Friday, November 28, 2008

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Twilight was okay. It wasn't really satisfying cause the story wasn't like in the book
Seriously, diorang potong some parts ke ape ?
But well I still love it and I'm seriously in love with Edward Cullen. Hahaha
His voice, his looks, oh God, irresistible. Haha. And oh, his lips, ohmygod, I'm speechless. Die dah la putih, and lips die cm merah, woah :D
Okay okay, I think it's better if I stop talking about Edward Cullen
But overall, the movie was A-Okay, yeahh

But but but, STILL not satisfied that the movie wasn't exactly like in the book. I mean, not exactly EXACTLY. Just that, there are parts missing ? Uhh -.-

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Superhuman at 53

Norhayati bt. Mohamad Hasim
Iloveyou <3

Happy birthday Mama <3
Although you're 53, you're still a rockstar, rock kapak
Semoga panjang umur and yes, smile like that always okay ? :')

xoxo, Hazwaniii

Mood oh Mood, please don't be bummed, uncomfortable, sad or anything
I want you to be happy, optimistic, yeahh
Tomorrow is the big day, watching Twilight for God's sake
I don't want you to ruin my day, do I ?
I hope tomorrow, Mood, you'll go away and make me hyper and happy

Well, a text from him tomorrow, will maybe make my day, perhaps ? :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gay Freak

Conversation with Fahmi ; SMS ; 1.25 a.m ; HAHAHA

At first mintak advice, blablabla. Then tetibe buat lawak ah pulak kan -_-


Uhh... Males have the emotional range of a teaspoon.
yeah, you guys suck. Mostly, girls get the pain, guys get the pleasure -.-
HAHAHAHAHA ! U knw tht can mean somethin else rite? Abt tht girls get the pain while guys get pleasure
OHMAGAAA, YOU'RE RIGHT ! and for soooo long, that's the first time i see you 'haha' so big and long (:
So u knw wht i meant ? Of course i laughed! It was so funny lol
aahh ye. That in and out thang. Hahaha. I didnt realize that okay. Hahaha, not on purpose :p
Hahaha. ' In and ou thang' ? Dont make me laugh lol. It doesnt hurt to say it. Hahaha
Laugh ! oh FUCK, tomorrow I have to jog. There, the answer. Hahaha
HAHAHAHAHA!! I was expecting S** but thts better lol. R u trying to get thin or somethin ? Hazwani jogging. Hard to picture
Hahaha well, S** is too straight forward. Fck, it can mean that youre cursing. Hahaha

Fahmi, the blue brain freak who's just actually evil, barbaric human being, thank you very much

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blood doesn't matter

I've been trying to forget my problems at times. And it works by just laugh, talk, etc.
Yes, I've been having a good time with my mom
It's impossible if you don't have anything misunderstanding with your mom
All the fights, sometimes you feel like you hate your mom and all, it's just life
It's suppose to happen, you know. I mean, that's what I think

Today, I had a good time
I woke up at 11 since I slept late last night. Then I went out for a jog. Gosh, dah lamaaaa tak lari, jog, stamina pun dah turun :(
Since the Sun was almost on top of my head and I don't have that stamina I used to have, I just did 2 rounds, around TTDI
My dad went to the office and my mom went out with her mom. So I was alone at home with my maid
Kaki dah lembik, hahaha
After I sat under the fan, my body was dry from sweat, I took a bath

In the evening, I followed my mom and grandma to KD
Round round
Arrived home, sat in my mom's room and made a conversation with her. My brother joined and also my dad
It was fun. There were laughters. Hahaha and yeah, I talked all the crappy but funny stuff
And as always, made nonsense craps about my brother and my dad >:) Hahaha

So here I am, talking about what a great day I had while chatting with this guy who calls me gila -.-
So yeah, tak nak insert name cause nanti ade orang tu sakit hati, blablabla

Hazwani <3

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I wish I can throw you into the black hole

Well hello people,
Today, wasn't that boring. Except for the part where I spent my time in front of the tv, changing, changing and keep changing the channels
Mhmm, boring kan ? I know -.-
But overall, it was okay. Gelak gelak, blablabla
Haha. Bangun pagi, gosok gigi, breakfast, tgk tv, mandi, yeahh
Oh and, mom made a new "rule" which is : each time after breakfast, lunch and dinner, wash our own dishes
Wow right ? It's not fair, cause the maid's work will be less >:( And, my mom made that rule but her dishes, either my brother and I or the maid have to wash it
Cool right ? Pfft
Sooooooooooooo, before picking up my maid from my dad's office ( she has to clean my dad's office every Saturday ) , my mother, brother and I drive-thru Burger King. Order, pay, took our food and went to the office
Hahahaha mama tried to do that Fly Fm thang, like fl-fl-fl-fl-fl-y fm. If you don't get it, nvm. Hahaha but it was funny like serious SHIT, lawak gile !
Sampai rumah, kenyangkan perut. Ehehe
Me, as the Dennis the Menace in the house, started to kene kenekan my brother and my dad
Haha evil evil. Yang paling lawak was, buat lawak pasal babah :) Hahaha sorry but seriously, lawak gile kot
Gelak sambil mengenyangkan perut :9 Yeahhh, ahaha
Oh and now, tgh tgk cerite lawak Indon, " Suami Suami Takut Istri ". Hahahah lawak gakk :D
And sambil tu, tgh ckp pasal budak budak shuffle and bnyk lagi lah
Hahahaha BEST :D

Okay okay, I wanna watch Twilight's trailer, tgk tv and some other things. Haha, tataa :)

xx Hazwani

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Barer of bad news

Woke up at 9.45 a.m to get ready to go to Sofia's house. My mom woke me up that early but we went out of the house around 11
How much time I can get extra sleep. I was kinda sleepy cause I slept late somehow. Fahmi, I stopped texting you around 2.30 but I slept actually at 4
Arrived at Sofia's, head straight to her room
It has been ages since I went to her house. Gosh I miss her messy messy room
We did quite a lot of things and took a lot of pictures. Her D60 is just absofrigginlutely awesome !
Went to the playground in front of her house and yes, I miss that playground too. Wow, that's an awesome place to take pictures too
We did lots of things after that. We ate, did some dressing up, polished nails, hangout at the garden, and lastly, did some work out at that running machine
Tiring ! Sofia set it to 5 k.m and she did about 3.8 k.m ? And she told me to finish the rest which was around 1.2 k.m. Hehe kureng :)
Sofia terus terjun tilam and yes, she slept for 30 minutes
Then I went back home at around 5
Ate mommy's cake and went to sleep. I was tired okay

Took a bath right after I woke up. No, I can't pray due to that obvious reason
So I sat in my mom's room. I was listening to music while watching daddy pack his bag. He's going for Haji
Had a conversation with my parents and well Kimi was there too. Meowing for nothing -.-
Anywayyyy, then Dad made a joke. Well, his belly is like buncit or something, idk. But ke depan tau
And that time, I was talking about all the people who got medals from Sultan and all
Dad said, ' Oh babah pun pernah dapat pingat tau. Pingat PJK '
I thought it was a medal from his school, RMC, for Pendidikan Jasmani
But I asked him, ' Bah, ape PJK ? '
And he said, ' Perut Jauh Ke depan '. HAHAHAHA, my mom and I laughed to that joke
And you know what, that "PJK" title, my dad's ustaz gave that title
Hahaha. But well, there was a terrible news along the way. My dad received a call and it was about my Aunt
She's in the hospital for cancer. She had a history of breast cancer 10 years ago but now it's back
There's a tumor , squash ball sized, in her brain I guess
Yeah, so, I hope she'll get through the surgery, Amin

Lastly, hm, I have to move on

xx Hazwani

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bright Side

This is, The Academy Is ...
I love them, jyeahh ;)
The vocalist, quite good looking though. Ehehe


Woke up at around 11.00 a.m ? Shut up, I slept late last night okay. So it's fine that I woke up late, hehe
Took my breakfast and watched tv for a while
Then dad said that we're going to OU for lunch. So I went upstairs and took a bath
Pabila sudah harum semerbak bunga ros *haha main reka je*, sambung tengok tv dalam bilik
But my mom was controlling the channels so my brother and I watched the channels that she was watching
It ended on Oprah. Aaaahhh best la tgk Oprah :) Hahaha
I asked my dad, " Bah, boleh tak beli handphone hari ni ? " And he said, InsyaAllah
Ate at Arena cause there were lots of choices
Then my dad said something about going to the handphone shop so yeah, I have a new phone
Hehehe :)
Blablablaaaaa, this and that
Balik rumah terus settle handphone and all
Oh shit, sakit perut, sakit pinggang
Grr I hate PMS -.-


What's The Matter ?


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Last day of school, mmg bersemangat nak pegi skola. Haha, it was quite hmm, GREAT !
Damn you 2 Einstein people. Class messy gile. Kerusi bertimbun, meja terbalik. Then kitorang yg kene kemas -_-
So anywayyy, at first gelak gelak dalam class. Sikit je orang. At first, there was me, Fahmi, Danial, Shasha, Fadhli, Azwin and Naim. But then, Hakim and Qayyim came. They had Science work to do. Same goes to Fahmi. Hahaha, kesiaaannn
Then Aneesa came. Yes, she came to school at 2 o'clock. Pfft, macam skola die la pulak
Guess what, I was hyper. Yeahh, Danial was too. He kept singing that Chicken Little Song, pastu improvice lagu tu. Lyric is censored, private and confidential. Hehehe
My one-of-a-kind joke that made everyone laughoutloud :
Danial was counting the amount of girls in class ;

Danial ; Ey, ade 3 orang je perempuan. Hahaa
Hazwani ; Eh betul ke ade 3 orang je? Bukan ke ade 4 ? *everyone was like "huh?". then I point to Hakim*
HAHAHAHA, and yes, everyone laughed, I think Hakim didn't realize. If he did, SORRY ! I was in the mulut-laser-mood. Haha. Lepas itu, did this and that, blablabla
Recess time! Since it was the last day of school, I ate a lot. Hahaha what ? Nanti kang rindu makanan kantin :s Hahaha
Uish, at least I got to see Hazeem. I thought I wasn't gonna see him till next year. So yeah :)
After recess, ran here and there. I hate you Danial Rezman ! Ejek orang, pastu lari. Dah la lari laju
Seriously, he's the friggin olahraga okay. Ran upstairs to Edison-Rhazes floor then went back down and repeated that thang over and over again. After awhile, I was bringing a shovel stick with me. Hahahaha shut up, pfft
When I was tired, I went back to class, to catch my breath then I'll search for Danial and Fahmi
Yeahh, after running around like some lunatic prefects which added with Iman for about 30 minutes or more, I went back to class, for real
Now, my leg hurts -.- Unlucky huh ? You bet, haha. Oh and, stamina saya dah berkurang la ):
When everything was over, lepak in class. Andy, Iman, and Najib joined for awhile. Had our laugh and all
After Asar, we had to go to dewan terbuka for the class announcement. I'm in Edison, same goes to Shasha, Azwin, Aneesa and Aainaa
Oh hot damn, in Edison, there are A LOT of smarty pants. Seriously! Example, Toh Boon Kheng, whom I like to call, Budak Otak Perpustakaan Negara. Haha
People people, imagine Aneesa wears a tudung and prefect's uniform. Haha, I can't
And, imagine Luen wearing prefect's uniform too. Wow, haha
As you can see, it's the last day of school for us, so, we weren't in class. Just hangout at the teacher's parking place
Suddenly the dudes had an idea to spice everything up I guess. They started to erm , wait, let me ask Ihsan... Wait seminit ah..
Okay, Ihsan said splash. So anywayy , they started to splash water, here and there. To me, Shasha and all -.-
Izreen and Fadhli did that to me. So, I took a bottle and filled it with water from the pond and pipe water. Hehehe >:D
Then, I splash it to Fadhli and Izreen. Yes yes, thank you very much. Give me a round of applause please. Hahaha
THEEEENNNNNNN, I told Fadhli that half of the water was from the pond and yes, he splashed SOME MORE water to me. What the heck, I was wet already. Hahaha
Later, Fadhli told Izreen and yes, Izreen lagi teruk la. He chased me and I knew I can't run away from him so I ducked. He splashed all the water kot ! I pushed him and he still splashed the water
And yeah, I was soaking wet. It was fun though, and COLD ! *shivers* Haha
When the bell rang, Izreen, Fadhli, Luen and the others, threw eggs to Narendran. He's moving so yeah
I guess, I'll be stepping my feet back again to SMKTTDI next year
Damn, have to wake up early in the morning, force my ass to go to school with eyes like Panda and study harder. What can I say, lots of smarty pants in Edison :@

Tataa :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Free Loop

Went to OU again. Suppose to watch Quantum of Solace but fully booked and all
So just walked here and there
There were Fadhli, Hakim, Aznida, Aneesa, Danial, Didi, and Azim
Since Aneesa and Azim were there, we tried to make them talk to each other
And yeah, it kinda worked. They talked, walked togethere, blablabla
Aneesa had Azim, Danial had Didi so, Fadhli, Hakim, Aznida and I tak ade sesape kan
BOSAN, haha
OH OH, the most extraordinary part, there was this chinese couple were making out. Somewhere on the way to the GSC's escalator. Geez, what were they thinking ? Making out behind that huge, "fat" pillar was going to be private ?
The guards were looking at them from the GSC floor. What if they got black-listed ? Wow :O That's so cool
So anyway, wasn't really THE BOMB. It was just fine. Walked here and there. Kinda boring but yeah

Just now, I received a text message from an anonymous person
I think it was a girl
Anyway, the bitch told to me to stay away from him
I was not in the mood so I deleted the message. Too lazy to reply, too lazy to care
If that what she wants, then okay la
Two options; That bitch mmg nak i stay away from him or this was his plan
Ah whatever. Malas nak kisah right now

Blablabla ,
Hazwani ;

I wear the biggest smile

I've been thinking since I sticked my ass on my bed, eyes on this laptop screen and I've been thinking harder right after you went offline
I think, I give up. Yeah, I mean, people say, if I give up and move on, I'll be happy when I forget everything and you'll be happy too
So it'll make me feel happy to see you happy, maybe ?
Wish me luck :) But I think, I'll be giving up on this moving on thingy in a few days. You'll see


Sri Amanians and form 4 SMKTTDI-ians finished their finals
Woah, finally. I didn't go to school, I went to OU. I felt, it was going to be a boring day in school so yeah
Went to OU about 3 o'clock and met Sabrina and Sarah at the taxi stand new wing. And somehow they were like waiting for Farid ?
On the way to Chicken Rice Shop, terserempak ngan Farid and Ashraf. Oh ya, sorry tak tegur you Ashraaaf, haha
Anywaaayyyy, at Chicken Rice Shop, met with Esmerelda ( I guess that's how to spell her name ) , Azie and Intan
You know what, Sabrina dah agak berisi. Hahaha, suke ah tuu bitch :p
Okay okay back to the topic, ehem, okay
Went to GSC cause we were going to watch The Coffin. Saw a lot of people there ; at the arcade, foosball place. Such as, Fikri, Farid, Azrie, Khidhir, Syakir, Asyraf, Ashraf, Danial, Ilman, Zamil, Aswad, Syafiq and some other people
Around 3.55, we bought popcorns and drinks. Uish, that form 3 dude, Arif I guess was the popcorn guy/cashier guy over there. Haha and he thought Intan was Julia. Wow -.- Ntah ntah Arif was like flirting with Intan ow :O Haha anywayyy ,
Farid and Azrie bought 2 tickets for them, The Coffin too. Pfft, menyibuk je. Haha
That movie was scary O.O Seriously, menjerit jerit kot. Intan and Sabrina were hugging me, haha. Whatever it is, I screamed too :x
Blablabla , this and that. Hmmm, oh oh, minah sebelah kitorang tu kecoh ah. Dah kata cerite hantu, jerit la kan. Ni , nak shush shush kat kitorang. Pfftt -.- Kan dah dapat "apehal" dari Intan, haha
After the movies, walked around, ate Baskin Robbins <3 Yum :9
Lepak sini dan sana. Took some pictures but I have no idea where are they. I dont know who has the pictures so yeah
I went back at 7 o'clock and there goes my day

A big round of applause for,
Hazwani ;)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Now that everything's done

Today, we got our marks and even our rank in class
At first, I was worried, really really worried. Azwin and Aneesa was like counting their overall marks and yeah , that gave me that butterflies in the tummy kind of thang. Haha
I wasn't really in the mood at first because .....
  1. I kept thinking, what if I dont get top 3. I'll get grounded and I'm not gonna get a new handphone.
  2. I kept thinking about the fact that I'm not close to him anymore
  3. Tak puas hati ngan S :@
  4. Andddd, I kept thinking about what my mom said. About moving to SEREMBAN !
So anywayy , teachers were nowhere to be found. I mean, my class for this one whole day, no teacher
Lepak lepak je la kat belakang
Blablabla ...
Suddenly, Pn. Zuwaida came in. I thought she wanted the attendance or something so I didn't really care
I saw her holding a paper and I was thinking, " That must be the rank for the final term " :O
And yes, it was -.-
Pn. Zuwaida sticked the paper in front. Everyone went to the front right after teacher went out. I sticked my ass on my chair. I didn't have the guts to go and see my results okay
I asked Hakim to check for me. My heart was beating fast. It felt like it was going to pop out anytime. Haha, what a crap Hazwani
Anywaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy , then Hakim was like, " Hazwani *smiling* "
Me : Haa ape ape ? * inhale, exhale *
Hakim : Kau dapat nombor 2
Imagine, I was screaming out loud ! Seriouslyy. Some of them closed their ears
I screamed and fell of my chair. SHUT UP ! I did it on purpose. Haha
I was jumping for joy ;) Well, my mom said in the car that I will get number 5, 6 or 7. Yeah , it's a long story. Anyway ,,
I can't wait to tell my parents so I planned to call her. I called her when I was on the way to Surau. She was happy I guess ? Haha
Whatever it is, that made my day
So now, I'm not grounded and I'll get a new handphone. Told Dad that I want a SLR or DSLR camera too
He's going to ask Uncle Ghani if there's a second hand camera. And of course, not that expensive. Since he's buying me a new handphone too. HOPEFULLY :) *fingers crossed*
Oh well, that's the deal so I think it will happen
Geez, I need to celebrate this with a bar of chocolate

Hazwani :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

3, 2, 1, Blast Off !

Guess what, I didn't go to school today. Instead, Fadhli asked me to join him watch a movie at OU
He invited Izreen and Rahman. So yeah I was the only girl but who cares ? Haha
Izreen stopped by my house and we went to OU with Fadhli. Rahman was in the car too
Went to GSC to book a ticket. Fadhli wanted to watch HSM 3, because he wanted to stalk his girlfriend -.-
After we bought 4 tickets, went to Burger King cause Rahman wanted to eat
Damn that guy. He's small and thin but he has a HUGE appetite, seriouslyy
When the guys were buying food, Fadhli received a call from Shasha. And that's when we knew that Shasha was watching HSM 3 at TGV. And heck, Fadhli wanted to stalk her right ? So he bought another tickets at TGV
What a waste ! I guess he threw the GSC tickets away ? Or he just keep it , I dont know
SO anywayyyy , dah enter cinema, salah jalan pulakk. Hahaha, dah kate gelabah so jalan pun tak tau nak pegi mane. Patutnye belok kiri nak pegi number 5, ni pegi kanan
Rahman pun bagi wrong info -_- hahaha
Went into the cinema, tgk screen terus gelak gegile. I have no idea why. Hahaha
And then pegi wrong seat -.- Our seats were at row M but we sat at J. Nasib baik tak ade orang
Fadhli and I moved to row M and luckily, the seats were before Shasha's seat. Woohoo :D
But I sat at row J, better, with Izreen and Rahman. Then Fadhli came down, uhh. But overall, the movie was okay I guess ? But annoying la kot. Tak smpai 30 minutes, ade lagu. Then ade lagi, uhh -.- Hahaha
Like Fadhli said, ' mcm cerite Hindustan la pulak ' . Seriously, Troy and Chad were dancing and singing, tetibe ade lagi bnyk orang. And and, mase kat rooftop tu, Troy and Gabriella, menari, tetibe hujan. It was a bright sunny day, tetibe hujan mase tgh menari. Ya Allah, crap gile
I think we were the loudest :s Izreen lagi la. Orang tgh tgk movie, die jawab phone, ckp Hello, agak kuat. Hahahhahahahhahaha , gelak la :P
Whatever it is, Rahman yg paling khusyuk tgk movie tu. Hahahaha :p
Anywaaaayyyy, after the movie, we went to the arcade. The boys played some games, haha
Fadhli told me that Shasha wanted to meet so we rushed to A&W. We RAN ! I have no idea why we ran -.-
Oh ya, we left Rahman at the arcade. Hahaha kesian budak tu. Dah la kecik
So, Shasha joined us for a while. We wanted to go back to the arcade to find Rahman. Mane tau die hilang. But well, jumpe die kat escalator
First thing he did when he saw us was, he showed his middle finger. Thank you Rahman -.- Hahaha
He went to A&W , to eat AGAIN. Soo, since Shasha's sister was there, I made a plan. So that Fadhli will be sitting next to Shasha's sister. And yeah , it was a success ! Hahaha
Oh yaa, Izreen said I'm like Lynn from KAMI. I have no idea why :s Anywayy,
Rahman buat lawak bodoh lagii -.- Hahaha
Shasha pulak masukkan cili dalam root beer die :s hahaha, and I've always been so damn evil. Selalu kacau Fadhli ngan Shasha. So yeah, I put some cili inside Fadhli's drink :D
After finish eating, Rahman was like planning to go to Baskin and Starbucks -.-
Me ; Rahman, lepas ni nak pegi mane ?
Rahman ; Nak pegi mane lagi ? *muke serious*
Me ; ckp tadi nak pegi Starbucks laa, Baskin laa. Jom ah
Rahman ; Okay jom *bangun terus*
Haha, mamat tu sumpah lawak gile. Haish rindu :')
We went to Baskin after that. Dah nak dekat smpai , Rahman pulak nak buang air -.- Hahaha
So Fadhli and Izreen followed him, while Shasha and I went into Diva
I was ordering and Rahman came
Rahman ; Tau tak, orang tandas tu marah aku
Izreen and I ; Asal ?
Rahman ; Ye ah, aku buat sepah. Tissue tu, aku tarik bnyk bnyk, tetibe keluar smue. Pastu orang tandas tu cm , ' asal ni blablabla ' . Ishh
The rest ; *Laugh*
Gosh, satisfaction guaranteed when I ate Baskin , yums :D
Suddenly Rahman said he wanted Starbucks. Geez, that dude never stop eating. I said, ' Nak caramel frapuccino ke ? '. He said, ' Yes, that's it ' . Hahahaha
We passed by Starbucks since Baskin was near it. Rahman went at the entrance and said , ' Bang, roti canai 1 '. Hahahah bangang ah mamat tuu !
Went to Topman, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins with Shasha. Wow :) I wanted to buy this top but damn, I didn't have enough money
Then nothing special happened. Oh wait, Rahman bengang cause when he talked to Fadhli, Fadhli was like wasn't really listening. Ye la, Fadhli kalau dengan Shasha, tak ingat dunia -.-
Before we went to the taxi stand, to wait for Fadhli's dad, Rahman bought a kebab. Hahaha, budak tu tak tau maksud kenyang ah. And and, mase kat candy shop tu, I saw a little girl with her mom. The little girl was holding a cotton candy. I said to Shasha, ' jom kita curi cotton candy dari budak kecik tu *evil laughs* '. Shasha told me just now, the little girl's mom pandang slack kat die :s Sorry puan ! Hahaha
So yeah, it was fun. Ah, rindu kau la Rahman ;D Hahaha
Oh, here's what Rahman ate ;
A burger, some kind of like a hot dog at A&W, A scoop of ice cream and A kebab
Nasib baik die kurus dan kecik. Hahaha

Hazwani :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A LOUD Tuesday

Words of The Day : Babi Hitam and Babi.
Before school started, me, Azi, Anis, Sarah and Harisah wasted our time at the stairs, near ICTL class. Geez, that teacher was annoying -.- Tetibe nak sound kitorang, padahal kitorang baru je naik. Sheeshkebabs
Anyyyyywaaaaayyy, yeah. Anis was so the very stupid. Hahaha, nak ikat tali seluar, so angkat baju la kan. Nak je buat kat tempat budak budak f4 boleh npk. Bangang, hahaha
I told her that and she was like, ' nak tgk ? nak tgk ? * angkat baju die, tunjuk tunjuk kat block f4 * '. Hahaha, minah tu bangang betul
School started,
Didn't have the mood right after I knew my maths marks
But actually I didn't know my EXACT marks. Like I said, I didn't have the mood
I held my paper 2, looked through and I just threw it back in front of teacher
Then I went back to class and cleaned it. Cause Pn. Nik told us that our class wasn't clean
I was pissed cause at first I was the only one who was like , ' jom ah bersihkan class. nnt kang Pn. Zuwaida marah '
Everyone didn't care. Continued playing CS. So yeahhh
I went back to class, opened my shoes and socks and sweeped the floor
After a few minutes, Aainaa came
And I gues after that class has finished so yeah , everyone went back to class and Danial was like, ' Jom bersihkan kelas '
Bersemangat kan ? Padahal die tak ade la tolong sngt -_-" Typical
Yess, the class was clean
Since I wasn't in the mood, I sat at my own place and talked with Danial. Told him the whole story of what happened for tha past few days. As always, he listened. Thank you very much :s haha
He started texting Didi so went to Aneesa's table. Shasha was eating a lollipop and gave it to Fadhli. They were sharing
Shasha said that after Fadhli sucked the lollipop, it tasted different
So , I was with my theory , " Alaaa, mesti la rase different. Banyak sngt dosa dah kat lollipop tu. Dari hujung tangkai lollipop smpai hujung kepala lollipop, penuh ngan dosa. Just right after Fadhli hisap. Ish ish ish. ". Hehehehe >:D
Best la kacau diorang
Sejarah time was the best. Hahaha. Got our marks, thank God I got an A for Sejarah (:
Hakim menggelabah je tak habis nota bab 6. HAHAHA
Aneesa disturbed him and Hakim kept cursing to her. But heck, what does she care ? HAHA
Memang lawak kot tgk diorang gaduh
They kept hitting each other and all. Aneesa, sikit sikit ckp babi. HAHA. Hakim mencarut smue ah. Hahaha
Hakim was kneeling at the teacher's desk, writing his notes, then Aneesa kicked his ass. Habis ah, Aneesa kene cekik ngan Hakim
And there goes the " babi babi babi " . Hahaha
And then , we were at the back of the class and Hakim was at the teacher's desk
Aneesa showed her middle finger and Hakim was showing this thing with his middle finger. Censored -.-
So I called him and gave him my lawyer-ish lecture. Hahaha. And of course, he lost :D I rock, haha.
Oh and, look at this. Naufal Azim did in class, on the blackboard :

There are so many things that are so racist :
BLACK magic
BLACK jack
BLACK metal
BLACK knight
BLACK sheep
DARK age
BLACK board
Glow in the DARK
DARK colour
Man in BLACK
BLACK hole

And yes, Azim did it for Naim. Haha ;p

Hazwani Rock Steady

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I woke up early, about 8 a.m cause I couldn't get a really good sleep
Since 8 a.m till 2 p.m, I've ate 4 tablets of panadols
Like Izreen said " gile ar =.= mati kang ". What can I do ? I've been having this massive headache
Gosh, I punched the wall, ate 4 tablets of panadols, called Sofia and told her what happened
And as for your information, if I'm extremely pissed off, I'll curse A LOT. So yeah, I cursed when I was telling Sofia the story
I've been listening to screamo songs since I woke up til now
Okay okay, I don't care about S anymore. He's just the freaking pain in the ass. Big deal man, you're just a loser. Dah malas arh nak bengang pasal kau
Dah la tetibe carik gaduh, pastu dah kalah, ckp ' ye laa, kau je yg selalu betul '
Tau pun dah kalah. Carik gaduh mcm noob pulak tuu ! Tak pandai langsung
Sikit sikit gune kau aku, sikit sikit gune I you. God, noob !
Hahaha, I'm still pissed off but sometimes I'll laugh to this
Memang lawak ow
Pape pun, kau still bangang la S. Desperate !
And now, about A ;
I asked you to online, but you didn't
You made me hanging just like that. Had a fight with S, all alone
Kene maki hamun semue
I sent a comment, I guess you read it but you didn't approve
I sent a text message, telling you to online, but you didn't even reply !
At least, ask why or something. BUT NO !
You didn't say anything. I dont care if you like me or not but S wanted to talk to you for God's sake
And because of you not showing yourself up on msn, I have to go on with that fight myself which was terrible ! Padahal you online kat myspace
I know I can argue with S myself but geez, it involves you too, you know
Kene maki hamun, lecture semue tau tak
You didn't even care. I know, I know, you don't care cause you don't like me
So, since you don't like me, it wasn't a must for you to care, right ?
Think about it dude. It wasn't a matter of liking me or not. It's a matter of making everything back to OK, back to the right track
You didn't help in anything
Can you believe that ?! I was hoping for you to talk to S or something
Tell him to don't disturb me or something. At least, as a friend
But no ! A BIG FAT NO
Gosh, guys are just kinda pathetic at some point, no ?

- Hazwani tak puas hati

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hell day

Slept at 1.30 a.m and woke up at about 3 a.m. ASTHMA ATTACK, can you believe that ?
Rushed to DSH and took that thingymajiggy called nebulizer ? Okaaayyyy
I think cause I was too stressed up or maybe I was thinking a lot of things. I DONT KNOW OKAY !
So anyway, back home at around 4 and slept again. Then woke up at 7 am. I woke up myself -.-" Geez
Went to school at aobut 8.20 cause Azwin told me to go to school, grr !
She told me when I was ironing my shirt for God's sake. Menggelabah terus la
But I made it though. When I arrived, it wasn't that crowded
Unlike last year, it was kinda great. Lots of people came
But this year, tak bnyk sngt la. I think it was because of final exams ? Yeahh
I just hang out, blablabla. Didn't really do anything. Didn't go to the haunted house cause I knew it would be boring. And yes, I was quite right
Fadhli and the others said it was okay but not that great, fun
Lepak sini dan sana, jalan sini dan sana
Then Sofia called, saying she was there. Yes, better (:
So, lepak ngan die jap. Went here and there, usha usha, kan Sofia ? She slapped me cause I wanted to call that guy's name
Anywaaayyyyyy, blablabla. Did the same thing over and over again. Then, got a good spot to lepak which was in front of the Teacher's Room
Talk talk, took some pictures, piggy back Sofia smpai ade jatuh -.- , kejar Sofia cause menggatal ngan badan aku, grr ! Haha
I was quite hyper you knoww. Then that guy walked past. Siot Fadhli, pegi ckp " pokok cactus ". Uhhh
Semue cam menggelabah semcm je bile dier lalu. I have no idea why. Aneesa pulakk, smpai tunjuk camne die lalu, jalan semue. Semangat gileee o.o Haha
It was fun, for me. Then, I received a call. And that made my mood went all cuckoo, pissed off !
I was so stressed up, pissed off so I threw some stones everywhere. GRRR !
BLABLABLA, in school till 1.40. Went to Aneesa's house after that
Aneesa texted that guy for me cause I wasn't really in the mood to even send a message myself
Since he didn't reply, she called him but as always, he didn't pick up the call
Yeah whatever. Hmm, called Aainaa and all, asking if they were coming or not. All of them weren't sure so we thought it was a no
Gave Aneesa's cat a bath cause it has kurap. Aneesa wanted her cat to be "clean" before going to the vet tomorrow
I knowww, wadafak :s Haha
Then, went down to eat and I told my mom to pick me up at 4
In the car, my mom gave a lecture, saying that after this I can't go to a friend's house after school event. Great -_-"
Took a bath at home. Aaaahhhh, fresh and wangiiii (:
Ate brownies and then online cause I was bored to death
Manusia tu call lagi. God, soalan die dah la menyakitkan hati. Like I blogged before, gerenti ckp pasal mamat sorang tu kan. Yes, it's true.
Whatever it is, I feel like I'm pissed at both of them, hmm


Blocked, bleeding mind

Do you have to make things more complicated ?
You'll be saying this and that, you love me and all
Its too late. Past is past. Understand that
Like people said to me, live and forget
I just want you to move on, forget the past
I know you deserve a better person, I know you can get a girl easily. So, do that
Go and explore this huge wide world
In this particular matter, you'll say his name right ?
You'll compare yourself with him, you'll just talk about things and say his name
If you know that I like him, then move on. Don't wait !
Since you talk about him in this matter, you make everything more complicated, oh yes
He's IN this stupid thing now
Geez, I'm speechless, I have nothing to say, I can't say anything