Saturday, December 5, 2009

Time To Pretend

Such an effed up day it was but I wanna forget about it. Membuang masa je.

My Tumblr is dead, really. My tumblarity is 0 cause I'm just too lazy to update it. I love blogger way too much to abandon it so I use Tumblr to reblog nice pictures only. Recently, I'm just too lazy to reblog. Okay let alone reblog, I'm too lazy to even sign in !

What else ?

Oh, have you watched New Moon ? I watched it twice cause kakak dragged me with her. From my point of view, it was a bit slow but okay la. Honestly, there were some parts where I felt like crying hahahaha, shut up. Hey, it's sweeter than Twilight but it was quite disappointing. Don't ask me, whose team am I on cause I'm on both teams ! Team Jacob and Team Edward = Team Edcob ! Not funny, mhmm. Anyway, yeah. Team Jacob has all the eye candies. Half naked all the way, with hot bodies. Uuuu ! HAHA. Robert Patz is undeniably good looking, although he had fake abs in that movie -.- Enough about sex gods of New Moon cause most of 'em are, nuff said hehe. The ending was the biggest disappointment ! Hanging, just like that. Pffttt.

Enough about that.

Damn, I miss school so much. It doesn't feel normal at all to stay home everyday, you know. I have to stay home for a few days cause I've been going out often. So mom told me to stay home. Geez, she even said that I can't go out at all next year. I have to spend time now la right ? This Monday, Math class is starting. Since it's intensive, it's an every day class.
Now now, this is annoying.

You wanna know what's more annoying ? The fact that I just confronted this guy yesterday and now, he has another girl on his list.
Hi boy, how fast do you move on ? You seemed to be desperate to want me but when I let you go, you're telling the whole world that you're in love with this other girl. I'm not jealous, I'm just shocked. Thank God I didn't fall for you. Or else, I know this would hurt a lot.

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