Thursday, February 26, 2009

So Much Craziness Surrounding Me

PMS hit me in the ass this morning -.-
I think that's why I had a nightmare &%$@#$^
That's not how I wanted to start my day with
An addition to a disastrous morning ; A girl acted like a bitch
I was not in the mood at all ! Even Izreen realized that I wasn't in the mood

Izreen : Asal tgh nangis ?
Me : Mane ade nangis *look at him*
Izreen : Okay, asal tgh bad mood ?

I didn't talk a lot. Although I was sitting with Shasha and all, heck, I was quite
Whatever lah, I'll just blame the PMS and those disturbing thoughts mine

So anyway, when Izreen asked me ' Asal tgh bad mood ? ' , we were sitting on a desk
Yes, on A desk, both of us sat on it. Nasib baik lah muat
His fault cause he didn't wanna get down from the desk
So we argued a bit

Me : Turun la. I duduk sini dulu tadiii
Izreen : And then tadi pegi keluar utk pengawas punye bende tu kan. Haa
Me : So ? I kat sini dulu gak kan
Boon Kheng : You guys look like brother and sister. Dah la tgh gaduh
*Continued arguing*

Haha thank you Boon Kheng -.-
You know what, Boon Kheng even said that we look like brother and sister cause we're wearing specs too
Right Boon Kheng, RIGGGHHHTT hahaha
What the heck, if we do look like brother and sister, I'll be the sister and he's the younger brother >:) That's great

Got few of our papers back ;

BM : 29/40
Cikgu Nik's gonna kill me ! x_x
Science : 43/45
Mr. Nathan has to put a smile on his face for that !
Maths : 99%
That's what Hariz said

BM is a huge dissapointment. I have to pay more attention in class and tuition -.-

I was sorta rushing cause my plan was, Azrie had to arrive at my house by 2.30, from VI
Fikri and Azrie had to be at my house too. So that we can just go off like that
But but but, changed plans
Azrie did arrive at my house. Good boy
But since Fikri was still on his way, I fetched him up near the mobil. Then, had to pick Azrie up
Had to go to BU and you have no idea how I hate searching for someone's house in BU -.-
Turned into a junction and realized it was the wrong way. That happened twice
Since we were riding in Jeff's PERODUA KANCIL (!), dammit it's small, Azrie, Fikri and Azrie sat at the back and my sis and I sat at the passenger's seat and Jeff was driving
Bontot cram ah duduk atas Kakak -.- Serious shit, we were screaming, shouting, argueing
It was a hard time. A really really hard time !
Plus, searching for Sri Aman was hard too
I'm sorry Fikri and Azrie. Especially Fikri, I think if you guys went with LRT, we wouldn't get lost and you guys could have reached Sri Aman early
So, the Sri Aman Idol was okay
Screamed our lungs out and all. Did a wave ;) Hahaha
Nyanyi lagu Belaian Jiwa kuat kuat. Wuish hahaha
And oh oh, us girls, boo-ed the guys at the back cause they didn't continue our wave
Bongok, nak control macho ah tu konon haha
All and all, it was still fun yknow

I'M SLEEPY ! ): Hahaha

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hit The Heartbrakes

Currently listening to ; All-American Rejects - Gives You Hell

Hiphip HOORAY !
Papers haish, Geografi was supercalifragilisticexpiellidotiously *spelling* hard
If I fail or my mark's a huge disappointment, I'll blame the teacher
Who comes into the class just once and didn't even finish the first chapter with us ? -.-
Okay I'll stop complaining about it here
But it seems like the teachers made a mistake on the paper too
I mean, wuish, chapter 2 questions came out ?! Thank God we had to cancel the questions cause I was starting to scratch my head, trying to understand the friggin' question !
Sooo, teachers thought all of us learnt Chapter 2 already but actually we haven't ? I guess that's what happened
Sejarah was okay okay since I studied my ass off that subject
So I hope I score an A for the paper. Cause I've been working so hard on Sejarah :')
Erm despite on the first day of Sejarah I dozed off and for next few days till now, I force my eyes to be wide open
See, I am hardworking after all hahaha
KH. What about KH ? We changed places. So, it was like :

EMPTY Luen Seng Yung Hariz

Me Shasha Izreen Fareez

Something like that lah haha
I actually wanted to ask Shasha for some answers but heck, teacher was at the back. What a party pooper -.- Hahaha
At least, I did my best and 2 questions that I wasn't sure about, I think I got right hehehe
Yeay !
Now, I just have to put very very high hopes on those 3 papers for A's
I mean, I won't put high hopes on Geografi. At all !
You friggin' Geo *&@#$%*!@

I got bullied in school
Got hit on the head by Danial and Fadhli. That's like their hobby in school -.-
And at the bus stop, Izreen put an ice in my shirt
Damn you Rangka !

Okay, I'm going to pray and off to English tuition
Shit, I haven't finish up my tuition homework
Bugger -.-

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quite The Little Escapoligist

Currently listening to ; Jonathan Clay - Back to Good

Don't ask me why, but I'm currently digging my ears and head into Arctic Monkey's songs
I think I'm a music freak. I have to listen to music everyday or else .. or else .. I don't know what will happen lah >:(
Haha so,
Tomorrow's the last day of my agonizing monthly test. JOY TO THE WORLD ! But ... I hate it cause the subjects are like shitty shit


I don't wanna brag but Sejarah ?! Geography ?! KH ?!
Oh God, save me
I can't forget what Pn Rukkumani said : Awak kene dpt A. Tak boleh B. Saya tak terima B. Faham ?!
What the hell right ? It's like da-a-a-am-m-mnnnn
You know what I mean ?
Jom hentak kepala sama sama kat dinding :(
Let's hope the questions are not that mind-turning-twisting and all *fingers crossed*

I'm feeling so geeky cause everyday, I feel like I can't wait to go to school
Okay Hazwani, rajin gila nak pegi skola -.-


Badabing Badaboom,
BM tuition yesterday was funny. Hahaha normal la tu kan
Cikgu Nik sang a song from Ibu Mertuaku. I have no idea what story is that but heck, cikgu nyanyi lawak gila
Hahaha with a deep voice and all. Bravo bravo !
We were suppose to do Ringkasan but I think I was the one who brought up a topic about songs
So, Sofia started singing Lenka - The Show and she started talking about a song by erm.. Girlicious ?

Sofia : Eh korang korang, dgr lagu Girlicious - Stupid Shit ni. Best oh ! Jap eyh cikguu *looking through her phone*
Cikgu Nik was staring at her
Sofia : Jap cikgu jappp. *played the song*

Everyone was listening to the song then... ZAP ! Teacher took her phone

Sofia : EH CIKGU ! Takyah laaaa ! *struggling to get the phone*
Cikgu Nik : Saya suruh buat keje, awak pasang lagu, sape suruh. Hahaha
Sofia : Cikgu, nnt kang ade sms la cikgu
Cikgu Nik : Haa takpe, saya tak baca
Cikgu Nik : Message dari Razif

Screaming and shouting just to get the phone
Teacher saw the message a bit and there was " .... syg "
Hahaha cuak Sofia
Her phone was held hostage by teacher hahaha

And teacher kept imitating Sofia on the part she was saying ' eh eh korang, dgr lagu ni '
Hahahaha sumpah lawak gila. His face expression and all

Me : Sofia ahh -.-
Sofia : HAHAHA eh ape tu ?
Me : Menggelupur ah
Sofia : HAHAHA cmne nak spell and ape maksud die ?
Me : Erm, m e n g g e l u p u r. Die cm gelabah, kecoh lah
Sofia : OHH ckp lagi ckp lagi. Cam tadi tu hahaha
Me : -_________-

Budak tu masalah la -.- Hahahaha

Okay I have to go
Kene tanam ilmu ilmu Sejarah, Geografi and KH dalam otak kecik ni

Rasa cm nak sms orang la ):
Oh ohhh
I miss him, I miss his messages
Menyesal tukar phone ngan my sis. Tak baca his messages, rindu gilaaa laa ):
I want to start a conversation with him but I'm afraid that I'll be disturbing him, yknow


Happy Belated Birthday Amirul Hazeem bin Kamarul Bahrein
Hahaha nama panjang terus
Hey hey, I wished him at 12.04 am on the 23rd of February okay
Ni baru je post blog so, okay lah tu :p
So Hazeem, semoga panjang umur and erm, let's hope your pimples will go away in a flash hahaha

Okay lah, byebyeee :)
Wish me luck on tomorrow's paper

Friday, February 20, 2009

Colour It In

hazwani says:
imhaF says:
u realized wht?
imhaF says:
ure a girl?
hazwani says:
babi -.-

Cute, Fahmi, VERY cute -.-

I've planned for days, to go to library tomorrow ( Saturday ) but everyone seems to be 'busy' or something, I don't know
And, semua lambat bagi jawapan -.-
Cancel je lah
I'll be studying at home then
I have to study the whole Form 1 syllabus for Maths. But damn, I don't have form 1's text book
Chapter 1 for Geography, which I hope I can understand those craps in it. I would love to sue whoever my Geography teacher is cause she came into the class once, ONLY ONCE. So yeah, 2 Edison stucked at Altitud -.-
I hope I can remember everything that's coming out for Agama. How hard it is for me to get A for Agama, seriously :o
History; wish me luck on keeping my eyes open, everytime I flip through those boring pages
I hope I'll be just fine, revising through KH since I always take a long time to remember the tools and all
Last but not least, I think I'll be fine on revising Science and do a bit of exercises on English and BM


School's great !
Hahaha, one day, Harisah, Shasha and I were talking about some crap things
Then we were talking about Jamilah Bond hahaha
Kononnya isteri James Bond lah
And and ..

Nama saya Bon.. Bon Tot.

Izreen is a joker too hahahaha
Too many to list down the jokes maannn
One of them is, for lisan BM, I did syarahan about ' Punca Punca Penyalahgunaan Dadah '
He read mine and changed everything -.-

Yang berusaha tuan pengerusi majlis, blablablaaa. Berdiri saya di sini adalah untuk menyampaikan sebuah syarahan bertajuk ' Dadah Bagus '

And, he started to make his own stories on ' Dadah Bagus '
He said the kinds of how to take drugs ; suntikan and all
And he said, suntikan is the best
Mcm menggalakkan org tau -.- Hahaha
That dude with fish eyes, is full of craps

And in school just now, we sorta didn't study at all
Teachers came into the class but they didn't even teach or revise anything with us
Especially after rehat. After finishing Hafazan till 35 minutes before going home, I was hanging out, talking talking with Izreen and Shasha and Harisah
Hahaha mmg best ah :)

I know I know, this post is soo boring !
I'm just out of words and ideas on what to write
But I hope, by reading what I wrote up there, you know how school is ;)
If you don't, padan muka hang hahaha
Toodles !

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Death Punch

Guess what I've been doing today ?
10 am - 12 noon : Tuition
12 noon - 2 pm : Study
2 pm - 3 pm : Lunch and all
3 pm - 5 pm : Study

I feel so nerdified
I didn't waste any of my time you know. Punctual gila
After tuition, went straight into my room and sticked my ass on my chair
Wuish 8)
And I'm planning to continue study and finish my homework and all tonight, again
I know I know, semangat gila Hazwani study O.O
Hahaha sekali sekala kaann
And monthly test is just next week and I have to get straight A's
Or else ....
I don't wanna talk about it man ! Hahaha

Now, I wanna go outside and watch my brother gardening. And I call that as, torture by my mom
Saya terkecuali daripada berkebun di luar kerana bontot dan kaki saya tgh sakit GILA !



People people, I may be away or if I online, that'll only be for awhile
Due to THE annoying monthly test that's coming in a week
So I'll be burying my head in books
Wish me luck !

xx Hazwani is absofreakinglutely nerdified

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brooklyn Is Burning

I'm exhausted. Extremely exhausted due to the cross country, although I took a nap in the evening
I know I know, of course I'm still so very exhausted. I only took a nap
But but but, it was an hour nap. Quite long right ?
So yeah, I'm exhausted. Plus, my leg hurts. The muscles, omg. Torturting -.-
I wore my tudung but when the cross country started, bukak lah
Haha I wasn't the only one who did that okay so don't gimme that 0mg-you-as-a-prefect-opened-your-tudung look
Somehow, I was so spiritual cause I kept saying

' Azi, Shasha, jom lah lari '

Guess what, I was so bersemangat after seeing those form ones and twos, whom I thought couldn't really be that fast, beating us all at quite a distance !
I was like

' Wadafak, laju gila diorang dah smpai checkpoint and nak balik dah ! '

Yeap, shocking :o
Had to walk back to school. Lepak in front of the kantin, dgr lagu yada yadaaa
Guess what, Merah got 2nd place :D
Screw you rumah Biru hmph ! Hahahaha

1st place : Biru
2nd place : Merah !
3rd place : Hijau
4th place : Kuning

Starting from Penyampain Hadiah ceremony, I was starting to lose my mood
I felt so invicible and annoyed !
I feel like I can't really fit in with the girls. And when I mean the girls, they are Aainaa, Shasha and the others
I don't know. I just dont have the same thinking as them yknow
Most of the time in class, I rather and always spend my time with Izreen and the others. They're pretty much more fun than the girls, seriously
I'm not annoyed about that
I'm annoyed about the fact that nowadays, most guys with girlfriends are just out of their mind or something ?
I mean, is girlfriend a main priority ? Yeah I know, girlfriend is someone you love, means the world, yada yadaa
But it doesn't mean that you can be so useless towards your friends
Especially if you've known that friend of yours for let's see erm .. 7 years maybe ?
What will you feel if you're feeling so bummed and you go to him to let out your feelings. But then he laughed and replied only a word
But if he has a problem, feeling so bummed and I mean, really really bummed, especially when it is about his girlfriend issue thingyy, he comes to me, I helped
Even when I had this someone last year, I didn't do that okay. I helped
Just give some advices or maybe support. Is that hard ?
Hard for you cause I'm just your friend but if it involves your beloved girlfriend, I think it's as easy as ABC
C'mon, snap out of it. You've known me for almost 8 years but you've known your girlfriend for I'll say.. 2 years ?
What a bummer man. Such a cheapstick, you crackhead
I'm out of words about you
I would love to see you go through all of these, whenever you have a big fight with your girlfriend, by yourself. Or maybe with someone else's help
I'm sure you'll be fine cause, aku mintak tolong kau, kau mmg tak guna langsung. Kalau kau mintak tolong aku, mmg dapat free je kann
So yeah, you're pretty much pathetic to me right now

Thanks for reading this piece of shit
Luahan hati je

Thursday, February 12, 2009

You Spin My Head Right Round

Currently listening to : Flo-Rida - Right Round
Sangaaaapppppp ! Haha
Oh and Lady Gaga - Starstruck

In this post, mostly it's about those 2 posts from Fahmi's blog

First, title : Sigh

I told you so many times, stop doing that thing. Go punch the wall or something
I stop cutting myself already so why dont you try it too ? -.-

Second, title : What happened todaee

Yes, Edison is better ;p Einstein tak best lah. Bukti : You guys always come to Edison. Hahaha
Luen and the gang have this kind of habit ; write down something and pass it around. So all of us have to drop a comment
Wednesday, Luen wrote something about, who was feeling sleepy during Sejarah
Guess what, most of the students in the class felt sleepy. Yeap, I'm one of them but I didn't drop a comment
The famous Fahmi's kissing scene. That made Aainaa laughed to tears, hahahaha
Stalked Shasha and Fadhli in class, oh yes
I still remember last year, they were talking to each other then Fahmi and I surprised Fadhli by saying ' MAKSIAT ! '
And he cursed all the waayyyy, hahahaha :')
Old days, old days..

Fah.. I mean, Pop Pop, you suck !
Short is cute okay. Hmph ! Hahaha

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Your Point Of View Is Marked Evil

9th February 2009

Mr. Nathan's Science replacement class was at 11 a.m . So Mom and Dad woke me up at 9 to follow them to have breakfast at Restoran Puteri
So, I did
Normal Science class but stayed back at Sarbina's house till 3 o'clock
Played Guitar Hero and well Sofia, you suck ! Hahahahaha
Then we played Resident Evil. Sabrina kept saying ' Game ni scary. I main smpai terjerit jerit '
And honestly, I didn't really get it. A GAME, scary
Terbuktilah, mmg scary -.- Hahahaha. What won't give you a heart attack if you're playing a game and when you turned around ( in the game ), suddenly a zombie was right in front of you and killing you. Get me ? Haha
God, that game gave me a heart attack. We were screaming our asses off, pushing each other, pausing the game each time a zombie came
And I think we were dead for around 7 times ?
Rockstar habis 8)
Oh and, BR's World Class Choc sedaaaappppp ! :9

10th February 2009

Rushed to Aainaa's house after school for the Oral English thingyy ( drama )
Tgk tgk, Aainaa ade tuition dulu -.-
So there were Shyahirah, Aneesa, Azwin, Shasha and Me at the Rose Room
We weren't really doing anything at first. Just talked about stuff and copied down our parts and all
THEN, we practiced. It was great ! Spontan :p
Actually, we spent only a little time on the Oral
Most of the time, we just talkedtalkedtalked at the table. We even played Ice and Water inside the room. Hahahaha
We continued playing the game after Aainaa came too, took a short rest and practiced Oral and yet, it was better !
Hopefully we'll present it just like how we practiced ;)


Suddenly, I miss my cousins - Jalil and Asif
Hahaha. I remembered the last time we had BBQ. Everyone was there
Me, my sis, my brother, Jalil, Asif, and my sister's boyfriend
We spent our time outside, playing guitar, sang, talked about everything
Rindu ah :')

Oh attention people,
I maybe kurang online nowadays
Since my parents put a certain time only, when I can use the laptop and all -.-
Whatever lah, online pun dah cam semakin bosan sikit

I have to stop reading all the conversations man
Lagi tambah rindu ada lah -.-' Hahahha

xx Rasa cm tak sabar je nak pegi skola esok :s

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Don't You Fake It

First monthly test is coming in 2 weeks time
Dammit, just around the corner and guess what, my class just started studying Geo this week
I guess I'll just study Geo on my own. Lagi advance :p Hahaha
History pulak, I think I have to start reading it cause I feel like there's nothing about History in this tiny head of mine
Science, I think I can catch up on that since Mr. Nathan to the rescue ! Hahaha
Maths, not really a problem since Integers and all are not really hard
BM, I'm having a hard time on the Paper 2 ( God, save me ! ) and same goes to English
Agama, I haveee to reaaaddddd, just like History
KH, oh God, don't remind me lah
Okay okay , to make things clear, I SERIOUSLY HAVE TO START STUDYING !
I haveee to stick my ass on my chair using Gam Gajah. Yeah, that's a good idea I guess :)
And shorten up my time in front of this purdy laptop ( purdy la sgt -.- )
Oh well, I should get started on my homeworks and then , revision
Maybe later lah. Hahahahaha

Oh and tau taaaakkkk ,
Everyone's being such a pain in the ass -.-
Satu hari, baik gilaaaa and all. Then the next day, dah cam sial. Bodobooo ah

Oh damn, I bet tomorrow will be a busy day for me :/
Tuition in the morning and off to whoever's house for Oral English thingymajiggy
Uhhh, thank God BM tuition is cancelled
And then, on Tuesday, Pelantikan Pengawas thingyy. I dont know why but I'm scared of going on the stage
Cuak !

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Take It To The Floor

It is Saturday but I had to wake up early, to go to SCHOOL
We had this forum thingy and prefects WAJIB pegi. So I went around 8
I didn't even pay attention actually. I was staring here and there
It ended around 11
At home, I had to do some chores. Hahaha, I was still wearing my baju kurung ( without the kain but I wore hot pants okay )
In the evening, went to Ikano and Curve with my mom and maid. I wanted a lot of things but too bad, my mom didn't wanna buy anything for me :(
I started to feel tired and all. So I planned to take a short nap when I arrived home but when I was sitting in front of this laptop, right hereee, my mom called

Wani, tolong mama gardening kat depan

Oh-Ma-Gaaa, it didn't reach 10 minutes after I put my ass on my chair okay
I had to change my clothes, tie my hair and drag my weak body outside
Somehow, when I stepped outside, I didn't feel tired anymore
I was laughing my ass off and that happened because my mom made stupid jokes -.-
Sooo I had to climb here and there to cut the branches and all, fuuuhhh

Maa , gerenti ade muscle tau nnt *tunjuk kat tmpt kaki and tgn punya muscle*
Hahahaha baru sehari buat , ingatkan akan dpt muscle eyh ? Tgn ngan kaki dah la takde muscle. Cam bantal busuk je
HA-HA -.-

I was on this small stairs and was cutting pokok bunga kertas punye branches, using this big 'scissors' thingyy ( berat okay )
Thennn ..

Adik, adik tgh potong pokok semue ni, takde ke lelaki minat ? Yg cm ' wow, budak ni rajin gardening, tolong mak lah '
Hahahaha, ntah , tak kot. Semue cm sombong je, pfftt. Or tua tua je, hahaha
Elelele, mesti ade punyeeee
Haa haa, yg naik motor ni npk hot je Maa hahahaha
Ni gerenti mat salleh, npk cm putih, naik motor cm sports haaa
*tgk tgk org cina*
Maaa , salah org lah ! Lain lain ! Hahahaha. Hmm, takpe la. Wani tak nak sesape *muka bangga*
Alaa, mama tau Wani tak nak sesapeee. Wani nak *insertname* jee. Hahaha
MAAA, GILA STRAIGHT FORWARD ! Sssshhh, nnt org dgr. Die tinggal dekat je pulak tu

Mama mama *geleng kepala*

Okay right now, I'm tired, sleepy, YEAH !
But before that, you should watch this
Azrel told me to watch this and I couldn't agree more, that it's funny, really REALLY funny HAHA


Toodles :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just A Twist In My Story

Oh y'know what, just now in school for Science period, we dissected a cow's eye
Normal but yeah. It was fun, dissecting it, looking at this vitreous humour and all ( oooo )

But well, school was sorta nothing. Just normal
Free periods, talked talked and talked with Izreen, Shasha, Azwin semue lah



Currently listening to - Tynisha Keli - I Wished You Love Me
From Lilia's blog

How can someone make me so sad but still I only want them (you) to stay
I wanna say I love you so bad, but I dont wanna scare you away
Please I wish that you'll understand
That I wanna be more than just your friend
I wish you loved me

I asked some of my friends, ' Why do I have butterflies whenever I see his name pop up, online ? '
I just realized, I'm the only one who can answer that question cause it's a matter that involve feelings ? Yeaahh
Someone answered my question though. He said ' Maybe you've fallen for him head over heels '
Mmmaybe it's true
But it's not my fault to think negative. I mean, I am pessimistic
Is that why I always think that it's such a waste of time to put any hope and keep my fingers crossed about this ?
Is that why I always think that me and him, won't be like last year ? Hey Mr. , you have no idea how I felt last year, throughout the months. It's as if, you made me feel like I was on top of the world
C'mon c'mon, should I blame myself for being so pessimistic ? Or is it just that, it's obvious that he doesn't like me ? Hmm..
Sometimes, I'll feel wrong to have a conversation with him. It feels wrong but I have to talk to him. He makes me happy, I guess ?

I'm gonna stop now

Geez, hari ni semue perangai cm sial je, seriously
Sorang sorang cm carik pasal. Babiii -.-

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Extraordinary Much

Didn't I tell you that BM tuition with Cikgu Nik is great ? No ?
Okay, I'm telling you right now :O Hahaha


Teacher was marking our karangan on Penyalahgunaan Dadah

Hahaha cikgu, ape ni markah saya 23.276 ? [ i think la 23.276 ]
Ye lah, nak bagi berapa lagii
Sabrina, kalau cmtu markah you 23 per 40 lah tu
Takpe la cikgu, nnt saya liquid number ni semue...
*pandang Sabrina*
Okay lah, takpe

Cikgu, asal saya dpt D-- cikgu ?! Okay ape karangan saya. 3 perenggan takde kesalahan, yg lain, salah sikit je
Karangan awak merepek repek. " Dadah itu ialah dosa besar ". Orang menagih dadah yg dosa
HAHAH tp cikgu , tu satu je
Karangan tak lengkap. Penutup takde
Okay lah, markah saya berapa cikgu ? :D
*wrote down, 14.411 per 40*
CIKGU, ASAL 14.411 ?!
Hehehehe :D
Suke eyh you -.-

Whatever it is, I give a two thumbs up on that tuition :D


Oh God, I miss last year so so so so much
Just now in class, Shasha, Shyahirah and I were talking about Pink Panther and yeah of course, teringat kat Fahmi la kan
Last year he always act as that Clouseau ( however to spell it ) guy, HAHAHA lawak gilaaaa

In my pockets, there are couples of hampfrttpfrrtr
Something like that, HAHA

Yeap, rindu gila :')
At least once in awhile Fahmi naik class 2 Edison. Paid a little visit kan Fahmi kan ?
Eleh, I know you always come into 2 Edison cause you miss me ! HAHA

Okay okay, I have work to do -.-
Tatatititutuuuuuuu ! - Ayat rekaan Cikgu Nik, on saying goodbyes HAHA

Monday, February 2, 2009

Stick Stickly

It's 2nd February and well,


I sms-ed her :

EpI BeSd@Y AaINa@ ....!!!! ~~

Specially for you, again ): when boredom strikes. i tau you tak tido lg ehehe kantoi !

HAHAHAHAHHA, we always talk about mecen and their famous and rock kapak language okay



Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Blank Static Screen

31st January ;

Went to the library. Planned to go at 1 or 1.30 but ended up going at 2 cause Sabrina was at Subang and Fadhli's dad was at the masjid
Met Farid and Khidhir there. Majid, Izzud and the others were there too but only Farid and Khidhir studied with us
We did study but not for the full 2 and a half hours there hahaha
I did study at first but after Fadhli came, oh let's just say, my KH book was wide open but I wasn't looking at it. I was busy talking with Fadhli instead
I think the guard was sorta interested at our group, since she kept walking past by -.- Heck, it was annoying
Even Sabrina got scolded by her

Adik, duduk betul betul. Awak tu perempuan
Sabrina, you duduk cmne ?
I duduk cm biase lah
Eeee, masalah !

We did study though and I was with my serious face, revising Science hahaha
Around 4.30, I wanted to get out of there cause the guard was creeping me out !
Lepak lepak outside the library for awhile and Majid's group was making a lot of noise

Guard : Dik, boleh diam sikit tak ? Kenapa buat bising kat luar ni ?!
Them : *buat bodoh*
Guard : *tutup pintu library*

HAHAHAHA ! Then we went to the playground beside the library and at 5, spotted Sabrina's car so I had to run with her to the library
Blablabla, Fadhli, Khid and Farid tumpang
Oh and Khid, Farid, my mom thought you guys were in the same class with Fadhli -.-"
NO COMMENT, hahahahha


1st February

Oh God, January sudah berakhir, school's opening this Tuesday and thank God January had been great ;)
Form 2 was mm form 2 haha. Birthdays, LOTS ! Studies, okay okay but I have to read Sejarah again and again, and I hope Geography starts this week. No teacher came in for Geography in the month of January and monthly test starts in around 3 weeks
I know, I can study myself but dammit, I left my Geography text book in school
Such a waste, no ? KILL ME !

Woke up at 9 ( I've been waking up between 8.30 and 9 a.m, and that's weird okay :s ), cleaned my room since mom said it's messy
I can't see what's so messy about my room yknow
Started studying at 11 cause I just realized that I actually have a lot of homeworks plus with karangan BM for tuition
So I did my homeworks and revised til 2 o'clock
Yes, I sticked my ass on my chair for 3 hours :D
Had lunch and helped mom baked brownies. I have no idea why I failed to break the eggs perfectly -.-
I think because my brother kept saying ' telur pecah punya, telur pecah punya ' , when I was breaking it. Screw you Harris
Whatever it is, the brownies turned out finger lickin' good :9
Speaking of brownies, I better get a piece !