Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just Like Energizer Bunnies

There goes the dragging -
I had to follow my mom and aunt to Negeri Sembilan a.k.a Kampung. There were me, grandma, mom, aunt, baby cousin and maid
Left home at 9.30 with my half-opened eyes. Take note : If you know that your mom's going somewhere far the next day, and you know that she'll drag you, sleep early ! Sleep for only 3 or 4 hours, and gonna have a loooonnnnggg journey, NOT GOOD !
Anywayy , yada yadaaa, arrived at Ulu Bendul around 11.30. MANDI SUNGAI ! :D
It was sorta fun, the water was clear, cold and yeah, nice. Nature is gooooodddd, haha

Lunch and off to Tengkek, arrived at 3.00 pm
The fun part : Kejar ayam and itik :D Hahaha. Yeah, I know, it's not raya but I was like raya-ing right ? It goes like this ; Raya time, there'll be a lot of people, relatives lah kan. And my brother, sister and I are not close to them so of course, tak secocok. Hahaha so we'll be sitting, lepak tu je lah. So yeah, spent my time, chasing the ducks and chickens :)
Bibik, dia tangkap anak itik, in return, mak anak itik tu dah bukak sayap dia and cam, nak start patuk
I was screaming and running with this galah. HAHA, shut up -.-
Kejar lagi, kejar lagi with my baby cousin until we were sweating, jyeah

Okay , mandi then langgar bucu katil. So yeah, my knee ade bengkak , blueblack, ERGH !
Yada yadaaa, eat eat, then off to Sri Menanti
The old people talk talk, and I changed my pants in the car. Hahaha, I'm too lazy to go to any rooms so yeah
After Maghrib, back to KL
THE END ! Hahaha

Oh oh, my mom fell at Ulu Bendul so like, her tumit swollen :( Right tumit okay. So she can't drive
I'll take care of her. HAZWANI TO THE RESCUE. Woo ! Hahaha

He looks annoying right ? Just say yes :) Hahaha
He made my mom fell. Sapa suruh die lari kan -.-
He said : Adik buat mak long ADUIHH

Loves ,
Hazwani tgh sakit kaki :s


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