Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Song For The Optimists

Currently listening to ; Socratic - May I Bum A Smoke

You can get sick of shit
But shit will never get sick of you

Lyrics lagu tu, memang aku tabik lah :D
Cun gila hahaha

Anyhooo, school was normal
There was no electricity in our class ONLY -.-'
Panas tu panas but kalau complain panas byk byk kali, lagi la panas. Betul tak ? Betul tak ? :D

Harisah : Panas siaaaaalllll ( tudung dah bukak setengah and tgh kipas diri sendiri guna buku )
Me : Kalau you complain banyak banyak kali, lagi la panas. Tengok I, tak complain banyak, tak panas pun :D
Harisah : Oh okay okay. Sejuuukk siaaallll
Me : Asal tak ckp ' sejuk siaal, cm kat north pole ' -________-"
Harisah : Hehehe

Then, Izreen didn't talk to me and Harisah at all
I think it was a dare
So I didn't really give a flying tuck cause I wasn't really in the mood anyways
I was feeling nauseous and no, I don't eat my medicine at all
Wait, I don't even have any medicine. I haven't even see the doctor although I've been vomiting since last week ( No, not pregnant thank you very much. Am still a virgin hahaha )
Ada orang tu dah marah cause tak makan ubat :p

My parents don't care so I told him

Me : Nak makan ubat pun i tak nak
Mr. Anonymous : Eh makan la ubat. You kan doctor, tak kan takut makan ubat kot. Haha :p
Me : Bukan takut, just tak nak. My parents bukannye bawak i pegi jumpa doctor so cm, why should i bother to eat medicine. Betul tak ?
Mr. Anonymous : Alaa, jgn ckp cmtu. If your parents tak kesah, i kesah. Makan ubat tau ! (:
Me : You kesah ? Hmm kalau i tak nak makan gak ?
Mr. Anonymous : Kalau you tak makan jugak, i pegi rumah you then i gigit telinga you. Confirm lepas tu you makan terus. Haha

Kan dah kena paksa :O Hahahaha
Alaaaa, dia ni, unpredectable betul la. Haha :)

Anywaayyy (!) ,
After rehat was a total bore !

Oh oh, after school, at the bus stop, ada budak kena sawan

Hafiz Firuz : Wani wani, tgk, ada kaki kat bawah tu
Me : Of course la ada -.- Orang berdiri kan ish
Hafiz Firuz : Tak tak, ada budak terbaring. Orang cakap dia kene sawan *pushing me towards the crowd*

I was in total shock cause I remembered Sofia and Sabrina told me yesterday, about a girl in their school. Kena sawan gak
Geez it was scary. But at the same time, sedih gak tgk situation budak tu :'(

Azi followed me back cause we were going back to school later
I quickly bathe and hair-dried my hair, while talking talking and talking with Azi
The, Harisah came. She made us late somehow -.-
Nak kemas kemas barang, nak tukar baju and lots more. Pfftt

At first, we walked to Mosin and met with Najib and Rafi. Terjumpa la
Ate and talked, yada yadaaaa
Around 3.45, we arrived in school. Tengok la Pandu Puteri kawad

Danial and Fadhli called around 5.10 pm and asked me to join that at Sulei
I rather spend my time with them than just watching the girls march so I agreed
Danial and Hakim fetched me at school and we walked to Sulei
Fadhli didn't fetch me too cause he went to Kumon to see Shasha
Hohoho, jumpa Azrie and Omar Faisal there

Babi ! Fadhli ajak je orang and cakap lepak Sulei. Tengok tengok, dia bukannya datang pun. Sial betul ! Bengang sial. Yg paling penting Shasha je. Lahanat

Since tomorrow's Azrie's birthday, nak pogo guna air Kickapoo since I was drinking that water
But he was fast. He grabbed my drink and Hakim's and started spraying the water to us
Nasib baik kena sikit je. Lekit pulak tu -.- Shitty shit shit
I found a big bottle of mineral which had like a quarter quantity of water
So, I just simbah air tu since he didn't even tried to run away
Damn it, I didn't finish up the water so there was a bit
Ape lagi, dia simbah kat I lah -.-

Whatever it is, I'm tired but I did have a good day :)
At least, I spent time with Danial Rezman. Dah berzaman tak lepak and menyanyi dengan dia
Rindu laaaaa :(

In advance ,

Happy Birthday Wan Azrie bin .. ( I don't know what's your father's name :s )
You seriously look like Aaron Johnson in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snoggings
Oh whatthehell, you're still a gay ass, blur ass, pain in the ass guy to me
And I can't believe it you're 15 -.- You are tall but DAMN ! Hahaha
Anyway, happy birthday la gila :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

May I Bum A Smoke ?

Currently listening to ; Skillet - The Last Night

As you all know, I've been having a rough week
I've been spending my days, alone, in my room
Emo shit kan ? Hahaha
What the heck, I couldn't do anything about it
A lot of disturbing things were in my mind. This and that. Shitty shit shit yknow -.-

[ Insert : Oh oh, ayat dgn Razif - piggy piggy shit :D
Hahahaha ]

Today made everything upside down, vice versa, not as usual hahaha
Made cupcakes !
So so, at first, I was asking mama on what to bring, how to do and all
After we took care of that, off to pick Sarah and Sofia from OU
Then then then, off to Sabrina's house
Sumpah panas gila -.- Dah la bukak gate lambat hahaha *sweats*

I think that was the first time we did a lot of noise. Considering that whenever her parents were at home, we couldn't make a lot of noise -.-
And now her parents are off for Mekah
So kami perempuan, buat bising lah :D

We measured the recipes and all. When we were suppose to beat the butter, sugar and essence, suddenly the beating machine won't work. I mean, that thing yg cm to beat the things yknow ? Okay whatever hahaha
So Sofia and Sarah were sweating bullets *dramatic ah sikit* cause they had to STIR the mixture
Sah boleh dapat muscle lah hahaha. Because cm you know, it felt heavy
Thank God Dina's friend checked on us and tgk Sofia was working her butt off on stirring that thing
So Dina's friend pasang that thing yg to beat and boleh pulak masuk -.- Anti kitorang kot hahaha

Afer using the beating machine, our mixture wasn't perfect but it was okay
Yummy, that's for sure :D
We did a lot of 'experiments'
Hahaha icing, main bantai je recipe die
Butter, sugar and vanilla essence. Tak mcm icing langsung hahaha
The Dina's friend told us to add milk. Then it was okay
Another mistake was, we were suppose to use icing sugar. Instead, we used caster sugar. HAHA
Mmg tak hancur la sugar tu
But whatever it is, they turned good, finger licking good :9

We cleaned the kitchen. Sparkling clean, squeeky clean ! Hahaha wadafak ?

Our plan of going to Sulei was cancelled since it was raining
So we started talking and talking outside but to me it was so crowded. Beside me was a wall, behind me was a car and on my right was Sofia. Hahahahaha mmg crowded ah :p
We went to the balcony outside the tv room and we started talking about Radit & Jani :')
Yada yada yadaaaa, petir kuat gila babiiii !
I was turning deaf *dramatic again* Hahahaha
We panicked so we went inside

Tukar tukar tempat kan ? Sah nanti banyak suami. Hahahaha !

We talkeeeedddd agaaaiiiinnnnn. Petir and guruh kuat gilaaaa and we could see the thunder punya light thingy
So, since petir and guruh cm BOOM BANG, we did scream :O Hahaha
We went to Sabrina's room after that. Blablabla, then dinner. After that, lepak again in Sabrina's room
A lot of conversations though :) Haha
Around 9, my brother picked me up

And oh oh, guess what ! My mom said the cupcakes were quite good
Kembang hidung and bontot ah :D Hahaha


Rocking ah kalau ade payung cmtu :D Hahaha

Anyway ;
Shitty shit shit, my cursing habit is getting worse ! Alert alert, warning warning, omg omg :O
I have to start slapping myself and force myself not to curse
Except for, if I'm absofreakinglutely pissed off lah. That's exceptional la :p Hohoho

And and, I think I have to get my head off of all these problems
Especially those which involves that Mr.
Impossible and pretty hard but I've got to try ? :/
Damn it !

P/S : Masih rindu la gila ): Yknow, rindu orang disana. Haihh

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Izreen : Tutup lampu semue for an hour, mengundang perompak ade ah
Me : Hahahahaha

Come to think of it, it's sorta true and it can be true
Not trying to be all negative but
This neighborhood gives me the creeps cause there have been a lot of break-ins cases
Doa doa je lah, rumah ni tak kene break-in
Heck, I'll be holding a baseball bat throughout the hour
I'm dead serious *frowning*

Other than that, yeah, switch all of your darn electricity
Or else, I'll hunt your ass down >:(


School had been same ol', same ol'
I mean, almost half of the class, GONE
No, I don't mean like abducted by aliens or something. *okay, that's so lame -.-*
3 of them went for basketball competition ( which they lost HAHA )
While most of them went for choir shits

We didn't really open our books. We brainwashed the teachers, saying,

Cikgu, banyak org takde dalam class. Kalau cikgu ajar, nanti cikgu kene ulang balik cause yg lain miss the lesson

It works on our Geo teacher :)
We also had free-periods. No relief teachers. Now that's what I call GREAT !
Anyhoo, here's a random conversation between us, the Gang Belakang Class - Me, Izreen, Harisah, Aidil, Hariz and Boon Kheng

Izreen : *Talked about moshing and stuff*
Harisah : Bayangkan ade local band yg nyanyi lagu screamo. Gerenti lawak hahaha
Me : Eh ade kot. Yg lagu Berong tu kan, Izreen ?
Izreen : Ha ah
Me : Band yg The Padangs pun screamo gak
Izreen : Bodoh gila name die hahaha
Harisah : HAHAHAHA The Padangs ? Asal tak Rumput je ?
Me : Tau takpe ! Pokok kelapa ke ape kan ? Nak gak The Padangs

Random gila siot -.-

I was holding Izreen's untied shoelaces and he was holding mine
We were pulling each other's shoelaces and were saying ' Lepaskan then baru I lepaskan your tali kasut '
Hahahaha then I was gripping his shoelaces and his middle finger

Izreen : That seriously looks wrong
Me : O.O

Faham tak ? Hahahaha kalau tak, takpe lah

So, a few people told me that Izreen and I look like siblings
Let me get this straight
Hmm, Izreen looks like my little brother and I'm like her sister
I like the fact that I look like a SISTER but that's just wrong !
HAHA he sucks
But sometimes Izreen makes me feel like I'm his friggin sister for pete's sake -.-

Balik time, I was walking with him

Izreen : Eh I nak beli air
Me : Pegi la, tak kisah pun -.-
Izreen : Alaaa teman laaa
Me : Buat ape ? Pegi la beli sendiri. Nak org teman pulak
Izreen : *with his annoying and childish voice* Alaa teman laa, pleaseee
Me : Ish, fine fineee

You see what I mean ?!


Hey Mr. , I've got a confession to make,
I miss you :/
Da da da dum

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Never Be Replaced

Yesterday was my birthday. Yes, 23rd March :D
Thank God, in school tak kene pogo. But, kene bully dgn Izreen
He hit me a lot of times and whenever I wanna hit him back, he said ' Eh, it's your birthday '. That made me change my mind on hitting him -.-

Anywayy, a lot of people wished me
A few gave me birthday presents. Dari segala bentuk lah hahaha ; video, drawing, money
Yeah and I would like to say, Thanks everyone :D I really really appriceate it
Anyway, here are the wishes, video, drawing and all :)

Sofia and Sarah. Eeqa took the video <3

A big fat ass thanks to Fahmi for the drawing
And this drawing is from Fahmi of course, Naufal Azim, Amirul Hakim and Hafiz Firuz a.k.a Atish

Wan Azrie gave me RM 100 on Saturday :)

Kakak gave me a shirt from Ti-Zed

*click to enlarge*

Wishes ; text messages :

Danial Ariff ; 11.29 pm
Weh i ngntk ah, wish awl ah. hppy birthda, ciau.

Dydy ; 11.46 pm - she wished at around 8 pm, called again at 11.40 pm and sent another text :o
Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthday hazwaneee ! Jgn jd budak sial tauk kalau dh 14 ni. Haha ;p

AzrieGeyot ; 11.56 pm
Happy birthdayy ! Ececen sukaa je hahaha (:

Fikri ; 11.58 pm
Happy Birthday Hazwani !! I tahu you tgh tunggu i nak wish you kan ? Haha.

Azrie Gay ; 11.59 pm
Happy birthday hazwani

Azrie Gay ; 12.01 am
Fuck tak on time. Buat penat je i stay up :p . Anyway may all ur wishes come true. I hope u kena pogo again today at school :D

Saidatul ; 12.06 am
Happy Birthday Hazwani !! :D

Fikri ; 12.08 am
Haha. Ampun boss *muka cuak* . Haha. Eyh lupa plak. Semoga dirahmati oleh Allah !

Zahin ; 12.12 am
Hepy bday, wani ! :)

FahmiGay ; 12.21 am
Happy Birthday !

Aimi ; 12.26 am
Happy 14th birthda hazwani !! =) waaa, sume cm da birthday da kn ? i je blom =( hehe! gudnite dear! sory kacau u tido x)

Anis ; 12.32 am
eh eh, lmbt skit, happy besday banana

Danial MND ; 12.50 am
Bunny ! Happy 14th birthday ! May Allah bless u with happiness and joy to yr life.. Happy birthday skinny =)

Sarah MZ ; 6.41 am
Hazwanii ! Happy 14th Birthday ! :D Have a blast alright , iloveyoumorethaneverything hahaha. Again , HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ! :)

FadhliPop ; 12.25 pm
Weyh, happy birthday. Sorry aku lambat. Takde credit. Hehe. Anyway, happy birthday. 7 tahun aku kenal ko O.O gila lama. Kau larh kawn baik since std. 1 and plg gila :s and and aku sayang kau. Aku tau ko syg aku. Hehe, anyway, enjoy yr birthday :)

Izzuddin ; 2.29 pm
Hoi.. br teringat ari ni birthday u so happy birthday :)

EeqaBarney ! ; 3.16 pm
Hazwaniii ! Happy bdayyyy ! Sorrrryyyy i wish lmbt :( smlm i tido kot awal hehe . Happy bday ! I loveee youu dudette :p haha

HazeemSepet ; 4.34 pm
Happy b'day !! :D

Intan ; 7.42 pm
Hazwanii ! Sorry sorry mcm lmbaaat gla :/ HPPY HPPY 14th BDAAAY , baybay ! ;D May all yr wishes come true <3>

Azrel ; 10.41 pm
Hazwani ! Happy Birthday :D Sorry wish lambat. I doakan semoga panjang umur and and gudluck in life. Senyum sampai telinga slalu (: Nite nite.

Sabrina ; 11.40 pm - called and wished me at 6.30 pm but nak jugak hantar sms
Dear hazwani tersayang :D, sorry saya wish kamu lmbt. Setinggi-tinggi sorry :( Saya lupa date apa today. Jikalau awak tidak keberatan, saya ingin membuat 'speech'. Dnt wrry, sepatah dua kata saja :) Hzwni, my best friend since std. 1 . You were a bitch, u knw tht ? Haha. Gaduh je, mesti buli i en ? You and dayang -.- Time passes by so fast. Ure fourteen now. Aww, dah tua :') Ilaap you kawan. Thnks fr being there whenever i need you. You're my best worst nightmare. Again, i'm sorry i wish lmbt. Hope you hve a great bday thought its ending. Ada pantun untuk you. Heehee.
Pisang emas dibawa belayar,
Engkau handsome mcm buaya,
Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan
Kerana hazwani my best rakan
Hahahahaahahahahaha. I jst made that up. HAHAHA. I lap you <333

AsyrafAzhari ; 11.54 pm
Happy birthday Hazwani ! :DDD, im the last person to wish, wheeee.

End of happy birthday text messages :)
Yg pantun Sabrina tu sumpah tak rhyme and tak masuk akal sikit HAHA. Rojak pulak tu -.-
And Acap menggedik nak jadi the last person to wish. He said, being the last person to wish, I'll remember him easily cause he's the last person. Get me ? Hahaha

After I came back from tuition,
My sis blindfolded me and brought me to the back
I thought my sis, brother, mom, Jeff and my maid were going to pogo me or something :s
But surprise surprise ! When my sis opened the blindfold, there was a cake :)
And after I blew the cake, Jeff popped this thing, keluar cm colourful strings and all
Then, had KFC. Finger licking good hahaha

So so so,


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hiding Inside That Horrible Mask

I've been planning on hanging out with the buddums at OU since Monday
I've been panicking, thinking ' What if it'll turn out to be boring and we won't have anything to do ? '
I shouldn't have bothered on panicking and all lah actually hahaha
Because, it turned out to be great :D

Picked Izreen up at his house and off to OU with Sofia in the car too
Luen went there at 11.30 a.m and sorry Luen cause we went there around 12

"I'm sitting here.. Alone.. So.. Awkward"

Hahaha Luen send a text saying that, to me
Met up with Fadhli and Azrie at the arcade. Then, off to Nandos
There were,

Me Izreen Fadhli Sabrina Sofia Luen Azrie

Izreen senyum sampai ke telinga, cause we were eating at Nandos ! Hahaha
After all our stomach was full, off we went to the arcade
Sabrina was the one with all the spirit

"Eh jom main Daytona" "Eh jom main tembak tembak" "Eh jom main basketball"

Yeap hahaha. When I was playing Daytona with Sabrina, Izreen changed place with me since I can't make the friggin' car to the right way -.-
So I watched them play Daytona and was texting Danial Ariff, since he was at OU too
Suddenly, someone tapped my shoulder and yes, it was Ariff
He said I look different. I didn't get to ask him, what does he mean by different, cause Sabrina dragged me with her to buy the tokens
He was missing in action when I got back. He went to OSC

Anyway, after spending our time at the arcade, we went to karaoke jamban

" Tgk muka Izreen, dah tak comfortable cause mecen punya pasal. Hahaha "

He disagreed on going to karaoke jamban. As you all should know, die anti-mecen. Same goes to his brother
Izreen said, " Mesti la anti. Nak jaga reputasi ". Hahaha
Karaoke was great ! I mean, yeah. We were screaming and shouting in a singing way, yknow ? Hahaha
Sorry but I can't really remember the songs
At first, we sang 5 songs, Sarah came with Harreyka
Went to play foosball. Sumpah sucks gila hahaha
Since Sarah joined us already, kena la lagi bersemangat and all :p
We went karaoke again and again, it was crazy
Damn it, my backbone spoiled the fun -.- I had to sit down for a while while Sarah, Sofia and Sabrina were jumping, dancing and all grrrr
Eeqa, Fendi and Razif came and after losing our voices, we wanted to fill our stomachs again, so jetty was the right place :D Haha
Azrieee ttdi called, asking me where was I. So he came to Jetty with Fikri and Ariff
The others went to the rooftop first while Sarah, Sabrina and I sat there and talked to Azrieee, Fikri and Ariff ( a bit ) for awhile
Unfortunately, Ariff had to go home early
We didn't really do anything at the rooftop. Just this and that haha
It was 5.30 pm already so we just walked around OU
I didn't get to buy anything from Forever 21 although I had money and I was in the shopping mood ):
Oh what the heck, there's still next time, I hope
At 6 o'clock, we went to Sulei

Sorry Sarah cause tertinggalkan you ! :/

Guess what, Fadhli ajak us to go to Sulei to pogo me -.-
Dimwit betul hahaha
I thought we were just hanging out there and all. But no, I was wrong
I was talking on the phone with Sabrina. She couldn't join us at Sulei
Anyway, then Fadhli called me to join him and the others
When I was walking towards them, they were smiling and a lot of things came through my mind. One of it was kene pogo
I was hesitating cause I saw a plastic near them and Sofia and Fadhli was putting their hand inside the plastic
I was unlucky I guess. Izreen was holding me and the 'fun' began grrr
Mcm kene hujan tepung hahaha
Rambut mcm beruban, baju part warna hitam jadi cm grey. Blegh
We were throwing flour to each other and I got Sofia's plastic bag of flour hehehe
After our flour finished, we settled down a bit
And the cardigan that I was wearing, if I shake it a bit, flour's everywhere
So I just shake it at Sarah since she was clean, flour-free :p
So we were at the Sulei til 7.20 pm like that

And guess what, althought I already took my bath and all, there's still hardened flour in my hair :@
Seriously, susah nak hilangkan cause dah keras kot

All and all, today was fantastico ! :D
Pogo was just wrong ! Hahahaha but it was great, although my birthday is on Monday -.-
Well, thanks guys :) Sayang korang ah <3 You guys made everything merrier But the worse part is, there are people missing in action
For example : Dayang, Sabrina and Rafieqa :(

So, here are some pictures ;

I am sleepy right now. I think it's because it's 3.28 a.m ( 22nd March )
Wow, I've been writing this post since 11 pm just now. Oh whatever hahaha
Shit, Sofia and Eeqa dah tido -.-
Alright, byebyee and erm.. Good Morning ? Hahaha

Since it's already 22nd of March,

Baru fourteen years old. Belum sweet sixteen lagi -.- Hahaha gila

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Under The Radar

Currently listening to ; Liz Phair - Why Can't I

Yesterday ; Airport

Me : Bah, passengers and staff je boleh masuk situ
Babah : Ala masuk je lah. We're Malaysians and Malaysians break the rules *smiling*

Haha wow. I thought my dad don't break rules yknow
Cause whenever he's driving, he won't even speed up although the traffic light is only yellow

Something I learn yesterday ;

If you know that your mom is going to drag you somewhere which you have to wake up early in the morning, like 6 a.m, don't sleep late !

I did a huge mistake maannn
I knew my mom was going to drag me to the airport, since she's going to Chiang Mai (north Thailand)
But I was so sure that if I don't wanna go, she will drag my brother (hey, I don't wanna wake up at 6 a.m on holidays okay. That's just wrong haha)
So I slept at 3 a.m . I hate myself for being so sure that she will drag my brother, not me
Unfortunately, she dragged ME. Grrrr
You have no idea how my face and my eyes looked like. Muka steam gila -.- Mata mcm panda
I looked like I was sleep walking
So yeah, I slept in the car ( I WISHED I SLEPT IN THE CAR )
My mom was talking to me throughout the journey to the airport. I can't just doze off

Mama : Wani, sape Khairil ?
Me : *blur* Khairil ? Huh ?
Mama : Mama tgk inbox Wani semalam cause Wani punye phone kat tepi katil. Ade chance la mama nak tgk messages *grins*
Me : Ish Mama ni sibuk je. Sape Khairil ah ? *check phone* ( padahal in my life, mmg tak kenal anyone by the name of Khairil, sempat lagi check -.- )
Mama : Haa sape Khairil ? Pengganti Azrel eyh ?
Me : Mama merepek ape ni ?! Btw, mane ade Khairil dalam phone *check lagi -.-*
OH Fikri eyh ?!
Mama : Haaa Fikri !
Me : Jauh gila beza, Fikri dgn Khairil
Babah : Mama mmg, ompong (bahasa Negeri Sembilan)
Mama : So Fikri ni pengganti Azrel ke ? Wani ckp dah tak suka Azrel, pastu dah suka laki lain eyh ? Haha
Me : I wonder why almost every topic Wani ckp dgn Mama, gerenti ade je name Azrel

I think my mom likes Azrel -.-
And see, she changes Fikri's name to Khairil. Azrel's name changes to Izrael
Jahat tak ? Izrael hahaha

How about today ?
From 11 a.m til 1 p.m I cleaned my room AGAIN
Cause my dad told me to and he said my room looked like sarang tikus. Yeap, my mom said that too

Then, I spent my evening watching tv
I've been watching tv all day long, since yesterday
Yesterday I watched
  1. Dealova - I cried watching this okay :/
  2. Stardust
  3. 13 Going On 30
Today ;
  1. 21
  2. Juno

Oh ya, my handphone dah setengah nazak. Haha
Ade one keypad tu cam nak tercabut dah. Memang best haha
But the sad thing is, I don't think my dad let me buy a new phone. Joy to the world -.-

Hehehoho, my birthday's coming :D
I don't know why, but I'm excited. Maybe cause I'm going to be officially fourteen ? Hoyeaeh 8)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Rocket To The Moon

My mom's going to Thailand til Friday ):
Nooooo, tak best la tinggal dengan Babah
Sorry but I'm being frank here. He's boring and it's not weird or anything if I don't talk to him for a day
Btw, I don't think he even let me go out
Geez it's not fair ! If he doesn't let me go out at all, I think I like it better if there's school. Seriously -.-

Anywayyy ,
Happy Birthday Nik Aiesya Rafieqa bt. Nik Ahmad Rizlan ( 17th March )
Damn, you're 6 days older than me. 6 DAYS ! Grrrr hahaha
Takpe lah, you jadi tua kerepot dulu :p

Funky fresh ;p

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Currently listening to ; Attack Attack - I Kissed A Girl

Yesterday was great ! I mean, really really great
At first, went to ICC by LRT with Lanee, Lola, and 3 of their guy friends
The last stop, to Sentul Timur, the LRT was sorta empty. There were all of us and a lady on the other side of the LRT. Lanee and the other were yelling ' Hello ! Hello ! '. Hahaha tau ah LRT kosong kan
We had to waaalllkkk to the Hall. It was hot, it was far, damn it :@
I was sweating like a pig !
So, there were a lot of people when I arrived. A really really huge crowd !
Sarah and the others came a bit late so Sofia and I sat at the same row with Aza, Khaz and Fendi
The singing category, the winners are from Sri Aman. Yes, tiga tiga student Sri Aman hahaha. Rock kapak ah tu
The dancing category, Hot n Cold won third place ! Kings Cross ( combination of four schools, including Sri Aman ) won the first place
Kudos to all :)

Guests performances : One Buck Short, Caprice and Mia Dalencia ape tah nama die haha
The best part of the ICC was when One Buck Short performed
BEST GILA MOSHING ! Why didn't we go in front when they were performing the song Fast Times ?! Grrrr
We were jumping, shouting and headbanging. God, it was great, seriously !
Okay I better stop exaggerating haha

Then, Eeqa, Sofia and I went to Shah Alam. Since we were starving (!), we went to McD and Razif came
Oh oh, Eeqa was spraying a perfume on her top, then she accidentally sprayed it near her mouth
Sofia ngokngek, wanted to taste the perfume so she sprayed it on her tongue -.-
We talked and laughed there til 7 o'clock, after Razif went home already
Tinggal I, Sofia, Eeqa and Fendi. So we went to Starbuck's Coffee
We played truth or dare. Sofia was dared to eat a lead dipped with Cappuccino hahaha. Rafieqa was dared to lick the packet of a chilli sauce

Eh, ntah ntah org india mane tah pegang plastick chilli sauce tu. EEEEE

Arrived at Sofia's house around 9. Took a bath and all
Hahaha then, we were taking a lot of pictures
There were pictures that actually, we were referring to someone :p
Around 1.30 am, we ordered McD, since we were sorta hungry ( That means, we ate McD twice yesterday )
After ordering, Sofia and Eeqa took a nap -.-
Padahal, diorang la yg paling semangat ckp ,

Sofia : Malam ni tak payah tido la
Eeqa : Sape tido dulu, muka die kene conteng *grins*

McD arrived around 2 am and yeah, we ate
I thought, they'll be more energetic after eating, so we will be sleeping late, they'll be awake for another hour or more
But I was wrong -.-
After they finished eating, they went to sleep
I was awake, wasn't sleepy so I onlined for awhile
And went to bed around 4 like that ? Woke up at 7 a.m like that cause Sofia was talking to Razif -.-
Had breakfast and lepak in Sofia's room
Rafieqa came around 10.30 I guess
Went to OU around 12, and met Fendi there
Ate at Burger King, walked to the rooftop and took pictures. Then, went to the arcade, and karaoke
Lastly, went to the Jetty cause Sofia wanted to eat
I went home at 3 o'clock
Haha this was a great weekend :D

There are pictures when we were in OU

I'll paste Sofia's or Rafieqa's flickr's URL when they upload the pictures already

I'm sleepy and having a flu
Byebyee for now :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Does It Drive You Crazy ?

Currently listening to ; T.I feat Justin Timberlake - Dead and Gone

The old me is dead and gone

Well hello :)
Wow, I barely say hello to you fellow readers right ? Hahaha
Hey ! I'm being polite here pfftt haha
I didn't go to school today. People say I ponteng but no, I did not
I mean, maybe I ponteng. Okay I'm not sure
I wasn't feeling well til I had to drag myself out of bed. And heck, I woke up at 10 lagipun hahaha
Then I wasted my time on watching tv, walking around the house, lying on my bed while listening to music
What else, my mom started babbling

Mama : Lebih baik pegi skola daripada duduk rumah and buat bodoh je. At least, baca la buku or study. Orang lain tu kat skola skarang, gerenti dapat ilmu sikit
Me : Well, you should blame yourself for giving me the permission to not go to school today you know
Mama : Yeah i know, mama menyesal betul *buat muka menyesal*
Me : Hahahaha

Thank God I finished the test that my mom told me to do through the Internet
Susah gilaaaaa. It's like an IQ test
Then, I had an appointment with Dr. Nick Boden
That doctor is friendly and yeah, he's a good doctor
Around 5 o'clock, I was back at home
Yeay yeay, I can go to ICC tomorrow and I'll be sleeping over at Sofia's house :D
That's the good news. While the bad news is ...

Rafieqa can't go to ICC and sleepover at Sofia's house tomorrow ):
She cancelled the plan last minute

But but but, she'll be coming to Sofia's house Sunday morning
I seriously want to meet her. Dah lama gila tak jumpa die ):

It has been pretty hectic and dramatic
Problems here and there. Giving people advices here and there
And I've been missing that certain someone, so very dearly everyday
To make things short, this week has not been a good week, AT ALL
Enough said.

I'm getting ready for tomorrow,
Goodnight people :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Currently listening to ; Good Charlotte - The River

2 days ago was sorta tiring and busy
In the morning, I had to clean my room

Wani, kemas bilik ! Bilik dah mcm sarang tikus

Yes, that was what my mom said
Somehow, I couldn't even see what was so messy about my room -.-
Or maybe, it was actually messy but for me, it wasn't ? Hmm okay, let's skip
Then, I had to follow my mom to bring Kimi to the vet for injections
After lunch, I went to Shasha's house to complete BM Komsas's presentation
And no, we didn't waste our time on chittychatter hahaha. Well, we didn't waste MOST of our time, just a bit :p
Anywaaayy, went home around 6.30 and started doing English oral
Geez, it took me ages to search for summary in the internet and to write it down
I planned to finish my BM essay too but I completed my English oral at 12. Great -.-

Teachers had a meeting so prefects had to do our duty
I was running up and down, telling the prefects to move their butts and do their work
Other than studying, as usual, I spend my time at the back of the class, talk and all
And Harisah came up with an idea of a group for us

Back of the Class Crew
Eceh, loother gila hahaha

Heck, the group is for certain people only
For people who are always in our group, hangout at the back of the class yknow. Yeah :D


But I think Back of the Class Crew ni la paling cool 8) Hahahaha

Shit, nak fahal untuk Oral English -.-

Friday, March 6, 2009

Kickstart My Heart

Currently listening to ; Alkaline Trio - Calling All Skeletons

English work ;

3) If I were a policeman, I would catch Michael Jackson.
6) If I were a boy, I would teach Carlos to be a real man.
11) If I were the headmistress, I would let the students bring electronic devices and wear clothers that are not school uniforms.

Hahaha number 3 random gilaaa
Number 6, I feel like it's a real fact and I will teach Carlos to be a real man :D
Do you agree with number 11 ? I mean, if I do that, I'll be the coolest headmistress, no ? Hohoho

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"I Love You Lah Bodoh"

Radit & Jani

Courtesy to Azrie. He told me to watch it :)
And to be honest, I did cry watching it
Hey, if you're a girl, and you don't cry when you're watching it, that means...
Kau tak ade perasaan !
And guess what, I'm currently listening to ;

Peterpan - Semua Tentang Kita
From that movie up there.

I'm off to bury my head in my postponed-pile of homeworks
Tataaaa !

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fire In The Hole !

Check out this dude's Flickr. I'll give two thumbs up on his photography :)

Currently listening to ; Corinne Bailey Rae - Put Your Records on

That song is relaxing !
Haha okay, I'm tired
I stayed back at school til around 6 pm
Harisah told me that kawad will start at 2.30 til 4.30
Since it's early, I agreed to stay back. And I wanted to see the form ones march btw

I heard, they suck. Sorry, but that's what I heard

It was 1.55 pm so I went to the bus stop to check if my mom was there already or not but she wasn't
And Harisah told me,

Eh, kawad start pukul 4.30 cause ceramah form 5 habis pukul 4.30

I didn't want to wait in school and act like some jobless people til 4.30
But then she said that Azi, Azim, Arif and herself, were going to Makbul or Mosin
I was thinking that if I go home, there'll be nothing for me to do. I'll be sleeping
So I agreed to stay back
We were hanging out at the dewan terbuka before going to Makbul
There were bunch of form ones pengawas percubaan
Lambat gila lah. Baru je pilih pengawas percubaan
Since Cikgu Fairul was there and the form ones were doing their duty rooster thingy, Harisah, Azi and I made a visit hahaha

Harisah : *melatah*-Ey babi
Ey sounds like 'A'
Cikgu Fairul : Ape 'Ey babi' ? 'A' untuk ayam lah. 'B' untuk babi. Ape la kamu ni. Tak kan la 'A' babi. 'B' pulak untuk ape ?
Me : Hahaha cikgu, 'B' baru la untuk ayam !

Hahaha Cikgu Fairul can be a funny ass sometimes

Cikgu Fairul : Eh, die tu adik awak eyh ?
Me : *looking at the dude teacher's pointing at* Huh ? Saya tak ade adik la cikgu
Cikgu Fairul : Oh, die nampak mcm awak. Hahaha
Me : Haha cikgu, sumpah muke lain gila. Cuba bezakan sebelah sebelah -.-

I swear to God, there's no resemblance at all !
We walked to Makbul around 2.30
I was wearing a black tudung and PP uniform and wow, it was friggin' hot !
It was a relief when we reached Makbul. I chose a table in front the big fan *lap peluh*
Haha, air baru je sampai, dah habis in a few minutes. Kitorang cam vacuum kan Azi ? Hahaha
I was full. Me and Azi bukak kancing seluar kot hehehe. No, not the zip too -.-
If you were there, and you looked at our table when we were going to leave, there were around 10 glasses I guess ?

Me : Weyh, kalau tgk kat gelas ni semue kan, rase cm kat bar ah
Everyone : Haha agak ahhhh *mumbling*
Me : Seriously, dah la gelas cm gelas bir but smaller. Then banyak
Azim : Air dah la teh ais limau. Nampak macam bir kot !
Me : Yeah, cheers ! Hahaha

Arif drank a combination of teh ais limau, teh o ais and milo ais. It was disgusting !
Oh ya, then the keling mamak people there, took 2 receipts that were left on the table
And started blaming us that we haven't pay yet
Arif had to pay for it. So he paid twice -.-
Sial punye mamak ling ling hahaha
In school around 3.45 pm and we did some 'interview' with the juniors ehehe
You know what, I was holding myself from going to the toilet and pee
Cause... When I went to the toilet, sumpah tak jadi nak kencing
Kotor -.-

Harisah : Nanti bagitau diorang, it was a quick pee hahaha

Then, form 5s were out of the hall

Harisah : Eh, sape yg tgh minum air tu huh ?
Me : *busy looking through Danial Rezzo's phone* huh ?
Harisah : Sape laaa yang tgh jalan and minum air tuuu ?
Me : *look to where Harisah's looking* Err, ntah, tak kenal

Hahaha bodoh gila ah. Buat buat tak kenal dia -.-

Alright, I'm off to watch Radit and Jani :D
Tatatititutu !

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dead and Gone

It is 2nd of March and I still can't believe that February is over
Macam tak boleh cepat lagi je, dah over hahaha

Hello March ! :D

I kinda love March causeee ..
  1. School holidays, hohoho
  2. My 14th birthday :D
School holiday's from 14th til 22nd of March
Then 23rd is my birthday
Cool gila, hehehohohihi
The bad news is, 23rd of March is a school day. I don't wanna go to school on that day
But, what can I do at home ? And I wanna 'celebrate' my birthday in school, with friends yknow
So yeah, I will go to school, insyaAllah :)
Fahmi, I hope you and Fadhli won't turn into some evil lunatic guys okay and plan on something that's NOT COOL. Okay ? Alright hahaha

Short story about school today ;
We sorta had a lot of free periods
For PJ, we stayed in class and do nothing cause lots of people didn't bring PJ clothes
I just talked and talked with Harisah
BM, had Lisan. Only 7 people was chosen to do Lisan. So the others practically did nothing
After recess, a teacher came in as cikgu ganti about .. 20 minutes before Agama ended ? Yeahh
As usual, I was hanging around at the back of the class with Izreen and the others, and Harisah ( Yes, I'm not close with Aainaa and the others anymore )
Hehehe, we talked about Izreen's ex(s). Jalan cerita nak break and all, semue lawak lawak HAHAHA
What did you say huh Izreen, about that dude ? He said ' Hazwani kau tu ', eyh ?
Bodobo -.- Hahaha, he always do that
If you say " Awek kau tu " , he'll say " Mane ade awek ". Kan ?


Hahahaha padahal mmg betul pun bukan awek. Hahaha

Me : Izreen, nak pegi ICTL tak ?
Izreen : Kat lab atas kot. Malas ah
Fadhli : Eh cikgu yg ajar korang ICTL takde kot. Die guru kelas aku, die tak dtg
Izreen : Okay jom pegi ICTL *grins*

Guys, boys, they are so addicted to games -.-
So I brought a class picture when I was std. 5. And there was this one person's face, I cut it out. So there's a hole on the picture

Harisah : Gambar siapakah di sebalik lubang ini ?
Me : Hehehe
Harisah : But I tau die hitam cause tangan die hitam. Pravin eyh ?
Me : Sejak bile Pravin ade -.-
Harisah : Cannot be Rajkumar cause die ade kat sini
Me : Hitam, tak semestinya keling hahaha
Harisah : Eh eh, letak gambar class you mase form 1 then letak hole ni kat atas muka budak budak ni, nampak cm kepala badan yg takde kepala ni ah ! HAHAHA. Tengok cmne Ikhwan pandang Izreen
Me : Haa tangan budak tak berkepala tu hitam kan ? Letak la muka Aina kat situ. Sepadan sikit

Harisah : Muka siapakah di sebalik lubang ini ?!
Me : That sounds WRONG ! Hahahaha

Insaf lah Hazwani, insaf :)

Then, we heard the Ling Lings argued
Hahaha macam tak boleh lawak lagi je !

Ling Lings : Kelings :)

Byebyeee !