Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Oh-So-Nice Sister Is An Old Bitch !

You see that walking skeleton ? That's Huzaibah Abu Zarim, my sister.
Y'see, that's not her shirt. That's my brother's. She says, she wears his shirt because she wants to look fleshy and not skinny.
She doesn't realize, her legs are still too thin. Hahaha.
Guess what, her weight is 38kg while I'm 40 something. I hate that fact. Heck, just because she's so thin, she didn't get to be a stewardess.
I was laughing my arse off when she told me the person who interviewed her said, "Sorry, you're underweight". HAHA. You have got to see her face when she told me that ! It was so priceless.

So today, she turned 21. Yet, she doesn't look like a 21 years old girl. Or maybe I should call her, woman. A woman who still watches cartoons and acts like an immature kid haha.
Sometimes people think, I'm the big sister and she's the little sister. Can you get the picture ?
I mean, yeah, she's small and short (HAHA).
Once, we went to Dubai and that was the time when she was wearing tudung. She looked just like those Arab people there.
So there was this Arab dude who followed us, or her to be exact. You have no idea how freaked out she was hahaha.
Okay okay, I better stop talking about her physical appearance.

We are quite close. I tell her almost everything and she does the same too.
She helps me whenever I'm down. Seriously, she does.
Technically, she comes along with me, through thick and thin. And I thank her for that. Although, sometimes, her advices are just so stupid, I'll slap her and say, "Are you shitting me, Kak ?!". And we'll laugh hahaha.
She calls me Mok, Amoi Hitam -_-, Retard (Just because of my backbone) and Apek Sepet. How sweet, no ? -_-

Once, she took my phone just to take Mr. A's phone number, so I chased her up the stairs, down the stairs, around the living room, into the kitchen and in the garden. After all of that, we received a tirade from mom.
Our tradition of chasing the chickens and ducks in the village, wearing our baju kurung and selipar jepun.
Omg, if I tell you about our good times, I'll make a novel, beating J.K Rowling man ! Hahaha

Oh and, whenever she comes here, you have no idea how noisy the house is. As if there's a huge crowd in the house. Padahal dua orang perempuan yang tak boleh berhenti cakap je hahaha.
We'll start asking each other what's going on or what have we missed. And her all time favourite question : "Cmne A ?"
And that's when we start to have a long conversation.
Or maybe, we'll just gossip around. And we'll burst into fits of laughter until our tummy hurts and tears coming out.
And if she's just being a total bitch, I'll kick her ass and we'll start fighting til one of us screams, "MAAA, TENGOK KAKAK !" or "MAAA, TENGOK WANI !".

Okay, I'm utterly out of words.
I can't stop laughing cause I remember once, she didn't realize my door was locked. I think she planned to surprise me by opening the door and shout, "Mok !". But since my door was locked, she hit it. Real hard.
Aaahh I like those times :')

So, I better go to bed.
Last but not least,

Happy 21st Birthday, Huzaibah "Batang Lidi" Abu Zarim :D

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