Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I hate having this monthly PMS
I hate it when emotions start to piling up
I hate homework (!)
I hate myself

I feel like I wanna punch the wall and hopes that I won't feel the pain at all
Though, the pain will give satisfaction, I must say
I feel like I wanna stand on my roof and shout til the whole Taman Tun could hear me !

I hope that I've finished my homework earlier
I hope that I could stick my butt on the chair and my mind on the homework
Which of course, is impossible

After watching just an itsy bitsy part of the 11th Hour on HBO, it's pretty aggravating
I mean, how greedy can human being be ?
They take things more than they need 'em. Why ?
Cause they're greedy
Geez, Earth is starting to get weaker each day. The ozone is thinner. The weather is horribly humid and hot. And is it comfortable ? No, not at all
And when the weather's like that, people will tend to on the air-conditioners
All of thaaattt, human beings do it. So, start blaming yourself. Don't blame God or just anyone. Blame yourself
I am blaming myself cause I'm one of those who on their air-conditioner when the weather's hot. Sometimes, when the weather's only warm, I tend to on the air-conditioner too. How unpredictable
I am speechless right now
Now you know why I'm all cranky ? Yes, most probably it's because I'm dissapointed
Dissapointed of myself and human beings
C'mon, let's screw ourselves for killing this used-to-be beautiful, green Earth


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Mami Poko said...

we arent greedy actually. its just tht humans r built with a self satisfaction that will never be achieved. in other words, we can never satisfy ourselves with what we've got. n yes, correct, stop blaming God. its our own mistakes, live with it, repair it, learn from it