Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good Morning Revival !

It's evening now, actually hahaha

So technically,
  1. My room is messy
  2. Procrastinating my homework(s) is a bad habit, really
  3. I'm fatTER, mhmm
  4. I'm in serious need of that study mood, grrr
  5. Kena jog lagi kerap ( woah oh ! )
  6. A lot of people's different now
  7. I need to change myself. It means by my personality
I think that's all
For number 6. , yeah, I think I'm extremely loud
I need to turn down my volume, I need to stop cursing like some rempit
I need to reset myself, that's all
So, I'll just snap out of it whenever I'm being loud. I'll slap myself when I curse ( Exceptional : Babi, sial and whenever I'm extremely pissed off, teehee ) and I'll try to stop touching people's boobs, especially Azi's hahaha
Yeaahh, wish me luck ! :D

Head Automatica and Boy Kill Boy are turning on my mood man !
I mean, the songs are just good. The beat and all (Y)


Again, I planned to study, don't waste my time but I failed miserably as my mind was somewhere else grrrr !

School's pretty tiring for me. It is the Academic Week so every morning there are performances or quizes
Just now's activity ended around 8.50 a.m. Izzud was a pain in the ass

Nurul : Sape yang tak pakai baju kemeja cause malas ?
Izzud : Ni haa, budak depan ni

He said that to Burhan, referring to me -.- Rasa cam nak campak kasut kat muka dia okay

We had class photo session just now. And actually I was on duty from 9 til recess time to handle the students at the hall, with a few other prefects
I just lalalalove the photo session. I tortured Harisah :D
During the freestyle, at first I was with my rockstar hand gesture and look hahaha. For the second time, I bent down onto Harisah and striked a pose. Yknow thewhaddup-shiznit-dawg hand gesture and look 8)
Aaahh it was great. And Harisah was like "Screw you ! Muka I gerenti priceless gila and tudung cacat :@". Hehehehe
During recess, I was walking back and forth for well, nothing I guess ? Heck, I was just too darn lazy to be on duty at the stairs in front of the Teacher's Room. Shut up :x
Science was Science but I was doing my KH notes instead. Ye lah, Boon and Hariz said that Pn. Rukkumani was going to check our note books
Whatever it is, Carlos smelled like shit hahaha. No, seriously o.o

I planned to skip KH ( I don't know why, but I always feel like I wanna ponteng Geo, Sejarah and KH )
It was a waste of time doing the KH notes cause Pn. Rukkumani didn't come to class -.-
I knew it was going to be boring if I sit outside the Bilik Jahitan so I walked around, again
Persuaded Izreen and the others to follow me too hehehe
But then we were separated I guess ? Met Azrie along the way, blablablaaa
Around 12.40, I sat at the hall to see the form 5s class photo hahaha. It was hillarious seeing a few priceless faces yknow :)
After that was the prefects' photo session. So I had to change to the formal uniform
Dah la terlupa nak bawak anak tudung so rambut pun terkeluar-keluar, annoying gila
And I think, my tudung was retarded just now :( Gosh, I hope the picture was good
My freestyle pose was the Rawr theme hahaha. Azi and I planned that just a few seconds before that Chinese dude took our pictures
Hey, that photographer was funny. Cause whenever it's the freestyle time, he told us to do either peace or thumbs up
Hahahaha he's old and his face expression was just.. Funny but comel la kan hahaha :|
After it ended, terus cabut lari. Malas la nak lambat lambat haha

Oh ya, when we were in line before the photo session, Azi kept poking my ass, touching my boobs
Dah la barisan sebelah barisan form 1. Haih, I was like "Oh, jangan ikut dia ni. Memang tak betul". Hahahaha

Afieqa : Eh tengok, cikgu cikgu hipermedia semua rambut blonde cause pakai tudung kuning
Me : Tak rock sangat. Tengok I ngan Azi, rambut biru, badan biru, otak pun biru ! :D
Azi : Haaa, tu yg I nak dengar tu. Sep sep sep !

Ending this boring post with..

Happy birthday Khidhir !
You're not 17, you're actually 70 ye kerepot ;p


Happy birthday Fareez !
Hahaha you're like one of the guys I'm close with in class, other than Izreen *nods*
Anyhoo, welcome to the 14-years-old life :D

I might be on hiatus mode. So, sorry for the lack of posts later on ( which I don't think you even care hahaha )


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