Friday, August 27, 2010

Take It To The Floor

"We are always running for the thrill of it, thrill of it.."
; Walking On A Dream by Empire Of The Sun.

Just dropping by cause I'm bored to death and I just have nothing else to do. So hello !
I miss those days when I always update my blog. Every day. Then if I don't, Fahmi would brag about it and force me to update. "Update your blog ! I'm running out of reading materials." Haha okay Fahmi, okay.
Am I reminiscing right now ? I guess I am. One thing I miss the most is this :

Futsal with the boys in the morning, to Petronas right after, home to wash up then school. We were a bunch of healthy kids !

Alright, enough of reminiscing cause I can babble about it for so long, I kid you not.

PMR trials started on the 19th til 26th, and I gotta say, it was hell on Earth. Okay exaggerating a bit but I seriously think I did badly. BM was surprisingly shitty. Didn't expect the paper 2 to be that hard ! Lack of knowledge on Perpaduan, I guess. I've nothing to say about English paper 1. I was just too sleepy, I couldn't really concentrate. When the others were discussing the answers, I even went "Oh ada pilihan jawapan tu?" hahaha no, I ain't joking. Ran out of time when I was writing the essay so I'm not hoping for a high mark on my section A. Islamic Studies was alright, albeit there were a few blanks here and there as usual. I'm not gonna say anything about History cause I screwed it up. Geography was a bummer a bit but it was definitely better than History. Maths, Science and KH were the best. There were a few hard questions but I managed to answer most of 'em, thank God :) It's quite impossible for me to obtain 8As for this trials but hoping for at least 6A's, insyaAllah.

Things have been alright, I guess. A lot of things have been going on of course. Now I know how does it feel like to be left hanging. It surprised me to know that feelings could change so fast. So fast as in, within 7 days. First time to witness that. Heck, it proves that it's possible for it to happen right? When I've fallen for someone, that's when things decide to betray me. Why oh why.. Ain't gonna dig about this cause if I do, my mood will be f-ed. Not gonna take the risk :)

I've spent tremendous time with my friends. Safwat's birthday celebration by the pool on the 8th of August, the twins' birthday celebration + buka puasa with the school bunch at Delicious, then buka puasa at OU then Rasta with Azim Faiq Yusra Syafiq Erin Uzair Din Harfiq Danial Saifuddin Mukhlis Safwat. Those times I spent with them took my mind off of things and I thank them for that ♥

Right now, to be frank, I'm completely blank. I have no idea what to write about anymore and I think my f-ed up mood will be paying me a visit anytime soon. I better get my ass outta here ! Bidding you adieu xx

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Of Chance And Luck And Pride

"Where we end up we can never know, and all I know is we seem to be changing."
; Saosin - Changing

This sudden urge to blog brought me here. So hello earth and all whom inhabit it. Miss me ? My disappearance for a month should make you people miss me and my babbles.

You should try listening to Changing by Saosin. The lyric is just good and the song is not bad either. Under that picture is one of the lines I love. Oh and this one ;

This is an act, stop holding back. The things you lost
Cannot replace what's missing.
(replace what's missing)
And from the start you played the part and now your heart's
Become a great deception.

How has it been ?
If you ask me, things have been alright for me. My August started bad, very bad. Everyone has a downfall right ? But I couldn't just let my downfall get in my way and not let me have some fun. Thanks to my optimistic thoughts, I'm fine now :)

Baby Danish is 8 months-old now and he's as cute as ever ! He has mastered the ability to crawl and climb up the stairs. But of course, when he climbs up the stairs, someone has to watch his back. If he falls backwards, Humpty Dumpty in the making please :( I'll definitely spend more time with him since mom said, at this age of his, is the best time to fool around. Albeit, I can't wait for him to grow up. Leng chai la ;)

School has been such a bore. The good thing is that I occupy my free times with a few exercises. Haha I shopped for workbooks and now, I have like a huge pile of 'em. I feel so nerdy, even though I haven't finished even one book. I'll try to finish all of my workbooks. It's a must ! Yes yes (motivated for awhile, this won't last long).

Today is the first day of fasting. Happy Ramadhan and happy fasting, fellow Muslims :) Do more goods, curse less, be a better person and be happy that you can reduce your weight and fats in a month. I'm sure girls looked forward to fasting month cause of the weight loss. Unless, you people feast like you haven't eaten for days once Maghrib enters.
It's just the first day of fasting, I am stoked of course. But I'm sure you people can't wait for Raya right ? Don't deny it cause I can't wait too. To devour mom's rendang with lemang, family gathering. Oh, I love :)
Speaking of family gathering, I'm gonna persuade mom to make one, where all of us buka puasa together-gether. Omg, just what I need !

This is enough after a month abducted by aliens right ? I guess so. Maghrib is entering in a few more minutes. It's time to see everyone's status on MSN stating "buka puasa", as usual hahaha. Alright, flat tummy, say hello to round tummy ! Have a great fasting month, people :)