Sunday, July 26, 2009

Live Storyland

Yesterday was SMKTTDI's Prefects Dinner or should I say, the best Prefects Dinner in my 2 years of being a prefect in that school.
Kudos to the form 4s who organized the dinner and made it my or maybe all of the prefects' best prefect's activity for this year. Two thumbs up ! (Y)(Y)

The theme was storyland so we had to dress up as any character. But I wore a dress and a shawl only.
I planned to go to the salloon and wash and blow my hair. But my dad didn't let me. So my hair was just normal ( Rough, kembang and yada yada -_- )
Anyway, Azi came to my house at 6.30pm and we rushed to dress up since Dad said we're going out at 7.
Azi dressed up as a witch and oh, she straightened her hair and she had bangs. Nenek maju ;) Hahaha.

When we entered our hall, we went straight to our tables. I sat at table 7 and there were Luen, Fareez, Hariz, Aidil, Boon Kheng, Hazeem, Zul, Aneesa and Wardah.
But later, Wardah changed place with Azi (Y)
They had a grand entrance for the form 5s and then the form4s started their performance.
After the speeches and whatnot, we could proceed to the buffet table and eat. But I didn't have the appetite cause I was having a flu and asthma.
But I shared a few bites with Azi and grabbed 2 slices of watermelons.
DIET ! Hahahaha

The form 3 performed a sketch which was great, really !
A round of applause to them. Very very entertaining and it could make you laugh laugh and laugh (Y)
Damn, I should've taken a video of the sketch or something.

I actually was looking forward to watch the form 2's performance, although I told Azi that I'll excuse myself and get out of the hall when the form 2s are on stage. And I told Luen that maybe, the performance would be a bore.
But I think that happened cause I've missed a lot of their practices so I didn't know their progress and whatnot.
Now, I would love to give two thumbs up to Carlos for doing such a terrific job of making that GREAT performance. And also to the others who were in the performance too.
Gosh, you guys did a great job singing Heal The World by Michael Jackson, while holding the candles. You guys made the others sing along ! Even I sang along too :') And there were others who were holding their phones and swing it. Ala, yknow what I mean hahaha
And and, when you guys went down the stage with the candles, walked around the hall and singing. Omg :')
Even Kaveetha stood up and sang along. She screamed "Heal The World !" hahaha.
Guess what, because of that superb performance, I'm actually listening to Heal The World by Michael Jackson, RIGHT NOW.
I recorded a few parts only, for only a few seconds. I have no idea why. Stupid, stupid me :'(
And how about the dance ? That was an entertainment either cause well, by watching Carlos danced, hahahaha. It was funny *no offence*. But well, I bet all eyes were on you !
Oh ya, they danced to Here I Come by Fergie. I underestimated that too.
Don't worry, right now, there's a gigantic size of guilt in me.
If I was sitting at my table, I would give you guys a standing ovation to the Heal The World performance, really :')))
AH, I'M SO PROUD, I'M SO HAPPY, I COULD JUST CRY RIGHT NOW *okay, maybe too dramatic, but wth* :D

And there were another performance I think ? I forgot.
But I remembered they had a slideshow titled "Who's Bad ?", starring all form 5 boys prefects. It was funny hahahaha.
I was laughing my arse off with Azi !
I'll give you the URL, since I don't how to add a video from youtube hehe

The form 5s sang Leaving On A Jet Plane and then, Ruiz said something like, it would be their last performance and all.
Pn Haniza and Pn Hazlin went on stage, hugged the girls and shaked hands with the guys. It was an emotional moment, really. There were a few people cried and the teachers cried too. The guys went down the stage and hugged Cikgu Azhar.
Mmm :')

Oh oh, the games were fun to watch. Kaveetha was searching for another girl to go up the stage cause they had to find another girl.
Btw, Hariz and whoever shouted my name -_-
But I didn't want to and all, so I didn't go, heh.
It was a dance thingymajiggy. You can't have physical contacts but just dance to the song. Man was being cruel to the form 1 girl hahahaha.
Lastlast, Azzaim and Eleena won. Yeah, they were great (Y)

The second game was a bit like Treasure Hunt but we had to solve the clues and all. We lost though cause we could only find two things, grrr.

When the dinner ended :'( , we had a photo session inside the hall.

P/S : I think, cerita kat atas tu, tak ikut urutan cause I can't remember the urutan. Hehe, sorry !

Pictures - Myspace :)


Dydy said...

fuhlamakk ! ade gbr ngn azrel ! WOOO

Hazwani AZ said...

It was a set up la babe !
Hahahaha, didn't plan on it at all O.O