Monday, September 28, 2009

Reaching Out

Just to get things straight and just to be honest, I'm not holding anymore grudge against anybody anymore cause to me, that doesn't do any good. I mean, keeping the feeling of anger and hatred inside of me will just tick me off more often. And yes, it will tick me off easily too. I don't want that to happen to me. I don't want to rant or bitch about things that are not worth my time anymore. I don't wanna BE a bitch at the wrong time. It just ain't pretty.

Somehow, I have the feeling that some people I had a problem with last time are still not satisfied. That's why I'm getting this straight. To make it straighter, I would like to say sorry for being such a bitch, a crackhead, whatever. I'm just sick and tired of this immature game. I'm tired of looking at certain people and I get the bitchy stare. Hey, it wasn't my intention to look at you and had the eye-contact. So, if you're my #1 hater, I'm sorry aite ? :) If sorry is not enough and you're still not satisfied, then it's up to you cause I'm a human being and this is the only thing I'm capable of doing. Nothing more, nothing less. Just an apology.


First day of school wasn't really what I expected. It was sorta boring but okay ? Didn't learn anything before recess. Although Pn. Rabiatul came into class, she didn't teach us anything.
It felt different to go to the canteen and eat when I haven't been having my recess there for a month, haha. Went to the computer lab with Miera since she wanted to print out the information on Usahawan for KH. While doing that she showed me his pictures. Miera, tak handsome tak handsome ! Hahahaha.
Went into Agama class at 11.20am which was, yes, late. Talked to Shar right away, didn't really pay attention.
Maths was nothing too. I just love the time for us to go home :)


Shitzo, how am I gonna get those things ?
I'm so effed up right now, I'm gonna go off -.-

; I think I'm falling head over heels again.

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