Friday, May 8, 2009

Toy Soldiers

Again, we didn't learn anything in school
Technically since it's the last day of the Academic Week, I think teacher just had to finish all the performances today
I don't know why but it was HOT ! I didn't really sweat but yeah, memang panas
And dah la I didn't have the mood. So I was with my shit face, watching the performances. I didn't laugh to anything. Sorry, not really worth it lah tengok performances tu :s
Anyway, we didn't really do anything in class. Just talk about stuff yknow
After recess, relief teacher came into our class but she was sorta like invisible to us, hahaha

As usual, I sat at the back of the class, with Izreen, Hariz, Aidil budak takde life yang nosy gila, Nasser and Luen ( It was actually Agama period but he didn't go to the library for Moral )
We were talking about ghosts in school which actually do exist. Scary
There's a ghost, Izreen's Perdagangan teacher told her Perdagangan class. The ghost is Jin Islam, not kafir. And if we're at the KH block, we can't make a lot of noise cause if we do, we're actually disturbing its children. If we disturb them, they will disturb us
Get me ? And that teacher saw the ghost past by in front of her
Gosh, if I was her, I bet I would faint. Mhmm, memang lemah semangat, hahaha

Hazeem had a few ghost stories ( bukan sekadar rekaan ) but he stopped half way cause Aidil was there
Gosh, rasa cm nak campak kasut kat budak tu. Tak aman tau tak ?!
Izreen and I je pindah pegi tempat Hazeem to listen to his story, and dia pun ikut @#$^#@#%

Danial R. and Andy came into our class and buat ajaran sesat haha -.-
They brought their handphones and started showing us porn videos. Geli tau tak ?!
There's this one video titled "Shuffle" and at the beginning, there's Bass Hunter logo so I thought it was a shuffle video. But .. Video lain pulak, grrrr
We wasted 3 periods doing nothing. Eh no, we did something which was, talk talk and talk until our saliva was dry ! :D Okay, not really but yeah hahaha
Pn. Sha was cool cause she asked us, "You want to learn or sit at your place and do your own work ?"

Attention, we may be in 2 Edison, the first class, but we're just as lazy as those mechens ( Nak jugak bagi example mechens ! ) Hahaha

Izreen, Harisah, Seng Yung and I were sitting at our places which formed a group actually. And again, Aidil sibuk
He is getting on my nerves, really :@
And I think Izreen felt that way too cause he told Aidil that Aidil wasn't in our group, macam tu je (Y) He even lied, saying that we've almost finished our folio, padahal tak start satu benda pun lagi
Hahaha I salute you Izreen :)
I was controlling myself. Actually I was going to burst into laughters. So did Harisah
She went in front of the class and took a deep breathe hahaha

Heck, I love it when we're not learning anything. It feels like we have a loong time to talk about a loott of things


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