Monday, September 7, 2009

Ain't That Innocent For That Age

Luen : Why did Beyonce sang To The Left, To The Left ?
Harisah and I : ???
Luen : 'Cause black people don't have rights !

Don't you think that's just funny ? I think it is and I'm still laughing , despite the racism y'know.
Another one, Shar told us.

There was a room, if you're in it and you lie, you'll die. So this Indian guy went in it and he said, "I think I'm rich", then he died. This Chinese guy went in it and he said, "I think I'm rich," and he died too. This Malay guy, he went in and said, "I think.." and he died. Why did he die when he say I Think ?
Because Malay people can't think.

What the hell right ? It's funny, but it's racist.


Despite me being in a rush this morning, my day has been great ! Okay actually, almost every morning I'm in a rush before going to school. Blame the laziness of me waking up.

To be frank, it sorta freaks me out to see Izreen being a loner in class or just taking a nap. It's like he put a Don't Disturb sign around him that makes me stop myself from greeting him, disturb him, everything. Plus, I've just realized that he's actually sensitive. Very very sensitive. So, think before you say anything, although actually, you're making a joke, kapish ?

Back to what I'm actually talking about.
Okay, I think I talked a lot today. Just now, I talked to Harisah and laughed like it was nobody's business ( okay, memang bukan sesapa punya business pun ), cracked lame ass jokes to make Izreen fully wake up ( actually la ). Though, I think Shar and I made him laugh ? And it was just something about motorcycles, which I'm not gonna write it here hahaha.
Agama was dull and sleepy ( as usual ) but I pulled it off. I didn't sleep til Ustazah finished explaining a chapter :') I felt so hardworking for once hahaha.

Everything went as usual after that. Waiting for mom at the bus stop just now was.. different. With Wafiy irking me, teasing me sepet and everything that's related to me being spit-eyed ( Screw you ! ), as a payback, I insulted him on the incident that made him ended up with a broken leg when we were standard 6. Best betul dapat balas balik hahaha.
Tommy kept on disturbing me in school, coming from behind and say "Haa terkejut !", which obviously makes me freeze for a second, grr. Whenever he's going back, he'll look at me with that I'm-Going-Back-First,-Earlier-Than-You face cause last week, I told him that I would go back first. But he went home first -.-

Okay, I'm talking nonsense now.


So I think my Puasa tak berkat sangat, cause honestly, I still curse, I don't pray 5 times a day. Okay, actually I don't really pray.
Haih, the devil inside of me, on my left and right shoulders are just too strong I guess ? :'(

Rafieqa has migrated to Tumblr and looking at her Tumblr, although there's just only 2 posts, it looks very eye-catching and interesting. More insteresting that Blogger, really.
I'm still thinking if I should delete my blogger and migrate to Tumblr, or not ? Haih, this. is. hard :o

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