Sunday, March 15, 2009


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Yesterday was great ! I mean, really really great
At first, went to ICC by LRT with Lanee, Lola, and 3 of their guy friends
The last stop, to Sentul Timur, the LRT was sorta empty. There were all of us and a lady on the other side of the LRT. Lanee and the other were yelling ' Hello ! Hello ! '. Hahaha tau ah LRT kosong kan
We had to waaalllkkk to the Hall. It was hot, it was far, damn it :@
I was sweating like a pig !
So, there were a lot of people when I arrived. A really really huge crowd !
Sarah and the others came a bit late so Sofia and I sat at the same row with Aza, Khaz and Fendi
The singing category, the winners are from Sri Aman. Yes, tiga tiga student Sri Aman hahaha. Rock kapak ah tu
The dancing category, Hot n Cold won third place ! Kings Cross ( combination of four schools, including Sri Aman ) won the first place
Kudos to all :)

Guests performances : One Buck Short, Caprice and Mia Dalencia ape tah nama die haha
The best part of the ICC was when One Buck Short performed
BEST GILA MOSHING ! Why didn't we go in front when they were performing the song Fast Times ?! Grrrr
We were jumping, shouting and headbanging. God, it was great, seriously !
Okay I better stop exaggerating haha

Then, Eeqa, Sofia and I went to Shah Alam. Since we were starving (!), we went to McD and Razif came
Oh oh, Eeqa was spraying a perfume on her top, then she accidentally sprayed it near her mouth
Sofia ngokngek, wanted to taste the perfume so she sprayed it on her tongue -.-
We talked and laughed there til 7 o'clock, after Razif went home already
Tinggal I, Sofia, Eeqa and Fendi. So we went to Starbuck's Coffee
We played truth or dare. Sofia was dared to eat a lead dipped with Cappuccino hahaha. Rafieqa was dared to lick the packet of a chilli sauce

Eh, ntah ntah org india mane tah pegang plastick chilli sauce tu. EEEEE

Arrived at Sofia's house around 9. Took a bath and all
Hahaha then, we were taking a lot of pictures
There were pictures that actually, we were referring to someone :p
Around 1.30 am, we ordered McD, since we were sorta hungry ( That means, we ate McD twice yesterday )
After ordering, Sofia and Eeqa took a nap -.-
Padahal, diorang la yg paling semangat ckp ,

Sofia : Malam ni tak payah tido la
Eeqa : Sape tido dulu, muka die kene conteng *grins*

McD arrived around 2 am and yeah, we ate
I thought, they'll be more energetic after eating, so we will be sleeping late, they'll be awake for another hour or more
But I was wrong -.-
After they finished eating, they went to sleep
I was awake, wasn't sleepy so I onlined for awhile
And went to bed around 4 like that ? Woke up at 7 a.m like that cause Sofia was talking to Razif -.-
Had breakfast and lepak in Sofia's room
Rafieqa came around 10.30 I guess
Went to OU around 12, and met Fendi there
Ate at Burger King, walked to the rooftop and took pictures. Then, went to the arcade, and karaoke
Lastly, went to the Jetty cause Sofia wanted to eat
I went home at 3 o'clock
Haha this was a great weekend :D
There are pictures when we were in OU

I'll paste Sofia's or Rafieqa's flickr's URL when they upload the pictures already

I'm sleepy and having a flu
Byebyee for now :)

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