Wednesday, December 23, 2009

State Of Mind

I've lost my mojo to blog, plus there's nothing to blog about.

  1. Danish is getting cuter each day but damn, Kakak is a mom now. I can't spend my time with her like we used to anymore. Busy woman already.
  2. Pak Teh and his family are here in KL. Arrived on Saturday and we had a BBQ that night. Family bonding like we always do :) Damn it was fun.
  3. I bought my school uniforms already. I look so weird in white baju kurung ! But well, I just need to buy my shoes then it's done.
  4. My phone is screwed. The keypad is screwed. I don't think I can persuade dad to buy me a new phone :(
  5. Mr. Nathan's class started last week. Ah, I miss him :') I miss Science !
  6. Speaking of missing people and stuff, I miss school, my girls, my lads, bursting into fits of laughter and well, I just miss having a great time.
  7. 2010 is approaching slowly and I can feel the tense that us '95s will face.
  8. My laptop was sent for a repair. It has been a week plus, and it is not done yet :( Obviously, it was utterly busted !
  9. I miss that dude. Come to think of it, I think I've been wasting my time, waiting for time to fly as fast as it can. Just wait for that important thing to end. Cause well, he hasn't said a word to me since he's free.
  10. Okay, I'm blank already.
  11. Oh right, last but not least, to make things straight, to stop people from annoy me with lots of questions or 'advices', I'm stating here that I have resigned ! So I hope you guys won't give me that stare or bitch around when you see me without tudung next year, okay ? Alright. To me, if I wear tudung, it won't be right cause I'll be taking it off during PJ or whatsoever. Or you will see me out there without tudung. So yeahh. Just, try and understand.


Mami Poko said...

yeah, be yourself. ignore what other people say. keep rockin, yeah?

don't live a life lying to yourself.

Daa said...

i really do agree. just dont care what people say. it's your choice to wear or not to wear :)