Tuesday, March 10, 2009


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2 days ago was sorta tiring and busy
In the morning, I had to clean my room

Wani, kemas bilik ! Bilik dah mcm sarang tikus

Yes, that was what my mom said
Somehow, I couldn't even see what was so messy about my room -.-
Or maybe, it was actually messy but for me, it wasn't ? Hmm okay, let's skip
Then, I had to follow my mom to bring Kimi to the vet for injections
After lunch, I went to Shasha's house to complete BM Komsas's presentation
And no, we didn't waste our time on chittychatter hahaha. Well, we didn't waste MOST of our time, just a bit :p
Anywaaayy, went home around 6.30 and started doing English oral
Geez, it took me ages to search for summary in the internet and to write it down
I planned to finish my BM essay too but I completed my English oral at 12. Great -.-

Teachers had a meeting so prefects had to do our duty
I was running up and down, telling the prefects to move their butts and do their work
Other than studying, as usual, I spend my time at the back of the class, talk and all
And Harisah came up with an idea of a group for us

Back of the Class Crew
Eceh, loother gila hahaha

Heck, the group is for certain people only
For people who are always in our group, hangout at the back of the class yknow. Yeah :D


But I think Back of the Class Crew ni la paling cool 8) Hahahaha

Shit, nak fahal untuk Oral English -.-

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