Friday, November 27, 2009

Hi Ma, You're 54 !

Today, 27th November '09 marks the 54th birthday mama is celebrating. Yes, she's 54. You'll be surprised if you know my dad's age but this post is not about anyone else. Just mama :)

Start it off with, I love you :) Those ups and downs moments are normal.
She's a mom and a best friend too. I mean, I tell her about the guy I like, every single details and sometimes, she give advices on what to do and there are some opinions that I actually agree on. Sometimes she does say things that are totally absurd but they turn out to be funny after all.
She used to tell me how she adopted me. She said, she found me in a box outside of the house when my dad was going to work. Hahahaha that story still cracks me up til now :')

Through all the arguments, I know that she still loves me as a daughter of her own. Through all the breakdowns and the tears that roll down my cheeks because of her words that tend to break me into millions of pieces, I love her no matter what. Why ? C'mon, she accepts me for who I am, she has been taking care of me since I was new to this world. Although I'm just an adopted daughter, we do not have any blood relation, those things do not stop me from loving her as a mom and I hope, those things do not stop her from loving me as a daughter, despite me not being her real daughter.

I might have bragged about things that I should not brag about. Maybe about my mom or about me being an adopted daughter. If only I can find a less cliche word than sorry, Ill say it. But I guess I'm just capable of saying sorry.
Ma, I'm sorry for everything I did that might or do offended you.
May you have an impeccable 54th birthday. InsyaAllah, you'll live longer and see me married hahaha. I hope :)

I love you

Gazillions of x's and o's and mucho love,
Wani, Adik, Amoi Hitam hahahaha ssshhhh

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