Monday, September 29, 2008

It's coming, It's coming !

Ramadhan is coming to an end and Syawal is coming :) Yes, the fasting month is over. Tomorrow is the last day. Then, Rayaaa ! Gosh, it's not really cool that on the first day of this fasting month, I didn't fast cause, y'know, that girl's thingymajiggy. Yeah, and now, on the last day of this fasting month, AGAIN, I cant fast. Sucks gile. I can't even enjoy the beginning nor the end of Ramadhan :@ har-har
Though, to me, this year's fasting month wasn't really devastating. I didn't go to Terawih, I didn't pray 5 times a day. OMG ): I'm so so sorry. And, I wasn't really a good girl. I cursed. Omg, mmg kurang pahala. Ya Allah! Hmph yeah, I feel veryvery guilty. InsyaAllah, if there's next year, I'll try my best to make it better. INSYAALLAH :)
For this coming Hari Raya, I'm not sure it'll be fun if I keep thinking of all my problems. So, I hope, on the first day of Raya, I won't be moody nor thinking of all these mambojambo, yada yada, crappy crappy problems. Yeah, I'll enjoy it. And if it's a thumbs up to balik kampung, it's much better i guess. I mean, KEJAR AYAM ? >:D hahaha
Although, me, my sister and my brother are not close with all the relatives at the village, I think we'll have a great time. We're only close to the relatives on my mother's side and they're gonna be there too. So yeah, it'll be great :D sadly, Jalil is not gonna be there. He's going back to Terengganu first. Haihh, no jokes and no overload 'HAHA'



My favourite worst nightmare

Hello people :)
Yes, right now, it's holiday for a week. And gosh, I miss school. Unbelievable right ? But, I'm serious. I think it'll be less bored if we're in school. Y'know, there are friends and all :) I miss Aneesa the pain in the ass, Fahmi with his veryvery funny face and jokes, Fadhli's face that's full of POPS :D , Danial with his 'woohoo' and I miss singing with him. Oh oh, I miss watching Danial and Fahmi, these guys who are sitting in front of me, fight. Danial will hit Fahmi and Fahmi will say, " why ?! ". Yerppp, mmg typical. Mcm Ah Long tgh belasah orang yg tak bayar hutang :s HAHAHA
AAAAHHHHH RINDU KORANG WEHH :') although, baru je hari Isnin. Harhar xD
Omg, tak sabar nak start sekolah. Boleh la nak tergila-gila ngan manusia manusia merengs ni :D BUT BUT BUT, FINAL TERM IS COMING IN LIKE .. 2 WEEKS ! :O uhh tak best. I have to study, although it's holiday. And you know what, I can't concentrate. Uhh, fail la final term ni ): And if that happens, my dad won't buy the SLR camera )':

Hazwani Batuu

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tear me open

hahaha, i just love this picture. i took this picture and i edit it. ah, i dont care if you're saying, ' alaaa, aku pun boleh buat. ee nak poyo pulak. padahal senang je '. yes, i dont give a damn. i like it cause it looks nice to me. hahaha shut up. tgh bangga ni :P i know, padahal cm typical shot -.-

Hazwani is loving it -->

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A town called hypocrisy

Yes, I'm tired, exhausted. Went to lots of places, sorta. Best la jugakk. My sis, Huzai, my brother, Harris and my maid. We left home around 8.30. Made a pit stop at the mobil
At first we went to PJ, to meet my sister's friend, and then we went to 7-Eleven there to meet her other friend -.- Yes, she has lots of friends, everywhere ! And eee bongok punye mamat -.- hahaha. My sister's friend asked, how old am i ? My sis said thirteen. Another guy, the cashier said, " haa, boleh laaa. kan ? " EEEEE, tak ade life :s hahaha
Then we went to the LRT station to pick up my cousin, Jalil. Hahaha and there goes all the laughter. Die mmg joker asli babee :D haha.
We stopped by at my sister's house in Subang. Lepak jap kat situ. I was bored cause everyone was busy texting and me, ah tarak ade sape nak sms -.- But lucky, when I was in the car, going to Mont Kiara, Luen texted me. Yes, thank you Luen ! You're the life saver :D hahaha. Then, I was hyper. I was listening to The Used-Smother Me. I sang that song very loud, at my brother's face and all. Woooaaaaahhhhh :D
And then, Soulja Boy-Crank That was on radio. Ape lagiii ? NYANYI KUAT GILE AH. " youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" HAHAHA. And my sister was driving until 120 km/h. That made it all better and more fun. hahaha. vroom vroom :D
We arrived at my aunt's house in Mont Kiara. It is an apartment, so, we had to pass the guards. We used Jalil's name. But my sis said to the guard, " my name is Jalil " -____- When the guard called my aunt's house, he said, " there's Madam Jalil here ". HAHAHAHAHAHA, MADAM JALIL ! So, Jalil was making jokes. He said, " ish, guard ni. terbalik jantina orang. ntah ntah nnt die tukar ayat jadi, ' she's a guy, he's a girl ' smue tuu " . HAHA
We ate at my aunt's house for a while then, went back home

Aaaahhhhh, a great night 8D

Hazwani Handsome .

Before saying goodbye

Well, right now, in my mind, I can only think of those memories
Seriously. I dont know why. It's just like glue. It sticks in my mind. So, right now, since I cant stop thinking of it for a moment, I feel like I wanna post it. Haha, and again, I dont know why I feel that :O

Memories that I still and always will remember :)

1. You sent a msg, lyric Avril - Girlfriend. " Hey hey, you you, I want to be your boyfriend... ". Haha, lawak gile
2. You pokok kelapa and I pokok cactus/pokok ros -_-
3. Panda eyes ; mata sepet
4. I told you that my friends wrote their bf(s) name on their hands. Then you asked me to write your name down too. " ..... <3 "
5. You panggil i dgn panggilan tu smue
6. I told you, I was listening to Toploader-Dancing in the moonlight. Then, you said, after you came back from dinner, you and me were going to dance in the moonlight :')
7. Merajuk merajuk times


And, um sorry about all those fights. Well, everything happened for a reason, right :)
Oh and, I don't care if you wanna keep the things I gave to you, y'know, the flower cause I was bored. Umph yeah, suke hati you la, you nak simpan ke tak. But I hope you know, that was the first time I gave something that I did on my own, to someone :)

Hazwani, was lucky and had the time of her life <3>

Friday, September 26, 2008

No chemistry

Correct that title. NEVER HAD a chemistry
Yeah, I deserved it. I did it too
So, thanks dude :)

And oh, now I know how that girl felt like when that guy did THAT to her
Yes, ouch !
Pfft, menangis pun, tak gune :/
And oh, i dont care. Seriously. Just do what you wanna do. I dont care. I cant stop you from doing what you wanna do. I dont control your life.


Gosh, I'm feeling so guilty :/

Hazwani yg heartbroken dan guilty yg teramat sgt :/

Pieces mended

I'm surprised when I looked at the right corner of this Sony VAIO laptop. It is 4.05 A.M
Yes, I just finished my Geography folio and my mom is gonna give me a lecture if she knows that I done my folio at 4.05 A.M
Fahmi went off about 3.10 A.M . Thank you very much -.-"
Tomorrow. Oh wait, I mean, later in the morning, when I wake up, I'll print out my folio and before I go to school, take a 'pit stop' at the Jasema and bind my folio. Maybe I'll buy some pens, since mine are out of ink
I think I better go to sleep. Im quite exhausted though
But it's a good thing that I get to sleep just less than 7 hours, since I plan to wake up at 10 A.M. No, I don't just plan. I set my alarm clock at 10, so I'm sure I'll wake up at 10
My bed is calling me :)

Hazwani T.T

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

we should get jerseys

This first bitch ;

I've known her since erm .. before BUSH rules that freaking US. Haha, since std.2 to be precise :) There were lots of ups and downs. But hey, that's just normal. Memang wajib ade ups and downs :) we were real close when we were std.2. haha kejar Fadhli, sana, sini :') but std. 3? The most problematic year between us. We fought a lot. Std. 4, we weren't close. Std.5 ; Anis saved the day. Haha. We were friends again cause Anis kept saying " Hazwani, forgive her laa.. ". Thanks Anis. I'm still counting the years of our friendship though. She's from Sarawak and moved to KL when she was 8. But now, she's back in Sarawak cause her mom got a promotion there. Yerp, sadsadsad. But we still contact each other though. She's the laughing gas. Evrytime I'm with her, you'll see me laughing out loud >.<
Oh oh, muke die mahal ! Gambar die mahal ! Ayat die pun mahal ! HAHAHA !
Yes, she's the bitch, she's the man :D hahahaha. Die tinggi dan panjang seperti zirafah di Africa. Yes, BM saya, A++ . Ngee :B She loves to embarrass me in any ways. Seriously, IN ANY WAYS. Like a big sister bullying a small sister, y'know ? Haha. She's the BIG one, I'm the SMALL one :) hehehe. Even my mom said we're like sisters. Aww, thanks Mama :D But i still kene buli
Pfft, shit -.- hahaha

and, seriously, dont ever think that me. no no, scratch that "me". ALL OF US HERE, lupekan you. hoho you jgn main main. mase kitorang keluar curve, bukak puasa on the 20th Sept 08 tu, sumpah i hope gile babs yg u pun ade kat situ

Hazwani yg rindu minah yg selalu memalukan aku <3

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

we used to be rascals >:D

Hello bishes :)

Well for your information, I'm still with this annoying flu and soar throat. Addition to that ; pening kepala
And just now, my nose bleeds ): argh, sakit tauu
Just now in school, my body was weak. Lethargic,
But I still have that I-still-want-to-go-to-school mood, surprisingly
beside me, there's a tissue box and Ventolin ( asthma inhaler )
Yess, im prepared :D

So , Fahmi didn't go to school cause he was sick
It is like the sick season or something -.-" Fadhli is sick too, somehow
And oh oh, i blame him for "making" me sick too. HAHAHA >:D
since Fahmi didnt go to school, it was quiet

It was Maths time and kacau Fadhli sentiasa best :D haha
after i copied those maths geometry crap ( haha ) , i sat on my desk, near Danial
borak borak and all. well at first, campak campak kertas. headshot here and there @.@
and then he did something to me but i forgot. so i chased him around the class
when i got him, i pinched his stomach. muahahaha, it hurts y'know >:D
everytime i pinch him, he'll be like , " woooo, ouch ouch, wooo ". and then he'll turn to the hyper mood -.-"
hahaha its funny :D
since he's hyper, he keeps saying, " woohoo, wooo... woohoo ! woo ( lower tone ) woohoo ( higher tone ) ". imagine that -.-
while he's hypering around, i took a chalk and wrote on the floor " danial <3 didi ". all those craps :)

i started getting weak when it was Science time. Gosh ):

BM time ; Pn. Sabariah told us to finish any of the essays that we haven't done yet.
Aneesa cheating ! hahaha
She gave teacher her book but actually she didnt finish the peribahasa essay -.-"
So , she chillax earlier and made jokes
Tak boleh concentrate ah nak buat keje. HAHAHA
she started singing lagu raya. and yg .. " Pabila, bulan Ramdhan ". HAHAHA
thats how she sang -.- and if you listened to her singing yourself, i think you'll be rolling on that dirty floor
ahaha i laughed until there were tears ! :D
at the same time, i was imagining.. what if Aneesa sings that song mase balik kampung nnt. sorang sorang kat belakang dlm kerete, nyanyi lagu tu . HAHAHA
mcm manusia sesat :P
and then, mase Sejarah, kitorang kene marah. IT WAS A MISUNDERSTANDING !
we were in the computer lab. me, aneesa, azwin, shasha and fadhli were at the back, laughing and all
suddenly, Pn. Sabariah came in. She was looking at those people who was playing games i guess
cause its obvious, she's mad when students go to school and play games
Us laughing, not a crime !
But Pn. Rahmah thought Pn. Sabariah was angry cause of us who were sitting there, laughing
Gosh, bongok la :@

So anyway, THE END ! hahaha
I need to continue on my folio :)

Hazwani yg hingus masih meleleh dan tgh ketawa mcm orang gila :D

Monday, September 22, 2008

Gays are just ..

Hello, i come in peace :)
uhh im having a flu and a bad soar throat -.- this is just wrong, wrong, WRONG !
my eyes are like swollen cause of this annoying flu and when i talk, i'll feel like there's a fish bone in my throat
yeah it hurts a lot, but im too lazy to take all those medicines :)
i think i'll survive. haha

School school school :| it was ummm okayyy
althought im having this flu, soar throat and my body is not active, that doesnt mean i cant be hyper and i cant disturb Fadhli, no ? :D
When i arrived in school, it was boring cause erm .. i have no idea why. But yeah it was boring
But when Shasha arrived, haaaa , bermulalah hari saya :D
Almost everyday , Fadhli will wait for Shasha at the big gate
To be honest, byk orang dah menyampah tgk diorang together everywhere. Macam dah kene lekat ngan gam gajah -.-"
In class, before school, ALL THE TIME LAH ! In the surau , Fadhli will search for Shasha
Arghh, rase cm nak sembelih both of them :@ AHAHAHAHA
So anyway, Azwin wanted to go to the bilik guru to tak her literature book. Me, Shasha and of course, Fadhli, followed
Then, lepak at that round table near bilik guru. Hahaha, dah start hyper dah :D
I started to talk crap, calling Fadhli, Pop Pop cause of his jerawat. And Cikgu Maarof, Cikgu Meat Loaf. HAHAHA mmg hyper gile O.O
And then, Syafiq gave me a CD. it was carlos'. Alaa gambar gambar prefect's night i guess
but but i said , that CD , is cara cara nak menukarkan diri jadi perempuan :DDD
HAHAHA yeahhhh, i know jahat >:D
well, Carlos is gay so , mane la tau kan. muahahahaha

In class, after Solat, BM time, teacher came in a bit late
So, we played that ask-a-question-flip-a-coin-and-see-if-it's-true-or-false game
Fadhli started it
He asked me about S, at first -.-" uhh sakit hati je. hahaha
and asked Danial about Didi, Fahmi about some crap. HAHA XD
and then, Danial and Fadhli asked about A -.- later on, Shasha gave an idea to ask me about L
erghh smue jadi mangsa lah. hahaha
and then , there goes my hyperness :D
with no hard feelings, i asked Hakim, " mase besar nnt, Hakim kahwin ngan gay tak ? "
Heads = yes. Tails = no. Danial flipped the coin
and then i asked a random question about carlos, " Carlos plan nak jadi perempuan ke tak ? "
Heads = yes. Tails = no. Danial flipped the coin
and again, it was heads, which is yes :)
to tell you the truth, all the questions i asked, the answers were Yes
I HEBAT KAN ? >:D hahahaha

oh oh , and there are some stupid questions about me :-
" Hazwani syg Danial tak ? " - Yes -.-
" Danial syg Hazwani tak ? " - Yes -.-
" Hazwani syg Fahmi tak ? " - Yes -.-
" Hazwani syg L tak ? " - Yes -.-
" Hazwani syg A tak ? " - Yes -.-
" Hazwani akan couple balik ngan S tak ? " - Yes -.- -.- -.- -.-
unfortunately, smue yes tau -.- hahahaha

p/s : Luen asks me to write this . BRIAN MAY ROCKS :P hahahaha. i dont know who's that gay guitarist pun s:


oh and here's another funny thing that made me laugh until i cry and my sepet eyes appear T.T

(1:26 AM) hazwani:eh, if i wear baju kurung tomorrow, can right ?
(1:28 AM) imhaF:i dunno
(1:28 AM) imhaF:im not a girl
(1:29 AM) imhaF:ask carlos
(1:30 AM) hazwani:HAHAHAHAHAA, bongok ah !
(1:31 AM) imhaF:;D

wo ai ni,
Hazwani yg sakit tekak dan hingus meleleh leleh -.-

Friday, September 19, 2008

midwest skies and sleepless days

well, today was normal, okay okay je. haha , not the bomb. get me ? HAHA
soo Agama was quiet. we kept asking each other, " eh ni ape ? jumaat ke jemaah ? ". those kind of things, y'know
haha. sivik was BO.RING ! i was doing my sejarah at that time . Aneesa talk talk with Aainaa, sekali dua dua kene panggil bace petikan :D Aneesa salah page :) hahahahhaha, padan muke. justkidding
teacher ended the class early so we sat at the back, lepaking. fahmi took out his drawing
and Fadhli said that drawing looks like me :D mase prefect's night. and Fahmi said, he flashback mase prefect's night, and he drew me
well the drawing wasn't done yet so we'll see the result on Monday , mybe :)
the mouth and the hair belum habis lagi. i wanted that picture and Fahmi wanted to sell it -.-"
so , mase Sejarah, we were suppose to copy the notes on the board. instead, fahmi, aneesa and i , was doing a small business at the back
fahmi wanted to sell the picture for rm10 to rm20 , to me. i thought that was quite expensive
so i asked aneesa and i realized, i should not asked aneesa -.-" cause she said, it is suppose to be rm 80 !
pfft, tau la diorang perdagangan , and i technical -.- nak buat business lagii. haihh
so i told fahmi , he sell it for about rm10 , i'll make all the torturing, hitting, spanking, pinching, less AND i'll let him borrow the Breaking Dawn novel. cause he borrowed my Twilight and finished it

we were doing that useless, shit ass business for and hour , i guess ? lastly, we end it with .. wait for the drawing to finish. if it turns out ugly, it'll be cheaper or mybe im not buying it :)
haha see, typical little Einsteins. loves $$$ hahahaha
here's some best part :

aneesa : alaaa duit bukannye pape punn
fahmi and i : * pandang aneesa then each other *
me : let me rephrase that. * fahmi laughs * hmm , duit bukannye pape pun ? DUIT IS SOMETHING MAAAN ! boleh beli bende smue. jangan main main.
aneesa : alaa, 5 ringgit dapat buat ape ?
me : kalau la kitorang balik lambat, kitorang boleh pegi makbul, order maggi goreng with 5 ringgit. tak useless!
fahmi : yeah , agak laaaa

HAHAHAHA, boleh lagi aneesa ckp duit bukannye pape pun s:

Hazwani who's not into business :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

teenage dirtbags :D

today was funfunfun ! yerpp :)

after the bell rang, i went to the hall. and then announcement, blablabla
we went to the surau later for ustaz's ceramah. HAHA, lawak seyh :D
oh and , aneesa pegi penyekkan semut -.-" kat surau pulak tu. dosa besar
tuh ! HAHAHA
and then , i talked to Anis. bout people, y'know. hehe private a
nd confidential wokay ? lalala

after everything ended at the surau , we went into class. since it was Maths time, everyone was quite relaxed. haha
oh oh , HAQITA ! hahahahahahaha, name cm Jepun je padahal orang die tak jepun. umm like, cekodok hangus right ? Hahaha, ustaz's word ; cekodok hangus ( kesian Amirul )
i was with Fahmi and Danial cause i was bored. so we talked and talked and talked. hehe
siot punye Fahmi sebab panggil i orang gua -.- at first orang tua , i hit him, he changed it to orang gua. i hit him harder :) hahaha, ur welcome dudee

and then i sat on my desk, Fahmi sat on his chair on my right, Danial sat on his chair on my left.
Talked talked talked, then fahmi took out his camera. and i was
like, " OMG ! CAMERA ! aku nak ! "
mcm kanak kanak ribena. hahaha i was with the camera almost all the ti
me. i took lots of pictures
hehe like i said, i cant see a camera. it'll be my prey <:D i was hyper , and i mean VERY VERY hyper with the camera :D sikit sikit, amik gbr ni , and then gbr tu . HAHA. and yeah hyper gile ahhh gelak gelak and all. wooooooo ! :DDDDD like fahmi said, i tekan satu butang , terus cm WOOO . hahaha fahmi siot ah -.- i was famous as THE photographer , suddenly you took a freaking picture yg cm lawa its because of the supermacro JE -.-" hahahaha and then i melaungkan mase dengan camera tu :)) yerp , maca
m beruk dapat bunga o.o haha over all, TODAY WAS GREAT :D SERIOUS SHIT MAAAAAAAAN. HAHAHAHAHA oh and lastly, fahmi took a romantic picture of me and aneesa <3>

im a psychopath :) oh and like zamil said, " teknik teknik takbiratulikhram yg betul" HAHA

those eyes are just my trademark >.<
dont ask me what did danial do. hahaha

she loves me laa <3

fahmi snaps it , i edit it :)

hazwani yg hebat

you're a loser too

attention; hidup semakin bosan dan semakin tak best :|

today, aduih bosan gileee ! Danial didnt come to school so Fahmi was lonely and quiet. Thats why, BOSAN ! and my mood was like stressed up + pissed + etc etc .. YEAH ! grrr
oh and since i had migrain last monday , i cant do some things for now. and if i climb the stairs in school , sesak nafas. ARGHHHHH , CANT LIFE GETS ANY WORSE ?! :@

Yesterday, was quite okay. Pn.Felicity was in a good mood ( THANK GOD ! ) , so her class was fun too *thumbs up*
First ; meja roboh. HAHA ! i'm innocent okay ? i was talking to Danial and Fahmi while putting my head on the desk. suddenly, BAM! , tgk bawah meja, buku smue kat atas lantai. i was like, " oh shoot, im dead ! "
yeahh , SORRY LILIA ! lol :)
and at that time, i was kinda hyper. i got my karangan book and i looked at one of the karangan in the book. there was only a big tick and "A.Baik" . ape lagi, bangga lah !
Me : fadhli fadhli , aku dpt amat baik. tak ade kesalahan. hebat siot karangan aku ni *big fat smile*
Fadhli : *muke dont care*
Me : danial danial , aku hebat . karangan tak ade kesalahan. hehehe
Danial : haa ye ye
Me : fahmi fahmi, look look. i dont have any mistakes for my karangan. cool right ?
Fahmi : * the wth look*
Me : shasha shasha, tgk . i dpt amat baik and tak ade kesalahan for this karangan. cool kan ? *big fat smile*
Shasha : umm tu bukan ke karangan yg kitorang salin dari buku Blog A ?
Me : oh yeke ?! HAHAHHAHAHAHA, padan la tak salah langsung. ahhh bongok nye i . HAHAHAHA
see how hyper i was ? and i kept calling Danial, Fahmi and Fadhli , so they planned not to react to any of my calls. yerp , Fadhli said, " weh jgn layan Hazwani "
sakit hati -.-"

and then , Fadhli was sitting with HER. alone alone la kan. i lepak with Danial and Fahmi.
then i told Danial , " eh jom kacau Fadhli . kita terkejutkan die, ckp " MAKSIAT! ". JOM JOM ! " . Danial agreed :)
so , we surprised Fadhli. FADHLI MELATAH :D ahahahaha. but melatah mencarut punye la -.-" bad influence, puasa tak thumbs up. ish ish ish
so yeah , mmg best kacau Fadhli bile die tgh dating dlm kelas. HAHA XD
oh oh , Fahmi and I usha Bob :D HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA , tak ade keje siot. well, usha Bob, we dont get that hottie pleasure but we laughed.
hahaha what ? usha bob , lawak arh . serious shit !

The Hebat Bishes and Gaylords whom I share laughters with :
Aneesa - tukang buat lawak, HAHA
Fadhli - tukang kene katai "MAKSIAT ! " haha
Fahmi - tukang buat lawak jugak
Danial - best nyanyi dengan die

we're always together at the back of the class <3>

Monday, September 15, 2008

such a bad day

Hello again, losers :) im just bored and im having that blogging mood. Soo, tadaaaa, hazwani here :D hahaha
Today, school was okaaayyyy. Ekkk, NOT ! at first it was okay. cam tralala, cam biase
gelak gelak, blablabla. then Aneesa brought along her fever virus to school -.-" bongokkan dier ?
dah demam, datang sekolah. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, BONGOK BONGOK BONGOK :@ HAHAHA, just kidding
so yeahh, in class smue cm tak ade mood je nak belajar. and i sat like next to aneesa, talked to Fadhli and all
SUDDENLY, i felt dizzy. Yeahh, pening cm pusing gile :s at first i thought it was going to be okay if i just urut urut
but no. i felt like there's something at my throat. it makes me feel like i want to vomit. so i put my head on my desk :|
Pn Zuwaida came in. tak pay attention ow kat ape die ajar. my eyes were like always closed. cause if i open my eyes, i'll feel dizzy. like the class was spinning. @.@
After her class, i went to the back , to my own place. when i stood up, YA ALLAH ! Pening gile babs ah !
Aneesa looked awful maaaan ! hahaha. and then , i cant stand it anymore so i asked fadhli to call my mom. i wanted him to go to the public phone downstairs and called my mom but NO ! he didnt want to
he rather sat beside Shasha then helping. bongok punye kawan -.- i knew him since standard one and yeah. now you know how sial-ish he is. HAHAHAHA XD sorry duddeeee :P
and then cikgu Maarof came in. Fadhli was like, " cikgu maarof, pinjam phone ! nak call mak hazwani. malas nak turun ". yerp, fadhli only do things through the easy way. mhmm, thats my friend -.-"
about 3, my mom and brother came. my mom waited in the car, my brother took care of everything
i went home early. after i arrived home, terus tido. pening gilelelele
umph, so right now, im doing my work while onlining :D and tgh usha satu gbr ni . HAHAHA
kat flickr aswad. ade ah satu gbr ni. kesian Sabrina. ngehehe <:D
if u want to look at it, search for yourself. i boleh letak url kat sini but nnt sabrina marah kang :S hahaha !

hazwani the rockstar 8D

Saturday, September 13, 2008

what a drama

gosh, it has been 13 days of puasa. althought it has been 13 days, every weekends, i'll feel that hungry-ness veryvery fast
but if it is weekdays, i dont really feel the hunger very much :s thats why i dont really like weekends when its fasting month -.-
and also, weekends are quite boring. I can't eat when we're bored ( haha ) and, I dont really go to the shopping mall
i went ou bout 2 weeks ago i guess. YEAHH -.- sumpah rindu gilee ); haha

So anywayyy , oh you know what.. i dont know why, i kept thinking of that poem. SERIOUS SHITEEE' , everytime i read it. over and over again
i know its annoying that i keep reading it over and OVER again. haha. but well, that's happening right now :/
yeah im reading it..
omg, why oh why ? why am i reading it ? well i mean, it is sweet. OF COURSE ITS SWEET ! duhhh :)
haha but i cant find the reason why i keep reading it
okay, i have to stop blabbering bout this. *inhale and exhale air*. umph, okay (:

I feel like i want to type the poem here, y'know. SUMPAH CAM AGAK TOUCHING AND ALL
well mybe for some of you peeps say, " alaa, biase je. bukannye pape pun "
well, he wrote it last year and he made it himself, kat sekolah, mase cikgu tgh ajar, smpai die tak dpt jawab soalan senang dari ckgu. so agak hebat la tu :D haha.
okay, should i copy and paste it here or what ? yes ? no ? yes ? no ? OMG ! -.-" haha
hmm i think i want to. cause cam sayang gile siot kat poem tu :)
kertas poem tu dah koyak rabak, kene air hujan ( HAHA ) , sorry dudeee. i didnt do it on purpose though. ngeehee
at least i still keep it right ? altough you ask me to throw it away. wth, haha
so, here it goes .. :

Lips like scarlet rose petals,
Eyes like devine precious metals,
The love that I feel for you,
Is not matched by those but a few.

When we are together,
My heart's as light as a feather,
And the joy that you bring to me,
Is greater than the wrath of the sea.

At night when I think of you,
And imagine if our hearts will be true,
And if ever we are together,
I beg that you remember,
That I will surrender,
If you be my only lover.

Oh and to the dude who wrote this poem, if you're reading this blog, umm im sorry if i didnt make you happy by saying yes
I just feel its for your own good. IM SO SO SO SORRY );

Hazwani the budak bodoh :|

the extraordinary magical thingyy,

Haha its a weird thing that on thursday, Fahmi didnt laugh like hell with all of us in class. Yerp, weirdd
And he told me that he didnt laugh like hell since that thursday
and he blamed ustaz -.-"
hahaha. so he read my blog and he laughed like hell just cause of my blog :D
yerp, my blog has a laughing gas. ngeee
hey , its time to buka puasa :) i gotta goo
Goodbye people

hazwani :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008


you could have just be honest to me like a man
and i think it wont hurt that much if i know bout it from your mouth
but whatever it is , i think you cant imagine how does it feel like to know the truth
one word to describe it , OUCH

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

tongue twister :D

red lorry , yellow lorry
red lorry, yellow lorry
red lorry , yellow lorry
red lorry, yellow lorry
red lorry , yellow lorry

p/s: Dayang, its a good exercise. I call it ermm ... senaman mulut :D HAHAHA