Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's Just The Way It Is ?

Have been drinking coffee for two nights straight just to stay up late and study. The first night, caffeine didn't really help since the bed started calling me at 2am. Whilst the second night, I survived til 3.30am, studying Science. Tu pun rasa cam tak masuk otak je :( Sedih betul.
I'll continue with that routine of mine tonight since tomorrow there's no school for me (Y)
Okay, ni best sebab my class and 3 other classes get tomorrow and Tuesday off, plus with the weekend, 4 hari cuti :D Although the classes which were given Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off dapat 5 hari cuti, campur dengan Sabtu and Ahad la kan.
But well, better than nothing right ?

Yesterday, kakak was rushed to the hospital for a nebulizer around 7am. She called my mom and my mom went to her house to pick her up and rushed to the hospital. Kan tak best, tengah tidur tetiba kena asthma attack (N)
Anyhoo, as usual, she would jump on my bed and hit me with the pillow while saying "Mok, bangun !". It was at 8.30am okay ! Mata memang kecik and berat lagi. We talked and talked til 10 o'clock (?) then I had my breakfast. Talked to my sister again since we had a lot of things to talk about. Both of us doze off on my bed til 12.30pm. So we hung out in my room for almost the whole morning :)
I cleaned my wardrobe after lunch cause it was messy. It looked like a hurricane hit it recently -.- So I cleaned it and put aside the shirts and pants that I'm not wearing anymore. Memang banyak la and semua buruk buruk. Now, my wardrobe has much more space.
Kakak drove me to Starbucks since I was in dire need of Caramel Frapuccino :9 Then we stopped by at the DVD shop to buy a few DVDs.

Today, I woke up at 10.30am, had breakfast and locked myself up in my room. I watched Titanic (Y) Sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !
By 12pm, people started coming and I haven't had my bath yet. So mom started yelling and telling me to get ready since people are coming to beraya. Abang Yon's son is super cute ! Sumpah comel gila and handsome gila :D It has been ages since the last time Abang Yon came to the house.
Everyone went back around 5pm.
Since the past few days ( til now la kan ), my house is full. Acu is in Indonesia so Wan, Aidi and their maid are staying here for a few days. Pak Teh and Kak Ain memang tinggal sini kejap. So all the rooms in this house are taken. Dah lama rumah tak penuh :')

And now, actually I'm not in my best mood so I'll end it right here.
I have to start drinking coffee or nescafe cause I'm starting to feel sleepy. I'm out !

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