Monday, March 2, 2009

Dead and Gone

It is 2nd of March and I still can't believe that February is over
Macam tak boleh cepat lagi je, dah over hahaha

Hello March ! :D

I kinda love March causeee ..
  1. School holidays, hohoho
  2. My 14th birthday :D
School holiday's from 14th til 22nd of March
Then 23rd is my birthday
Cool gila, hehehohohihi
The bad news is, 23rd of March is a school day. I don't wanna go to school on that day
But, what can I do at home ? And I wanna 'celebrate' my birthday in school, with friends yknow
So yeah, I will go to school, insyaAllah :)
Fahmi, I hope you and Fadhli won't turn into some evil lunatic guys okay and plan on something that's NOT COOL. Okay ? Alright hahaha

Short story about school today ;
We sorta had a lot of free periods
For PJ, we stayed in class and do nothing cause lots of people didn't bring PJ clothes
I just talked and talked with Harisah
BM, had Lisan. Only 7 people was chosen to do Lisan. So the others practically did nothing
After recess, a teacher came in as cikgu ganti about .. 20 minutes before Agama ended ? Yeahh
As usual, I was hanging around at the back of the class with Izreen and the others, and Harisah ( Yes, I'm not close with Aainaa and the others anymore )
Hehehe, we talked about Izreen's ex(s). Jalan cerita nak break and all, semue lawak lawak HAHAHA
What did you say huh Izreen, about that dude ? He said ' Hazwani kau tu ', eyh ?
Bodobo -.- Hahaha, he always do that
If you say " Awek kau tu " , he'll say " Mane ade awek ". Kan ?


Hahahaha padahal mmg betul pun bukan awek. Hahaha

Me : Izreen, nak pegi ICTL tak ?
Izreen : Kat lab atas kot. Malas ah
Fadhli : Eh cikgu yg ajar korang ICTL takde kot. Die guru kelas aku, die tak dtg
Izreen : Okay jom pegi ICTL *grins*

Guys, boys, they are so addicted to games -.-
So I brought a class picture when I was std. 5. And there was this one person's face, I cut it out. So there's a hole on the picture

Harisah : Gambar siapakah di sebalik lubang ini ?
Me : Hehehe
Harisah : But I tau die hitam cause tangan die hitam. Pravin eyh ?
Me : Sejak bile Pravin ade -.-
Harisah : Cannot be Rajkumar cause die ade kat sini
Me : Hitam, tak semestinya keling hahaha
Harisah : Eh eh, letak gambar class you mase form 1 then letak hole ni kat atas muka budak budak ni, nampak cm kepala badan yg takde kepala ni ah ! HAHAHA. Tengok cmne Ikhwan pandang Izreen
Me : Haa tangan budak tak berkepala tu hitam kan ? Letak la muka Aina kat situ. Sepadan sikit

Harisah : Muka siapakah di sebalik lubang ini ?!
Me : That sounds WRONG ! Hahahaha

Insaf lah Hazwani, insaf :)

Then, we heard the Ling Lings argued
Hahaha macam tak boleh lawak lagi je !

Ling Lings : Kelings :)

Byebyeee !

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