Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Body Language

I have a huge pile of work to do right now but it's so obvious that I'm lazy, right ? So I made a deal with myself, if I don't get to finish my work tonight, I might be skipping school. Hey, that's the only way to save my ass okay.
Plus, I have to stop procrastinating, before next year. I bet if I live with this bad habit of mine til next year, I'm screwed.

Things have been utterly complicated for the past few days. The feeling of being fooled strikes all over again.
I haven't been productive at all ! Nowhere near being productive actually. Either you give me a round of applause or a loud BOO, I don't care. It seems like I can't stick my butt on this chair and study. For the first time in my life, I'm feeling anxious and lack of confidence. For the first time too, I feel like I'm struggling a lot. Obviously, I'm struggling right. There are a few subjects that I have to revise form 1's chapters too. Thank God History is not one of those subjects okay. Kalau tak, feel free to shoot me. I heard that Science and Maths are the subjects that consist of form 1's chapters. I'm not sure about the others, but yeah.
Speaking of not revising and whatnot, don't start on Agama okay. Buku pun tak buka lagi and there are 13 chapters to read. That's like a whole novel to me. To memorize and all.
Okay, you can shoot me right now. I have got to set my mind straight.

These two days of school had been wicked. I'm starting to swear like Luen which is absolutely not a good thing. Bursting into fits of laughter that resulted tummy pains and the usual talks made school more enjoyable and fun. Caught up with each other about whatever happened and whatnot. That has always been fun. Dengan Harisah yang macam E! News, tahu banyak gossip (Y) hahaha.

And now, I'm signing out due to lack of mood. Ending this post with Hariz's lame quote ;

Don't be a gangster, be a sorangster.

Tally ho !

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