Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blow The Speakers !

Tick Tock by Kesha is addictive. Well, sorta hahaha.

Hi ! How's your study progress going ? Good or your lazy mode is still on ? Well, mine is still on. Stayed up late to study but tak masuk otak langsung, seriously.
So Harisah, Miera and I planned a trip to the library today but when we arrived there, it was full. We spent around 10 - 15 minutes to renew our membership cards. I realized mine was missing around 10 minutes before going to the library, how effed up.
The place downstairs was full, seriously. Banyak gila orang Cina, semua muka nampak cam muka budak budak hardworking and all :(
And I saw people who went upstairs, came back down and headed to the children's place. Obviously, that means upstairs was full. I was too lazy to check it out so we decided to head to the twins' place. Stopped by the cafeteria for maggi hahaha.

Before that, semangat je cakap, "Okay, balik rumah twins memang kena study tau. Tak boleh on laptop or whatsoever. Okay korang ?". Arrived at the twins' house, Miera turned on the TV, we went to their room to look around, went back downstairs, their mom came back home, went into their room bajet nak study but didn't. Lied on their 'bed' ( Katil dah patah so tinggal tilam je hahahahahahaha. They said, Miera jumped on the bed and boom ! Runtuh (Y) ), talked and talked then watched that horror movie for awhile. Decided to order McD and we did. All of us ordered but Miera didn't. Warned her not to regret about it but she did, so.. padan muka :D
Continued being lifeless and jobless til around 4.30pm. Zack said he was at the library already and Dat was there too. I told him yesterday that I wanna meet them. Dah lama okay tak jumpa diorang. So, walked to the library and called Zack to come down. Hung out outside the library for awhile when I told Zack to go back up and continue dating hahaha. Went in after that since it was hot outside. Plus, Harisah and I had to wait for her grandpa for another 15 minutes (?). So, lebih baik masuk.

Tomorrow's school. Not ready yet to fill my head with facts. But on the bright side, I get to see those shmucks after 4 days (Y)
CSI is on in a few minutes. Tally ho !

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