Thursday, April 1, 2010

Honey, I'm Gonna Make It Out Alive

Gravity is working against me. And gravity wants to bring me down.
- John Mayer.

Hello snots !
Sorry for my disappearance, I was abducted by aliens..
Okay my bad. Actually zaman blogging is gone, long gone. Most people are not in the mood to tell their stories here, they're more to Twitter or Facebook. Yes, MySpace is dead, R.I.P, the funeral was like months ago.
My last post was like a month ago, right ? Woah, a round of applause please okay thanks.

Okay okay enough craps. What should I update you people about ?
Oh, it's the first of April, a new month, again. 6 more months to PMR a.k.a Pimp My Ride (bak kata Dani). Don't ask me if I'm prepared or not, OR have I started studying ? Those questions will get absurd answers from me, I tell you.
So dear dear dear April, your friends, January, February and March were being bitchy to me. I believe that you're different from them, oh I hope you are. So please be good to me and treat me better, will you ? You do want cookies, don't you ? If you do, that will be your present if you be an angel, with a halo :)

March was dope. The usual arguments with the boy, parents and yeah just that. But my birthday celebration was the bomb diggity yo :D Celebrated it on the 20th, since the 23rd was on Tuesday and exam started on the 29th. So, cannot maa.
Won't be elaborating on the celebration but I seriously had a great time. Thanks to my sister, Sabrina, Sofia, Sarah, Shar, Luen, Izreen, Harisah, Hanna, Alyssa, Miera, Mia. It was a dinner at TGIF and of course, they set me up with the birthday celebration thingymajig. I had to stand on the chair, did the chicken dance which I dragged Sabrina into it too :B And I had to blow the candle on a slice of cake from a distance. Hahaha I was like, "What the hell, sapa punya idea ni ?!" but in the end, love them to bits ♥
Chicken dance was a public humiliation !

Just a picture. Of course I've uploaded all of the pictures on Facebook ;)

On Tuesday, 23rd March '10, probably the second best day in the month of March although it ended up being a bad night.
Of course I went to school, couldn't skip :( My lads and bitches sang the birthday song in class twice I think, thanks to Po -.- During recess, the Super Dupers ( Awesome form 2 girls ) sang the birthday song at the canteen and the others followed which made it sound like everyone at the canteen was singing the freaking birthday song okay ! Did I blush ? Did I blush ? I was so happy actually. Gosh, sayang semua orang hari tu :'))
After school, got splashed with mineral water + Coke + Mirinda Strawberry. I smelt like strawberry. That smell, beat the crap out of Chanel's perfume k please hahahaha. Thank God I was wearing my sports shirt. If I was wearing my baju kurung... Oh you know what I'm trying to say here -.-

THAT was the good part. The downfall of March.. Not gonna talk about it, aite ? :)
Soooooo, I seriously hope that April will be a good good month. It is good a bit, since I survived from getting fooled EHEK EHEK.


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