Wednesday, December 23, 2009

State Of Mind

I've lost my mojo to blog, plus there's nothing to blog about.

  1. Danish is getting cuter each day but damn, Kakak is a mom now. I can't spend my time with her like we used to anymore. Busy woman already.
  2. Pak Teh and his family are here in KL. Arrived on Saturday and we had a BBQ that night. Family bonding like we always do :) Damn it was fun.
  3. I bought my school uniforms already. I look so weird in white baju kurung ! But well, I just need to buy my shoes then it's done.
  4. My phone is screwed. The keypad is screwed. I don't think I can persuade dad to buy me a new phone :(
  5. Mr. Nathan's class started last week. Ah, I miss him :') I miss Science !
  6. Speaking of missing people and stuff, I miss school, my girls, my lads, bursting into fits of laughter and well, I just miss having a great time.
  7. 2010 is approaching slowly and I can feel the tense that us '95s will face.
  8. My laptop was sent for a repair. It has been a week plus, and it is not done yet :( Obviously, it was utterly busted !
  9. I miss that dude. Come to think of it, I think I've been wasting my time, waiting for time to fly as fast as it can. Just wait for that important thing to end. Cause well, he hasn't said a word to me since he's free.
  10. Okay, I'm blank already.
  11. Oh right, last but not least, to make things straight, to stop people from annoy me with lots of questions or 'advices', I'm stating here that I have resigned ! So I hope you guys won't give me that stare or bitch around when you see me without tudung next year, okay ? Alright. To me, if I wear tudung, it won't be right cause I'll be taking it off during PJ or whatsoever. Or you will see me out there without tudung. So yeahh. Just, try and understand.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Danish Iskandar

Born on the 11th of December '09 :)
Hi, I'm an auntie now !

Friday, December 18, 2009

Plus, One Year

*insert a picture of dad*

So yesterday ( 17th December 2009 ), dad turned 61. Yes, 61 years old. He's old *nods*.
I don't really have a lot to say about him cause I'm not close to him.
But well, he has his moments. Sometimes, he's awesome, sometimes, he's just someone you won't dare to disturb. Even if you're making a joke, he won't laugh. He'll just give you a sharp stare. And that's when you have to shut up hahaha.
Whatever, dads have to be strict, right ?
Whatever it is, I love him no matter what

This dude up here, just turned fourteen. JUST turned fourteen, today :)
Next year, he'll be sitting for PMR when he's only fourteen. Cool shiz hahaha. Okay, not cool. Anywaayy, this KitKat lover right here, is insane. I've known him for 2 years now. Last year, he was an ass ! My very own laughing gas, hahaha. Tak sah kalau satu hari tu tak buat lawak. Kalau emo tu, lain cerita la kan hahaha.
Dear Fahmi,
HAHA I'm blank man ! But well, the memories of us being in the same class last year, I'll reminisce ;) Thank God we're still close this year !
You know, I think you're the only one I can talk about serious stuff. Like last year, we talked about something related to Science, remember ? And ... Alaa, don't you remember ? Hahaha :)
And you always have the right words to convince me that things will be fine and all. For example, about me wearing tudung or not next year. You were right.
If I don't stop, I can write a book. I'm utterly blank, that my dad's birthday wish up there also, so short one ! HAHA
So, have a great birthday. Don't tell me you celebrate it with KitKats by your side, okay ? -.-
I love you man !

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I can brag about how much pain am I going through right now cause I'm seriously in pain.
Yes, I'm actually having a fever.
So I'm having a sore throat and a flu. I've just realized that if I'm having a fever, my joints will hurt. Now, my back feels like it's going to break into millions of pieces and my hands hurt too. Oh and I have a cut on the side of my tongue. Mom says it's because of panas dalam ? I don't know what it means but yeah, it hurts when I eat.
Oh, the agony :(

Didn't sleep well last night cause my throat was like burning, my head was throbbing and my nose was blocked. Terrible night !
Panadols saved the day though.
Skipped my Math class. Mom told the teacher that I'm having a fever.
But I'm sure that I have to attend the class tomorrow. Uhh, I feel so weak :(

My plan to go to Miera's house and help her bake brownies had to cancel.
Geez, I have to go out. Staying home for, I don't know, I've lost count, ain't nice !
Mhmm, wait til I'm all better :D

Monday, December 7, 2009


Hellooo Lautner !

Unacceptable ! Sure, people say they look so cute together but it's just, unacceptable :( Not gonna talk about the age cause well, argued about it on Facebook with Fahmi and the others hahaha.

Choose. Sorry, I'd say Chace Crawford. No hard feelings eh Lautner ? :p

HAHAHA I sound like a psycho ! Okay, don't you realize, most of the people are going gaga over Lautner and not Robert Patz ? Twilight was the season where people go gaga over Robert but Lautner took over ! :B

Okay, I have to stop.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Time To Pretend

Such an effed up day it was but I wanna forget about it. Membuang masa je.

My Tumblr is dead, really. My tumblarity is 0 cause I'm just too lazy to update it. I love blogger way too much to abandon it so I use Tumblr to reblog nice pictures only. Recently, I'm just too lazy to reblog. Okay let alone reblog, I'm too lazy to even sign in !

What else ?

Oh, have you watched New Moon ? I watched it twice cause kakak dragged me with her. From my point of view, it was a bit slow but okay la. Honestly, there were some parts where I felt like crying hahahaha, shut up. Hey, it's sweeter than Twilight but it was quite disappointing. Don't ask me, whose team am I on cause I'm on both teams ! Team Jacob and Team Edward = Team Edcob ! Not funny, mhmm. Anyway, yeah. Team Jacob has all the eye candies. Half naked all the way, with hot bodies. Uuuu ! HAHA. Robert Patz is undeniably good looking, although he had fake abs in that movie -.- Enough about sex gods of New Moon cause most of 'em are, nuff said hehe. The ending was the biggest disappointment ! Hanging, just like that. Pffttt.

Enough about that.

Damn, I miss school so much. It doesn't feel normal at all to stay home everyday, you know. I have to stay home for a few days cause I've been going out often. So mom told me to stay home. Geez, she even said that I can't go out at all next year. I have to spend time now la right ? This Monday, Math class is starting. Since it's intensive, it's an every day class.
Now now, this is annoying.

You wanna know what's more annoying ? The fact that I just confronted this guy yesterday and now, he has another girl on his list.
Hi boy, how fast do you move on ? You seemed to be desperate to want me but when I let you go, you're telling the whole world that you're in love with this other girl. I'm not jealous, I'm just shocked. Thank God I didn't fall for you. Or else, I know this would hurt a lot.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I need to burst into fits of laughter right at this moment.

To make people understand that I'm the kind of girl who gets annoyed easily is just hard, is it ? I hate seeing myself being dragged into a mess, into problems that actually have an easy way out but harder solutions are chosen instead.

In this house, I'm the one who will be blamed for everything. I repeat, everything ! And everything means, even the smallest thing, even the thing that doesn't even matter, mom will put the blame on me. Which leads to me receiving tirades, which will lead to me being rude since there are times when I can't control my temper. Then, things won't be pretty. Is it because I'm the youngest ? Or is it because I'm the one with the wild, outgoing attitude ? Unlike my brother and sister, huh ?

As much as I hate being in a confused state, I just realized that I did make or am making a person be in that hated state. Figuring out the answers is not my thing, especially since I'm a pessimist, negative thoughts are the only thing that will come to my mind first. Answers are the only thing I need all the time. But it seems like answers are the hardest thing I can get.

In a matter of days, I'll know what will happen next. I'll know what I've been waiting for a long time. Then I'll be asking myself, "Have I been wasting my time all along or was it worth it to wait ?".

Right now, I'm walking around with guilt on my shoulders. It doesn't feel nice. No, not at all.