Saturday, October 31, 2009

Let Me Light Up The Sky

First of all, Happy Halloween !
If only there's Trick or Treat going on here, I would definitely tag along :D So people, have fun Trick or Treat-ing (if you are, of course). I bet it's fun to get sweets, going from one house to another with your friends in costumes ! The costume is the best part :')

Syafiq is at Bukit Jalil right now for the All-American Rejects' concert. As a matter of fact, a lot of people go. If only my exam is over and I'm the kind of girl who likes to go to concerts, I'll go. I don't really like the atmosphere of being in a really really crowded place. Plus, takut je apa apa jadi k. But don't worry, I'll try dragging myself to concerts or huge party someday :)

Due to this period that us girls unfortunately get every month (?), I've been eating a lot for the past few days. You know, they say when we're having our period, we will have a big appetite and all. Mhmm, I hate this. I've been eating sorta non-stop. I have to work out in the evening again. Dah lamaaaaa tak jog ): I miss sweating, seriously.

You can call me a couch potato cause I stayed in my room the whole evening. Lets see, tuition from 10am til 12, baked brownies with mom til 1pm, slept right after I was done til 2.30pm, ate lunch and watched TV/locked myself in my room til now. I can feel the guilt for not studying so I'll make it up tonight. As usual, coffee by my side and fully-charged handphone for me to listen to music. Oh and full concentration to digest all the facts. Yes, just perfect !

I have to keep in mind,
that 3 important papers are down and 6 friggin' more to annihilate.
Shoot me right now *bang bang*

Friday, October 30, 2009


Hariz says:
*nasser would always be on my side
*he is a true fren
*mcm izreen fareez

harisah' JD says:
*and me :')

Hariz says:
*dorg pun tru frens

harisah' JD says:
*i pun

Hariz says:

harisah' JD says:

Hariz says:
*n hazwani

Hazwani `JD says:
*jantung i dah masuk perut doh !

Hariz says:

harisah' JD says:
*itu ahhh :')

Hariz says:

harisah' JD says:
*baik kau namakan satu kelas -,-

Hazwani `JD says:

Hariz says:
*itu jelah list of true frens
*1. nasser
2. izreen
3. fareez
4. luen
5. Hazwani
6. Harisah
7. shafiq
8. boon
9. seng yung
*THE TRUE FWENS!!!!!!!!!!!!

harisah' JD says:
*awww i dekat ngan shafiq:')

Hazwani `JD says:

Hariz says:

Hazwani `JD says:
*i rasa cam nak lempang je hariz ni
*sweet sngt , macam garam

Kita kan back of the class gang ♥
You know what, I hope we will still be in the same class next year. That will be uber cool !

'Cause I'm The Real Slim Shady

Told you I would be on hiatus from blogger (padahal baru je 3 hari).

So the first day of exam, which was yesterday, we had BM paper 2 and Arts. BM paper 2 was okay except for the section C. All of the topics for essay are *&^%$. So I ended up doing an essay on "Langkah-langkah Menanam Budaya Membaca Dalam Kalangan Masyarakat". I screwed up a lot actually.
Screwed up scene #1 : I totally forgot the isi-isi that I learned at tuition ! I felt like banging my head on my desk okay.
Screwed up scene #2 : Found only 5 points for summary which Cikgu Nik said, it's dangerous if we get 5 points or less for summary.
Screwed up scene #3
: For the summary's pemahaman, I had no idea what "guna tenaga" means and you have no idea what I answered for the question where they asked us what's our opinion on blablabla. Jawapan paling bodoh la hahaha.
Screwed up scene #4 : Didn't really elaborate that much on the Section B. Cikgu Nik warned me about this, haih.
Section D which was Komsas, was fine. 10 marks je, lantak la hahaha. So now, I'll keep my fingers crossed untuk markah lawa cause it will put a smile on my face and it will be such a relief to get good marks for it, fosho. Then I have to depend on my paper 1 pulak *shivers*

You don't need to ask about my Arts cause well, keep this in mind : I'm not an artist and I don't have hands that can draw as good as Fahmi hahaha.

Today's papers were worse than yesterday's, seriously. I crammed my time to study Science and Agama which resulted to an unproductive study. Tak masuk otak. Actually, I didn't have time to study Agama pun. So Science paper 2 was answerable. Despite question number 2 which left me clueless and blank. Tak tahu apa jawapan dia langsung k. Hopefully markah lawa jugak, amin.
Lets not talk about Agama paper okay ! Dah kata tak study langsung. Study pun like, 4 chapters out of 15. Screwed gila okay. I had 2 hours to answer the whole paper but after an hour, my answer sheets were still blank, I'm dead serious. I did nothing but sleep and look around. Then I started trying to answer the questions. Harisah and Izreen were shocked when they looked at me and saw my blank answer sheets.

Geez, that was the first time in my life that I didn't get to answer a paper after an hour it started ! That was the first time I went blank after reading the questions ! That was the first time in my life I felt so.. cuak ! Sampai boleh rasa nak terkencing, don't play play.
This, I have to keep my fingers crossed til they break for an A. If I do get an A, it will be a miracle :D

Okay, I'm done talking about my exam. How's everyone doing ? Alright ? Good :)
Actually, I don't have anything interesting to tell cause I've been spending my days studying. Well, sorta hehe.
Yesterday I went to Harisah's grandma's house to study. Iman was there too. Ended up eating Maggi, talking, laughing and oh the major distraction, the Internet. Okay fine, maybe talking was the major distraction, whatever. Haha.
Didn't really study that much. Iman and I wrestled with each other twice and look look ! Now I have a bruise on my leg, my head and a tiny cut under my eye. Bruise on my head was due to Iman, pressing my head onto the friggin' floor and the cut under my eye was when he pushed me onto the floor and my specs scarred under my eye. Sial punya Iman.
Anyway, I went home at 10pm and was sleepy. But managed to keep my eyes wide open til 12am.

I can't wait for finals to be over and done with. Although they postponed the unimportant exams to 19th and 20th November. Bodoh gila tak terkata -.-

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'm not gonna brag or bitch about it but..
I seriously have to start digesting all the facts that I have to digest into my head/brain. But I'm still lazy. This is not cool, seriously.

Will be skipping school tomorrow as dad gives me the green light, again. I'm surprised that he lets me skip school (Y)
Not to worry, I won't be wasting my time doing nothing. Coffee will be my best friend tonight 'cause I'm feeling sleepy already. I might take a short nap later so yeah.

I'm declaring that I'll be on hiatus from blogger. Unless I have time to blog, alright ?
Wish me luck, peeps :D

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nuff Said

It's absurd that people say the world will come to an end in 2012. As far as I know, us human beings do not have the rights or ability to predict such thing.
Sure, the first time I read about it on Mastika, my heart was pumping a hundred times faster. I'm a sucker when it comes to topics about death. Yes, since I was a small kid. With a blank thought which was filled with fear, I asked my mom right after I read the article. She said it's absurd, nonsense. Us human beings will and can never know when is our Dooms Day. Is it me or these people think they are capable of predicting that impossible thing ?

I was reading the New Sunday Times. "World will not end in 2012" on the front page caught my eyes. After a long time of spreading rumors about it, now is the time they're telling us that the world will not end in 2012.
You should read it. New Sunday Times page 36 & 37. Tak ke gila tu sampai buat movie 2012 lagi -.- Geez

Tomorrow's school which I think, I'm gonna skip. If only dad gives me the green light, of course. Plus, I haven't finished my fuhreaking History folio which can just make my brain explodes into millions of pieces. This folio makes me waste my time not studying. Furk -.-

Friday, October 23, 2009

Not Wasted. Not Just Yet

"Diamonds aren't forever, just like you."

School was awesome ! Just because we didn't learn at all (Y)(Y) We ate throughout the school time instead. Yesterday :

Me : Tomorrow is a fat day for us !
Miera : Haha I know ;D I'm so not eating after school !

Baked brownies last night with mom. Didn't turn out as great as usual. It turned out less spongy but heck, it was good.

Class party went well. Although it wasn't the kind of class party where we arrange the desks in the middle of the class, spread the food and eat together-gether y'know hahaha. Teringat kejap zaman standard 6 dulu :')
Anyhoo, we ate the food that the others brought. Sumpah semua bawak makanan sedap sedap okay. Especially spaghetti carbonara yang Aimi buat and bawak. Hariz's fried chicken was tasty, Aainaa's brownies were awesome !

Miera, Harisah and I ( Okay, most probably Harisah and I je ) made ourselves bursting into fits of laughter cause we made fun of Miera. She wanted to call her mom and go back home just to use the toilet. School's toilet is disgusting, I agree but she was crazy to go home just to use the toilet. Nasib rumah dia dekat but I didn't let her.
She used the school's toilet in the end, which was super funny ! She brought her Science paper with her into the toilet. Siap tanya lagi, "What's number 2 ?" HAHA.
There are other funny things we teased her when she was in the toilet, like, we told her to check if there was water or not. Takut takut bila dah buat her business, tengok tengok tak ada air kan hahahaha.
Went into class, continued eating. Hey, I didn't eat that much okay, seriously. Took a few pictures, using Ainina's and Razi's camera. Why ? Because Miera's camera's battery was low, it died.

During recess was the school's jamuan. Us prefects had to go to our stations we chose and put the food into the students' plate. Rasa macam pekerja canteen jap hahaha. After it was done, we got to join the others. So Azi and I went to where the others were at. After we spent our time there, we moved to the hall. That was where everything happened. Joined with the Avicennas and the guys from Edison came once in awhile. With Andy there, it was impossible if we didn't laugh right ? Plus with this form 4 dude, Darren I guess, it was a plus hahaha.
It was hella fun. Once, Andy came to us and asked Darren, "Kau ada tattoo tak ? Aku ada". He lifted up his shirt and showed us these two stickers on his body HAHA. Sticker Digi okay, don't play play. Imagine, everyone went silent when he was lifting up his shirt, and we saw the stickers, it was a sudden burst of laughter :') Sumpah best.
Had a few stupid conversations which I forgot but 'twas funny ! Sakit perut gelak.
Then, once, Sarah was taking our pictures. I planned with Azi, when she was going to snap the picture, Azi and I would push Harisah forward just to fool around. We did that and ended up rolling on the floor hahahaha. Dapat gambar, it looked happy :')

I can't wait to get my hands on the pictures !
When exam is over, that's when the celebration begins. But, it marks the ending of another honeymoon year and a fresh start of me being a PMR candidate. What a bummer, no ?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Suka ?

It's like Feel Free to Fool Me is plastered on my forehead !

Body Language

I have a huge pile of work to do right now but it's so obvious that I'm lazy, right ? So I made a deal with myself, if I don't get to finish my work tonight, I might be skipping school. Hey, that's the only way to save my ass okay.
Plus, I have to stop procrastinating, before next year. I bet if I live with this bad habit of mine til next year, I'm screwed.

Things have been utterly complicated for the past few days. The feeling of being fooled strikes all over again.
I haven't been productive at all ! Nowhere near being productive actually. Either you give me a round of applause or a loud BOO, I don't care. It seems like I can't stick my butt on this chair and study. For the first time in my life, I'm feeling anxious and lack of confidence. For the first time too, I feel like I'm struggling a lot. Obviously, I'm struggling right. There are a few subjects that I have to revise form 1's chapters too. Thank God History is not one of those subjects okay. Kalau tak, feel free to shoot me. I heard that Science and Maths are the subjects that consist of form 1's chapters. I'm not sure about the others, but yeah.
Speaking of not revising and whatnot, don't start on Agama okay. Buku pun tak buka lagi and there are 13 chapters to read. That's like a whole novel to me. To memorize and all.
Okay, you can shoot me right now. I have got to set my mind straight.

These two days of school had been wicked. I'm starting to swear like Luen which is absolutely not a good thing. Bursting into fits of laughter that resulted tummy pains and the usual talks made school more enjoyable and fun. Caught up with each other about whatever happened and whatnot. That has always been fun. Dengan Harisah yang macam E! News, tahu banyak gossip (Y) hahaha.

And now, I'm signing out due to lack of mood. Ending this post with Hariz's lame quote ;

Don't be a gangster, be a sorangster.

Tally ho !

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Open Happiness

Don't tell me this song doesn't put a smile on your face or just makes you wanna do the jig ? No ?
Damn, you're weird !
Kudos to Brendon Urie , Cee-Lo, Patrick Stump, Travis McCoy and Janelle Monet.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Let's Compare Scars, I'll Tell You Whose Is Worse

This feeling I have for you isn't a feeling I always have for anyone else. You're the first and don't blame me for making that happen. You're the first and it will stay like that forever.
I've been feeling this guilt for a long time. I've been carrying this guilt on my shoulder for a long time. But I have no idea how to let it go. How to make this guilt go away.
I always blame myself for everything that happened and after fathoming it out, I am supposed to blame myself cause it was all my fault.
Sometimes, I hate myself so much for falling for you, head over heels. I mean, hey, you're the first guy who said all those things to me, the first to treat me that way, the first who gained my trust that whenever you said everything would be alright, I would really really believe that everything would be alright.
I didn't see it coming. What I mean by 'it' is that feeling of me liking you. At first, I thought we would be friends, close friends. Those who share things with each other. But then, it struck. It was like, without me knowing, I said to myself "Maybe, I like this guy".
No, I didn't see it coming, at all.
I guess right now, these words mean nothing anymore. What you said last Sunday was hard for me to accept but I agree with every single word you said. I was such a bitch, no ?
I'm a weakling now cause I don't know how to make things right anymore. I don't even know if I should actually fix things or not. Cause I know, you won't even try or care to fix things.
Hmm so, I think I should say that I'm sorry. I really am.

Sweet Sweet Mess

Yesterday night was rare yet marvelous. Rare because it has been quite long since the last time I had that much fun ! With the whole hangout clan showed up, it was downright great :D
Let me elaborate about it as I'm feeling all giddy thinking about it hahaha.

I've felt excited since the moment I woke up cause I knew I would have an undeniably hella fun. After going for lunch with my parents at Taman Melati, I took a short nap. Around 5.30pm, Sofia picked me up since she and her family just got back from an open house. Stopped by e@Curve since she had to take her reserved movie ticket, for her brother. Arrived at her house and went straight into her room. It seemed like she changed the positions of her bed and all.
Anyhooo, we talked for awhile, to catch up on a few things. Changed into our clothes. I borrowed her top, she borrowed mine. Fair enough haha. Went to Qallif's house after Maghrib. Thought it would be hard to find his house but then, saw Qallif and Wan by the road side. Paused smoking when they saw Sofia's mom though, thank God. We were there while Qallif, Wan and Andy finished their ciggies and went to Qallif's house. There were Zack, Akir, Iman, Neena, Balqis and Eeqa ( tak ada sape sape yang tertinggal kan ? ) and Zack gave me a 'warm' welcome by saying, "Dat balik kampung lah". Douchebag hahaha.

Went inside the house and Sofia and Balqis fell off a chair. Started it off with a good laugh, no ? HAHA (Y)
Everyone was making jokes and talked. They were joshing Iman since yesterday was Deepavali. Wan and Qallif went in front of Iman who was sitting on the couch and kissed his foot and all hahahaha. They even arranged these small thin statues, put a small elephant on a pillow and told Iman to sembah hahahaha. But, Iman kicked them all instead.
Went outside and took pictures. Wan told us some lame ass 'jokes' but damn, screw myself I can't remember 'em :(
After that, we went for a walk around the neighborhood. Everyone was noisy. I mean, c'mon, Andy was there ! Plus with Qallif, Wan and all, noise was the only thing they know how to do. Agree with me, will you ? Hahahaha. Fooled around, did some piggy-back ride which went disastrous for Sofia cause she fell onto the road. I was in front and I could hear the knock okay. Thank God she was alright, despite being a bit woozy. Continued our journey, took a few pictures and all.
I was walking with Wan and Sofia, when out of a sudden, they shouted, "LARI !". Memang terkejut la kan, ingatkan anjing kejar ke apa. After they stopped running already, I asked what happened. Rupa rupanya diorang pegi tekan loceng rumah orang -.- Bangang, buat tak bagi warning dulu !
All of us were sorta tired so they were sitting on the road. I told Iman to ring another bell since everyone was sitting on the road. He did and I ran for my life already hahahaha. Semua macam terhegeh-hegeh je.
It was fun + tiring + hot. I was sweating bullets, seriously. Plus, dah lama tak lari pecut and tak berpeluh camtu (Y)
Went back right after that and relaxed at Qallif's house. Hmm, what happened next eyh ?

Oh ya, Andy told all of us to gather cause he wanted to read this letter he got. So we sat at the dining table and he read it. Touching hahahaha. A cake with candles was on the table right after. It was written "Happy Birthday Qallif" on it. That means, yesterday was to celebrate Qallif's belated birthday too I guess ? Wan was being such a busybody, he told Qallif that his birthday passed too so Qallif wrote the number 1 under his name, which means Wan la kan hahahaha.
We proceeded to a game of Truth or Dare. It was effed up, really. Semua dare benda benda yang macam sial je hahaha bodoh.
Then, the guys went into that 'wrestling' mode. The guys went on top of each other, macam burger. And guess what, atas sekali was Zaim. Kesian gila Andy yang bawah sekali haha. He said, "Atas sekali Bob eyh ? Padan aku rasa macam tetiba load BESAR" HAHA.

Went outside for another round of wandering around. But this time they planned to go to this playground which had no lights so it was dark. It depended on the lights of the houses only. And you should know that I hate darkness. Dah la tempat tu cam dalam sikit. I didn't wanna go in when I saw it was dark and scary but Zack pushed me -.- So I had to. And the whole time I was there, felt quite uncomfortable. Thanks to Zack, he stayed with me the whole time while the others were taking pictures and having fun although I told him to join them. So we just sat at the bench. Then, they came to us and took pictures. Okay it was fun after that.
Dat was missing in action and in the midst of taking pictures, he called hahahaha kesian dia. Stranded in Negeri Sembilan for a wedding :p I showed Zack that Dat was calling, so I made the call on loudspeaker. Zack fooled around with Dat so I didn't get the chance to talk to him, grr.

It was already 10.40pm so we walked back home. Hungout in the living room for awhile and Sofia's dad came around 10 minutes after that. Packed my stuff that were all over Sofia's room and mom was downstairs already. Went back home with a tired body. Took a shower immediately since I was sweating bullets due to the running and all. Dah la baju macam tebal je ! It was very very refreshing after a bath, fuh.
Dozed off right after cause I was so tired. But I felt really really guilty for not studying at all the whole day :(
It's okay, I'll make it up for it tonight :)

I had a great time yesterday. Thanks Qallif for inviting me :)
Oh and yes, I'm cool with Sofia already. And Fadhli too.

P.S : I know, this is a long post. Bear with it ! Haha
P.P.S : More photos at Facebook and MySpace.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Whaaaaaaaaaat ?

  • School was an absolute bore. It was the most boring school day in my life, seriously. Teacher didn't come into the class at all. I think it was because they had that discipline thingy so the teachers were sorta busy ?
  • I was in class for only 40 or 50 minutes, after recess hahaha.
  • First and second period, the class went to Makmal Cyber but Miera and I went downstairs instead. We sat at those round tables near teacher's room. Just to skip Arts, we begged Cikgu Fadzli to give us something to do.
  • Oh yeah, Harisah didn't come to school. Same goes to Shar, so you know -.-
  • Aiesya Rafieqa came to my school for the discipline ceramah thingy but unfortunately, we didn't meet each other :( Ye la, bila orang pergi rehat pengawas, they had to go back to the hall balik pulak.
  • Sat at the round tables after recess to do our KH works. Went up when it was getting hotter.
  • Perdagangan students joined our class so it was better. Cikgu Nik Azizon let us out 5 minutes early. She rocks haha.
  • Pak Teh will board on a plane back to Houston at 3.30am :( Have a safe flight, Pak Teh !

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Watch Your Head Spin Like A Massive Cyclone

There are people who tend to judge me by the way I treat people.
I'm not trying to say that I'm absolutely nice and all but there are people who have that first impression, thinking that I'm absolutely friendly, not arrogant, etc. And when I don't really talk to them, they'll start saying that I'm arrogant, I'm unfriendly, blablabla.

Just to make things clear, I'm sorta antisocial. My parents said so, my friends said so and I believe so too. I can't last replying comments with a person that long as it will start making me blank. Just the replying comments and all will eventually be boring to me. And, you'll realize that as the conversation goes on, I won't have any idea on what to talk about. That's when I'll just say "Oh haha, okay." or maybe something that can make you see that I've ran out of ideas. No, I'm not arrogant. I like making friends, I just don't know how to socialize well y'know ?

I admit, my English sucks, my grammar sucks, anything that's related to English sucks. I'm not like those people who communicate with their parents, siblings and relatives in English. I actually envy those people. Reading their blogs which were written with perfect English, make 'em more interesting to read y'know. Those blogs become more interesting when they use some outstanding words or the words I've never ever heard before. That's just why the dictionary is always by my side whenever I'm online and I'll read it before I sleep hahaha I'm serious.
So, I don't really mind if you people who are saying or said I'm bad in English, I speak broken English whatsoever cause I admit, I ain't that good.

As you can see, I don't really have a kick-ass personality and for now, that is all I have in this pretty messed up mind of mine.
Taaa !

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Don't you believe that we can change things ?
Well, sometimes we can change things if we give it a try, if we put an effort.

So _____, now, I wanna tell you that we can change that by giving it a try to change it. I know we always end up fighting but we can try not to if we actually give it a try.
I believe we can change. I don't wanna fight with you anymore. I'm preventing myself from having a fight with you. What happened between us last year, the fights and all, were heartbreaking for me seriously. And I don't want that to happen again. That's why I've been trying my best to not getting us involve into a fight.
But it seems like you don't trust me, huh ? It seems like you don't believe that we can change things and make it better. It seems like your faith has gone with the wind.
So, I don't know how to fix things anymore. I just don't know how. And I don't think you even care about it anymore.
Sue me if I'm wrong but that's what I feel and I'll stick with it til you say otherwise.

Blow The Speakers !

Tick Tock by Kesha is addictive. Well, sorta hahaha.

Hi ! How's your study progress going ? Good or your lazy mode is still on ? Well, mine is still on. Stayed up late to study but tak masuk otak langsung, seriously.
So Harisah, Miera and I planned a trip to the library today but when we arrived there, it was full. We spent around 10 - 15 minutes to renew our membership cards. I realized mine was missing around 10 minutes before going to the library, how effed up.
The place downstairs was full, seriously. Banyak gila orang Cina, semua muka nampak cam muka budak budak hardworking and all :(
And I saw people who went upstairs, came back down and headed to the children's place. Obviously, that means upstairs was full. I was too lazy to check it out so we decided to head to the twins' place. Stopped by the cafeteria for maggi hahaha.

Before that, semangat je cakap, "Okay, balik rumah twins memang kena study tau. Tak boleh on laptop or whatsoever. Okay korang ?". Arrived at the twins' house, Miera turned on the TV, we went to their room to look around, went back downstairs, their mom came back home, went into their room bajet nak study but didn't. Lied on their 'bed' ( Katil dah patah so tinggal tilam je hahahahahahaha. They said, Miera jumped on the bed and boom ! Runtuh (Y) ), talked and talked then watched that horror movie for awhile. Decided to order McD and we did. All of us ordered but Miera didn't. Warned her not to regret about it but she did, so.. padan muka :D
Continued being lifeless and jobless til around 4.30pm. Zack said he was at the library already and Dat was there too. I told him yesterday that I wanna meet them. Dah lama okay tak jumpa diorang. So, walked to the library and called Zack to come down. Hung out outside the library for awhile when I told Zack to go back up and continue dating hahaha. Went in after that since it was hot outside. Plus, Harisah and I had to wait for her grandpa for another 15 minutes (?). So, lebih baik masuk.

Tomorrow's school. Not ready yet to fill my head with facts. But on the bright side, I get to see those shmucks after 4 days (Y)
CSI is on in a few minutes. Tally ho !

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lame-O, Haha

*I was adding air gula into my Iced Lemon Tea*

Pak Teh : Wani, banyak nya masukkan air gula. Macam manis je. Tengok Pak Teh, I didn't add it at all. Cause.. I'm sweet already *grins*
Me & Kak Ain : That's the lamest pick-up line ! Hahahaha

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's Just The Way It Is ?

Have been drinking coffee for two nights straight just to stay up late and study. The first night, caffeine didn't really help since the bed started calling me at 2am. Whilst the second night, I survived til 3.30am, studying Science. Tu pun rasa cam tak masuk otak je :( Sedih betul.
I'll continue with that routine of mine tonight since tomorrow there's no school for me (Y)
Okay, ni best sebab my class and 3 other classes get tomorrow and Tuesday off, plus with the weekend, 4 hari cuti :D Although the classes which were given Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off dapat 5 hari cuti, campur dengan Sabtu and Ahad la kan.
But well, better than nothing right ?

Yesterday, kakak was rushed to the hospital for a nebulizer around 7am. She called my mom and my mom went to her house to pick her up and rushed to the hospital. Kan tak best, tengah tidur tetiba kena asthma attack (N)
Anyhoo, as usual, she would jump on my bed and hit me with the pillow while saying "Mok, bangun !". It was at 8.30am okay ! Mata memang kecik and berat lagi. We talked and talked til 10 o'clock (?) then I had my breakfast. Talked to my sister again since we had a lot of things to talk about. Both of us doze off on my bed til 12.30pm. So we hung out in my room for almost the whole morning :)
I cleaned my wardrobe after lunch cause it was messy. It looked like a hurricane hit it recently -.- So I cleaned it and put aside the shirts and pants that I'm not wearing anymore. Memang banyak la and semua buruk buruk. Now, my wardrobe has much more space.
Kakak drove me to Starbucks since I was in dire need of Caramel Frapuccino :9 Then we stopped by at the DVD shop to buy a few DVDs.

Today, I woke up at 10.30am, had breakfast and locked myself up in my room. I watched Titanic (Y) Sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !
By 12pm, people started coming and I haven't had my bath yet. So mom started yelling and telling me to get ready since people are coming to beraya. Abang Yon's son is super cute ! Sumpah comel gila and handsome gila :D It has been ages since the last time Abang Yon came to the house.
Everyone went back around 5pm.
Since the past few days ( til now la kan ), my house is full. Acu is in Indonesia so Wan, Aidi and their maid are staying here for a few days. Pak Teh and Kak Ain memang tinggal sini kejap. So all the rooms in this house are taken. Dah lama rumah tak penuh :')

And now, actually I'm not in my best mood so I'll end it right here.
I have to start drinking coffee or nescafe cause I'm starting to feel sleepy. I'm out !

Friday, October 9, 2009

And Their Names Was Treason

I thought school would be boring but we made it otherwise. The class was half empty since there were less than 20 people came. The boys were busy playing cards which I didn't understand a single thing they played hahaha. Harisah was being her typical self , persuading us to study and teach her Maths. Miera and I pulak, being our lazy ass self, were too lazy to study and all.
So since we almost died of boredom, we wandered around school. Went into teacher's room which was empty, seriously ! Macam boleh buat apa apa la kat dalam bilik guru tu. Dah la sejuk hehehehe (Y)
Harisah, with her lame 'inside jokes' were just enough to make us laugh til our tummy hurts ! Sumpah tak berhenti gelak langsung okay. Once, she was singing Backstreet Boys' song, I forgot what was it, and when she turned around, Pn. Suzila was walking like towards us hahahahaha. Padan muka !

*Miera and Mia walking, then Burhan passed by*
Burhan : Oh, I'm seeing doubles !
Lawak sial kalau tengok cara dia cakap and all hahaha.

After recess, we had to go to the Music Room but Miera and I decided to go to Bilik Jahitan to finish up our litar. I had to repair mine since it was a bit retarded. Now, it's perfect :') ( Be jealous Miera ! HEHE )
Oh ya, thanks Buj and Burhan for the kuih raya hahaha. Although Buj was being such a/an ____ cause he told me to kiss him first if I want the kuih raya -.- Memang tak la kan haha.
The last two periods, we hung out downstairs. The boys ( minus Carlos okay, obviously ) were in class, playing cards. Rasa macam kelas tu jadi Las Vegas kejap but without the chips and money lah. Whilst the other girls plus Carlos were at the dewan terbuka, helped our History teacher on something, I don't know.
Miera, Harisah and I sat at those round tables in front of Teacher's Room and Najib joined too.
And guess what, we did study ;) Bangga la jugak hahaha.

Wasn't regret even a tad bit for dragging my ass to school :')

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Bak kata Izzud, "Macam gigi berdarah."
Pentan yamakahai betul -.-
Sumpah muka macam ____.


Here I am, sweating like a pig and exhaling as much oxygen as I can. Just came back from a great jog and the evening weather couldn't be as perfect as it is now, could it ?

Dad : Esok Wani pergi sekolah tak ?
Me : Pergi, asal ?
Dad : Oh, kalau tak nak pergi sampai PMR habis pun tak apa.

Skipped school just now cause I was pretty darn sure we wouldn't do anything just like yesterday. To make it up to it, I planned to study but mission failed miserably. Woke up at 9am and watched TV from 10am til lunch time instead. Don't bother, I can feel the guilt of not studying running through my veins right now. I will try to make it up tonight, insyaAllah, although my lazy mode is still being.. lazy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sweet Disposition

Didn't really get the chance to wish those PMR candidates goodluck. So, goodluck to y'all, specially to Syafiq, Hanis and all the form 3s from TTDI. Although they must have finished their BM and Agama paper by now, but what the heck :)
Shit, dah la next year it's gonna be my turn *heart's pumping fast*.

School was a waste of time, really. Pergi sekolah tapi buku dengan beg tak bukak langsung, seriously. Miss Anniza was nowhere to be found, Pn. Law is on leave from now on due to her pregnancy so during Maths just now, all of us had to go to the Bilik Jahitan. Technical students did our Etika Makan which means, we cooked, while Pn. Rukkumani gave the Perdagangan students something to do I guess. It was hella fun (Y) Although the room was quite dirty which made our socks turned black and there was a dead cockroach. My group cooked burgers due to our laziness of bringing extra things and cook more food. Shyahirah's group cooked hot dog and made caramel pudding, Carlos' group cooked Spaghetti Carbonara and Boon's group cooked burger and made soup.
Everyone's cooking were very very tempting. Carlos' Spaghetti Carbonara sumpah sedap, despite the saltiness and spaghetti tak lembut sangat haha.
Finished the lesson when Civic has started. Spent our time talking in class til 1.10pm. Ada la jalan jalan but yeah.
It was a waste of time, no ? Despite the cooking part la. Our bags were on our desks, untouched ! Even the students from 2 Einstein went back okay. They called their parents and all. Banyak orang dah plan esok tak nak datang sekolah dah. They should give us ALL holidays due to the PMR. Just a thought okay.

Anyhooooo, it's 7th of October and it's Azrel's birthday. So,

Happy Birthday, loser ! Cepat cepat dapat driving license and you should bring me around AND make sure I'm the first one ! Hahaha. Have an impecabble one gendut :)


Monday, October 5, 2009

Exhale And Breathe

  1. Luen called me a "rempit wannabe" and a loser just because I went into BM class late. You have no idea how much it hurts, man -.-
  2. A very very hectic school day, seriously.
  3. The boys splashed water on my kain. Thank God it was not much.
  4. I've always loved hanging out at the bus stop after school :')
  5. Haven't done anything that gives me benefits since I came home. Other than finishing up Cikgu Nik's work. Ni yang tak suka ni !
  6. I'm getting tired of being a prefect, nuff said. The interest of being one has gone with the wind, somehow. I think it's because I've been a prefect since standard 4 ? So, rindu pakai uniform putih haha. I know, alasan memang bodoh.
  7. I have a feeling of wanting to text him but.. where's the guts ?!
  8. Sumpah rasa macam uncomfortable and restless sekarang. I have no idea why.
  9. Okay, kena start study. Final exam is just waiting for its time to freak me out, which is another 3 weeks or less *gulp*

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I've been handling guests the whole day. It came to my surprise that I woke up at 9am although I slept late last night. Anyway, relatives from my dad's side came around 11am so that was when I had to set the table and stuff. Pretty tiring cause the house was pretty crowded. Sumpah banyak la kan sebab families belah Babah memang banyak. Called Dydy for a short while. It has been ages since the last time I called her. She told me to call her back around 30 minutes later so in the mean time, I called Sabrina. By the time I hung up, mom told me to come down.
Sorry Dy sebab tak call balik !

They went home around 1pm and at 2.30pm, one of my dad's brother came to house pulak. Didn't really do that much though.
At around 3.30pm I guess, Andy told me he himself and his friends ( Akir, Zaim, Fareez, Adri, Qallif and Iman ) were coming to my house 'untuk beraya'. Mom gave a green light so yeah, cool. They arrived around 4.2opm whilst mom and dad were sleeping. So I had to do everything. It went well :)
Now I know that Andy is scared of cats. He sorta freaked out when he saw Kimi which made both of them ran away. Mana tak nya Kimi lari keluar rumah bila Andy pun lari macam nampak hantu -.- hahaha.
So, I served them kuih and all. Andy ate the most. He even wanted roti kaya ! Bertuah betul budak tu, haha.
Had our laughs. Thank God Andy didn't laugh like he always do. You know, the very very loud one ? Yeah, fuh.
Then Izreen came which he said he flew to my house. Very nice. And they went to someone else's house around 20 minutes ago. Honestly, that was the first time my friends came to my house untuk beraya. Tak pernah buat open house sebab mama malas, haha :')

I'll be going to my uncle's house tonight for dinner.
And tomorrow's school. Geez, I better get my things ready !

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What Crap ?

Today was one of those days that I spent by wasting my time :')
I woke up at 11am, drank Milo as always and marched right back into my room and watched TV. As you can see, I always lock myself up in my room and do whatever I wanna do. My room is my best friend :') Even my mom knows that. I heard my aunt and mom talked just now ;

Mak Lang : Wani gerenti lonely and bosan je dah tak ada orang kat rumah. Harris ngan kakak dah tak ada.
Mama : Tak langsung. Keje dia duduk dalam bilik je satu hari, turun bawah untuk makan. Kalau TV bilik dia ada orang tengah tengok, baru dia turun. Kalau tak, duduk je la dalam bilik dia buat apa pun tak tahu la.
Me : Mama betul, hahaha.

So, I stayed in my room til 2pm, without taking a bath HEHE, watched Hellboy 2 and Enchanted. OH OH, did I tell you that I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to watch Enchanted ? Man, suka gila gila gila gila la. Plus, one of the songs in the movie, So Close by Jon Mclaughlin is just.. touching :') Suka sangat, hehe.
Then, watched When A Stranger Calls for the 176593917593 times. Never get tired of it and it still freaks me out hahaha. I'm such a sucker when it comes to horror/thriller movies. Y'know, those kinds.
Hahaha, I was such a couch potato (Y)
Pak Teh arrived here at my house around 5pm. Talked a bit since it has been ages since the last time we met. Had lemang and rendang, albeit dah rasa macam muak tengok and makan rendang. Still devoured mom's cooking, haha.
It has been 1 month++ of not going out for a jog. God, how much I miss sweating ( this doesn't include sweating in school -.- ).
Stamina dah kurang tapi tak apa. Plus, there was a dog gone wild just now. Nasib dapat lari dulu, fuh.
Then, nothing much happened. Other than Pak Lang and the family was at my house to have tea-time with Pak Teh.

Damn, I have to start programming the word Study into my system cause final exam is starting in 3 weeks (?). I'm still blank and blur. Rajin pun tak, haih. Sumpah rasa malas gila, tengok buku je pun dah terus tak ada mood :(
Luen was right, I'm getting lazier and stupider ( Luen, I'm agreeing with you on me being stupider, just for now cause right now I'm feeling that way ).
I will study.
I have to study.
I must study !
Shitzo, dah boleh rasa the stress vibe overruling my body. Sweet -.-

Friday, October 2, 2009


Hi ! How's everyone doing ? Good ? Alright, good to know :)

As you can see, I haven't been in a good mood. I guess due to the pms, which I can't keep on blaming cause I'll be going through it til I'm old. Of course at a certain age, around 40 something ? I don't know.

Anyhooo, how's school ? I can still rant about how hot it has been but it won't do any good, so I won't rant about it. I just wanna say that it has been bloody hot and I've been sweating bullets for this whole week. But I think it rained on Wednesday which was a plus (Y) Suka gila kalau hujan masa tengah sekolah sebab sejuk !
But, this week, school days were quite dull which made me disappointed cause I always look forward to school. Not this week I guess :'(

Miera and Shar didn't come to school yesterday. So, during Seni, I had no partner. I sat beside Tufah instead. As always, teacher was being such a pain, talking to us like we're some crackheads. During Science, Miss Anniza joined us at the back so we had sorta like a group, haha. She was so open-minded that day, that we talked about those out-of-the-ordinary topics, if you know what I'm talking about *ehem ehem*. Hey, at least we gained knowledge okay hahaha. Izreen was being his typical-self, he did a few hand gestures with that lollipop Harisah brought to school. That was what started the whole conversation with teacher.
KH was relaxing since all of us were minding our own business. So, I managed to finish my litar in less than an hour. Kudos to myself :') Hehe.

While today, was worse I guess, although Miera and Shar came. I think they had to come since our Geography folio was due today. Surprisingly ( in an annoying way ), Cikgu Fadzli was absent. That pissed me off cause I slept late last night just to finish up the friggin' folio and made it better and all. Tak apa tak apa, sabar. Patience is a virtue.
So anyhoo, I came into the class and found out that my desk was missing. It was the second time except that this time, it wasn't in Rhazes. It was nowhere to be found. I dragged Shar with me to meet Cikgu Manan. Then we had to go to each of the classes to see if my desk was there or not, then met Cikgu Manan again to tell him that it wasn't anywhere in any of the classes, then we had to go to the surau cause Cikgu Sze said it might be there but it wasn't ! So lastly, we went to Rhazes and 'borrowed' one of their desks. Hell with it, I was sweating bullets ! That was a turn off.
THEN, I had to finish up my Maths work that I didn't do since teacher said, that work provides us 10 marks for our Finals. So I had to do it in a rush. Second turn off !
THEN, Harisah told me that Cikgu Fadzli was absent and that made me pissed for awhile cause like I said, I rushed the night before just to finish up the folio *inhale, exhale*
So, after recess, it was Agama. Stressed up, yet again, cause I've just realized that my Agama note book ( my Agama note book which is complete went missing so I have to do a new book ) is still blank. I had to sort things out, make sure I didn't leave out anything from the index and whatnot.
GEEZ, TODAY COULDN'T BE MORE STRESSFUL IS IT ?! Plus with the messed up mind I was having, it wasn't a pretty school day for me. No, not at all.
So take note ; I hate being in a rush cause that makes me feel all tensed up, yada yada. Tak suka ! And you know, I actually hate doing things last minute. I mean, certain things. I always do my work last minute but my definition of last minute is that, the latest of getting it done is 24 hours before the deadline. Yes, if I have to send in my homework tomorrow, I have to finish up today. I can't do it like a few minutes or hours before sending it in. It'll just make me be in a rush and I'll be restless (N)
Anyhoo, but thanks to Izreen and Luen, after I let it out to them and asked for advice, I was better. Fuh, lifesavers ! :D

So, that was it.
Pak Teh is arriving here from US tomorrow, at around 5pm. Yeay ! Dah lama tak jumpa dia.

*The end of an inappropriate, unreasonable post :)
Sorry for wasting your time, haha.