Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cherry Faces

Currently listening to : Mindless Self Indulgence - Never Wanted To Dance

I feel cool. Uber cool actually 8)
I feel free like a bird, I feel good
At least I'm not frowning nor not in the mood
Thank God, no one shows their bitchy or asshole attitude for this whole week and that makes me feel satisfied
Even Luen said that I was hyper. I think that's a good thing, yeah

I want to sweat, I want to go for a jog
Rain, go away. Don't come this evening. Nope, not today
Albeit I wish for it, I'll pass. I need a jog, I need to burn these calories that I've been carrying since Tuesday
I hate Azi cause now, her weight is 41 kg. I think she loses a few KGs. Eee bencinya :(
While I, mhmm I feel fat. I feel like I've been eating a lot
I don't care, I'll go for a jog this evening. Even if it rains, oh yeah

Luen said, I'm short cause I sleep only for a few hours
Science theory : We grow when we sleep
So, weekdays I sleep for 6 hours tops, 4 hours minimum. He said, that's not enough time for me to grow
And Boon Kheng agreed !
Damn, I should've sleep more. For sure, I'll be a bit taller hohoho
Unfortunately, I can't grow taller anymore :( What a bummer
S'okay s'okay, I'm grateful with my height ( I guess )

Right now, I'm so bored, I can eat a shoe !
I'll continue watching Gossip Girl season 2. Starting in 3.. 2.. 1..

Roger and Out !

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Mami Poko said...

i still dont get why u think urefat. u look normal to me. unless someone tampered with my glasses or something.