Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm Just A Human, Not A Super Human

But yesterday, I felt like a superhuman ! *wears cape*

Yesterday was the day that I've been feeling giddy about this whole week. Why ? Cause it was a day with the retards. Who wouldn't be excited ?!

It turned out well, according to plan.
I didn't really sleep well, told my alarm clock to wake me up at 1oam but I woke up at 8.30am on my own. To make it worse, I woke up with my head throbbing. Massive headache, I felt like someone was playing a drum inside my head. Thanks to Panadol and my bed, it went away right after.
Po came to my house and we went to OU after I got myself ready. We arrived there at 11.30 which made us rush our way to the rooftop since Amy said, we had to be there before 11.30. Thank God, we were safe hahaha. Our job was to show the players where to register and all but of course, we knew that everyone knows where's the futsal court and where to register since Carlos was the one holding a huge sign which was written "REGISTRATION !" hahahaha.
Throughout the event, most of the time there were only Miera, Mia and Po with me. Azi went off with whoever. So we watched the games, quite interesting to see them play futsal.
In the end, we didn't really stay there 'til the end. The girls ditched me while I settled my own things. Met up with the girls at Fourskin but their attempt to find Izreen the shirt he has been longing for, failed miserably. There weren't any size. Izreen, you have got to fatten up yourself like seriously. Even certain tops from Topman which are XS do not fit you, aiyoyoo.
We went back to the futsal place to get their bags. Hung out with Luen for awhile and watched the final match. I was parched and hungry so us girls and Luen went to Burger King for a drink. Yes, I skipped lunch :B
Met up with him and talked about things. I thought it was going to be like a short meet but I was wrong. The next thing I knew, it was time for the twins to go home, then Izreen. So Po was left with me.
Around 5.30, I decided to head home.

Took a breather after driving to 7-Eleven to buy credit. Call me stupid for not buying credit at OU -.- Haha.
Sabrina came to my house at 7.30 and we updated each other. She was so happy, only God knows why okay haha. Oh right, she just came back from a date, of course *whistles.
Razif and Sofia picked us up at 8 and off we went to Rasta. Waited for everyone to come was like waiting for Izreen to gain weight (which actually takes him ages to succeed on that goal). People started to come by 8.30pm. We talked, laughed, yeah, the normal things la. But, I didn't really eat though. Shared fried rice with Sabrina which wasn't really enough since I skipped lunch. But I survived :')
It was so sweet of Iman and Issac for running to Secret Recipe from Rasta to buy a whole cake for Shar and Izreen as the birthday cake.

Like seriously, they were definitely sweating bullets right after. Sang the birthday song and they blew off the candles.
I was the next person to sweat like a pig cause I had to find the plates and forks to eat the cake.
Watched the others ate the cake. Oh, it was heaven ! Even though I only took two bites.
Chilled a bit and decided to go home with Izreen. Around 10.30pm, his mom came. Said goodbye to everyone.

I definitely had a tremendous time yesterday. A day with my favorite people will always be the best
Thanks to Sabrina, Izreen, Shar, Hanna, Sofia, Razif, Miera, Mia, Fafa, Ila (Faa's cousin), Harisah and Iqbal for coming to Rasta and made the birthday celebration great for Shar and Izreen ;)
Unfortunately, Luen, Alyssa and Izreen's friend, Zaf, couldn't make it.

Pictures ? Facebook please ;)

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