty *drinking* Hahaha '. It was suspicious
When they left, I thought of that thing so yeah, there was sauce inside our coke -.-
Ugh babi betul diorang

Dah boring lepak OU, pegi Curve lah. Naik taxi
Dude, the taxi driver is WEIRD ! He was telling us like, " Kenapa la nak pegi Curve jam 6 macam ini. Jalan jam tau ". Wadafak, hahaha. Then he was like talking to himself I guess
Arrived at Curve, round round Cineleisure and chillaxed at Starbucks. Aaahhh Caramel Frapuccino <3 - with whipped cream
Waited for Sabrina there. While doing that, Dy taught me how to speak Bahasa Sarawak. Okay, memeningkan. Hahaha, ADA ACCENT KOT ! :s And let me tell ya, it's impossible for someone like ME, who speaks BM for a looonngggg time already and then tries to speak Bahasa Sarawak. With the accent, and the words, uishh
Yeah, 7 something, Sabrina came. And I was talking to Syamel kesayangan Dydy tu haa. Haha, saja nak dgr suara :|
Around 8, went to Red Box to eat and karaoke, haha
On the way there, jumpa Danial Rezman. Wow, dah agak lama tak jumpe die ow. Talked to him for awhile and a waiter from the restaurant where I was talking to Danial, was asking Sabrina and Dayang, they ate already or not and all
HAHAHA, sempat mengurat ow
So yeah, karaoke and ate at Red Box :) Sabrina belanja, THANKS <3
Danial called and jumpa again for awhile at Red Box

Anywaaayyyy, Danial wanted to buy something so he went
Dayang, Sabrina and I karaoke like nobody's business. Sumbang pun sumbang lah :D Hahahaha. Melepaskan geram dan rasa pasrah kan, so yeahh
Put a fullstop to an amazing day with my loved ones at 10 pm and yes, I was tired, exhausted AND I'm having my pms. So, after I arrived home, I was bummed :(

Oh yess, supper's ready,
Tataaaaaaa ;p

Party In Your Bedroom

Daddyo, Happy birthday :) 60th birthday ow
Dah tua kerepot but still Power Rangers , hahaha ( heck, he said he's strong like power rangers, haha )
Oh well, he's a great dad although he's strict, fierce and all. It's just a daddy thing right ? Being fierce, etc .. So yeah
It must be great to celebrate birthday in Mekah, no ?

This is, Fahmi bin Ismail, the funny ass
Today's his birthday - 181208
Haha , he lalalaloves KitKat ( he can be veryvery hyper after eating KitKat )
He's veryvery funny but when he's serious ( rarely ), WUISH :s
Hahaha but well, I sorta owe him a big fat thanks and a lot more
He tried cheering me up when I'm absolutely down, he gave me his best opinions and advices :)
That's the bestfriend , seriously.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


haha okay anyway,

I had a doctor appointment, to check my backbone
Before that, I watched Surf's Up. Haha best *thumbs up* ;D
2.30, off to the hospital. My mom made a 2.30 pm appointment but heck, jumpa doctor around 3.30 -_-
So yeah, I wasted my freaking time listening to music and read the magazines. OLD magazine
Like this Cleo magazine which was dated : November 2002
Hahaha so yeahh
Went for X-Ray then went back to see the doctor
THANK GOD, my backbone's angle, is not 40 degrees. But, it's 34 degrees ! Okay, dont waste your time and check your protrector or something. It's just a good news
If it's 40 degrees, I have to go through and operation, WHICH the doctor said, have to put screws and all at my curvy bone ( it's called, SCOLIOSIS )
IT SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME ! *that sentence reminds me of Achmed the dead terrorist :D*
He offered me to wear this thing, it's called "brace" I guess. Something like braces cause I have to wear it 24/7. Bukak masa mandi je. And yeah, it's hot
My mom said, " Mama sure Wani tak kan pakai 24/7 *I-dont-trust-you look* "

ANYWAAAYYYY, it was done around 4.30 so I called Dayang and told her that I'm going to her house
Jumpa jumpa, terus peluk :') Alamak, rindu kau mcm gile yg mcm tahap babi punya gila tau tak <3 HAHAHAHA And well, I'm still shorter -.-
5.30 ; TO SABRINA'S HOUSE , without telling her :)
Told Dayang to hide at the side, then Sabrina's maid open the door and I told her to call Sabrina up
Sabrina's hair was wet, wearing a shirt and hot pants and a red towel around her neck -.- Obviously, baru lepas mandi *geleng geleng kepala*

Sabrina, I bawak *nama dirahsiakan*
Huh ?! Tipu ! *hiding her body behind the door*

and yes, Sabrina menjerit mcm orang gila :)
Menyesal ow, tak record , hahaha

She hugged Dayang, and they were like turning and turning O.O
Dayang : Nasib baik Sabrina kurus and ringan
Hahahahah. Story mory and off to Sulei. Sweating like shit okay. Hey, it was a long walk -.-
Met up with Fadhli, Luen and Azrie (form 2) there. Lepak lepak japp
Wuish, Fadhli's hair dah panjang, and muka die semakin bertambah POP POP :D Hahaha

6. 40 ; Walked back to Hills
Walked with Fadhli, Luen, Azrie, Dayang and Sabrina since their houses are just on the way
Stopped by at Anis' house to meet her for a while

Anis, dah tak ade boyfriend baru ? *smilinnggg :DD*
Siaall ! Haha
She kicked me okay -.-

Fadhli went home then Luen. So Azrie was with us
Walked walked walked, shouted shouted shouted, Azrie balik, jalan jalan jalan, gelak gelak gelak, smpai rumah sabrina :D Hahaha
Caught up with each other's new story, about love life and family thang, problems la kaan :)
Ate dinner there, but just a bit since I planned to go to Rasta with Dayang, Fadhli and Azrie

Weyh, korang kat mane ni ?
Oh tgk makan. Asal ?
Cepat ah, aku dah kat luar !
:O Dayang, Fadhli dah kat luar !
Omg, serious ? Jom ah

Fadhli arrived when we were eating. So gelabah la. After eating, salam salam then ran upstairs to take our things
Then, baruu la Azrie nak reply msg -.- So I had to call him. Fadhli was driving and Dayang didn't wanna talk to him, PFFT !
Blablabla, he said he was gonna walk. So it was fine then

When he arrived, Dayang changed place ! She sat beside Fadhli soooo,
Azrie had to sit beside me -.- But well, it wasn't a big deal though
And guess what, Dayang and Fadhli took some pictures, of me and Azrie
Okay whatever,
We talked and talked, gelak gelak, jyeah. But uish, one of them was just quiet, less talking, aiyoo
Azrie and Fadhli went home at 9.50 . And Dayang's sister's boyfriend picked us up at 10.10
Thank God my mom wasn't mad or something :|

Okay okay, I'm done talking !

In the car ;
Ma, dalam iklan ckp, guna colgate and all, gigi jadi putih. Tak putih sgt pun
Alaa, kalau nak putih, guna clorox. *buat muka serious cam nak buat iklan* Gunalah clorox, untuk gigi yg putih dan bersinar :D

Now, I wanna eat :9 Bagi boyot sikit, haha
Byebyeeee !

xx Hazwanehh

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Poker Face

Sorry for not updating bloggie for the past few days
on the 10th which was Wednesday, went to Pavilion with Sabrina, Sofia, Sarah, and met Rafieqa and her brother there
Walked around, Yips sumpah bnyk ( haha ! ). Went to BB Plaza
Oh shit, I broke my promise with F :/ Sorry hmm.
After spending the evening at Pavi, sleptover at Sabrina's house. Haha best la jugak and at the same time, BANYAK GILA DRAMA :s
Not gonna tell you the story but yeah
Sarah and I slept around 6 a.m while Sabrina slept at 5 a.m


Yesterday ,
It was in short notice. Sabrina called at around, 11 something or 12. I was in the car -

Hzwni, jom gerak ou. Sarah semue ade ngan Syafiq, Edrus
Erm what time ?
1 cmtu ?

I tried to persuade my mom to say, ' Okay you can go '. But weeellll, she gave me that look :s
But I seriously wanna go cause I had to do something btw
After telling my mom that I'll be home by 4, she gave me that look AGAIN, then she said okay. But but but, ada syarat -.- Hahaha

Maa, please. Pegi around 1.15, Sabrina amik. Then Wani balik by 4
*killer stare* Okay. Balik by 4. Kalau lewat sikit, tak boleh keluar dah. And, I'm not going to pick you up
HUH ?! Then, cmne nak balik ?
Pandai pandai la

That's my mom. Sooo, Sabrina picked me up at 1.30 although she said she was coming at 1.15 ( which made me put on my shirt and all as fast as I can cause she said that at 1.05 )
Yes, we have a bad arrangement of time so shut up. Haha
Hahahahahaha. Jumpa bnyk gila orang ! And like, gosh, I can't tell you the story though. HAHA
Anywaaaayyyyy, at 3, went to Starbucks, and chilled there with Sabrina and another person :)
I planned to go to the taxi stand at 3.40 but Sofia wanted to buy Caramel Cream so, gelabah la kan
Cause when I looked at the time, it was 3.50
Yo, RM12 for taxi -.- From OU, to my house and back to OU again, is RM 12 ! Geez, macam tak boleh mahal lagi je
So yeahh

Ah shit, tomorrow I have an appointment with the doctor -.-
Before that, grocery shopping
Ah save me !

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Feel Good Inc.


Well well, Raya Haji passed. It was okay okay, haha
Mom woke me up at 8.30. No, didn't go for Raya prayer, since dad's not at home ( aahh rindu babah )
So yeah, I was sleepy and it was cold. I dragged my ass out of bed and walked to the toilet, with my eyes close to be precise
I was shivering after I took my bath. Dah lamaaaaaa tak menggigil cause sejuk since std. 6 ( std.6 kan bangun pagi and mandi. and this year, tak pernah bangung pagi pagi buta ) Hahaha, so yeahh
What I did the whole day waaasss .. eat, eat and eat. NON STOP !
Makan rendang, desert, rendang, desert, jyeah :9 Buncit terus, haha
And had a 'family meeting' -- my mom, me, brother, 18 yrs old cousins, aunts and uncles -- talking about studies, attitudes
And well, I hate it when they started to talk about why I didn't try my best on the KYSM selection -.- Okay whatever, I'm lazy to talk about it. Buat rase guilty je ade arh
And that night, I didn't online since I just can't, bleghh. So I watched Kung Fu Panda. OMG, BEST GILE. And yeah, mmg teringat pasal ermm... you know :(
Haha but well, Po comel ah :D Clumsy and all, but comel :D


Went to town, to buy tudung for school. Blegh, haha. And yeah, had to wake up at 8 something and get ready. Again with the dragging, hahaha
Woke up at 8. 30 , but went to town at 10.30. Cool kan ? :@
Bodoh punye taxi, tak ade la and all. Bangang !
Okay, I can't ride a taxi cause I will get dizzy and feel like I wanna vormit. So I had to listen to slow songs, and close my eyes. Took a short nap
Soooo, round round, searched for good material of kain ( haha ) for my tudung
Went back home around 1.30 ...
So yeah, that's my boring day :)

Hazwani !

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Come on or Come in ?

From : Sabrina's blog

So yeah. she said, that cat that's sorta stretching, reminds her of me
Well, it doesn't make sense but look at the bright side
If that cat reminds her of me, that means I'm cute :B

Sayang kau, budak sebatang <3


Did I mention that this holiday can make me die of boredom ? Well yeah, it is extremely boring
Soooo, tomorrow's Hari Raya Haji. The time when they sembelih lembu :s Disgusting but cool. Haha, okaayy
Woke up at 11 a.m and watched tv throughout the day. Eh, til 3 pm. Then, I went to Ikano with my mom
Bought a lot of things for tomorrow at Cold Storage. My mom and I plan to make Rendang and as desert, we'll make thruffles ( I dont know how to spell it okay. But it's kind of like that if you pronounce it )
So yeah, I had to help my mom to cook rendang. Seriously, when I just stepped on the stairs, to go to my room, my mom was like, " Wani, kitchen " -_-
And soo, I had to be rajin for a moment ---- and it turned out to be fun, afterall
Blablabla, and here I am, waiting for my mom to call me and head straight to the kitchen
Oh well, pity Kimi. I think he misses my dad. So now, I wanna go and cheer him up :D
And then .. I'm gonna watch Kung Fu Panda. Teringin nak tengok ah pulak kan, haha
Byebyeeeee !

xxx Hazwani :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hey moon, please forget to fall down

SUCCESS ! Well, I found the piano sheets. I was searching for Carter Burwell - Bella's Lullaby. But then, I got Yiruma - River Flows in You
Aaahh, they sound almost the same anywayy
Started practising it, and shit, susah gilaaaaaaaa :| Haha

Soo hmm, today's fineee. Went to Ikano, Curve and came back home around 3. Prayed, then started practising the piano sheets
OH OH, at Borders Curve and Popular Ikano, Eclipse dah out of stock :( Taik betul, haha
That means, I'll be extremely bored before I sleep and whenever I'm jobless. Hooray -.-
And and, Debenhams store best weyh :D Baju semue cam lawaaaa, woah :D
Okay anyway,
I wasted 2 hours, juuussstttt thinking. Listened to music, and well, think about things. The him, The sister, jyeah. Okay whatever, haha.


I'm craving for ...

HELL YEAH :9 hahaha

Okay okay, I'm seriously B O R E D. See, with a capital B. O. R. E. D (!)
Uhh crap. I better watch twilight trailers or something

Can you give me a vampire ? ;)

Hazwani is just a figment of your imagination,
thank you very much :D

Monday, December 1, 2008


I'm currently addicted to Carter Burwell - Bella's Lullaby. It's relaxing if you listen to it. Piano je, no singing. I think that's why it's kinda relaxing :)
And, I'm searching for the notes. Susah gile nak carik -.-

So anywayy, today, no moody moody. Haha, I mean, I've been laughing, smiling, jyeah
In the evening, I've been reading New Moon, online a bit, watched Twilight trailer and searched for songs
Kinda boring but at least, I wasn't jobless, no ? Hahaha
At around 5, after Asar, I went outside to suck in all the fresh air aaannnddd, the weather was great. It's just a good time to spend some time in the garden, talking talking with my mom
Plus, we did some gardening *sigh*
At 6, went to Pusat Komuniti to pick up my brother. Made a stop at Pasar Raya to buy prepaids and my brother went to Pragmatic, apply kerja :p Hahaha

Me . Mama

Harris ni, asal lama sgt ? Apply keje ke buat keje ?
Haha die nak jadi guard Pragmatic tu haa *posing as a guard*

And now, cleaning the house. I mean, packing, throwing things. Yeahh, something's gonna happen, you know ;(
Soo, my mom, brother and I were going through all the drawers, compartments. Found albums of my dad, mom, aunts, uncles -- zaman zaman dulu
Yes, classic gile. With the hair, clothes, just everything. It's waaaayyy different
Yet, it was funny, hillarious, JYEAH ! Hahahaha
Found an album of my dad. My mom told me and my brother to guess, which one's my dad. That picture was when he's form 5
So yeah, I guessed it pretty quick cause, there are things that was still the same about him, back and then
My brother had a hard time finding my dad, hahaha

Me. Harris. Mama

Maaa, Wani dah jumpe Babah ! :D
Haa, Wani pilih yg tu. Harris ?
Errr, tak tau ah. Tak boleh nak pilih
Alaaa, carik je yg hidung besar

Oh, can you believe that my mom was a runner :s and she was a prefect !
Well, prefect, I'm not surprised. Ciri-ciri pengawas mmg ade :O Hahaha

So yeah, while looking through those albums, she did tell us stories about her late father and all
Quite amazing, to be honest ;)
Oh and, there's this one picture of her late father. Sumpah muke cam .. cranky gile. Hahaha :s

Okay, I think I should go back and continue my job of cleaning
To be honest, I feel like a housewife. Haha
Soo, byebyeee Earthlings !

WAIT ! Ade 2 more funny things ;
Today, Kimi mmg malang. First, die jatuh dari katil AGAIN. And yes, bunyi cam durian gugur. Hahaha
Second, die lari then langgar sliding door. He was inside the house, the sliding door was closed. He saw his 'enemy' I guess, wanted to chase it but unfortunately, langgar sliding door :)
Hahahaha ! Okayy, BYEE ! :D


My dad went for Haji yesterday morning. Sent him to the Tabung Haji place at 7 a.m
Alhamdulillah, die selamat smpai Haji :)

Mummy woke me up at 9 -_- I slept at 4 a.m, so yeah, I was sleepy when I woke up
I can't go back to sleep cause .. well, my mom will just pinch, pinch and keep pinching me till I'm half awake, then she'll drag me out of bed. Yeahh
Anywaayyy, had breakfast and read the newspapers with Mama and Harris at the dining table
Then Mama was talking about, planning to go to Bandung for vacation, this month
Wow, nak jugak Bandung -.-
So I checked Air Asia's website but unfortunately, I can't find any offer. Yes, my mom wants an offer so that she won't pay big bucks for it. Haha
Waking up early is just wrong, cause it will feel like it's a looonnnggg morning and I'll feel jobless
So, I've been reading New Moon since 10.30. To be more specific, right now, it's 1.45 pm

Haih, I seriously need a vacation. I need to relax, to get out of KL or maybe Malaysia for awhile 8) Hahaha
And yes, since my dad's not gonna be home for a month, Haji you know, my mom is the boss, the queen (!)
Mama said : Babah tak ade, so mama in charge of everything. Now, mama the boss, THE QUEEN, ermm, semue title yg cun cun lah *muke bangga*. So, don't get me all woozy with your perangai loya buruk and help me with the house chores
Hahahaha, so yess, HOUSE CHORES. Clean here and there, throw things that are useless
An addition to the house chores --- "Penderaan Fizikal" HAHAHA
I listened to music when I was cleaning my room. ( Yes, I'm cleaning my room, haha )
So, earphone pun sumbat la dalam telinga. And then, kene la tarik telinga dgn "The Queen" -_- *OUCH*

Okay okay. Hehe, I better hit the showers now
OH YEAH, I think so. Mom is giving me that killer stare *gulp*

Oh and, after watching Twilight trailer again and again, teringat balik, the part when the Cullens were playing baseball
And when Carlisle hit the ball, Edward and Emmett bumped into each other ?
Haha then they fell and Edward was laughing ? Uishh, CAIR WEYHH !
Okay okayyy, I'll stop :P