Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not Your Everyday Circumstances

Currently listening to ; Kill Paradise - Fall From A Star

Currently, I'm really into music with Electronica genres sorta thing yknow
For example - Breathe Carolina, Brokencyde, Kill Paradise and Attack Attack
And I think there's more. And some of em, are part screamos
Other than that, I'm also into relaxing music
Likeeeee, A Fine Frenzy, Estrella, etc..
Pretty relaxing, I likeeee hehehe

Anywaayy, today and yesterday have been great
I was a laughing machine ! Hahahaha
And it was also a nasty day cause Izreen kept on talking about sex -.-

Me : Eh bab ape kene buat ?
Izreen : Bab sex
Me : -_____________-"

And guess what, Harisah and I are sitting behind him and Seng Yung now
Great right ? Hoorah hahaha -.-

Oh God, I can't really remember what other things he said but almost the whole day, he kept on saying the word "sex"
Whatever it is, school was great ! Memang tak bad mood langsung and best lah (Y)
After school, I was still laughing my sis hahaha
Of course, I kept on talking craps about stuff
Once, she was wearing my shirt and a pants that seriously looked like the taekwando pants

Sister : Okay tak kakak pakai cmni ?
Me : Seluar ape tu ?!
Sister : Seluar la. Cepat la, okay ke tak ?
Me : Macam seluar taekwando doh hahahaha

Going into the car

Me : Oh erm, orang pakai seluar taekwando duduk belakang ye hahaha
Sister : Babi -.-

Later that night, I think Sofia was crazy ? Heck, I was crazy too though hahaha

Sofia : Eh gula gula ni kan, kalau letak dalam mulut, lama lama die jadi lembut la. Macam bontot Hazwani
Me : HA-HA lawak gila sial -.- Macam mana kau tau bontot aku rasa macam mane ?
Sofia : Tau laaaa ish. Seriously, dia jadi lembut, cm your ass
Me : Bodoh sial hahaha. Dah la cikgu ada kat depan

Ysee what I mean ?!
Memang polluted otak hahaha

Today was another great day too
Before recess was just normal. I skipped a period of English by going from class to class, to collect money for Red House, with Izreen and Hariz
And oh guess what, I scared the crap out off Izreen :D Okay not till the crap out of him but still, I scared him, right ? Hahahaha
I think he was talking about ghost stories with Harisah and Seng Yung
I went to where they were at and hit him with my Geo book while saying "BISH !"
And he melatah-ed something. Hehehehe I likeeeee

Had a ghost story-telling time at the library during BM ( Yes, we weren't doing our work )
I went out off class again during Sejarah ( Saja je nak ponteng hehe ), to see the Form 2 athletes of Red House
After coming back from that sorta tiring running-up-and-down-the-stairs 'exercise', of course I went to class
Cause I saw Pn. Haniza yelling to the budak budak ponteng at the dewan terbuka
I was walking real fast so that she won't call me or something
In class, Harisah handed me a piece of paper and I recognized a writing, which was Izreen's

Izreen : Do you love sex ? :)
Someone : Yes. Especially with girls yang ade bulu ketiak ikat dgn janggut and tak basuh for 6 bulan
Izreen : *wrote something, I forgot*
Someone : Yeah sure, pegi rumah Boon Kheng lah. Hariz is going to sleepover his house tonight

Gay kan ? Hahahahahaha
I was laughing my ass off when I read about bulu ketiak ikat dgn janggut and tak basuh for 6 months HAHAHA
But macam tu jugak la dialog kat atas kertas tu. Tak ingat sangat but yeah hahaha
Well, now you know, it's imposibble if I don't laugh at all in school. Especially with Izreen and the gang around

During Amali, Harisah kena kacau hahaha
Like I said before this, Harisah means bubur, from the Kamus Dewan
So Hariz and Izreen kept on calling him Bubur, in front of Ustazah ( Ustazah Ruha rocks okay ! )

Hariz and Izreen : Bubur bubur ( sounds like Bobo )
Ustazah : Bukan ke 'Bobo' tu nama anjing ?
Me : Huh, nama anjing ?
Hariz : Tak, nama Harisah dalam Kamus Dewan maksud dia bubur
Ustazah : Ye la, 'Bobo' kan nama anjing
Me : Hahaha bubur la Ustazah, bubur
Ustazah : Ohhhh haha

Ustazah : Explaining the meaning of Khalisha's name
Harisah : Ustazah, nama saya makna apa ?
Ustazah : Harisah.. Penjaga.. Penjaga kubur hahahaha
Me : HAHAHA penjaga kubur !
Harisah : Huh ? Penjaga bubur ?
Me : -______________-

Ustazah : Lafazkan doa selepas Azan
Harisah : *Baca doa Iftitah*
Me : HAHAHA tu doa Iftitah la ngong !

Kat Surau pun boleh jadi gila. Depan Ustazah pulak tu
Well, Ustazah joined us too, so, what the hell right ? :D

Guess what, I love this Intervensi week
Hehehe especially masa rehat :p Guess why !

I've just realized, this post is colourful hahaha

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