Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Just to occupy my time while waiting for my mojo to study to come back.
Oh God, my hair is a mess. I shall take a shower later for the fourth time, haha. My wardrobe is a mess too. It looks like it was hit by a freaking tornado ! Crazy shit please hahaha.

School has been quite mundane yet unproductive. Everyone is busy with the preparation of Sports Day, including myself. I haven't gone through a day without sweating in school and coming back from school feeling exhausted. Why ? Imagine running to and fro, up and down, class to class, everywhere (!), settling the payments of the house and so. Why am I the AJK Form 3 ? *weep*
BUT yesterday was fun. Spent the whole day bursting into fits of laughter, I might have abs now ! I just love yesterday. For the first time, I'm expressing my love towards Monday. A round of applause please ? Okay, thanks.
Starting off with Izreen who messed with exactly everyone yesterday, especially Harisah ( I feel sorry for you, Po ). Tak habis habis macam tak puas hati, even if we weren't even talking to him, he would just be a busybody and join the freaking conversation *&^%#
Daily school routine : Messing around with Luen. Of course, we came up with a few lame ass jokes and all. I think he has the brain of a comedian or something ? Once, he asked me "If Chicken Little was 6'4'', what is his dad's height ?". I laughed so hard til I cried okay. Hahahaha because I don't know. It crossed my mind that Chicken Little was named Chicken Little for a reason right ? So, why would he be THAT tall ? Okay maybe you people don't understand me, but I understand myself and I cracked myself up. I think Luen thought I was on weed *rubs chin*.
And oh ! Our new hobby : Sing :D Every day, baby, every day ! From Escape The Fate to Avenged Sevenfold to Alicia Keys to Justin Bieber. Yes, Justin Bieber. Go shriek at a corner okay ? Justin Bieber's Baby is our favorite, especially the part where Ludacris raps. We can never get the rapping.


HAHAHAHA. Haih, started off the week with a huge dose of laughter ? Hoho, it's a full supply for the whole week :')

Yea yea, speaking off Sports Day, I'm feeling so nervous, anxious, you name it. I injured my leg when I was jogging so now, whenever I jog or run, it hurts like ^%$#@ Haaa get the freaking picture ? I hope it gets better just in time for me to run on Sports Day. Dah la lembab gila sekarang, ugh -.- Now, why the hell shouldn't I be scared ? Heck yeah I'm scared shitless. Okay, I shall inhale and exhale now.

Dad's surgery is postponed to next week. He should be going through the surgery for his prostate tomorrow but the doctor ran a test for cancer. So my dad will be going through surgery next week. Mom decided to see the doctor to find out what's wrong with her hips or something. Oh it's about time ! I feel sad seeing her going through all the pain. So her penetrating pain is cause by a slipped disk. She'll be going through therapy now. Whilst my grandma is doing good, Alhamdulillah :) Everyone's showing better results so it's a good thing.

May will be saying hello to everyone and April will be saying goodbye this Saturday. In other words, it also means that PMR is just around the corner. 5 months, 5 months ! Hence, I shall set my goals now and my priorities straight. 8A's 8A's !

Meshuga !
Haiyo, I shall knock my head against the wall now.

I am hungry. No, I am starving, there's a party in my stomach.
So I will drag my ass downstairs now. Au revoir !

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