Sunday, September 6, 2009

In Between

After being unable to fast for exactly 7 days ( Thank God it's only 7 days ), I've started fasting again today. It wasn't a warm welcome for me to wake up again at 5am after 7 days of waking up at 10am and not waking up at 5am. Plus, I'm getting the hang of starving.
Okay, what the hell am I talking about. Long story short, I feel a bit weird after 7 days of not fasting and today, I'm fasting. System tak betul lagi hahaha.

Went out with Shar, Harisah, Miera and Mia yesterday. Met Qallif and Iman in front of Zero-Hour and just sat in front of Burger King for what, an hour ? Iman kept on bragging on how hungry he was. And sitting in front of Burger King ain't pretty for him haha. Shar went away with Najib and Tada, while Harisah, Miera, Mia and me watched UP. It was good and touching somehow :')
Since Harisah and I weren't fasting, we made a stop at Pop Pop and bought 2 plastics of sweets and Poifull. A lot of sweets that they cost RM36 altogether. Sneaked 'em into the cinema and I ate of course. Nasib baik orang sebelah orang Cina hahaha.

After the movie, Syafiq told me that he just walked into the cinema to watch UP. Alone ! Kesian betul hahaha.
So we met up with Shar. Huwaida and Natalia were there, didn't talk that much with them. Browsed around, went from one shop to another. Luck wasn't by my side cause I didn't find any nice tops. A few cool tank tops in Forever 21, Pull and Bear and Miss Selfridge caught my eyes but I didn't have enough money.
Bought a few things from Four Skin (Y)
Anyway, we buka puasa at Burger King and hung out at the rooftop for awhile.
Had 2 games of foosball with the twins and Harisah, whilst Shar, Huwaida and Natalia went somewhere else. I'd say the twins won both of the matches just because of luck hahaha ;p
Chocolate Lounge was calling us so we went without Shar and the others. Had Queen of Rock 'n' Roll. Guilty pleasure ! Sumpah sedap gila nak mati :9
Before going home, we went to Zara cause Harisah wanted to search for a cardigan. Baju kat Zara pun ada yang lawa :') Damn, I'll be saving money for shopping someday !
Mom didn't let me use the laptop last night so I watched TV instead and texted people. It rained heavily last night, I like :')

  • This is an unreasonable post, right ? Wth, I just feel like posting something, screw you
  • It was fun tricking Sabrina last night. Thanks to Izzud too. She called me immediately, told her a few white lies and told her that I was just lying. Best betul dengar dia excited for nothing :') hahahaha
  • Syafiq, best tak kena pukul dengan Uzair sebab panggil I dengan cara rempit ? Tu la, cakap lagi kat I padan muka kena pukul dengan Qallif and Iman :p


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