Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Now That We're Done

Sorry, I was away. Well, I wasn't really away actually. It's just that people are not updating their blog due to Raya I guess, so that makes me feel lazy to update mine.
But, seeing how my blog looks like right now, the last post was on the 18th of September, it's quite sad y'know. I'll tell you what I've been doing for the past few days but I won't really elaborate, hookay ?


Every year, either I would wake my sister up or vice versa, then we would rush around the house to get ready and all. Since my sister is living on her own now, I thought we couldn't go on with that tradition of ours. But she made it happen. I was having my beauty sleepy and she came early. She woke me up by turning on the lights in my room and jumped on my bed continuously, hitting my ass, forcing me to wake up. I had to drag my ass off my bed, as always.
Helped mom with the Rendang and all. Every year, mom's siblings with their family will come to the house, as dad's siblings are at the village. So the uncles, aunts and cousins came after Raya prayers so the house was rather crowded :)
Ate together, talked and laughed. The lemang and rendang were awesome ! Sedap gila okay (Y) I've always been #1 fan of mom's cooking, woot woot. Lagi la rasa macam berat badan tambah, grr.
Anyhooo, after devouring mom's awesome cooking, all of us went into the living room for duit raya + photo session + 'bonding session', with our full tummies. Dad was counting the duit raya since he was the one who was giving out the duit raya. He said he looked like those people who gamble, y'know. Kira kira duit, bahagi bahagi kan, hahaha. Tah pape, okay wth.
When Jalil was receiving his duit raya, dad made it look like Jalil was receiving a medal of honor or something. Sumpah poyo, hahaha.

The gaining weight session (Y)

Babah was missing in action

Bajet dapat medal of honor semacam la

Acu, kakak and Jalil

Harris, Acu and Jalil

Moving on, we had our photo session. But sadly, dad was being his anti social-self so we didn't take any pictures of the Abu Zarim family :'( Sad shiznit, no ?
Yada yada, snapped pictures here and there. Around 1 o'clock, everyone went back except for Acu.


Planned to go back to ze hometown but it was cancelled last minute -.- So, I didn't really do anything for half of the day. Around lunch time, Uncle Razak and his family came. Eye candy ! Anak dia memang hot tak terkata :D But Acu told me to follow her to OU or Curve, so I followed. We went to OU instead cause Acu goes to Curve quite often. Walked around, went into Padini, Elle, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and Miss Selfridge. Acu spent almost an hour in Elle, trying out clothes and all, as she's the kind of person who takes a long time to choose clothes. Acu bought a top for me from Miss Selfridge. She told me try it on. She said it looked nice on me and well, I sorta liked it too. But I'm scared to wear it, somehow.
Had our tea time at Delicious. Chocolicious Sundae sedaaaaaap gila !
Then, went back around 7.30pm, get ready, and off to Tok Cik's house. Everyone from mom's side was there, so it was another hella fun of a night.

"Weyh, macam model boxers Renoma tu. HAHAHA"


Didn't do anything productive, other than laying on my bed and played GTA and Guitar Hero. Jobless la jugak. Watched Ice Age 3 too :D
Went to Sabrina's house after Maghrib for her small open house. It was fun. Eeqa, Balqis, Sarah MZ and Alyssa were there. We ate, took pictures, yada yada. Watched Exorcism half way only, then Intan came. Ate again, haha. Sabrina decided to watch Fired Up but I didn't really get the movie, seriously. I went home at 11pm. And the night ended.
Ain't gonna tell you what happened next.

So far, my Raya has gone pretty well :)

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