Friday, April 24, 2009

When Silence Is Broken, The Night Is Torn

Thanksthanksthanks to Izreen, Harisah and the others for somehow, made me feel better ( spontan gila hahaha )
Are you guys wondering, what the hell am I talking about by 'made me feel better' ?
Well, I wasn't in the mood, due to the yesterday's shitty shit shit that happened. So, in Science class, I didn't really talk to Harisah ( Sorry ! ), I walked to the class alone and when I arrived in class, I tried to finish my homework straight away
I think right, it'll be great if I'm not in the mood most of the time. So that I'll do my work and be quiet in class :D Hehehe okay not cool

It was pretty boring before recess
During the students were having their recess, I was starting to get pissed off looking at this 2 people. Seriously, rasa cam nak campak kasut kat dua dua orang tu
Well, at least I gave them the stare hahaha >:)

Then Harisah told me this racist joke Luen told her

Harisah : How does the Indians communicate ?
Me : Cmne ?
Harisah : Infrared *tunjuk kat tempat nandek*
Me : HAHAHAHA bodoh sial !

We ( gang belakang class ) were playing shooting bottle cap
Cara-cara : Isi botol kosong dengan udara. Then, tutup botol tu and twistkan the bottom of the bottle so that nanti pressure kat atas tu. Then bukak penutup botol. It'll be like bukak wine bottle yknow ?
So yeah, we were shooting tha to each other

Me : Eh alaaa, tak kene Harisah !
Them : Hahahaha
Tau tak, macam tgh main game CS je hahaha. But but but, ni CS Botol :D

I think that's all I can remember about my screwed up day
So now, I'm sorta sleepy and Ilman ditched me cause he wanted to sleep ahahaha -.-
Yeah, tataaaa !

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