Monday, May 11, 2009


Hakim and I have a handshake ! :D It's lame but well, it's something like that knuckle sep sep thingy and then we do the Rock On hand gesture while saying "Weng weng !". HAHAHA
Faham tak ? Okay whatever, but yeah
I think we're so in love with rempits ? Mechen gila ah kitorang (N)

For now, I'm not craving for Molten Chocolate Cake anymore becauseee... *drum roll*
I ate at Chilli's yesterday ! Haha
Harisah owed Izreen and I Chilli's cause it was her fault that we didn't get to do our Folio last week

Take note : Izreen, Harisah and I always make bets and all. And most of the time, Harisah yang selalu kena buli ngan I and Izreen, muahaha

But, I'm waiting for my World Class Choc ice cream :(

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