Thursday, March 26, 2009


Izreen : Tutup lampu semue for an hour, mengundang perompak ade ah
Me : Hahahahaha

Come to think of it, it's sorta true and it can be true
Not trying to be all negative but
This neighborhood gives me the creeps cause there have been a lot of break-ins cases
Doa doa je lah, rumah ni tak kene break-in
Heck, I'll be holding a baseball bat throughout the hour
I'm dead serious *frowning*

Other than that, yeah, switch all of your darn electricity
Or else, I'll hunt your ass down >:(


School had been same ol', same ol'
I mean, almost half of the class, GONE
No, I don't mean like abducted by aliens or something. *okay, that's so lame -.-*
3 of them went for basketball competition ( which they lost HAHA )
While most of them went for choir shits

We didn't really open our books. We brainwashed the teachers, saying,

Cikgu, banyak org takde dalam class. Kalau cikgu ajar, nanti cikgu kene ulang balik cause yg lain miss the lesson

It works on our Geo teacher :)
We also had free-periods. No relief teachers. Now that's what I call GREAT !
Anyhoo, here's a random conversation between us, the Gang Belakang Class - Me, Izreen, Harisah, Aidil, Hariz and Boon Kheng

Izreen : *Talked about moshing and stuff*
Harisah : Bayangkan ade local band yg nyanyi lagu screamo. Gerenti lawak hahaha
Me : Eh ade kot. Yg lagu Berong tu kan, Izreen ?
Izreen : Ha ah
Me : Band yg The Padangs pun screamo gak
Izreen : Bodoh gila name die hahaha
Harisah : HAHAHAHA The Padangs ? Asal tak Rumput je ?
Me : Tau takpe ! Pokok kelapa ke ape kan ? Nak gak The Padangs

Random gila siot -.-

I was holding Izreen's untied shoelaces and he was holding mine
We were pulling each other's shoelaces and were saying ' Lepaskan then baru I lepaskan your tali kasut '
Hahahaha then I was gripping his shoelaces and his middle finger

Izreen : That seriously looks wrong
Me : O.O

Faham tak ? Hahahaha kalau tak, takpe lah

So, a few people told me that Izreen and I look like siblings
Let me get this straight
Hmm, Izreen looks like my little brother and I'm like her sister
I like the fact that I look like a SISTER but that's just wrong !
HAHA he sucks
But sometimes Izreen makes me feel like I'm his friggin sister for pete's sake -.-

Balik time, I was walking with him

Izreen : Eh I nak beli air
Me : Pegi la, tak kisah pun -.-
Izreen : Alaaa teman laaa
Me : Buat ape ? Pegi la beli sendiri. Nak org teman pulak
Izreen : *with his annoying and childish voice* Alaa teman laa, pleaseee
Me : Ish, fine fineee

You see what I mean ?!


Hey Mr. , I've got a confession to make,
I miss you :/
Da da da dum

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