Friday, March 13, 2009

Does It Drive You Crazy ?

Currently listening to ; T.I feat Justin Timberlake - Dead and Gone

The old me is dead and gone

Well hello :)
Wow, I barely say hello to you fellow readers right ? Hahaha
Hey ! I'm being polite here pfftt haha
I didn't go to school today. People say I ponteng but no, I did not
I mean, maybe I ponteng. Okay I'm not sure
I wasn't feeling well til I had to drag myself out of bed. And heck, I woke up at 10 lagipun hahaha
Then I wasted my time on watching tv, walking around the house, lying on my bed while listening to music
What else, my mom started babbling

Mama : Lebih baik pegi skola daripada duduk rumah and buat bodoh je. At least, baca la buku or study. Orang lain tu kat skola skarang, gerenti dapat ilmu sikit
Me : Well, you should blame yourself for giving me the permission to not go to school today you know
Mama : Yeah i know, mama menyesal betul *buat muka menyesal*
Me : Hahahaha

Thank God I finished the test that my mom told me to do through the Internet
Susah gilaaaaa. It's like an IQ test
Then, I had an appointment with Dr. Nick Boden
That doctor is friendly and yeah, he's a good doctor
Around 5 o'clock, I was back at home
Yeay yeay, I can go to ICC tomorrow and I'll be sleeping over at Sofia's house :D
That's the good news. While the bad news is ...

Rafieqa can't go to ICC and sleepover at Sofia's house tomorrow ):
She cancelled the plan last minute

But but but, she'll be coming to Sofia's house Sunday morning
I seriously want to meet her. Dah lama gila tak jumpa die ):

It has been pretty hectic and dramatic
Problems here and there. Giving people advices here and there
And I've been missing that certain someone, so very dearly everyday
To make things short, this week has not been a good week, AT ALL
Enough said.

I'm getting ready for tomorrow,
Goodnight people :)

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