Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Barer of bad news

Woke up at 9.45 a.m to get ready to go to Sofia's house. My mom woke me up that early but we went out of the house around 11
How much time I can get extra sleep. I was kinda sleepy cause I slept late somehow. Fahmi, I stopped texting you around 2.30 but I slept actually at 4
Arrived at Sofia's, head straight to her room
It has been ages since I went to her house. Gosh I miss her messy messy room
We did quite a lot of things and took a lot of pictures. Her D60 is just absofrigginlutely awesome !
Went to the playground in front of her house and yes, I miss that playground too. Wow, that's an awesome place to take pictures too
We did lots of things after that. We ate, did some dressing up, polished nails, hangout at the garden, and lastly, did some work out at that running machine
Tiring ! Sofia set it to 5 k.m and she did about 3.8 k.m ? And she told me to finish the rest which was around 1.2 k.m. Hehe kureng :)
Sofia terus terjun tilam and yes, she slept for 30 minutes
Then I went back home at around 5
Ate mommy's cake and went to sleep. I was tired okay

Took a bath right after I woke up. No, I can't pray due to that obvious reason
So I sat in my mom's room. I was listening to music while watching daddy pack his bag. He's going for Haji
Had a conversation with my parents and well Kimi was there too. Meowing for nothing -.-
Anywayyyy, then Dad made a joke. Well, his belly is like buncit or something, idk. But ke depan tau
And that time, I was talking about all the people who got medals from Sultan and all
Dad said, ' Oh babah pun pernah dapat pingat tau. Pingat PJK '
I thought it was a medal from his school, RMC, for Pendidikan Jasmani
But I asked him, ' Bah, ape PJK ? '
And he said, ' Perut Jauh Ke depan '. HAHAHAHA, my mom and I laughed to that joke
And you know what, that "PJK" title, my dad's ustaz gave that title
Hahaha. But well, there was a terrible news along the way. My dad received a call and it was about my Aunt
She's in the hospital for cancer. She had a history of breast cancer 10 years ago but now it's back
There's a tumor , squash ball sized, in her brain I guess
Yeah, so, I hope she'll get through the surgery, Amin

Lastly, hm, I have to move on

xx Hazwani

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