Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My Intervensi 2 result is a bummer, even though I just got my Islamic Studies and Geography papers. 82% for Islamic Studies and 70% for Geography.
Are you motivated now, Hazwani ? A bit but to throw away my laziness is hard, I'm sure. There's a lot of distractions in my room : Laptop, handphone, TV, BED. Aiyoyooo !
But but but, that won't stop me from trying, right ? So I am going to try my best to study for 2 hours max for now :) Then I'll increase the time, InsyaAllah.

Hahahaha I just realized it cause I'm using the headphones and Panic Switch by Silversun Pickups is blasting at full volume. Ah, minor bliss hahaha.

Right at this moment, being called onto the stage is the last thing I want to happen at school. Hey, I didn't skip class or anything. I heard that someone said, ustazah wasn't around so we had to stay at the library. Sure there were some of us there. I didn't know that there was a relief teacher at the surau. Now, my name and the others' were written on the borang pergerakan as ponteng. I don't really mind getting called or whatsoever cause I'm innocent. It wasn't my intention to skip Amali. But I don't wanna go through the whole Name Being Called And Then Have To Go In Front Of The Stage phase -.- As if they can't just call us after assembly.

Okay Hazwani, stop ranting, stop ranting *inhale, exhale*

Might be skipping school though tomorrow. Looked at the timetable and I was totally turned off HAHA. Like seriously, BM Maths KH English and Civic ? I rather stay home and study. Plus, teachers are busy with the Hari Anugerah Cemerlang and all, yezza !

I wanna start playing the piano again. I miss banging on the piano, doing theory works and getting scolded by teacher for playing that song badly HEHE. I want to play new songs on the piano ! I've been playing the same old songs over and over again, printing out a few songs like Watch Me Bleed by Scary Kids Scaring Kids but attempt to play those songs that I printed out fail :( I just miss playing classic piano sheets, y'know ?

I miss tennis. Which makes me miss Pn. Darwina too. She inspired me, but ever since she moved to London (?), when I was 11, I haven't been playing tennis. Wait, no, the last time I played tennis was in 2007. The practices at Jalan Duta or Pusat Komuniti. Aahhh, healthy moments hahaha.

Old days huh ? But now, I'm not really living in the healthy life. No interest in one particular sport or whatsoever. I can literally die of collecting fats hahaha, like seriously.

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