Sunday, November 22, 2009

Don't Make Me

Sorry for the lack of update. I've been pretty busy for the past few days. Okay, maybe not. Maybe I've been lazy to on this laptop and online. Plus, since Syafiq has been at his grandmother's house since Friday, I don't really have anyone to talk with on MSN. Another reason for me not to online as usual.

I've been wondering, when will I send my half-dead laptop here for a reformat and repair ? Its fan is driving me crazy and it's just screwed ! I'll ask dad how long will it takes to get it done with everything. If it's too long, I have to find a way to keep on track with my social life. Takut nanti bila online online je, Harisah tegur kat MSN, "OMG MANA YOU MENGHILANG ?! I ADA BANYAK CERITA !". Boleh je heart attack okay.

I bet those workers in OU saw me there a lot of times this week cause I've been going there this whole week. Okay, not everyday but around 4 days out of a week ? Went to catch 2012 on Wednesday with the twins, had lunch at Chillis on Friday with Harisah, the twins, Shar and Izreen. Izreen was being a gent that day cause he followed Miera and I into Cotton On, Forever 21, Pull & Bear and Topshop. I didn't know that he wouldn't care to follow us girls around to shop. He said, "Dah biasa dah dengan ____". I'm surprised haha. While on Saturday which was yesterday, met up with the twins and Mel while my sister, her husband, my brother and 2 of my cousins went to watch 2012. And just now, followed my sister to search for something there. Yes, 4 days out of a week I went to OU. Dah bosan la jugak.
But if I have $$$, not just receipts in my purse, I don't mind going there again :D HAHA.

You know what, I think I have to occupy my time much more better, than just going out. Yeah, I should stay indoor, play video games and bond with my family HAHA, I should !
Okay, this is a boring and meaningless post -.-

P.S : Tell me, how wild can you be now ?

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