Friday, September 18, 2009

Firecrackers and Forgiveness

Obladi Oblada..

Hello world and all whom inhabit it !
I'm doing it in advance 'cause I'm afraid tomorrow I'll be busy. So, Selamat Hari Raya people. It's pretty obvious ( or maybe, very very obvious ) that I haven't been a girl with a halo throughout this year. I know, I've been a pain in the ass, a bitch, a hot head, a troublemaker, anything, everything. Since I've been all that, I would like to take this opportunity to say that I'm deeply truly sorry for everything I did to you. Sorry for my mistakes, my wrong doings, everything. I'd say that some of 'em are well.. unintentional, hehe. This is a huge big fat sorry okay ! Hahaha. I hope you forgive me :)
Hope you have a marvelous Raya this year, enjoy your mother's ( or maybe grandma's ) cooking. Sure, you can eat as much as you want since this opportunity of eating rendang and lemang on a festive season comes only once a year. Enjoy wearing your new and b-e-a-utiful raya clothes cause I know I'll enjoy wearing 'em ;)
As for the $$$, be a thrifty user, don't spend it at once. You might be needing it later on, no ? Though, you can satisfy the urge and lust for clothes anytime ( my plan haha ). Still (!), be a thrifty user !
What else eh ? Hmm, oh ! Some of you might be on your way back to your hometown while some of you will be on your way tomorrow. Note to self : Wear seat belts, don't distract the driver, make sure the driver's not sleepy and when you're there, make sure you avoid those ' fresh chocolates' on the road, if you know what I mean hahaha.
Plus, if you're planning on playing firecrackers, make sure you take extra safety precautions ! I don't wanna hear from people or see you when school starts with only 4 fingers or something. Be careful, aite ?

I think that's all.
I hope you forgive me and oh,
S, F and DR, I hope you guys forgive me 'cause well, we have been on a bumpy road this year. And well, we're not talking to each other. I'm just asking for forgiveness, that's all. Not sure about being how we used to be, but yeah.
SO hope you guys and all of you who's reading this ( which I doubt anyone reads this ) will accept my deepest apology.

SelamatalmostHari Raya,
Maaf Zahir dan Batin

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