Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sunsets Are For Muggings

Breathe Carolina !
Handsome gilaaaaa and wow, lagu layaaannn :D Hahaha


Sakit satu badan ! :@
I seriously have to start dragging my ass out of bed on Saturday or Sunday morning and go for a jog
Wow, that's hard, hahaha


I think my head is like a magnet for Danial to hit or maybe there's just a bullseye on my head or something ?
Everytime I see Danial or he sees me, yeap, he will hit my head. Either once or twice or more -.-'
Yet, he's still a good friends ( betapa baiknya I ni , kan Danial ? (: )
Anyhoooo ,
Today waaasss fineee, school was school and yes, my body hurts !
It's like every movement of my body is jammed. I have to move my legs, especially, slowly
Watching Carlos got bullied in class is called entertainment for me, hahahaha
Izreen and the gang always bully him. Sticking " Kick Me Please " at his back and kick him
Well, that happened just now. He didn't wanna move from Shyahirah's desk so they put "Kick Me Please" behind him, and kicked him over and over again, then baru la dier nak move
Gaylord is what Izreen calls him, hahaha. Actually Carlos's annoying but he does make people laugh yknow O_O
Anywaayyy ,
I was sleepy so I wasn't really paying attention on Maths since I kept putting my hand between my hands and just dozed off for awhile
Now now, don't tell teacher about that. Hahahaha
And yes, I sorta fell asleep
Civic was boring as for your information, mhmm
Spent Sejarah and Geography time with drying my mouth, talking to Izreen about things and heck, it was scary when teacher was looking at us like >.> hahaha
But we just talked okay. Around 12.45 , Fahmi and Fadhli made a stop at our class and of course, Fadhli was with Shasha
Like Izreen said " Tak suka tau kalau nak bagi advice pastu kat sebelah orang tgh dating, hahaha " * tgk sebelah npk Fadhli and Shasha tgh lovey dovey *
Fahmi came and made his stupid jokes. OMG, FAHMI DAH ADE A BIGGER POP AND MORE POPS ! :D
Hahahaha , kriinnnnnnggggggg, habis sekolah

Now, English tuition is calling

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