Sunday, August 16, 2009


Izreen : Bapak best before exam pegi jalan.

Monthly test is tomorrow and I dragged my sorry ass to Seremban just now with mom, dad and Aidi, ze 3-years old cousin.
Felt a tad bit guilty cause I should've been at home, squeezing Islamic Studies and other subjects' facts into my head.
But hey, I couldn't just say No when we were actually going to have lunch at a hotel ( Yes, we went to Seremban just for lunch ).
Why did we go to Seremban for lunch ? Because dad wanted to test our new car, if it's that impressive or not. Alasan terbaik, haha.
I didn't wanna waste my time in the car doing nothing, so I brought along my notebook and Agama book. I know, if I read in the car, I'll feel nausea. But at first, I felt okay, after a few minutes, I felt like I was going to throw up. Pretty bad idea to read in the car hahaha.

I'll make it up by tonight for the lost time, which was .. 4 or 5 hours ?
Mhm, tonight ! 8-

P/S : I might be on hiatus. Or I'll sweet talk mom to give me the permission to online for awhile :p
Tatatititutu !

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