Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Last day of school, mmg bersemangat nak pegi skola. Haha, it was quite hmm, GREAT !
Damn you 2 Einstein people. Class messy gile. Kerusi bertimbun, meja terbalik. Then kitorang yg kene kemas -_-
So anywayyy, at first gelak gelak dalam class. Sikit je orang. At first, there was me, Fahmi, Danial, Shasha, Fadhli, Azwin and Naim. But then, Hakim and Qayyim came. They had Science work to do. Same goes to Fahmi. Hahaha, kesiaaannn
Then Aneesa came. Yes, she came to school at 2 o'clock. Pfft, macam skola die la pulak
Guess what, I was hyper. Yeahh, Danial was too. He kept singing that Chicken Little Song, pastu improvice lagu tu. Lyric is censored, private and confidential. Hehehe
My one-of-a-kind joke that made everyone laughoutloud :
Danial was counting the amount of girls in class ;

Danial ; Ey, ade 3 orang je perempuan. Hahaa
Hazwani ; Eh betul ke ade 3 orang je? Bukan ke ade 4 ? *everyone was like "huh?". then I point to Hakim*
HAHAHAHA, and yes, everyone laughed, I think Hakim didn't realize. If he did, SORRY ! I was in the mulut-laser-mood. Haha. Lepas itu, did this and that, blablabla
Recess time! Since it was the last day of school, I ate a lot. Hahaha what ? Nanti kang rindu makanan kantin :s Hahaha
Uish, at least I got to see Hazeem. I thought I wasn't gonna see him till next year. So yeah :)
After recess, ran here and there. I hate you Danial Rezman ! Ejek orang, pastu lari. Dah la lari laju
Seriously, he's the friggin olahraga okay. Ran upstairs to Edison-Rhazes floor then went back down and repeated that thang over and over again. After awhile, I was bringing a shovel stick with me. Hahahaha shut up, pfft
When I was tired, I went back to class, to catch my breath then I'll search for Danial and Fahmi
Yeahh, after running around like some lunatic prefects which added with Iman for about 30 minutes or more, I went back to class, for real
Now, my leg hurts -.- Unlucky huh ? You bet, haha. Oh and, stamina saya dah berkurang la ):
When everything was over, lepak in class. Andy, Iman, and Najib joined for awhile. Had our laugh and all
After Asar, we had to go to dewan terbuka for the class announcement. I'm in Edison, same goes to Shasha, Azwin, Aneesa and Aainaa
Oh hot damn, in Edison, there are A LOT of smarty pants. Seriously! Example, Toh Boon Kheng, whom I like to call, Budak Otak Perpustakaan Negara. Haha
People people, imagine Aneesa wears a tudung and prefect's uniform. Haha, I can't
And, imagine Luen wearing prefect's uniform too. Wow, haha
As you can see, it's the last day of school for us, so, we weren't in class. Just hangout at the teacher's parking place
Suddenly the dudes had an idea to spice everything up I guess. They started to erm , wait, let me ask Ihsan... Wait seminit ah..
Okay, Ihsan said splash. So anywayy , they started to splash water, here and there. To me, Shasha and all -.-
Izreen and Fadhli did that to me. So, I took a bottle and filled it with water from the pond and pipe water. Hehehe >:D
Then, I splash it to Fadhli and Izreen. Yes yes, thank you very much. Give me a round of applause please. Hahaha
THEEEENNNNNNN, I told Fadhli that half of the water was from the pond and yes, he splashed SOME MORE water to me. What the heck, I was wet already. Hahaha
Later, Fadhli told Izreen and yes, Izreen lagi teruk la. He chased me and I knew I can't run away from him so I ducked. He splashed all the water kot ! I pushed him and he still splashed the water
And yeah, I was soaking wet. It was fun though, and COLD ! *shivers* Haha
When the bell rang, Izreen, Fadhli, Luen and the others, threw eggs to Narendran. He's moving so yeah
I guess, I'll be stepping my feet back again to SMKTTDI next year
Damn, have to wake up early in the morning, force my ass to go to school with eyes like Panda and study harder. What can I say, lots of smarty pants in Edison :@

Tataa :)

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